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Cang had never seen Black Ink use such a Secret Technique before, so he couldn’t even predict what it would do next.

However, he finally understood why Black Ink wanted to maintain the balance of the battlefield and allow so many of its slaves to be killed.

Everything was prepared for this moment!

Although he didn’t know what Black Ink was planning to do, Cang knew he had to stop it, otherwise the Human Race would be in danger.

He madly pushed his body’s strength in an attempt to close the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but in the depths of the darkness, there was a similarly violent force that resisted it, preventing the gap from merging.

As the two sides fought, Cang borrowed the power of the Great Restriction to close the gap, but at a very slow pace.

“Kill the enemy!”

The roar of a Ninth Order Open Heaven spread throughout the entire battlefield. Everyone knew that the war had reached a critical juncture. No matter what Black Ink’s plans were, if they couldn’t stop it, this battle would be lost.

While resting in the various mountain passes, the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who had been conserving their strength all swarmed out towards the battlefield.

The Human Race's whole army strikes!

Even the soldiers stationed at the Spirit Array took their Battleship to the Battlefield.

Over a hundred mountain passes instantly became empty nests.

At this moment, the Black Ink Clan army had split into two, one of them intercepting the Human Race while the other threw themselves into the Ink Tide to strengthen it.

Cang and Black Ink’s battle continued, but Cang had already gained an obvious advantage, and the gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was closing much faster.

At this moment, from the depths of the darkness inside the gap, a vast sea of energy rushed out, instantly penetrating the gap and converging with the Ink Tide outside.

The Ink Tide twisted and squirmed, gradually condensing into the shape of an arm!

This arm was clearly formed from countless wisps of Ink Force, Ink Blood, and broken limbs, but at this moment, there was no aura of death. Instead, it seemed full of vitality, like a real arm.

The muscles on the arm were bulging, and they were as large as a river of stars. Just this arm alone exuded a terrifying aura that caused one’s heart to tremble.

The arm was connected to the power pouring out from the gap, and from afar, it looked like a giant was reaching out its hand!

In fact, Cang had indeed felt a terrifying aura revive from the darkness. In the darkness, a giant was rapidly taking shape.

The arm that had pierced through the Great Restriction became a great resistance.

Cang’s expression changed drastically as he exclaimed, “You’ve reached that level?”

That level…

Beyond the Ninth Order!

In the past, Cang and the other nine had also been exploring this realm, but unfortunately, they hadn’t obtained much in the end. His strength was indeed higher than an ordinary Ninth Order master, but in the end, he still hadn’t surpassed the Ninth Order.

This level was not something a human could reach, it was something that belonged to the Creator!

However, Black Ink’s tone was somewhat dispirited, “That level? Perhaps… I don’t know, do you think so? I don’t think so.”

Cang was shocked.

He thought back to the massive turbulence in the restriction and how Black Ink had almost escaped.

Now, it seemed that at that time, Black Ink had already touched upon the level of Creator. In the endless darkness, there was a powerful existence it had created.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t strange. Black Ink could create countless slaves, and all of the Black Ink Clan were created by it using its own Ink Force. With such an innate advantage and countless years of accumulation, it wasn’t strange for it to be able to touch the level of the Creator.

In truth, the Black Ink Clan was not directly created by Black Ink. The essence of Black Ink was the original darkness of this world, and what it truly created was only the Ink Nest.

The Black Ink Clan was born from the Ink Nest.

This was Black Ink’s innate talent.

However, this time, the powerful existence in the darkness was truly created by Black Ink!

Suddenly, his expression calmed down and he sighed lightly, “Black Ink, you were born from the world, blessed by the heavens. Your talent and intelligence should have allowed you to live a carefree life, but unfortunately, your strength… is destined to be rejected by the 3000 Worlds.”

Black Ink hesitated, “What do you want to do?”

Cang lightly said, “It’s been a million years, it’s about time to settle things. My old friends have been waiting for so long, I’m afraid they’ve become impatient.”

Black Ink felt something was wrong, “Don’t act rashly!”

Cang laughed loudly, “You’re the one messing around!”

Saying so, he suddenly flicked his finger and a streak of light shot through the air, piercing through all the Black Ink Clan in its path and causing them to explode.

He had previously told Yang Kai that since he was inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he could only attack from the inside and not interfere with what was happening outside. It was not entirely true, but he had to pay a huge price.

Now, in order to deliver this stream of light, he could not care less.

The moment he made his move, the entire Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction began to show signs of instability, and Black Ink took this opportunity to exert its strength, causing the gap to suddenly widen. The giant arm that extended out from the gap also trembled violently, accelerating the expansion of the gap.

“Stop it!” Black Ink’s Divine Sense spread out into the void. Although it didn’t know what the stream of light was, it couldn’t allow Cang to succeed.

