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Suddenly, Yang Kai’s eyes widened as he stared at the dazzling ball of light. Even though his eyes were irritated and almost let out tears, he did not close them.

He saw an incredible scene.

Inside the ball of light, a few scenes flashed by.

In these scenes, he saw a figure shrouded in the Ink Force, holding a giant head in his hands, and at the gap in the head, there was still some ink blood floating about, and around this figure, countless Black Ink Clan seemed to be paying their respects.

However, before he could see it clearly, the scene flashed by and the next scene was even more shocking.

The flourishing stars and the vibrant universe world were all enveloped in the Ink Force, quickly turning into a wasteland with no vitality left.

This scene also quickly dissipated.

He saw another towering tree. This giant tree seemed to be sick, its branches and leaves withered, and even the fruits on the tree had no luster, as if they had been exposed to the scorching sun for too long and had become wrinkled.

Strange images flashed past one after another, many of which Yang Kai didn’t even have time to examine before disappearing.

In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred images flashed across the ball of light and were immediately shrouded in darkness, as if the entire world had lost its light.

Yang Kai was stunned.

What were those images?

He had also used the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel before, but he had never seen such a strange phenomenon.

However, before he could figure it out, the ball of light had already disappeared. Under the power of the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, the Goathead Royal Lord’s entire body was soaked in ink blood and his face was filled with terror. His aura, which had already weakened due to his Royal Lord-level Secret Technique, became even weaker.

He also saw what Yang Kai saw, but even Yang Kai himself didn’t know what those things were, so how could he know?

What’s more, he had no time to think about such things right now.

The power of the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel had far exceeded Yang Kai’s expectations and also exceeded his imagination. The mysterious power of space and time was currently corroding his body and mind, causing him to suffer greatly.

However, this battle should have come to an end.

With his Royal Lord-level Secret Technique activated, the human on the other side could forget about resisting.

The next moment, his expression changed drastically, because Yang Kai, who was surrounded by the Ink Force, suddenly grinned at him!

Universe Four Pillars!

These words instantly appeared in the Goathead Royal Lord's mind.

A Royal Lord-level Secret Technique was not without its nemesis. The Universe Four Pillars were able to resist the power of the Royal Lord-level Secret Technique, allowing the Human Race’s masters to avoid the risk of being turned into Black Ink Disciple.

However, from what he knew, there were only a few World Treasures like the Universe Four Pillars in the entire universe, so there were only a few humans who could resist the Royal Lord-level Secret Techniques.

He had never imagined that the human he had been chasing all this time would also have one.

Wasn’t it said that World Treasure like the Universe Four Pillars were generally handed over to Eighth Order Human Race for safekeeping? He was only a Seventh Order before, so how could he have the Universe Four Pillars?

At this moment, the Goathead Royal Lord was extremely frustrated. He should not have used his Royal Lord-level Secret Technique so easily, causing him to become weak.

Otherwise, he might have been able to resist the enemy’s Divine Ability.

He was already in a weakened state, and now that he had taken a Divine Ability from the other party, his condition had become even worse.

Realizing that the situation wasn’t looking good, the Goathead Royal Lord’s body trembled and he immediately used a Secret Technique. At the same time, a thick energy spread from the nearby Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, causing the aura of the Goathead Royal Lord to rapidly rise.

His Royal Lord-level Ink Nest was nearby, so he could use his Ink Nest’s strength to forcefully maintain his peak state.

Therefore, even though he looked like he was covered in wounds, the situation was still under his control, so he might have a chance to kill his enemy.

At the same time he borrowed the power of the Ink Nest, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became distorted, as if he was enduring great pain, and he let out a miserable scream.

The Goathead Royal Lord was stunned for a moment, but before he could figure out what had happened to Yang Kai, a similar scream rang out from his mouth.

At this moment, he felt a powerful force tear through his Soul’s defences and severely wound his Divine Sense. Coupled with the influence of the Space and Time Force, his thoughts had become blank.

Soul Shattering Spike!

The first time Yang Kai had sought Troublesome Grandmaster, he had forged a total of twelve Soul Shattering Spike. He had used eleven of them in the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest, severely injuring many of the Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples’ Soul before using one outside the King City in the Great Evolution War Zone to kill Che Kong.

Having tasted the benefits, how could Yang Kai not prepare more?

On the way of the Great Evolution Army’s expedition, Yang Kai gathered a few more materials and asked the Troublesome Grandmaster to refine the Soul Shattering Spike, spending some time and Divine Sense to refine it.

Currently, he had nurtured more than a dozen Soul Shattering Spike and had been hiding them all this time. Even when he had activated the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, he had not used them.

The main reason for this was because using the Soul Shattering Spike to injure one’s self before injuring one’s enemy. It was a skill that would cost one’s life to kill one’s enemy, so unless it was absolutely necessary, Yang Kai really didn’t want to use it.

At this point, he had no choice but to use it.

The Goathead Royal Lord was very powerful, so although his thoughts were affected by the Soul Shattering Spike and the Space and Time Force, he quickly recovered. However, when he looked around, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen.

The moment his mind went blank, Yang Kai disappeared.

