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In the bloody battlefield that was like a purgatory, two figures flew past. Yang Kai continued to flee while the Royal Lord chased after him.

In a flash, the distance between them rapidly shortened.

Yang Kai didn’t dare hesitate, immediately activating his Space Principle and disappearing into thin air.

The Goathead Royal Lord who was chasing after him was obviously stunned for a moment. Since he was created by Black Ink, he had been inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Although he had learned some information about the Human Race through the Ink Nest, he had never encountered an opponent like Yang Kai.

This was the first time he had seen a Space Divine Ability.

However, he soon noticed Yang Kai’s aura and quickly turned his head in a certain direction.

On the other side, in a human race pass, Yang Kai appeared, covered in blood, standing atop the city wall. Separated by half of the battlefield, he looked towards the Goathead Royal Lord and pointed his spear towards him, his eyes filled with provocation.

Simple escape wasn’t his goal. On such a large battlefield, he couldn’t just escape alone. Since this Goathead Royal Lord had set his sights on him, he could only use himself as bait to lure him away.

He didn’t know which mountain pass it was, but now that the Human Race’s army had launched an all-out attack, all of the mountain passes were empty and no one remained.

So he wasn’t afraid of attracting the Goathead Royal Lord over.

Seeing Yang Kai’s attitude, the Goathead Royal Lord became even more enraged and charged towards him.

On top of the city wall, Yang Kai placed the Azure Dragon Spear to one side and stood in the middle of a massive Spirit Array. The eye of this Spirit Array was a giant crossbow-shaped Artifact!

Such a Spirit Array would normally require at least several Seventh Order Open Heaven Masters working together to activate its power.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s hands transformed into dragon claws as he grabbed the giant crossbow and poured his World Force into the Spirit Array. The light from the Spirit Array lit up and all the energy from the Spirit Array poured into the giant crossbow. Even Yang Kai’s violent strength showed signs of losing control.

His Divine Sense surged and his aura locked onto the Royal Lord who was attacking him from afar, his expression becoming fierce and terrifying.

Accompanied by a buzzing sound, the entire section of the city wall trembled. In the next moment, a thick beam of light transformed into an arrow and shot towards the Royal Lord.

Such a violent strike was comparable to an all-out attack from an Eighth Order Open Heaven!

Such a combination of Artifacts and Spirit Arrays wasn’t common in the various mountain passes, all of which were heavy Artifacts. Most Spirit Arrays and Artifacts only had the power of a Seventh Order Open Heaven's strike.

The arrow condensed from the beam of light was extremely powerful and fast. In the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of the Goathead Royal Lord, but he didn’t try to dodge. The two black wings on his back simply closed and wrapped around his body as he rushed towards the city wall. With just a single punch, he shattered the Artifact and Spirit Array on the city wall. Even a long section of the city wall collapsed as a violent force swept out, turning countless buildings inside the mountain pass into dust.

So what if it was an attack comparable to an Eighth Order Open Heaven? He was a Royal Lord, how could he fear an Eighth Order?

However, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen.

After activating the Spirit Array and Artifact, Yang Kai disappeared.

The Goathead Royal Lord sensed something and immediately turned his head to look at the nearby mountain pass. Sure enough, Yang Kai had appeared on the wall of the mountain pass and was now activating the power of a certain Artifact!

The Goathead Royal Lord was furious and once again charged towards Yang Kai.

The same scene appeared again, but this time, instead of shooting out arrow-like beams of light from the mountain pass, a rain of sword beams shot out, covering the sky.

His Ink Force surged and blocked the sword beams. Just as Yang Kai was about to escape again, an aura locked onto Yang Kai’s figure, causing him to stagger and fall from the sky.

Yang Kai gritted his teeth, quickly withdrew his aura and rushed into the mountain pass, using the various buildings inside to conceal himself.

Behind him, the rumbling sounds continued as the Goathead Royal Lord chased after him, destroying countless buildings and causing the entire mountain pass to become a chaotic mess.

Yang Kai finally got a chance, and then he was able to urge his Space Principle to get out.

As soon as his figure was revealed, the aura of the Goathead Royal Lord engulfed him and bit him like maggots on the bone.

Yang Kai’s face darkened as he realized that he couldn’t continue like this. This Goathead Royal Lord had never witnessed the wonders of the Space Principle before, allowing him to escape twice in a row.

Now that he had a way to deal with this situation, it was difficult for him to casually use his Space Principle, so he would be forced into a dead end sooner or later.

Turning his head to look at the raging battlefield, Yang Kai grit his teeth and flew towards the depths of the void.

From the start of the war between the two races, the Human Race still had an advantage in the battlefield below the Ninth Order. As long as this advantage could be expanded, it would affect the battle between the Ninth Orders and the Royal Lords.

At that time, if the Eighth Order were to take action, they would be able to assist the Ninth Order in killing their enemies.

The only problem was that this Ink Giant Spiritual God was difficult to deal with, but this was not a problem he could solve. Right now, he was in a precarious situation, so it was more important to stay alive.

Yang Kai’s actions obviously surprised the Goathead Royal Lord. Glancing at the direction in which Yang Kai had fled, he only hesitated for a moment before chasing after him.

