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The Celestial Phenomenon Mist was so vast that Yang Kai didn’t even know if he had a chance to leave.

Fortunately, in this Celestial Phenomenon, neither Yang Kai nor the Goathead Royal Lord dared to act too rashly, lest they provoke a counterattack from the Celestial Phenomenon.

As such, even if the Goathead Royal Lord’s strength far surpassed Yang Kai’s, it was still impossible for him to catch up.

Three years, five years, ten years…

One Human Race and one Royal Lord were still wandering about in this fog, their path seemingly endless.

Yang Kai even suspected that this Celestial Phenomenon Mist had its own Bewildering Array, otherwise, even if his speed was slow, after ten years he would still be able to swim in one direction.

After experiencing the initial anxiety and uneasiness, his mood was now completely calm.

Originally, he had planned to use this Celestial Phenomenon Mist to escape from the pursuit of Goathead King and return to the battlefield to participate in the war between the Black Ink Clan and Human Race, but now that ten years had passed, the war over there should have already ended.

Who won?

How many casualties had the Human Race suffered?

Had the remaining half of the Ink Giant Spiritual God been killed?

Yang Kai didn’t know, he is currently trapped, so even if he knew, it would be useless. The most important thing now was to escape from this Celestial Phenomenon Mist.

After ten years of recuperation, Yang Kai’s injuries had long since healed and his strength had returned to its peak. On the other hand, the Goathead Royal Lord’s injuries were still present, without the help of the Ink Nest, it was difficult for him to recover.

However, this guy had been following him all this time and had never left, causing Yang Kai to feel somewhat annoyed.

It wasn’t easy for Yang Kai to escape from the other party, as the Celestial Phenomenon Mist greatly restricted their movements. Since he was determined to pursue Yang Kai, unless Yang Kai had some kind of method to kill him, there was no way he could escape.

Over the past ten years, Yang Kai had gradually understood some of the mysteries of this Celestial Phenomenon Mist. Activating his Demon Eye of Annihilation, his left eye transformed into a golden vertical eye, allowing him to see through all illusions and find a way out of this fog.

The Goathead Royal Lord, who was following closely behind Yang Kai, helplessly discovered that Yang Kai’s movements were erratic, sometimes changing directions at random.

One day, Yang Kai suddenly sent a voice transmission, “This Royal Lord, I want to discuss something with you.”

The Goathead Royal Lord said arrogantly, “If you want to beg for mercy, there’s no need, unless you hand over what Cang gave you.”

Yang Kai said helplessly, “I told you that old fellow Cang didn’t give me anything, but you just wouldn’t believe me. Forget it, let’s not talk about this. You and I have been trapped in this Celestial Phenomenon for ten years, so it will be difficult for us to escape. Recently, I’ve been observing some traces and patterns in the fog, so perhaps we can find a way out of here.”

The expression of the Goathead Royal Lord immediately became tense as his speed increased slightly.

Yang Kai noticed this but didn’t mind, “Don’t worry, with my current ability, it will be difficult for me to escape from here, I need to cultivate for a while. You don’t want to be trapped here, right? If I can find a way out, it will be good for you.”

The Goathead Royal Lord expression changed, not knowing if Yang Kai was telling the truth or not, but Yang Kai was right. If he could really find a way out, it would be beneficial to both of them. Being trapped in this damned place made him very uncomfortable.

Even if the two of them had very long lifespans, if they were to be trapped here forever, sooner or later, their lifespans would run out.

“You want to cultivate here?”


“How do I know you won’t take this opportunity to break through?”

This guy was already so difficult to deal with even though he was only a Seventh Order, if he really broke through to the Eighth Order, what would happen? At that time, it would be impossible to catch up to him.

Yang Kai was speechless, “It’s only been a few hundred years since I broke through to the Seventh Order, how could I have broken through so quickly? Don’t worry, I only cultivate an eye technique.”

“Really?” The Goathead Royal Lord was skeptical.

“At this point, there’s no need for me to lie to you. Besides, you can also see that I cultivate eye techniques,” Yang Kai explained, “How about it? At this point, if we want to escape, we should work together and cooperate with each other. Don’t make things difficult for each other.”

The Goathead Royal Lord hesitated for a moment before nodding, “Sure!”

Saying so, he stopped his pursuit.

Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief and did not move forward. If the other party really wanted to pursue him, there was nothing he could do. Although he could also cultivate his eye technique while being pursued, his efficiency was much lower.

If there was no external interference, he would be able to fully concentrate.

Not long after being chased by this Goathead Royal Lord, Yang Kai activated his Demon Eye of Annihilation in an attempt to see through the illusions of this Celestial Phenomenon Mist.

After a full ten years of hard work, Yang Kai was able to see a few things and was pleasantly surprised to find that his Demon Eye of Annihilation was showing signs of sublimation.

This was a sign that his eye technique had broken through. When he was cultivating with the Myriad Demons Heaven's Old Ancestor in Myriad Demons Pass, he had heard him mention it.

In the past, Yang Kai had spent a huge amount of battle merits to obtain the opportunity to listen to Myriad Demons Heaven’s Old Ancestor personally impart his two Great Eye Techniques.

Over the years, his two Great Eye Techniques had been improving, but he had never been able to calm down and focus on cultivating them.

Entering the Celestial Phenomenon Mist had given him this opportunity.

