Yang Kai knew that his cultivation speed was fast enough, but Wu Kuang wasn’t slow at all. When they met again, he was a Sixth Order Open Heaven while Wu Kuang was also a Sixth Order.

Later, Wu Kuang hid in the new Great Domain for a while before being brought to Shattered Heaven by Yang Kai.

A character like Wu Kuang could only achieve great things in an environment like Shattered Heaven.

After that, Wu Kuang disappeared without a trace.

Yang Kai sometimes thought that if Blood Crow hadn’t been subdued by the Fisherman Senior of Bright King Heaven back then, when Wu Kuang stepped into Shattered Heaven, these two would have had a fierce battle.

One Heaven Devouring Battle Law and the other Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture, both were used to refine the strength of others for one’s own use, so they were quite similar. If they were to meet, there would definitely be some sparks.

However, in comparison, the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was undoubtedly stronger. In this world, there was nothing that could not be refined by the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

Although the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture also had some refining and swallowing effects, it was still mainly focused on Blood Essence and was much weaker than the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

However, Blood Crow had long since been subdued by Bright King Heaven’s master and taken to Bright King Heaven’s prison. When Wu Kuang entered Shattered Heaven, only the legend of Blood Crow remained.

Yang Kai estimated that if these two really met, the chances of Blood Crow suffering a loss would be higher.

Now that hundreds of years had passed in the blink of an eye, he didn’t know how Wu Kuang was doing in the Shattered Heaven. With the evil nature of his cultivation technique, it was likely he was the target of everyone’s hatred…

How pitiful.

“Wu Kuang…” Cang muttered again, laughing so hard that tears almost flowed out, “Wu Kuang!”

Yang Kai was surprised, “Senior knows Wu Kuang?”

Cang shook his head, “I don’t know, this is the first time I’ve heard Wu Kuang’s name.”

Yang Kai was confused. Since he didn’t know him, why was he smiling so happily?

How could he have known that although Cang didn’t know Wu Kuang, he knew another person, the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, which was the main cultivation method of another person?

This cultivation technique was indeed evil, but in truth, there was no such thing as good or evil, there was only good and evil in a person. No matter what kind of cultivation technique it was, it depended on who used it.

The plan had succeeded.

Otherwise, it was impossible for the Heaven Devouring Battle Law to be circulated.

But from another perspective, Shi’s plan had also failed.

Although he hadn’t had any contact with Wu Kuang, from what Yang Kai had told him, Wu Kuang hadn’t inherited Shi's spiritual spirit.

Perhaps when he had left this place, the crisis of his long journey had eradicated Shi's spiritual spirit, so Wu Kuang knew nothing about his previous life except for the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

Regardless, this was the best news Cang had heard in a million years.

“Have you been to the Great Ruins Boundary?” Cang suddenly asked.

This change in topic caught Yang Kai off guard, but Cang’s question surprised him even more, “How did Senior know?”

Cang smiled and said, “I can feel the World Tree’s aura from your body.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood.

“I saw you rush through the battlefield just now and didn’t need to worry about being corroded by the Ink Force. It seems you have the World Tree Subtree to seal your Small Universe.”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “Senior’s eyes are sharp. Junior's Small Universe does have a World Tree Subtree, but this Subtree was not obtained from the Great Ruins Boundary, it was obtained from Universe Cave Heaven left behind from the ancient battlefield.”

The Subtree he had obtained from the Great Ruins Boundary had been planted in the Star Boundary, so the Star Boundary was not in danger of being destroyed and became the cradle of Open Heaven Stage.

After saying this, Yang Kai suddenly realized something and asked in surprise, “Senior’s era already had the Great Ruins Boundary and World Tree?”

Cang had been stationed here for a million years, isolated from the world, yet he still knew about the World Tree and the Great Ruins Boundary. This really surprised Yang Kai.

Cang chuckled, “The Great Ruins Boundary and World Tree are far more ancient than you can imagine, especially the World Tree. I heard that it was born at the beginning of the world's opening.”

It was also born at the beginning of the world's opening…

During this time, Yang Kai had heard many secrets he had never heard before.

“As for the Great Ruins Boundary…” Cang frowned slightly, “No one knows how it was formed. This old master said before that in the ancient times, there was a great power that felt the hardships of the Human Race and used ten people to preach the Dao to the world. Only then could the Human Race cultivate.”

Yang Kai nodded. Cang had indeed said so before, and these ten people were the Martial Ancestors Cang and the other nine who had created the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Now that a million years had passed, the other nine had all passed away, leaving only Cang to guard this place.

At that time, an Old Ancestor had asked Cang what this great power was, and Cang had called it the Heavenly Law.

The battlefield was in full swing, but the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was not disturbed at all.

The Black Ink Clan didn’t attack them, they also knew that the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was not something they could shake.

Cang’s voice rang out, “The ten of us were swept into the Great Ruins Boundary, allowing us to reach the Open Heaven Stage!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai was stunned.

“Before this, although the Human Race can obtain strength through simple cultivation, they can at most cultivate under the Open Heaven Stage. At that time, below the Open Heaven Stage is the limit of Martial Dao.”

