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Without hesitation, Yang Kai activated his Dragon Clan’s Source and transformed into a seven thousand zhang long Ancient Dragon, stretching out his dragon claw and grabbing towards a certain direction.

In that position, a Black Ink Clan Royal Lord staggered, and a Ninth Order who was also sleepy, was stabbing and sending palm strike to each other, but the ferocity of the previous battle was gone, like a child playing house.

The dragon claw reached out and gripped the Royal Lord tightly.

The Royal Lord’s body was also very large, but now that Yang Kai was holding it in his hand, only his head could be seen.

He struggled with all his might, but he was unable to break free. Violent forces pressed down from all directions, causing his bones to break and his black blood to spurt out.

“So hard!” Yang Kai silently cursed. In the end, he was still the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, and his strength was extraordinary. His claw had not even been able to crush his opponent, not even seriously injuring him.

Under the intense pain, the dazed Royal Lord showed signs of waking up.

Yang Kai’s dragon claw immediately felt a great resistance and was quickly forced open, allowing the Royal Lord to escape.

At the critical moment, a stream of light flashed and transformed into a sword beam, slicing the Royal Lord’s neck countless times.

His head flew high into the air as he spat out a mouthful of black blood while the vitality of the Royal Lord rapidly dissipated.

The Ninth Order sword-wielding man held his spirits, raised his sword proudly, and said to Yang Kai: "Boy, you are still a little tender."

Yang Kai bared his teeth, “Please don’t fall asleep.”

This was the Ninth Order Old Ancestor of Blue Sky Pass, an old acquaintance of Yang Kai’s.

Just now, after fighting with the Royal Lord for a long time, neither of them had been able to do anything to the other. With Yang Kai’s help, he had been able to successfully kill the other.

Hearing Yang Kai’s ridiculing words, Blue Sky Pass Old Ancestor’s eyelids kept closing and opening as he stubbornly said, “This old master can fall asleep? What a joke!”

Saying so, he transformed into a sword light and flew towards the other Ninth Order and Royal Lord battlefield.

Yang Kai also shook his head and rushed towards the vast battlefield.

Now, whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, regardless of their cultivation, all of them had been affected by Mu’s Soul Attack, greatly reducing their strength. On the other hand, with the protection of the Soul Warming Lotus, he was safe and sound.

In the entire battlefield, he was perhaps the only one who could maintain his consciousness and display his full strength, so now was naturally the time for him to show off.

Dragon breath, dragon body swept the battlefield, dragon tail flicked, countless Black Ink Clan masters fell along the way.

Soon, he rushed into a battle between a Royal Lord and a Ninth Order. With his previous experience, he decisively stretched out his two dragon claws and shouted, “Old Ancestor, I’ll help you kill the enemy.”

As the two dragon claws closed in on him, the sleepy Royal Lord’s eyelids twitched violently. He wanted to escape, but he discovered that the space around him had solidified and he was unable to escape. Yang Kai’s claws directly grabbed him, leaving his head outside.

Seeing this, the Ninth Order Open Heaven's eyes lit up as it shot towards the head.

Even Yang Kai’s dragon scales were sent flying, his skin and flesh torn apart as he roared in pain.

Inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, Mu’s giant figure became brighter, as if it was releasing its last rays of light as it softly chanted an obscure song.

No one could understand what song she was singing, but when this song entered their ears, it made them feel even more drowsy.

As the song continued, Mu turned to Cang and said, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Cang sighed. At this moment, he finally understood Mu’s intentions and said, “It’s not hard, I can finally free myself, but you… what a pity.”

How astonishing was Mu’s talent? In the past, among the ten, although she was the only woman, the other nine all felt inferior.

If Mu hadn’t died so early, with her intelligence and talent, she might have been able to find a way to solve this problem.

Mu smiled and said, “When we were chosen, it was already destined to be like this. There’s nothing to be sad about, we’ve already reached our limit, so we can’t care about the rest.”

She suddenly raised her head and looked towards the battlefield, her eyes reflecting the figure of the seven thousand zhang Ancient Dragon, “Is that also the chosen one?”

Cang nodded.

Mu’s eyes flashed, “Not bad.”

This was just a casual comment, but Cang knew that it was a rare affirmation.

“You’re all so noisy…” In the darkness, Black Ink whispered, as if it had returned to a million years ago when it was sleeping on Mu’s lap, only to be disturbed by the ten people’s discussion, “Disturbing my dreams.”

Mu gently said, “No more noise.”

Turning to Cang, she said, “I’m still a bit off, I need to borrow some strength!”

Cang nodded solemnly, “I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Saying so, he changed the hand seals in his hand and shouted, “Disperse my body and fuse with the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction!”

With a loud shout, a vast amount of energy quickly spread out and fused into the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. The entire Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was originally an invisible object, but after fusing with Cang’s power, it transformed into a visible barrier.

This barrier covered an unknown distance of tens of thousands of kilometers, with no end in sight, but inside this barrier was endless darkness.

Cang’s aura gradually became silent and eventually disappeared, even his body turning into specks of light.