Although the Goathead Royal Lord had stopped his pursuit, Yang Kai didn’t completely believe him. Instead, he still sent out a wisp of his Divine Sense to maintain vigilance before circulating his strength and refining his eye power.

This was a delicate task that required a great deal of effort and energy.

No matter what realm a cultivator cultivated to, no matter how strong their physique was, they would still have a few weaknesses.

The two eyes belonged to two of these weaknesses.

The reason why Myriad Demons Heaven's two Great Eye Techniques were so difficult to cultivate was not because they were too difficult to understand, but rather because the two Great Eye Techniques’ basics were extremely simple. All one needed to do was circulate one’s strength according to a special circulation route and continuously polish one’s eye power.

As time passed, these two great eye techniques would naturally become more powerful.

The difficulty lay in this process of polishing.

The eyes were the weakness of all cultivators, and if they were tempered with their own strength, they would not have much of an effect, and if they were too heavy, they could damage the eyes.

If he was not careful, his eyes would explode and he would become blind.

It was said that in the early days of the Myriad Demons Heaven, a large number of people become blind from cultivating this two eye tecniques. Later on, when the higher-ups of the Myriad Demons Heaven saw that the situation was not right, if this continued, all the disciples of the Myriad Demons Heaven would become blind. This was why these two great eye techniques were classified as secrets that could not be passed on to anyone but the elites, and they had to pass many tests.

Compared to Myriad Demons Heaven's disciples, Yang Kai didn’t need to worry about the risk of his eyes exploding.

This was because his two Great Eye Techniques had been developed by Great Demon God Mo Sheng, but his eye power was insufficient. With such a natural advantage, when it came to cultivating these two Great Eye Techniques, his starting point was much better than many of the Myriad Demons Heaven disciples. It could be said that he didn’t need to cultivate these two eye techniques most dangerous early stages.

Mo Sheng had already helped him build his foundation, so what he needed to do was use this as a foundation to build a tall building.

After ten years of constantly prying into the truth of the Celestial Phenomenon Mist, it was also a kind of cultivation. Now, it was not surprising that his eye power was about to break through.

Under the close attention of the Goathead Royal Lord, Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes, his aura gradually fading as if he had died.

His expression changed slightly. He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to attack and capture Yang Kai, but after considering the distance between them and the treacherous fog, he felt that even if he were to suddenly attack, he wouldn’t have much hope.

What’s more, this Human Race Seventh Order was definitely on guard against him at this moment. If he really made a move, he wouldn’t just sit here and wait.

He could only suppress the restlessness in his heart.

As for saying that if Yang Kai really found a way out, he could simply follow behind him and leave. This was something he was confident about, otherwise he would not have agreed to Yang Kai’s request.

As time passed, under Yang Kai’s control, he felt his left eye grow hotter, as if something was blocking his eyes. He wasn’t surprised, but rather delighted. He knew that this was a sign that the Myriad Demons Heaven's Old Ancestor had told him about before breaking through, so he focused even more on polishing his strength.

Half a month later, the blockage became more severe until it reached its peak. Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and saw that his right eye was completely normal, but his left eye was a blood red color, and his aura was wildly surging, transforming into a shock wave that poured into his left eye.

Not far away, the Goathead Royal Lord stared at him with a solemn expression.

Although he had learned a lot about the Human Race from the Ink Nest in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, there was still a gap between his understanding of them. Today, he had personally seen Yang Kai cultivate a Secret Technique and learned that the Human Race had not been defeated by the Black Ink Clan for so many years for these reasons.

While he was lost in thought, Yang Kai suddenly let out a low roar, like a wounded beast.

At this moment, not only was Yang Kai’s left eye burning hot, but he also felt a piercing pain as if thousands of needles had been stabbed into it.

After a short while, a numbing sensation filled his eye, which was extremely sour.

Yang Kai silently cursed in his heart. The Myriad Demons Pass’ Old Ancestor had never said that when one’s eye technique broke through, there would be such a chaotic feeling. These disturbances could be endured by ordinary Open Heaven cultivators, but this was a critical moment for one’s eye technique to break through. If there was even the slightest abnormality, it could lead to a mistake in one’s cultivation. At that time, it wouldn’t be as simple as a failure, it would truly be burst.

Yang Kai endured the discomfort in his eyes and continued to refine his eye power.

A moment later, his left eye exploded into a bloody mist.

Goathead Royal Lord, who was observing, saw this and raised his brow, not knowing whether to be happy or worried.

He was happy because something seemed to be wrong with Yang Kai’s cultivation. Otherwise, how could his eyes burst with a bloody mist? He was worried because if he failed in his cultivation. Could he still find a way out?

The Royal Lord’s strength was indeed much higher than Yang Kai’s, but that was only his strength. He himself had no way to escape from this strange Celestial Phenomenon Mist.

Just as he was thinking this, Yang Kai suddenly turned to look at him.

Seeing this, the Goathead Royal Lord was stunned.

He thought that Yang Kai’s left eye had exploded, but at this moment, it was clearly intact. The blood-red color that had filled his left eye had completely disappeared, and his eye was now shining brightly. The golden vertical eye that had been controlling the Demon Eye of Annihilation had now become a cross!


[MSN: His eye turn to Naruto's eyes when in sage mode + kyubi mode xD]

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