Although no one knew what the stream of light that Cang had sent into Yang Kai’s body at the last moment was, it was obviously of great importance. This was also why the Goathead Royal Lord would personally deal with Yang Kai.

He had thought it would be an easy task, but now he had encountered many twists and turns.

Now that this seventh Order human wanted to escape from the battlefield, how could he allow him to do so?

With a flap of his black wings, the Goathead Royal Lord transformed into a stream of light and chased after Yang Kai.

On the battlefield, many Ninth Order Human Race masters saw this scene and wanted to rush over to help, but they were unable to do so. Only a few Eighth Order Human Race masters took action and chased after them.

In the void, Yang Kai continued to flee while stuffing large amounts of pills into his mouth, even swallowing one of the many years worth of Low Rank World Fruits.

At this moment, he couldn’t care less. He had consumed too much of his strength and his Small Universe was unable to make ends meet. If he were to take the Open Heaven Pill, the efficiency would be too low and the World Fruit would be able to replenish his energy faster.

He knew that this was a true life or death crisis. It would be fine if he wasn’t caught up by the Goathead Royal Lord, but once he did, even if he transformed into an Ancient Dragon, he wouldn’t be able to escape death.

Whether he could escape or not, Yang Kai didn’t know. After all, it was the Royal Lord, so his speed was much faster than Yang Kai’s.

The only thing he could rely on was his Space Ability.

This kind of experience of escaping from the hands of an expert could be said to be quite rich.

In this situation, he could only do his best and leave it to fate!

He also knew that several Eighth Order masters were chasing after him, but with just these Eighth Order masters alone, it was impossible for them to contend with the Goathead Royal Lord. If they really fought him, even those Eighth Order masters would die.

So he didn’t dare stop!

Activating the World Force and activating the Dragon Race’s Secret Technique, Yang Kai fled through the void, quickly leaving the massive Void Battlefield behind him.

However, the threat behind him was getting closer. In less than ten minutes, Yang Kai felt a fatal threat.

This sense of threat undoubtedly indicated that he was already within the attack range of the Gothead Royal Lord!

He wanted to use his Space Principle to escape, but the other party’s aura had locked onto him, so if he made any sudden movements, that aura would erupt and send him flying out of the void like before, killing him even faster.

Silently, he summoned a Space Spirit Bead, hoping to use it to protect himself.

However, the Goathead Royal Lord was extremely vigilant and didn’t even let go of a small Space Spirit Bead. He sent out a burst of energy from afar and directly snatched the Space Spirit Bead away.

Yang Kai cursed the Goathead Royal Lord in his heart.

Since he couldn’t borrow the power of the Space Spirit Bead, if he wanted to activate his Space Principle, he could only think of a way to cut off the aura that was biting him.

Yang Kai calmed his thoughts and suddenly activated the Light of Purification to envelop himself.

The Purifying Light was indeed the nemesis of the Ink Force, but he didn’t know if it could cut off the Royal Lord’s aura.

The power of the aura was invisible, but strictly speaking, it was also a type of Divine Sense power. The Light of Purification could restrain the power of the Black Ink Clan, so logically speaking, it shouldn’t be a problem to cut off a strand of aura.

To Yang Kai’s disappointment, under the Light of Purification, the aura did not break.

However, to his pleasant surprise, although the aura was not cut off, it was isolated.

In the next moment, Yang Kai activated his Space Principle and disappeared.

However, at the same time, a violent force appeared out of thin air. Obviously, the Goathead Royal Lord saw Yang Kai trying to escape and attacked him.

Countless kilometers away, Yang Kai’s figure appeared, coughing up blood.

The critical moment of teleportation had been disrupted by the Goathead Royal Lord. This time, the distance of teleportation wasn’t as long as expected, and the position had also deviated slightly. Although he had suffered some injuries, at least he was able to resolve this crisis.

Yang Kai didn’t even have time to catch his breath before the Light of Purification on his body dissipated. Without the barrier of the Light of Purification, the aura of the Goathead Royal Lord once again bit him.


Yang Kai cursed under his breath as he felt the aura fluctuate with intermittent power. For a time, he was unable to use his Space Principle and could only flee.

From beginning to end, he had suffered several losses under the hands of this Royal Lord. Although he had taken some pills, he had also suffered serious injuries.

Fortunately, the Dragon Vein was powerful, so as long as he had enough time, his injuries would naturally heal.

After a short while, the advantage brought about by a single teleprotation was quickly wiped away, and the distance between the two of them quickly shortened.

Feeling the power of the Goathead Royal Lord behind him surge, Yang Kai once again activated his Light of Purification, isolating his opponent’s aura and using Space Teleportation.

The Secret Technique that the Royal Lord had just accumulated had no choice but to be interrupted, his aura fluctuating as he sent Yang Kai flying out of the void.

Yang Kai spat out another mouthful of blood.

This situation happened several times in a row. Not only was Yang Kai furious, even the Goathead Royal Lord who was chasing after him couldn’t stop cursing.

He hadn’t expected that even though he was a Royal Lord Supreme Cultivator, and personally dealing with a Seventh Order Open Heaven, it was actually so hard to kill him.


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