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Every time Yang Kai used Space Teleportation, he would have to withstand a blow from the Goathead Royal Lord. Once or twice, his injuries might not have been serious, but Yang Kai couldn’t remember how many times he had been struck.

After so many years of accumulating injuries, even with his Dragon Vein Body, it was difficult for him to fully recover.

On the other hand, Goathead Royal Lord’s injuries remained the same, seemingly showing no signs of deterioration.

The frequency of Yang Kai’s Space Teleportation increased, which meant that it was becoming more difficult for him to escape from the pursuit of the Goathead Royal Lord. He silently estimated that if this situation continued, if nothing unexpected happened, he would not have a chance to escape from the other party’s hands after half a year.

If his injuries worsened, the situation would only become worse.

Yang Kai knew that he had to rely on the Celestial Phenomenon.

No matter how unpredictable these Celestial Phenomenon were, without the help of these Celestial Phenomenon, he would eventually die.

With the power of the Celestial Phenomenon, perhaps there was still a chance of survival.

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai fled while searching around.

Two months later, a vast expanse of azure blue appeared in his field of vision.

Yang Kai was a little absent-minded. Up until now, although he had seen many Celestial Phenomenon, this one was the most brilliant one he had ever seen, and its size was also extremely large.

Since he was too far away, he didn’t know what this Celestial Phenomenon was, so he could only try his best to fly towards it.

The Goathead Royal Lord, who was chasing after Yang Kai, had obviously also noticed the Celestial Phenomenon and understood Yang Kai’s intentions, so his pursuit became fiercer. With the help of his rich Ink Force, his speed suddenly increased.

With the previous experience in the Celestial Phenomenon Mist, how could he dare to let Yang Kai enter it?

As the sharp aura behind him rapidly approached, Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly, but he didn’t have time to think too much about it as he hurriedly activated his Space Principle and teleported away.

In the next instant, he fell from the sky and spat out a mouthful of blood, arriving right in front of the azure blue Celestial Phenomenon.

Looking up, Yang Kai was stunned.

From a distance, Yang Kai could only see that this Celestial Phenomenon was rich in color, but when he got closer, he discovered that this azure blue Celestial Phenomenon was actually a vast sea!

A vast ocean in the vast void!

If someone had told him before that there was such a vast ocean in the void, he would never have believed it, but now, there really was one in front of him.

There were too many mysteries in this world.

The sea in front of him was like a dead sea, the seawater solidified without any waves, and Yang Kai didn’t feel any danger from it.

However, his experience with the Celestial Phenomenon Mist told him that whether these Celestial Phenomenon were dangerous or not, he couldn’t just look at their appearances, he would only know if he went deeper inside.

Standing in front of this Celestial Phenomenon Sea, Yang Kai turned his head and saw the Goathead Royal Lord rushing towards him with an anxious look on his face. Yang Kai’s stagnation seemed to have caused him to misunderstand something, so the Goathead Royal Lord sent him a voice transmission, “With your current state, you will definitely die if you enter. Surrender now!”

Yang Kai grinned at him and spat out a mouthful of blood before turning around and diving into the sea.

'I won’t die in your hands!'

The Goathead Royal Lord expression changed slightly. Yang Kai’s decisiveness had exceeded his expectations.

A moment later, he also arrived in front of the Celestial Phenomenon Sea. After silently sensing it for a moment, his body trembled as the Ink Force wrapped around his body and he rushed forward.

But soon, he rushed back from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea with a gloomy expression.

From the outside, the sea looked calm and tranquil, without the slightest ripple, but after entering it, one would realize that the undercurrents of the sea were turbulent, and one after another, these undercurrents interweaved and flowed through the sea.

What made this Goathead Royal Lord afraid was that the undercurrent was extremely violent, even a Royal Lord like him found it difficult to withstand.

In less than three breaths of time, the Ink Force had been severely washed away.

Fortunately, this Celestial Phenomenon Sea was different from the Celestial Phenomenon Mist. Previously, after he had rushed into the Celestial Phenomenon Mist, he had been unable to break free, but now he was able to rely on his powerful strength to break free from these undercurrents.

After entering such a Celestial Phenomenon Sea, how could a Seventh Order human survive?

The Goathead Royal Lord felt that Yang Kai was dead for sure. Moreover, the undercurrents in the sea were constantly fluctuating, so he might not be able to find Yang Kai inside.

Standing in the air, the expression of the Goathead Royal Lord changed, and after pondering for a long time, he finally left.

Not long after, a dead Universe World was moved to the periphery of the Celestial Phenomenon Sea.

In the void, there were countless Universe World who had died like this. As he chased after Yang Kai, he saw countless of them, so it wasn’t difficult to find such a Universe World.

This Universe World was quite large, but in front of this Celestial Phenomenon Sea, it was like an ant in front of an elephant.

The Goathead Royal Lord once again stared deeply at the Celestial Phenomenon Sea before suddenly opening his mouth and spitting out a rich and pure Ink Force. The Ink Force condensed and quickly transformed into a bud in front of him.

Ink Nest!

Each of the Royal Lords who had fought their way out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had their own Ink Nest. After all, Black Ink still hoped that they could defeat the Human Race, conquer the 3000 Worlds, and save him.

