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Yang Kai originally had a massive amount of resources.

When he left the 3000 Worlds to go to the Ink Battlefield, he had already taken precautions and brought a large amount of resources with him.

After spending so many years in the Ink Battlefield, he had gained many benefits, especially during his time in the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands, he had looted many of their territories.

Every Black Ink Clan territory had a large number of shops and countless resources.

As a result, Yang Kai had never worried about cultivating resources. When Cang asked for resources to restore himself, Yang Kai also took out some and gave them to him without hesitation.

Currently, he still had a lot of resources in his possession, but all of them were of the Five Elements resources. The Yin-Yang Attribute had been completely used up, and even the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals he had obtained from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were all gone.

Amongst the various attribute resources, the Yin-Yang Attribute was the rarest. In the 3000 Worlds, High Rank Ying-Yang attribute resources were the strategic reserves of the various Cave Heaven Paradise and were rarely used.

Although the situation in the Ink Battlefield was slightly better, overall, the Yin-Yang attribute was still much less than the Five Elements resources.

Without sufficient resources, it was impossible to continue cultivating.

Yang Kai faintly regretted using too many Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals in order to escape from the Goathead Royal Lord’s aura lock. Every time he teleported, he had to use the Light of Purification to isolate the Royal Lord’s aura. After fleeing for several dozen years, he had consumed a lot of it.

However, there was nothing he could do about this. If he didn’t activate the Light of Purification, he would have been driven into a corner.

Although he still had many Open Heaven Pills in his possession, the speed at which he cultivated after consuming them was simply too slow. Moreover, he had been delayed for many years in this Celestial Phenomenon Sea, so he didn’t plan on staying any longer.

This cultivation trip should end!

After silently calculating, he realized that he had spent about four thousand years in the River of Time. He had spent less than two thousand years to break through to the Eighth Order Open Heaven, and the extra two thousand years had allowed him to take a huge step forward in the Eighth Order.

Four thousand years…

It was as if a lifetime had passed, causing Yang Kai’s mind to drift.

However, these four thousand years were not the flow of time in the outside world. The flow of time in each River of Time was different from that of the outside world, so Yang Kai was unable to calculate how much time had really passed.

However, he had spent more than a hundred years searching for the River of Time.

These hundred years were real.

At least four or five hundred years had passed in the outside world!

How was the war between the two races? Yang Kai suddenly remembered.

After a long period of cultivation, he had almost forgotten everything about the outside world. He suddenly remembered that he had been pursued by the Goathead Royal Lord and had escaped into the Celestial Phenomenon Sea.

After such a long time, Yang Kai still hadn’t seen the Goathead Royal Lord. Did he come in? Was he alive or dead?

Shaking his head, Yang Kai decided not to think about it. Right now, the most important thing for him was to quickly escape.

When he had resources on hand, cultivating inside this Celestial Phenomenon Sea had taken a long time. Now that he had no more resources on hand, there was no point in staying.

However, trying to escape from this place was not an easy task. There were countless undercurrents in this Celestial Phenomenon Sea, and it was difficult to determine the direction.

Everything depended on the individual!

Raising his hand, Yang Kai summoned his Azure Dragon Spear and opened the door to his Small Universe, storing the remaining three hundred zhang long River of Time into it. Yang Kai then rushed towards the nearest undercurrent.

Unlike when he had just rushed into the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, he had been searching for a new River of Time over the past few years, shuttling back and forth between the Celestial Phenomenon Sea and the undercurrents.

Each of these undercurrents was a manifestation of a Great Dao. Before, Yang Kai had no experience with these Great Dao, so it was naturally difficult for him to deal with them.

But now, he had swallowed and refined countless Great Dao Rivers, even some of which were Space Dao's, allowing him to improve his Space Dao. It could be said that he had more or less dabbled in all the Great Daos in this world, but the cultivation level was different.

The higher one’s achievements in a Great Dao, the easier it was to deal with the undercurrents.

For example, the few Space Dao Rivers Yang Kai had encountered before were filled with the Space Force and were filled with Space Cracks that were constantly fluctuating and difficult to detect. If an ordinary person were to enter them, even a Ninth Order or Royal Lord would find it difficult to handle.

However, to Yang Kai, the Space Dao River was like walking on flat ground. As long as he activated his Space Principle and combined them with the Space Force in the river, he would naturally be able to integrate himself into it without any interference.

After taking in this Space Dao river, Yang Kai’s attainments in the Space Dao had increased to a certain extent. The next time he encountered a similar Space Dao river, it would be easier to deal with.

This was a virtuous cycle.

Yang Kai wasn’t proficient in all kinds of Great Daos, but as long as he entered the cultivation, he would be able to use these Great Daos to deal with the dangers of the undercurrents and then refine them, allowing him to walk further down this Great Dao.

As such, although he knew that it wouldn’t be easy to escape, he wasn’t worried about being unable to.