Yang Kai quickly sat up straight, vaguely feeling that he was about to hear some incredible secrets.

“The ten of us weren’t born in the same place at the time, but instead lived in different Great Domains. After obtaining the recognition of our homeland’s stars and becoming Supreme Venerable, we had the strength to break free from the Universe World's shackles and explore the vast Void to explore a more profound Martial Dao.”

“In that era, Monster Beast were rampant, and all Monster Beasts had the bloodline of the Holy Spirit. Their cultivation was unrestricted, and the power of their bloodlines was enough to make them stronger. These Monster Beasts were not something that human strength could resist, and in order to resolve this crisis, the Human Race’s Martial Dao had to improve, but no one had ever succeeded.”

“One day, this old master was accidentally swept into the Black Tide and entered the Great Ruins Boundary.”

“In that place, this old master met nine other old friends, all of whom, like this old master, left their home planet to explore higher realms.”

“It’s been too long, so there are some things I can’t remember clearly, but this old master can still remember the strangeness of the Great Ruins Boundary. In that place, the ten of us experienced many dangers, but in the end, we united and resolved them. Now that I think about it, it seems to be a test.”

“In the end, this old master and the others arrived in front of a towering tree, the World Tree!”

Yang Kai nodded. He had also seen the World Tree before, and although it wasn’t a pleasant memory, in general, he had gained quite a lot from the World Tree. Otherwise, Seventh Order Open Heaven would have been his limit.

“That World Tree bestowed each of us a fruit…”

Yang Kai was surprised, “The World Tree is so generous?”

At that time, he had experienced many worlds before obtaining some Low Rank and Mid Rank World Fruits. In the end, he take a piece of root and was sent away by the World Tree.

However, Cang and the others hadn’t even done anything before they were given the World Fruit.

As for the achievements of Guan and the others, the World Fruit was undoubtedly a High Rank World Fruit, perhaps even more!

The comparisons were odious! Yang Kai wanted to go to the Great Ruins Boundary and grab the World Tree again.

Cang continued, “After we took that fruit, the Small Universe was opened in our bodies and we stepped into the Open Heaven Stage. Only then did we learn the cultivation method of the Open Heaven Stage. After we left the Great Ruins Boundary, we spread this cultivation method throughout the world, allowing the Human Race to compete with Monster Beasts.”

Yang Kai said solemnly, “Senior and the others’ achievements and contributions to the Human Race will be remembered by the world.”

Cang smiled and waved his hand, “The reason I’m telling you this is because after so many years, this old master has vaguely noticed something.”

“Senior, please enlighten me.”

Cang pondered for a moment before saying, “Back then, the ten of us came from different Great Domains and came from different planets, but we were actually swept into the Great Ruins Boundary by the Black Tide at the same time. The many dangers in the Great Ruins Boundary seemed to be a test of our temperament, and the ten fruits seemed to be rewards from the World Tree.”

“At first, we didn’t think too much about it. With such a powerful force, it was only natural that we went to preach the Dao to the world, allowing the Human Race to gain a foothold. Later, we built the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and sealed up this place, giving us time to think about some things.”

“The existence of the World Tree may concern all 3000 Worlds, or rather, the World Tree… is the source of the 3000 Worlds.”

Yang Kai asked in shock, “Does Senior mean that… the 3000 Worlds are just a projection of the World Tree’s power?”

Cang slowly shook his head, “That’s not what I meant, but the World Tree’s name didn’t come out of thin air. It must have some kind of connection with the 3000 Worlds. The ten of us were swept into the Great Ruins Boundary and obtained the World Tree’s fruits, establishing a complete Martial Dao system. Rather than saying that it was our opportunity, it is more like the 3000 Worlds saving itself!”

“Saving itself?” Yang Kai muttered, “Does this 3000 World have its own consciousness?”

“Perhaps it’s not a consciousness, but a kind of Law that none of us can comprehend,” Cang explained, “At that time, Black Ink happened to have just awakened its Spiritual Wisdom, and the Ink Force began to spread throughout the various Great Domains. If we don’t stop it, the entire universe will be occupied by Black Ink’s power, which is why we need someone to stop it. Even if it’s not the ten of us, there will be ten others!”

“And this method of saving itself must have been used more than once,” Cang stared at Yang Kai with a burning gaze, “You obtained the World Tree’s Subtree, so if I’m not mistaken, you should also be one of the methods chosen by the Law to save itself.”

It was precisely because he had noticed this that Cang viewed Yang Kai in a different light and sent him a voice transmission on the battlefield, asking him to seek protection when he encountered danger.

It was also because of this that Cang had told Yang Kai so much.

In ancient times, Cang and the other nine had been saved by the Law, now, Yang Kai was perhaps a backup plan.

Yang Kai couldn’t help becoming absent-minded.

Although the Subtree he had obtained in the Great Ruins Boundary had been planted in the Star Boundary, he obtain another Subtree my accident, Cang’s guess was probably correct.

Was he one of the methods this Law has selected to save itself?


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