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Before this battle, the Goathead Royal Lord had never fought with the Human Race, so his knowledge of the Human Race was limited to what he had learned from the Ink Nest.

Coming out from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he had been locked in a fierce battle with a Ninth Order Human Race cultivator. It had been an evenly matched battle, and he had even been slightly inferior to this Ninth Order Human Race cultivator, causing him to admire the Ninth Order abilities.

What kind of situation was this? The feeling he got from chasing after Yang Kai was even more disgusting than fighting against a Ninth Order Human Race master. Fighting a Ninth Order master with all his strength is nothing more than struggling with life and death, but chasing after a Seventh Order Human Race master gave him a feeling of powerlessness.

A strange scene appeared in the endless void.

One of them was a Seventh Order Human Race master while the other was an Black Ink Clan Royal Lord. One could not escape, while the other could not catch the opponent.

The several Eighth Order Human Race masters who had followed them from the battlefield were able to pursue them at first, but after a day or two, they had completely lost track of Yang Kai and the Gothead Royal Lord.

Of these two, one was constantly using the Space Principle to escape while the other was extremely fast, both of which were far beyond their reach.

One of the Eighth Order with a dark complexion said, “This is bad, that Little Friend Yang is in danger.”

If they could catch up, they might be able to help Yang Kai escape, but with their strength, it was very likely that they would lose their lives. However, now that they had completely lost sight of Yang Kai and the Goathead Royal Lord, where could they find them in this vast void?

Without their help, how could Yang Kai, a mere Seventh Order, escape the pursuit of a Black Ink Clan Royal Lord?

Even if he was proficient in the Space Principle, it would be difficult for him to last long.

The others didn’t say anything, but it was obvious they were thinking the same thing.

The few of them glanced at each other before the other Eighth Order sighed, “It’s fate, let’s go back.”

On the other side of the battlefield, the battle was still going on. All of them were Eighth Order, so if they went back, they would be able to contribute a little, so there was no point in delaying outside.

All of them were Eighth Order, so they had their own decisions to make. Since they knew they couldn’t do anything, how could they force things?

After a while, several people turned back.

On the other side, Yang Kai would occasionally activate the Light of Purification to isolate the aura of the Goathead Royal Lord and then use his Space Ability to teleport to increase the distance between them, when the distance between them is close to a certain extent, he would do the same thing again.

This action barely guaranteed his own safety, but it was impossible for him to completely escape from the Royal Lord.

The other party seemed to have set his sights on him, biting him like a leech.

No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to break free.

Having seen many of Yang Kai’s methods, the Royal Lord quickly adapted to the treacherous nature of his Space Ability. Yang Kai had used the Light of Purification to isolate his aura, so he really couldn’t stop Yang Kai from teleporting, but he could still strike him from a distance the moment Yang Kai used it.

There was no need for him to use too much strength to disrupt his teleportation.

As a result, Yang Kai was unable to teleport too far away, and each time he did, his position would deviate from his original position.

This was undoubtedly a very dangerous situation. Once the position of the teleportation deviated, it was extremely likely that he would encounter unimaginable dangers.

However, in order to escape, Yang Kai couldn’t care less.

If he didn’t teleport, he would die. If he teleported, there was a high chance he could survive. As long as his luck wasn’t too bad, he wouldn’t encounter any danger.

He understood the Goathead Royal Lord's intentions.

It didn’t matter if he couldn’t catch up to him for a while, as long as he stayed far away from him, he wouldn’t be able to escape the range of his perception. This way, sooner or later he would run out of strength.

With a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivation, no matter how deep his Small Universe’s foundation was, there was still a limit. Even if he could supplement it with Spirit Pills, he could at most maintain it for a few more days.

He is the Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan and had an endless life essence, so he had plenty of time to waste with Yang Kai.

Yang Kai sneered in his heart. If this Goathead Royal Lord had such intentions, he would probably be disappointed.

In the previous battle, Yang Kai had indeed consumed a lot of spirit pills and a Low Rank World Fruit, so his Small Universe’s foundation had recovered quite a bit. What’s more, his Small Universe still had many living creatures in his body, and as they continued to multiply, they were constantly increasing his foundation.

Of course, if that was the case, he would still not be able to make ends meet.

However, he had more than one Low Rank World Fruit in his possession. Although there weren’t many of them, he could still hold on for a while.

After his teleportation was interrupted again, Yang Kai suddenly appeared in the void, his internal organs churning as he felt extremely uncomfortable.

Before he could stabilize his state of mind, an incomplete Divine Ability suddenly attacked from nearby.

Yang Kai was startled and quickly dodged.

Fortunately, this Divine Ability was somewhat incomplete and could not be used to its fullest extent. Although it had a brilliant might, it was actually just a facade, so Yang Kai quickly avoided it.

They had arrived at the Ancient Battlefield!

Yang Kai had rushed back along the route taken by the Human Race’s army, and the area he had been in before could be considered a Land Without Spirituality.

When they first arrived, the Human Race didn’t know why such a vast void was a Land Without Spirituality, but after listening to Cang’s description, they learned that this place was created by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords to prevent Cang from having a chance to replenish his strength.