Above the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, Mu’s figure became more solid, almost allowing one to see her peerless appearance.

Many years ago, the life force she had hidden in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had burst out at this moment, borrowing Cang’s power to pour into her phantom, making her seem as if she was coming to life.

She turned her head to look at the vast void one last time, her eyes filled with a profound light, as if she wanted to imprint this entire world into her eyes. Then, she leapt into the darkness.

“I can finally sleep well!”

From the depths of the darkness, Black Ink’s voice rang out, causing the darkness to tremble, as if a giant creature had flipped over in its sleep and returned to calm.

The Void trembled, mourning for the strong!

The moment Mu threw herself into the darkness, all the Human Race and Black Ink Clan on the battlefield who had been affected suddenly woke up.

The battlefield, which had been somewhat eased by Mu’s Secret Technique, suddenly became even more bloody.

However, everyone could sense that two powerful wills were missing from this void, one was Black Ink and the other was Cang.

There is still another!

From the darkness, the towering giant’s two hands held up the sides of the gap, half of its body already crawling out.

Although its full appearance couldn't be seen, just the half of his body gave off an indescribable pressure.

Mu’s Soul Secret Technique also had a great effect on this giant. Before this, it had almost stopped moving, but when Mu threw herself into the darkness, the effects of the Secret Technique dissipated, and as if it had received some kind of command, it began to crawl out from the depths of the darkness.

However, it was too late.

With Cang’s Body and the Restriction power, Mu had used the trump card she had left behind many years ago. Not only had Black Ink fallen into a deep sleep, but even the gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was rapidly closing.

No matter how hard the giant tried, he could not stop it.

In less than three breaths of time, the giant gap rapidly closed.

Before the giant’s body could fully crawl out, the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction seemed to transform into an unstoppable sharp blade, slicing apart everything below the giant’s waist!

No Ink Blood flowed out, only rich Ink Force. The ink giant roared in pain, its roar shaking the world.

Yang Kai quickly glanced over and couldn’t help asking, “Giant Spiritual God?”

Previously, he had only been focused on assisting the Ninth Order Masters in killing their enemies and had no time to pay attention to the situation of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, so now that he was watching, he was shocked.

This ink giant was actually a Giant Spiritual God! [MSN: You guys are fked now.]

The Giant Spiritual God was created by Black Ink?


Yang Kai quickly dismissed this thought. This wasn’t a true Giant Spiritual God, it was most likely something Black Ink had created based on the Giant Spiritual God. It had the body and appearance of a Giant Spiritual God, and perhaps it also had the power of a Giant Spiritual God, but it was definitely not a member of that Giant Spiritual God Race.

He couldn’t help thinking about the Ink Giant Spiritual God he had encountered in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

In the past, he had thought that a member of the Giant Spiritual God had ben turned into a Black Ink Disicple, but now it seemed that this wasn’t the case. That Ink Giant Spiritual God was probably created by Black Ink.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling his scalp go numb.

The Giant Spiritual God was known to be a master that even Holy Spirits couldn’t defeat, and Yang Kai had personally experienced the strength of the Giant Spiritual God. When A’ Er had brought him into the Chaotic Dead Territory, he had felt as if A' Er was walking on flat ground.

However, the Chaotic Dead Territory was a place where even Ninth Order Open Heaven masters could not stay for long.

In short, the strength of a Giant Spiritual God was stronger than a Ninth Order, perhaps at the level of Cang and the others.

The Heavens had not given this race too much wisdom, but had instead bestowed them with unparalleled strength.

Now, it was unknown just how strong this Ink Giant Spiritual God is.

What made people feel slightly relieved was that when the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction closed and cut it in half, its strength would definitely be greatly affected.

On the battlefield, the aura of life was constantly being extinguished.

During the short time Mu’s Secret Technique had influenced the battlefield, Yang Kai had assisted the other Ninth Order masters in killing five of their enemy.

Originally, after losing five Royal Lords on this side of the battlefield, five more would emerge from the depths of the darkness to replenish their strength, but now that the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had been closed and Black Ink had fallen into a deep sleep, it was impossible for a new Royal Lord to appear.

On the battlefield between the Ninth Order Human Race and the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, the Human Race already had the advantage. This advantage would gradually expand over time, like a snowball rolling down a hill, until the Black Ink Clan could no longer resist.

If it weren’t for the appearance of the Giant Spiritual God, the Human Race would have won this battle.

However, the appearance of the Ink Giant Spiritual God had greatly confused the course of the war.

With a loud roar, the Ink Giant Spiritual God stretched out its hand and grabbed towards a certain spot on the battlefield. Under this giant hand, whether it was the Human Race Battleship or the Black Ink Clan powerhouses, none of them were able to dodge.

The Battleship exploded, and before any of them could escape, they were torn to pieces by the violent force. The Black Ink Clan was no exception, and without the Battleship’s protection, the Humans died even faster.

The giant hand swept out again, seemingly clumsy, but in reality it was because its size is too big.

The battlefield was instantly torn apart by the thick arm.


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