As long as he was given enough time, he could completely refine all the undercurrents in this Celestial Phenomenon Sea.

Without these undercurrents, the Celestial Phenomenon Sea would naturally cease to exist.

This was probably an extremely large project! Based on the scale of the Celestial Phenomenon Sea he had observed before, just relying on his own strength, it would probably take him tens of thousands of years to succeed.

The collection of various undercurrents this time is different from the previous one.

Previously, Yang Kai’s main purpose was to search for the River of Time and increase his cultivation. Collecting the undercurrents was something he would do along the way, or sometimes he would do it while cultivating.

But now that he was concentrating on collecting them, he was even faster.

As a result, his Small Universe was often filled with many Great Dao rivers that he had yet to refine. These Great Dao rivers contained all kinds of Dao profundities that rampaged through his Small Universe, causing some strange phenomena.

Every time this happened, Yang Kai could only find a peaceful undercurrent and quietly refine these Great Dao rivers, only continuing on his way after completely refining them.

As he collected more Great Dao rivers, his attainments in the various Great Daos also soared, and his Spear Dao rapidly broke through to the seventh stage.

Even the Sword Dao, which he had never dabbled in before, had reached the fifth stage and was now thoroughly comprehended.

The Fifth Stage in the Dao Realm wasn’t too powerful, but if it was taken out, it could be considered a Sword Dao Great Master.

Of course, this was only the Dao Realm. Compared to cultivators who relied on their own comprehension and hard work to reach this level, he was still slightly inferior.

However, Yang Kai didn’t care. He only wanted to rely on his growth in the various Great Daos to escape from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea.

What’s more, if one wanted to cultivate to the Fifth Stage of the Dao Realm, it would take a long time, but Yang Kai only needed to refine some Sword Dao rivers.

More and more Great Dao rivers were being refined by Yang Kai, allowing him to pass through the Celestial Phenomenon Sea more easily.

On the other hand, Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Previously, in order to quickly advance to the Eighth Order, he had spent a great deal of effort to search for the River of Time, often only finding one every ten years.

However, now that he was not in a hurry to find it, the River of Time appeared one after another.

After collecting several dozen different River of Time, Yang Kai suddenly felt the flow of time in his Small Universe change again!

Before this, his Small Universe's time flow was about four or five times faster than the outside world’s, but now, this ratio had suddenly increased by more than two times.

He silently estimated that the flow of time in his Small Universe was about seven times faster than the outside world now!

At the same time, in terms of the Dao of Time, Yang Kai suddenly gained many new insights, causing his Dragon Vein to surge violently as his Dragon Prestige spread.

The Dao of Time had broken through!

Originally, after cultivating in the Dragon Pond, his Dao of Time had improved and he had reached the Seventh Stage Dao Realm.

Now, after collecting dozens of River of Time, he had broken through to the Eighth Stage Dao Realm!

His attainments in the Dao of Space were at the Eighth Stage.

Of course, although his Space Dao was also at the Eighth Stage Dao Realm, Yang Kai had a faint feeling that he was not far from breaking through in this realm, provided that there was enough Space Dao to refine in this Celestial Phenomenon Sea.

This made him extremely happy.

While sensing the changes in his Small Universe, Yang Kai continued to move through the undercurrents.

Outside the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, on top of the dead Universe World, the Ink Nest stood tall. One of the Ink Nest was particularly large, it was the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

There was a powerful aura lurking inside the Ink Nest.

Five hundred years ago, the Goathead Royal Lord had chased after Yang Kai to this place, but Yang Kai had managed to escape into the Celestial Phenomenon Sea. After chasing after him, he had discovered all kinds of hidden dangers and had no choice but to withdraw.

At that time, he had suffered heavy injuries and if he had really chased after Yang Kai, he might not have been able to find any trace of him. In fact, he didn’t even dare guarantee he could escape unscathed.

Therefore, he had dragged a dead Universe World from the nearby void and planted his Ink Nest. Firstly, he wanted to monitor the movements of this Celestial Phenomenon Sea and prevent Yang Kai from escaping, and secondly, he wanted to heal his injuries.

Now that five hundred years had passed, there were more than just a single Royal Lord-level Ink Nest outside the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, there were hundreds of Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest.

There was no Territory Lord-level Ink Nest, after all, nurturing a Territory Lord-level Ink Nest required a great deal of effort. The Goathead King had no intention of nurturing a Territory Lord under his command for the time being. The only reason he had bred these Black Ink Clan was to provide him with more scouts.

Hundreds of Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest were scattered around the periphery of the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, and there are one every other distance, and the number of Black Ink Clan that were born from them numbered close to ten million.

Almost all of the resources stored in the nearby Void had been mined and converted into nutrients for the Black Ink Clan’s growth.

Most of the Black Ink Clan’s forces were scattered around the periphery of the Celestial Phenomenon Sea. Once Yang Kai managed to escape, the Black Ink Clan would immediately discover his whereabouts.


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