A Royal Lord stretched out his hand to grab the stream of light, but before he could even touch it, his entire arm exploded. The power contained in this stream of light was unimaginably terrifying.

The Ninth Order Human Race cultivator who was chasing after the Royal Lord saw this and released his Divine Ability, transforming into a ferocious giant beast that swallowed the Royal Lord into its stomach, sending out a series of hand seals to refine the Royal Lord.

Under Black Ink’s command, the Black Ink Clan cultivators along the way tried to stop the stream of light, but even the Royal Lord could not stop it, so how could the other Black Ink Clans succeed?

A streak of light flew across the air, creating a vacuum in the air as it struck Yang Kai’s body somewhere in the battlefield.

Yang Kai’s body trembled, but before he could react to what was happening, he saw several figures from the Black Ink Clan attacking him from all directions.

Yang Kai quickly retreated and rushed towards the nearby Human Race army.

The Black Ink Clan pursued relentlessly, but they were quickly intercepted and the two sides fought fiercely in the void, causing blood to rain down.

On the other side, after shooting out that stream of light, Cang reached out and grabbed a piece of jade pendant.

“Mu!” Black Ink shouted.

It could feel Mu’s aura from this jade pendant.

This was definitely something left behind by Mu.

Among the ten, Black Ink’s feelings towards Mu were the most special, and her relationship with it was also the best, but in the end, it was also because of Mu it was imprisoned here.

It had been a million years, so it didn’t feel much hatred, but when it felt this familiar aura again, its mood couldn’t help becoming complicated.

Black Ink quickly cut off its chaotic thoughts, its tender voice filled with boundless anger as it roared, “Cang, what are you doing!?”

As it spoke, a large hand suddenly reached out from the gap and grabbed one side of the gap. The arm that had pierced through the gap also retracted and grabbed the other side.

The two giant hands suddenly exerted strength, as if they had pushed open two doors. The gap was quickly torn open, and a monstrous murderous aura spread out from it. A giant head suddenly emerged from the gap, its two black abyss-like eyes reflecting the entire battlefield, seemingly wanting to swallow it whole.

The world trembled, universe was overturned, and cracks appeared in the void.

“I don’t know what to do either,” Cang’s tone was filled with helplessness.

These words sounded perfunctory, but he really didn’t know what to do. That jade pendant was the last thing Mu had left behind, telling them that if they were in a crisis, they could just take it out.

Back then, Mu had gone deep into the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, into the endless depths of darkness, and after returning, her vitality had been severely depleted, leaving behind this jade pendant.

She didn’t give much explanation about this jade pendant.

However, Cang and the others never doubted her decision or judgment.

Now, it was the critical moment that Mu had mentioned. Perhaps she had already seen something in the darkness and anticipated this day.

As soon as the jade pendant appeared, it quickly rose into the air and began glowing brilliantly.

Within this light, a graceful figure slowly appeared.

This figure was incomparably huge, covering the sky, making it impossible to see her face, but when she appeared, she instantly became the center of the entire world.

Even in the noisy battlefield, everyone’s attention was drawn to her.

It was a perfect figure in this world, a figure that gathered all the beauty and harmony in the world, making it impossible for anyone to have any profane thoughts.

“Mu!” Cang looked up with a complicated expression.

“Mu!” Black Ink whispered softly.

Mu seemed to be smiling as she said gently, “Black Ink, we meet again.”

“You… are still alive?” Black Ink was suddenly surprised.

Mu slowly shook her head, “I died a long time ago, you know this.”

Black Ink sighed and said dejectedly, “Yes, I know, I thought you were still alive. Since you're dead, what are you doing here now?”

Mu’s tone became playful, “I’ll play your favorite game for the last time.”

Black Ink didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “You're so kind.”

Mu replied, “Who asked you to call me Big Sister?”

Saying so, she suddenly waved her hand towards the darkness and muttered, “Go to sleep, sleep. Once you wake up, there will be something fun to do and delicious food to eat.”

As she did so, the entire Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction began to emit a dazzling light and tremble rhythmically.

On the battlefield, whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, all of their movements were sluggish as they felt an endless sleepiness engulf them.

Not to mention those Fifth Order, Sixth Order, and Seventh Order. Even Eighth and Ninth Order Masters would find it difficult to resist this pressure.

For a time, an extremely strange scene appeared on the battlefield, many of the weaker cultivators of the two races actually falling asleep.

However, in general, it was the Black Ink Clan who suffered the most damage. Most of the Human Race’s forces had Battleships protecting them, so they were able to resist this strange force.

Yang Kai was also extremely tired and felt his eyelids twitching.

At this critical moment, a cool sensation swept across his mind, causing him to suddenly regain his senses.

Soul Warming Lotus!

Although he didn’t know what method Mu was using, it was clearly a Soul Attack, and the Soul Warming Lotus’ protection allowed him to quickly got out of trouble.


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