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The Goathead Royal Lord clearly saw his own figure reflected in his eye and immediately felt uncomfortable.

A chill ran down his spine as he realized that this eye technique was no small matter. The reflection in his eye was definitely not as simple as a reflection.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s eye flashed with a sharp light as he grinned, “Sir’s injuries aren’t light, it must have been difficult for you.”

Goathead Royal Lord’s face was ashen.

Just now, when Yang Kai’s eye flashed with light, he couldn’t help feeling like he was being spied on, cursing in his heart, This damned human cultivates an extraordinary eye technique.

Yang Kai didn’t pay it any more attention, instead carefully observing his surroundings. After a moment, he suddenly stood up and began swimming in a certain direction.

The Goathead Royal Lord quickly followed.

He had allowed Yang Kai to cultivate his Eye Technique just for this moment. As for whether Yang Kai would do anything during this time, that was for sure.

Whether he could escape with Yang Kai depended on his own ability.

Therefore, the Goathead Royal Lord was completely focused on observing Yang Kai’s movements at this moment, not letting even the slightest detail escape his eyes. No matter where Yang Kai went, his movements and direction were completely accurate, as if he was a shadow that had been following Yang Kai.

With the improvement of his Demon Eye of Annihilation, Yang Kai was able to see the mysteries of this fog more clearly, but whether he could escape or not, he wasn’t sure.

Who could say what mysteries were contained within this Celestial Phenomenon?

Another year passed.

Yang Kai walked silently, silently searching for a way out. The Goathead Royal Lord also patiently followed behind him, neither too far nor too close.

Until one moment, Yang Kai’s figure suddenly disappeared from his vision, as if everything that had happened before was just an illusion.

Goathead Royal Lord was startled, but he quickly calmed himself down and began repeating Yang Kai’s previous actions in an orderly manner.

At the same time, Yang Kai felt his body become lighter. The sense of crisis he had felt for the past ten years suddenly disappeared, and the fog that had shrouded his vision disappeared!

Finally out!

Yang Kai was overjoyed.

After hesitating for a moment between staying behind to ambush the Royal Lord and running away, Yang Kai decided to choose the latter.

If he stayed here to ambush the Goathead Royal Lord, he could certainly succeed, but with his current strength, it would be difficult to kill him in one blow.

Once he couldn’t kill the Goathead Royal Lord, he would definitely be entangled by him again and wouldn’t be able to escape.

The other party still had a little time to get out of trouble, so ordinary cultivators definitely wouldn’t be able to escape, but if he used the Space Principle, there was a high chance he could escape.

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai didn’t hesitate any longer. Activating his Space Principle, his figure instantly disappeared.

Three breaths later, the Goathead Royal Lord also broke free from the Celestial Phenomenon Mist. Looking up, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen.

Having witnessed Yang Kai’s various methods, how could he not know that the other party had teleported away? His face immediately became ashen.

This pursuit had truly been a complete failure. Not only had he spent so much time, but he had also ended up empty-handed. Not only that, but he had also suffered heavy injuries, greatly reducing his strength.

Now that the other party had teleported away, it was impossible to find him again.

Although this was the case, the Goathead Royal Lord was not willing to retreat just like that. After silently examining the traces left behind by the Space Principle, he determined a direction and rushed off.

After walking a short distance, he faintly felt a fluctuation of energy in front of him, and upon closer inspection, he was overjoyed.

The aura of this energy fluctuation was that of a Seventh Order Human Race master!

He had originally thought that he would lose the other party completely this time, but who would have thought that there would be a chance to turn things around? Although he didn’t know what the Human Race Seventh Order had encountered, since the other party had failed to escape, he still had a chance.

At this moment, Yang Kai was so depressed he could vomit blood.

He only felt that he had never been so unlucky before. He had just escaped from the wolf’s jaws, but now he had entered the tiger’s den.

Although Space Teleportation was a life-saving Secret Technique, it was very unpredictable. If he was in a familiar environment, it would be fine, Yang Kai could accurately teleport to the place he wanted to go. If he wasn’t familiar with the environment, he could only try his luck and perhaps encounter some danger.

All this time, Yang Kai had never encountered any great danger while using Space Teleportation, but this time, he had failed.

He had teleported away from the Celestial Phenomenon Mist and never imagined that he would fall into a spider’s nest.

There was a giant beasts in the Void, and in the vast Void, there were many strange Void Beasts. When Yang Kai had jumped out of the Star Boundary, he had encountered a Myriad Sealed Insect and was swallowed by it along with Zhang Ruoxi. As a result, they had been separated and Yang Kai had been taken to the Seven Skillful Land while Zhang Ruoxi had gone through many hardships to go to Langya Paradise.

One of the reasons why the Star City had so many masters guarding the harbor was because they wanted to maintain order in the Star City. The other reason was to resist the attacks of some Void Beasts attracted by the crowd.

As such, every Star City required many Open Heaven Stage cultivators to guard the port in order to avoid accidents.

During his years in the 3000 Worlds, Yang Kai had seen many Void Beasts. When he was weak, he would always keep his distance from these Void Beasts, and when he became stronger, he would no longer put them in his eyes.

When he arrived at the Ink Battlefield, he didn’t discover any Void Beasts. After all, the two races were constantly fighting, and Void Beasts knew how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, so they wouldn’t easily step into the Void Zone between the two races.

