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The Dragon Clan’s Dragon Bead were like the Monster Beast’s Core, the crystallization of a lifetime’s worth of cultivation. They were not easily summoned, but once they were, it would be a life or death situation.

Using the Dragon Bead to directly attack an enemy was indeed powerful, but it was also very easy to damage the Dragon Bead. Once the Dragon Bead were destroyed, the Dragon Vein’s power would become a rootless tree, a sourceless water that would eventually disappear.

Yang Kai had once used his Dragon Bead to kill a heavily wounded Black Ink Clan Territory Lord, causing the Dragon Bead to be damaged, only recovering after many years of rest.

At that time, the power of his Dragon Vein was not as strong as it was now. Even after transforming into his dragon form, he was still only three thousand zhang long dragon.

Currently, the Dragon Bead with a seven thousand zhang long Ancient Dragon body was several times stronger than before.

This was also Yang Kai’s last resort. At this moment, his Small Universe’s strength had nearly dried up, and his physical body was in tatters. The undercurrents of the sea were surging, and if even his Dragon Bead couldn’t break through this undercurrent, Yang Kai would be helpless.

Fortunately, the Ancient Dragon’s Dragon Bead didn’t disappoint. As soon as they appeared, a powerful aura burst forth from them, and on top of the Dragon Bead, the figure of a giant dragon could be vaguely seen, its dragon might filling the air, and wherever it passed, the undercurrents would burst open.

Cracks also appeared on the Dragon Bead.

Yang Kai followed closely behind the Dragon Bead and rushed out of the dark current, stepping into the next one.

The Dragon Bead continued to break through all the obstacles in its path as more cracks appeared on its surface.

After breaking through three undercurrents, just as Yang Kai was worried that his Dragon Bead would be broken by these undercurrents, his body suddenly felt lighter, making Yang Kai feel as if he had jumped into another world.

From the time he had entered the Celestial Phenomenon Sea until now, he had been surrounded by danger, but now, there was only peace.

This was still an undercurrent, but it wasn’t as violent as the one he had encountered before. Yang Kai could vaguely sense a different aura around him, but before he could examine it carefully, his vision went dark and his consciousness became blurry.

He knew that he had reached his limit, his physical body, divine sense, and even the Dragon Bead were all damaged, only a step away from death.

Unable to think any further, Yang Kai quickly retrieved the Dragon Bead that was covered in cracks and looked like it would collapse at any moment. Immediately after, Yang Kai lost consciousness and fainted.

His consciousness was groggy and his thoughts were sluggish, a sign that his Divine Sense had been severely damaged.

Back when he was outside the Great Evolution Pass, Yang Kai had used the Soul Shattering Spike to seize the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest and had used too many Soul Shattering Spike, resulting in this result.

Yang Kai didn’t know how long he had been unconscious for, but when he woke up, he was still confused about his current situation.

Enduring the heart-wrenching pain, Yang Kai finally remembered some of the things that had happened before he fell unconscious. Not daring to delay, he quickly immersed himself in the Soul Warming Lotus’ power to repair his damaged Divine Sense.

With his Divine Sense damaged, even his thoughts were affected, which was extremely disadvantageous to his current situation, so his top priority now was to restore his Divine Sense. Everything else was secondary.

The Soul Warming Lotus was a supreme treasure of the world, and even when Yang Kai was unconscious, it was constantly releasing a mysterious energy to nourish his Divine Sense.

Now that he had awakened and activated it, the effects were naturally better.

Even so, Yang Kai estimated that he had spent at least half a year repairing his damaged Divine Sense.

He hadn’t fully recovered yet, but it no longer affected his normal thinking. The rest of his injuries would naturally be slowly healed while he was under the nourishment of the Soul Warming Lotus.

While repairing his Divine Sense, Yang Kai did not forget the injuries on his body.

After taking so many pills and supplementing them with his Dragon Vein’s recovery ability, although he still looked miserable, it was still better than losing his flesh and blood.

This time, Yang Kai’s injuries were too severe, the most serious he had ever suffered so far. In the past, even if his life was in danger, he had never been so miserable.

Being chased by the Goathead Royal Lord, Yang Kai was really forced into a dead end.

Only now did he have time to examine his surroundings.

After silently sensing for a moment, Yang Kai came up with a plan.

What he was certain of was that he was still in the midst of an undercurrent of the Celestial Phenomenon Sea. This undercurrent carried him through the Celestial Phenomenon Sea without stopping.

However, this undercurrent was different from the ones he had encountered before. The undercurrents he had encountered before contained all kinds of Concepts, all kinds of strange Concepts transforming into invisible killing machines in the undercurrents and killing all intruders.

Right now, the current was extremely stable, without the slightest trace of danger, only a peaceful atmosphere. Compared to the current outside, it was like heaven and earth.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling somewhat puzzled. The other undercurrents all contained Concepts, so why is there no such undercurrent here?

He silently sensed for a moment before his heart stirred.

No, this undercurrent also contained a profound Concept, but this Concept didn’t cause any harm, so it appeared peaceful…

What kind of Concept was this?