Crossing the vast Land Without Spirituality was the Ancient Battlefield!

At the end of the Ancient Era, the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had fought in this void for countless years and suffered countless casualties. Even though countless years had passed, this battlefield was still filled with many dangers. Many of the Restrictions and Divine Abilities were hidden and would erupt at the slightest contact.

On the way here from the various mountain passes, they had encountered quite a few.

Yang Kai knew that he was no match for the Goathead Royal Lord, and since his Space Ability was unable to completely shake him off, he could only rely on this Ancient Battlefield.

Although he would also be in danger if he were to intrude into this place, it was better than being constantly pursued.

Perhaps there was a place he could borrow strength from.

The remnant Divine Abilities and Restrictions around him weren’t strong, so Yang Kai ignored them and dove deeper.

Along the way, all kinds of Divine Abilities and Restrictions were triggered, as if they were cats that had smelled a fishy smell and had all come to life.

Some of the Divine Abilities and Restrictions were triggered extremely quickly, and as soon as Yang Kai stepped in, these Restrictions and Divine Abilites bombarded him.

Fortunately, his speed wasn’t slow, and the Divine Abilities and Restrictions that were triggered transformed into streaks of light that chased after him.

In an instant, Yang Kai seemed to have taken off a tail behind him. The colorful tail of light chased after a certain distance. The power was exhausted and dissipated, but more Divine Abilities and Restrictions were added to expand the scale of the tail of light.

Most of the Divine Abilities and Restrictions seemed to be delayed due to the passage of time, and only after Yang Kai roared for a while did they activate.

The Goathead Royal Lord who was chasing after Yang Kai instantly became the target of these Divine Abilities and Restrictions.

A moment later, a long tail of light appeared behind the Goathead Royal Lord, even larger than Yang Kai’s.

Initially, this Goathead Royal Lord didn’t even care about the tail behind his back. His strength was extraordinary and he was a supreme master of this world, so how could he care about these Divine Abilities and Restrictions that had been left behind after so many years?

However, as time passed, the scale of the light tail grew larger. Countless remnant Restrictions and Divine Abilities converged, some of them disappearing while some of them underwent a different kind of change, giving the Goathead Royal Lord a faint sense of threat.

He chased even faster, knowing that once he was caught up by the tail of light behind him, even he would be in trouble.

There was no need to mention Yang Kai’s side. Although the light tail was smaller than the Goathead Royal Lord, Yang Kai’s strength was far weaker, so the threat of the light tail was fatal to him.

As they ran, the distance between them rapidly shortened again.

Goathead Royal Lord suddenly thought of a problem. Yang Kai could teleport…

If he were to teleport, what would happen to his tail?

Before he could figure it out, Yang Kai suddenly turned his head and smiled at him.

After chasing Yang Kai for so long, this was the first time he felt a bad feeling.

In the next instant, the power of the Space Principle fluctuated wildly.

The Goathead Royal Lord didn’t even think about it as he pointed his aura at a dinstance, shocking the space.

Yang Kai’s figure disappeared and suddenly appeared a million kilometers away.

Originally, even if Yang Kai’s teleportation was disrupted by the Goathead Royal Lord, he could still teleport out the boundary of ten kilometers away, but this time it was only a million kilometers.

From this, one could see just how chaotic this Ancient Battlefield was.

On the other side, the tail of light chasing after Yang Kai had lost its target and was showing signs of continuing to lay dormant, but the aura of the Goathead Royal Lord was drawing them in.

Under the furious gaze of the Goathead Royal Lord, the light tails that had been chasing Yang Kai suddenly changed directions and rushed towards him.

The Goathead Royal Lord flew into a rage as his Ink Force surged madly, transforming into a giant that could support both heaven and earth, roaring as it attacked, scattering the light tails behind it.

Seeing this scene from afar, Yang Kai couldn’t help shivering.

The Royal Lord was still the Royal Lord after all, so it was too difficult for him to use these remnants of Divine Abilities and Restrictions to deal with him.

Helpless, he could only continue to flee.

After suffering such a loss, the Goathead Royal Lord also went all out, sweeping through all the remaining Divine Abilities and Restrictions along the way to avoid these things chasing him.

Yang Kai ran even harder.

The mood of the Goathead Royal Lord was obviously not as stable as before, probably because he had been chasing Yang Kai for too long and was feeling somewhat frustrated. If he were to be captured by the other party in this situation, his death will be terrible.

After traveling through the Ancient Battlefield for a month, Yang Kai discovered that he had lost his way!

His original plan was very simple. Since he was no match for this Goathead Royal Lord, he would use the various events in the Ancient Battlefield to restrain him, perhaps giving him a chance to escape.

If the Ancient Battlefield wasn’t enough, he would pass through this battlefield and head to No-Return Pass!

The No-Return Pass had a Dragon and Phoenix Clan guarding it, and this generation’s Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress were all existences stronger than Ninth Order Masters. Once this Goathead Royal Lord was lured to the No-Return Pass, he would definitely die.

Of course, this plan required too much risk and time was a problem.

The Human Race’s expedition had taken many years to arrive at Black Ink's place, and with the Space Principle Yang Kai possessed, no matter how fast he was, it would still take him several years.


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