Without any hesitation, the Goathead Royal Lord suddenly turned around and roared, “You’re courting death!”

On top of the Universe World, who had been moved here to serve as a lair, Yang Kai’s figure suddenly appeared and swept his spear, transforming it into a shocking spear light that shot towards the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

He didn’t directly attack the Goathead Royal Lord because he wasn’t confident he could kill him in one blow. The Royal Lord in his peak state wasn’t so easy to deal with. Even Smiles Old Ancestor hadn’t been able to kill the enemy in this state, let alone him.

In comparison, destroying the other party’s Ink Nest at this moment was much easier.

The Ink Nest would not dodge or counterattack.

After the previous lesson he had learned in the Black Ink Clan’s King City, Yang Kai had spared no effort this time. Under the envelopment of the spear’s light, the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest was directly cut in half. Spear intent swept out and the broken Ink Nest exploded into dust.

The Black Ink Clan members in the Ink Nest also suffered heavy casualties. At this moment, countless lives were lost.

In the next moment, with the Celestial Phenomenon Sea as the center, the Feudal Lords’ Ink Nest seemed to lose their support and collapsed one after another.

Without the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest as the source, all of the Feudal Lord-level Ink Nests had disappeared.

Yang Kai raised his spear, turned around, and faced the approaching Goathead Royal Lord. The pain caused his face to distort, and the killing intent in his eyes became even more intense. Pointing his spear forward, he shouted, “Your turn!”

The aura of the Goathead Royal Lord, who had just recovered to his peak strength, quickly fell to an even worse state than before.

Facing this spear that was flashing with a cold light, the Goathead Royal Lord felt fear for the first time.

The other party’s strength was clearly inferior to his own, but after a brief exchange, he had actually been seriously injured. He couldn’t help wondering if he would really die at the hands of the other party if this continued.

But soon, he abandoned the fear in his heart and clenched his teeth, quickly approaching Yang Kai, his face even more twisted than Yang Kai’s.

At this point, he had no way out. This time, either the enemy died or he died!

Yang Kai also rushed forward, and the two sides collided in the air, each of them spitting out blood as they roared.

Taking advantage of the moment he attacked, Yang Kai once again activated the Soul Shattering Spike. While his Divine Sense was damaged, his opponent was also unable to escape.

However, he had the Soul Warming Lotus, so he didn’t need to fear Divine Sense damage, but the Goathead Royal Lord couldn’t!

As soon as their figures came to a stop, they turned around and charged towards each other again.

In the distant void, a large number of Black Ink Clans surrounded them from all directions. Goathead Royal Lord saw that the situation was bad and he wanted to borrow the strength of his army.

However, in order to conserve energy, the Black Ink Clan he had bred didn’t have a single Territory Lord, and the strongest was only a Feudal Lord.

Whether or not such an army could pose a threat to Yang Kai was something he wasn’t certain about, but now that things had come to this, he had to do his best.

Yang Kai also noticed this.

He really didn’t care about the Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Clan, but it will take time. Now that nearly ten million of the Black Ink Clan’s forces had surrounded him, he still had to deal with the Goathead Royal Lord. If he wasn’t careful, he might die here.

Yang Kai’s attacks became more ruthless, and the Soul Shattering Spike usage was even more reckless.

After four times in a row, Yang Kai’s mind suddenly went blank as he cursed in his heart. The Soul Shattering Spike had been used too many times and had already affected his Soul.

If he continued to use it, the Goathead Royal Lord might not die, but his soul would dissipate. At that time, even if he had the Soul Warming Lotus, it would be impossible to reverse the situation.

As he thought about this, his mind went blank and he couldn’t think, his mind becoming completely silent.

After an unknown period of time, Yang Kai was suddenly stimulated by a warm chill and his silent mind suddenly awoke.

With a splitting headache and a severe injury to his Soul, his mind was muddled.

The only reason he was able to awaken was because of the Soul Warming Lotus.

The moment he woke up, he realized that he was surrounded by enemies.

This was the Black Ink Clan’s army!

He was currently engaged in a fierce battle with the Black Ink Clan’s army. Wherever he passed, rivers of blood would flow and countless Black Ink Clan corpses would appear.

Even though his mind and spirit had become dormant, his body was still killing the enemy mechanically, saving his life. If it weren’t for this, the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords would have really killed him.

Yang Kai secretly rejoiced.

Fortunately, there were no Territory Lords among these Black Ink Clan, otherwise, it would be hard to say if he could survive.

In the next moment, Yang Kai suddenly thought of the Goathead Royal Lord.

Where did this guy go?

The reason why his mind become muddled was because he had used the Soul Shattering Spike too many times, causing his Soul to be unable to withstand the damage it caused.

If he was already like this, even if the Goathead Royal Lord was stronger than him, he probably wouldn’t be any better.

But now that he had woken up, Yang Kai was unable to sense the aura of the Goathead Royal Lord.

Ran away?


Yang Kai suddenly lowered his head and looked at his hand. In his hand was a giant head with two horns growing out of it. Its eyes were wide open, as if it had died with a grievance, and the wound on its head was still bleeding.

This scene… seemed familiar.


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