Yang Kai hadn’t seen any Void Beasts on the way to the expedition, so he had thought that there were no Void Beasts here.

It was at this moment that they ran into each other.

This was the nest of a group of Void Ant Spiders, located in a dead Universe World. The entire Universe World was covered in a spider webs.

This should be a family of two or five.

The two Great Ant Spiders were not much smaller than his seven thousand zhang Ancient Dragon body, and the five smaller ones were also a thousand zhang size. They looked like spiders and ants, ferocious and terrifying, having lived here for countless years.

The aura emanating from these two large Void Ant Spiders gave Yang Kai a feeling that they were no weaker than a peak Eighth Order Human Race cultivator, as if they had some Holy Spirit Bloodline.

The five little ones also had the strength of a Seventh Order Open Heaven master.

This was not all, the key point was that these Void Ant Spiders had formed large and small spider webs in the void near the nest.

Yang Kai teleported over from the Celestial Phenomenon Mist and plunged into the spider web.

This spider web had the effect of sealing the Heavens and Earth, enveloping the entire place and sealing the world, instantly turning him into a turtle in a jar.

Yang Kai really couldn’t understand how this family of Void Ant Spiders managed to survive in such an environment, but most of the Void Beasts had extraordinary abilities, so the harsh environment wasn’t a problem for them.

Receiving the stimulation of Yang Kai’s aura, the five little spiders that had been lying dormant in the nest quickly surrounded him from the left and right. The two giant ants didn’t move, but their eyes were still reflecting Yang Kai’s figure.

Being stared at by the two Great Ant Spiders made Yang Kai’s hair stand on end.

The Azure Dragon Spear had long since been drawn and was locked in a fierce battle with the five little spiders. Although these guys were only equivalent to the Seventh Order Open Heaven, Yang Kai didn’t dare kill them for fear of angering the big ants.

Coupled with the various limitations of the surrounding spiderwebs, Yang Kai was now in a precarious situation under the siege of the five little ant spiders. If he wasn’t careful, the Azure Dragon Spear would be bound by the spider silk, making it difficult to move.

At this moment, he felt the aura of the Goathead Royal Lord and turned his head to look. Sure enough, the Goathead Royal Lord had appeared outside the spiderweb and was looking over with interest.

“Help!” Yang Kai shouted, as if he had seen his savior.

The Goathead Royal Lord coldly snorted and ignored him.

After chasing Yang Kai for more than ten years, not being able to personally kill him was a pity, but if he could see Yang Kai die here, it wouldn’t be bad.

He decided to stand far away and watch the show, waiting for the moment when Yang Kai fell.

Seeing his attitude, Yang Kai understood his intentions and immediately shouted, “Don’t you want to know what Cang gave me at the last moment?”

The Goathead Royal Lord said lightly, “No matter what it is, it’s useless if you die.”

Yang Kai clenched his teeth and said, “That may not be the case. Before I die, I will definitely activate that thing. That is a method Cang left behind to deal with Black Ink!”

The Goathead Royal Lord narrowed his eyes slightly, “Tell me about it.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “I won’t tell you, you can forget about it, unless you save me!”

“Then you should just die.”

“You forced me!” Yang Kai roared, his entire body suddenly glowing with golden light.

The Goathead Royal Lord’s expression immediately changed. There was indeed an aura left behind by Cang in that golden light.

“Even if I die, Black Ink won’t have an easy time. It’s currently in a deep sleep, so Cang’s attack will definitely be difficult to defend against. Perhaps it won’t be able to kill it, but it won’t be a problem to heavily injure it!” As Yang Kai spoke, the golden light became denser. Faintly, the golden light enveloped Yang Kai as if it wanted to take him away.

Goathead Royal Lord's expression changed slightly.

The reason he had decided to watch the show, regardless of whether Yang Kai lived or died, was because he felt that no matter what Cang left behind, as long as Yang Kai died, it would be useless.

But now, it seemed that if he really forced Yang Kai into a dead end, if he were to use his trump card, there might be some unpredictable consequences.

He didn’t know whether Yang Kai’s words were true or false, but Black Ink was the source of all the Black Ink Clan. To the Black Ink Clan, Black Ink was a supreme existence, so how could he allow Black Ink to be harmed?

If Black Ink was injured because of him, he would die ten thousand times over!

“Stop!” Goathead Royal Lord shouted angrily.

“Enough nonsense, if you don’t save me, Black Ink won't have a good time!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth and shouted.

The Goathead Royal Lord’s face was ashen, never having expected that under such circumstances, he would actually be threatened by Yang Kai.

Suppressing the anger in his heart, his body flickered as he summoned his Ink Force, transforming it into a dark tide that surged towards the spider web.

He didn’t choose to kill these Void Ant Spiders, instead turning them into Black Ink Disciple.

With his Royal Lord’s Ink Force, the Ink Transformation shouldn’t be a problem. As long as he could use Ink Transformation, these Void Ant Spiders would obey his orders and easily capture Yang Kai.

In the blink of an eye, the Ink Tide passed through the space where the spider web was and enveloped the five little spiders.

Seeing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help cursing in his heart, This Goathead Royal Lord really is a thief.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 07, 2023

Actually he could have thrown space beads to all directions when he got out then teleport to one leaving others beads as decoys.

And kudos to goat head, he actually used his brain. Lol

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