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Now that he thought about it, the fact that he had been able to snatch a root from the World Tree was quite incredible.

At that time, his strength wasn’t strong, not even at the Open Heaven Stage, only starting to condense his own Dao Seal.

If the World Tree really was a wondrous artifact born at the beginning of the world, after countless years, it would have gained sentience and become powerful.

He was just a puny little Emperor Realm, how could he snatch a root from the World Tree?

At that time, after obtaining the root, the World Tree had directly sent him far away. It was obvious that the World Tree is not without the ability to do anything to him, it just didn’t try to fight him seriously.

If Cang’s speculations were true and he was one of the methods it have to save itself, then it would make sense.

The Great Ruins Boundary was a test, and the World Tree’s gift was the reward after the test.

A million years ago, Cang and the other nine had been chosen and were given the World Tree’s World Fruit and break through to the Open Heaven Stage. After that, they had preached the path of cultivation to the world to strengthen the Human Race, contending against Monster Beasts and Black Ink.

A million years later, he entered the Great Ruins Boundary and obtained the World Tree's Root.

Although the results were different, they were all methods to save itself.

Thinking about it this way, the original owner of the World Tree Subtree in Yang Kai's Small Universe should have been chosen by the Law as a self-help methods.

Unfortunately, that ancestor had died in the Ink Battlefield, and his Small Universe had transformed into Universe Cave Heaven and left behind. Countless years later, Yang Kai had coincidentally entered it and obtained the Subtree.

For countless years, there had been many people like them, but Yang Kai didn’t know who they were or whether they were dead or alive.

Cang's words were too shocking, but after all, he had lived for so many years and had spent a great deal of time guarding this place, so even though Yang Kai found it unbelievable, it wasn’t necessarily false.

“Be careful,” Cang suddenly said.

Yang Kai was confused, “Senior, what do you mean?”

Cang’s expression became solemn, “After so many years, the things I can think of, Black Ink might be able to think the same thing. There are some things Black Ink knows about more than me. If this old man’s guess is correct, your situation may be very dangerous.”

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before quickly understanding Cang’s meaning.

If he really was one of the methods chosen by the Law to save itself, then he was definitely special. As long as Black Ink noticed his existence, it would definitely not let him off.

“When you were running around the battlefield, not fearing the corrosion of the Ink Force, you might have already attracted Black Ink’s attention.”

Yang Kai said, “The Universe Four Pillars also have the ability to seal the Small Universe and resist the corrosion of the Ink Force. It may not know that I have a World Tree Subtree.”

Cang nodded, “Be that as it may, it’s best to be careful. In addition, even if you have the World Tree’s Subtree, which can resist the corrosion of an ordinary Black Ink Clan’s Ink Force, it may not be able to resist Black Ink’s Source energy. Its strength is not something an ordinary Black Ink Clan can compare with, so perhaps it can break through your Small Universe’s seal.”

Yang Kai smiled, “With Senior overseeing this place, Black Ink won’t be able to escape easily, so how could it attack me? If even Senior can’t seal Black Ink… then my Human Race will soon be wiped out.”

Cang said, “This old man will do his best.”

Yang Kai stood up and lifted his Azure Dragon Spear, saying, “I’ve rested enough. Senior, I’ll kill the enemy first, I’ll come back later to chat with Senior.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flickered and he flew towards the battlefield.

Half a day later, Yang Kai ran back, his body covered in blood. Behind him were several Black Ink Clan Territory Lords, all of them filled with murderous intent. Only when Yang Kai rushed to Cang’s side did the several Territory Lords leave.

This time, Yang Kai’s injuries were lighter than last time, and the time it took for him to recover was much shorter.

After resting for a while, he continued to kill his enemies.

After repeating this process several times, the Black Ink Clan’s side was also annoyed by him and sent out several Territory Lords to guard the perimeter of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, waiting for him to leave Cang’s protection before killing him on the spot.

Unfortunately, Yang Kai’s Space Ability allowed him to appear and disappear unpredictably. As long as they didn’t seal off the world, how could a few mere Territory Lords stop him?

In the end, the Black Ink Clan couldn’t be bothered with him anymore, allowing Yang Kai to kill his enemies as easily as cutting grass.

However, this method was only suitable for a single person, and it was impossible for others to follow suit. Without the Space Ability to rely on, it would be difficult to traverse the vast battlefield.

So from beginning to end, only Yang Kai would come to Cang from time to time to seek shelter and recuperate.

Although he had achieved great results, it was impossible for him to change the course of the battle alone.

It had been several months since the battle began.

Nearly thirty percent of the Human Race’s two million strong army had fallen!

That was a total of six hundred thousand soldiers, each of them at least a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage master! The losses were unimaginable.

Although the Black Ink Clan’s losses were ten times or even dozens of times greater than the Human Race’s, with countless Territory Lords dying, the darkness in the gap was still constantly being replenished.

Almost every human was exhausted, and even an Eighth Order was showing signs of exhaustion.