The Ink Nest was the foundation of the Black Ink Clan, so how could the Royal Lords not carry it with them?

The Goathead Royal Lord held his Ink Nest with both hands as if it was the most sacred thing in the world, his face filled with reverence.

Soon, he planted his Ink Nest and poured his Ink Force into it.

The Ink Nest rapidly expanded and blossomed, and in the blink of an eye, half a month later, many Black Ink Clan emerged from the Ink Nest, bowed respectfully to the Goathead Royal Lord, and then scattered.

Looking at the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, the Goathead Royal Lord snorted.

Although he also felt that Yang Kai would definitely die if he entered this place, he had to take precautions. During this period of time, he had seen many of Yang Kai’s strange methods and knew that this human race Seventh Order was extremely tough.

Perhaps he would be able to escape from this Celestial Phenomenon Sea.

So he needed to stay here.

With just his strength alone, it was difficult for him to monitor the situation outside the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, but he was the Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan and had his own Ink Nest.

As long as he had enough resources and time, he could have his servants completely surround the Celestial Phenomenon Sea. Once Yang Kai escaped, it would be impossible to hide from his detection!

Moreover, his injuries were quite serious, so he could use this opportunity to heal.

Staying here was killing two birds with one stone.

As time passed, the Ink Nest became more magnificent. The flower bud had completely bloomed, and on top of the dead Universe World, the figures of the Black Ink Clan continued to increase.

These Black Ink Clan had gone out to the surrounding void to mine resources and throw them into the Ink Nest to breed more Black Ink Clan.

Inside the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, Yang Kai’s head was spinning and his body was riddled with wounds. There was not a single spot on his body that was intact.

He had already transformed into a seven thousand zhang long Ancient Dragon, but he was still unable to resist the impact of the undercurrents in the sea. His dragon scales had all fallen off, and his skin was covered in wounds as dragon blood filled the air.

Just the impact of the undercurrents alone was enough. Although Yang Kai ahve to to resist the hardships, his Ancient Dragon body was still able to withstand them. What made Yang Kai feel helpless was that these undercurrents contained a different kind of Concepts.

The transformations of the Yin-Yang + Five Elements played out in these undercurrents, some of which even contained endless sword intent, cutting Yang Kai’s dragon body into pieces.

Each of these undercurrents was equivalent to an expert constantly activating their Concepts to attack foreign objects.

Yang Kai had no choice but to be drawn into another undercurrent. He had suffered many hardships and almost fainted on several occasions.

He knew that stepping into this Celestial Phenomenon Sea would bring about unexpected dangers, but he didn’t know that these dangers were so unpredictable.

There were strong and weak undercurrents, so when he encountered these slightly weaker undercurrents, Yang Kai barely had time to catch his breath and quickly swallowed his healing pills to maintain his strength.

In the beginning, Yang Kai had no way to deal with these undercurrents, so he could only allow them to sweep him through the sea.

However, as time passed, Yang Kai gradually began to grasp some insights, borrowing the power of the undercurrent to flow along.

Although he was unable to completely avoid the undercurrents, he was still able to lessen some of the pressure.

However, he also knew that doing so would only prolong his life. Sooner or later, he would be washed to dust by the undercurrents of the sea.

He wanted to find a way out, but how could he find a way out?

Yang Kai’s injuries were becoming more serious, and his Small Universe's World Force was no longer able to make ends meet. Although the Low Rank World Fruit could quickly replenish it, it had already been used up during the pursuit of the Goathead Royal Lord, so he could only consume Open Heaven Pills to make up for it.

Once the Small Universe's strength dried up, the consequences would be unimaginable.

He had to find a way out or he would die.

He tried to release his Divine Sense to probe his surroundings, but even his Divine Sense was cut off, causing him great pain.

With such a vast Celestial Phenomenon Sea, there was bound to be a place of peace inside that would not be completely filled with undercurrents!

Gritting his teeth, Yang Kai withdrew his dragon body and transformed into his human form. As he followed the undercurrent, he paid no attention to the consumption of his Divine Sense and looked around.

His head hurt so much that it felt like it was about to burst, and the pain of his Divine Sense being extinguished made his face contort, but he could only endure it.

After an unknown period of time, just as Yang Kai was about to collapse, he suddenly noticed that there was a region nearby that was not as violent as before.

Overjoyed, Yang Kai quickly summoned his strength and rushed over.

The entire process was extremely arduous. Yang Kai’s flesh and blood were washed away, revealing his white bones. The Azure Dragon Spear in his hand opened up a path, cutting through the undercurrents of the sea.

After half an hour, Yang Kai finally broke through the seal of the undercurrent and rushed into the next one.

From his perception, he could tell that the area which wasn’t too violent seemed to be getting further away. Yang Kai became anxious as he pushed his strength even harder.

He didn’t know what was happening in that region, but he knew that if he missed this opportunity, he wouldn’t have a second chance.

Never in his life had he felt such a strong desire to live.

The pain from his physical body and Soul had almost numbed him, and there was only a single thought in his mind, to break through all the obstacles in front of him, giving him a chance to survive.

“Break!” Yang Kai shouted, opening his mouth and spitting out a round bead.


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