Yang Kai immersed himself in this state and tried his best to integrate his body into this Concept. Sure enough, he soon felt a strange power washing over his body, but it didn’t have much of an effect on him, unlike other undercurrents which had washed away his flesh and blood.

Suddenly, Yang Kai’s body trembled.

He suddenly understood what this Concept was.

The Concept of Time!

If it weren’t for the fact that Yang Kai had cultivated the Time Principle and was somewhat proficient in them, he probably wouldn’t have discovered this point.

As time passed, it became invisible. As long as one was still alive, who would be able to sense the flow of time? Time would always pass by silently, making it impossible to sense it.

However, Yang Kai noticed that it was in this undercurrent.

This place actually contained the Concept of Time, and what washed over him was the power of the Time Principle. It was very subtle and difficult to perceive.

Suddenly, Yang Kai remembered something he had heard a long time ago.

River of Time!

Cultivation in the Open Heaven Stage was a process that required a lot of time to accumulate, allowing a cultivator’s foundation to become stronger.

Besides the Open Heaven Pills produced by the Universe Furnace, there were almost no shortcuts to cultivating in the Open Heaven Stage.

However, just because there was almost none didn’t mean there wasn’t.

There were two shortcuts to cultivating in the Open Heaven Stage.

One was the Small Source World, where Yang Kai had once entered in Yin-Yang Heaven when he was a Sixth Order Open Heaven master.

The reason he had been able to break through to the Seventh Order Open Heaven so quickly was because of his gains from that time. The experience he had gained in the Small Source World was equivalent to hundreds of years of hard work outside.

The second shortcut was the River of Time!

When Xu Linggong brought him to the Small Source World, he had told him that the flow of time in the River of Time was different from the outside world. Perhaps a year in the outside world was equivalent to a decade or a century in the River of Time…

Comparatively speaking, the Small Source World was a true shortcut, but the River of Time was like the situation inside Yang Kai’s Small Universe. Once inside, the flow of time was real, but it was different from the outside world.

Yang Kai had experienced the Small Source World before, and it was indeed impressive. All the various Cave Heaven Paradise regarded it as their Sect’s signature treasure, and only elite disciples were allowed to enter.

Moreover, every time one entered the Source Source World, it would take many years to recuperate before they could use it again.

However, Yang Kai had never heard of the River of Time from Xu Linggong.

There were no River of Time in the 3000 Worlds, and there were no River of Time in the Ink Battlefield. Yang Kai had always thought that this was an ancient rumor.

Xu Linggong must have also read about this from the ancient books of Yin-Yang Heaven.

But only today did he realize that the River of Time truly existed.

If this undercurrent he was currently in was removed, wouldn’t it become a great river?

As for the undercurrents that contained different Concepts, if all of them were stripped away, not only would there be a River of Time, but there would also be a River of Sword Dao, a River of Yin-Rang, a River of Alchemy…

Perhaps the River of Time had once appeared in the 3000 Worlds, which was why there were such records.

Yang Kai should have noticed this as soon as possible, but because his Divine Sense had been severely damaged, his thoughts had become sluggish and he hadn’t realized it.

How did this Celestial Phenomenon Ocean appear? Yang Kai was shocked.

Now that he thought about it, the various Concepts under the undercurrents were transforming. At first glance, they seemed like experts executing exquisite attacks, but if one carefully analyzed them, the essence of their manifestations seemed extremely ancient.

Yang Kai suddenly understood.

This Celestial Phenomenon Ocean, along with all the other Celestial Phenomenons he had never seen before, was perhaps naturally formed when the world was first formed. Each Celestial Phenomenon contained the power of the world, which was why the Concepts derived from this Celestial Phenomenon Sea seemed so ancient.

Only by understanding one’s own Dao and condensing one’s own Dao Seal would an Emperor Realm cultivator have a chance to break through their shackles and break through to Open Heaven.

As the saying went, there were 3000 Great Daos and countless Principle Law, so basically every Open Heaven Stage's Dao Seal was slightly different.

Even cultivators who cultivated the same Dao were like this.

Yang Kai’s Space Dao was different from Li Wuyi’s.

His Time Dao couldn’t be the same as the Flowing Time Great Emperor's, let alone Yang Xiao’s.

The elite cultivators who had come from his Small Universe had inherited his talent in the Spear Dao, the Space Dao, and even the Time Dao, so when they cultivated these three Great Daos, they might have a natural advantage.

But it was impossible for them to walk the same path as Yang Kai.

If a Great Dao was compared to a tree, then a Great Dao was like a tree branch. On top of that tree branch, there were even more small branches. These small branches came from the same source, but each of them was different.

At the intersection of all the Great Daos, there would always be one source.

The source was the foundation of the Great Dao.

As the saying goes, the Great Dao's road is endless, but different paths lead to the same destination.

The Celestial Phenomenon Ocean was naturally formed when the world was first formed. The Concepts were hidden in the undercurrents, even if they were not the source of the Great Dao, they were still contaminated by the aura of some Source.

This was the most primitive power in the world, the foundation of all kinds of Great Dao!


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