The two races had fought in the Ink Battlefield for so many years, and although they had fought for several months or even several years, they had only fought for a short time and have enough time to recover.

This time was different. Since the start of the Great War, the two races had been engaged in fierce battles, and the battles on the battlefield had never ceased.

Fortunately, the Human Race’s upper echelons had foresight and knew that this war would not end anytime soon. The two million strong army split into two groups and took turns attacking, otherwise they would have already been defeated by the Black Ink Clan.

At this moment, the Black Ink Clan had gained the upper hand. Although it wasn’t obvious, the momentum of the war was leaning towards the Black Ink Clan.

This was still the situation Black Ink had worked so hard to maintain. If it had really recklessly sent its forces into the battlefield, the Human Race would have already been defeated.

Cang’s expression became increasingly solemn.

He felt that it was time to seal the gap of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. If this continued, if the Human Race were to lose, it would be impossible to clean up this mess.

After several months of venting its strength, Black Ink also felt that the pressure inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction wasn’t as great as before. The sealing power at this time, although it hadn’t reached its expectations, it was still acceptable.

With this thought in mind, Cang no longer hesitated and changed his hand seals, causing the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to buzz.

“I thought you would have to wait a while longer,” The silent Black Ink suddenly spoke.

Cang coldly snorted, “What kind of move do you have that you can use? If you try to hide it again, you won’t have a chance.”

Black Ink was holding something back, this was something Cang had felt from the very beginning. Otherwise, there was no need for him to work so hard to maintain the balance between the two sides on the battlefield.

It knew that once this balance was broken and the Human Race’s army fell, Cang would immediately seal the gap and prevent it from escaping.

Maintaining this balance, Cang was happy to hold its power.

It could be said that the current battle between the two armies was a tacit cooperation between the two sides, with the Human Race’s two million strong army and the Black Ink Clan’s several hundred million strong army as the chess pieces.

Cang knew that once he tried to seal the gap, Black Ink wouldn’t let him off.

At that time, there would definitely be a fierce battle. As for who was stronger, that would depend on their own methods.

“Cang, you’re getting old,” Black Ink sighed, showing some pity.

After a million years of guarding, no matter how strong a cultivator was, there would always be a day when he would grow old. Thinking back to the days when he had befriended Cang and the other nine, Black Ink couldn’t help feeling a bit emotional.

During that period of time, it was definitely the most comfortable life it had ever had. There were supreme friends talking about the Dao, touring the mountains and rivers, cooking tea and wine, living a carefree life.

However, since it had been trapped here, it had never been able to return.

In this world, there would not be a second Mu or a second Cang.

It also knew that trapping it here for a million years had nothing to do with personal grievances, but how could it be willing to accept this? It was born with such strength, not because it cultivated, but because the Heavens had given it the power to assimilate all races, it was destined to unify the 3000 Worlds!

Since its old friends had all left, there was no need for it to show any mercy to this world. This world was destined to bow before it.

“You’ve all underestimated me!”

Along with Black Ink’s roar, a massive force suddenly surged out from the endless darkness, filling the entire battlefield with a majestic aura. Whether it was the humans or the Black Ink Clan, all of them were stunned.

What kind of powerful will was this? Even a Ninth Order Open Heaven master would be dazed by such a will.

Cang’s expression changed slightly as he felt a strong resistance from the gap, making it difficult for him to seal it.

However, he didn’t panic much. If Black Ink didn’t even have this ability, it wouldn’t be Black Ink.

This situation was within his expectations. It wasn’t Black Ink’s hidden trump card, but rather something else.

Cang suddenly had an unpleasant feeling.

On the battlefield, after several months of fighting, countless Black Ink Clans had fallen, their Ink Blood, Ink Force, broken limbs, and bodies scattered across the void.

The moment Black Ink’s majestic will spread out, these miscellaneous objects that covered the battlefield seemed to be guided by some kind of force and began surging towards a certain place.

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

This was because the direction in which these miscellaneous objects gathered was the gap.

In a short period of time, the countless Ink Blood and Ink Force, as well as the remnants of the Black Ink Clan’s dead bodies, gathered into a massive Ink Tide.

The Ink Tide was like a pillar that pierced through the entire battlefield.

Some Human Race soldiers were accidentally swept into the Ink Tide and instantly died.

The Void trembled and the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction trembled.

More of the Ink Blood and Ink Force and broken limbs gathered towards the Ink Tide, increasing its power.

Not only that, but even some of the Black Ink Clan masters who were fighting the Human Race also abandoned their opponents and rushed towards the Ink Tide, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

This sudden change caught everyone off guard. On the battlefield, many of the Human Race’s forces who were originally at a slight disadvantage suddenly lost their opponents.

“This is bad!” Cang cried out in alarm, never having expected Black Ink to have such methods.

Speaking of which, although the ten of them had a good relationship with Black Ink in their early years and had later suppress and seal Black Ink here for a million years, in reality, they didn’t know much about it.


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