The black ink Flood Dragon suddenly exploded and the Enchanting Territory Lord appeared, her face covered in dust. Although this Divine Ability was powerful, it was still something she had activated herself and Cang had used some kind of technique to bite back at her. Even if it had been strengthened, it wouldn’t have been enough to kill her.

However, because she was caught off guard, injuries were inevitable.

The moment she broke free, a pure white sun exploded in front of her eyes, blinding her. At the same time, a great crisis enveloped her.

The Enchanting Territory Lord immediately let out a fierce roar as the Ink Force on her body surged out, but before it could leave her body, it was completely dispersed by the Purifying Light.

The pure white light seemed to have a mind of its own as it entered her body through her seven orifices and pores.

The expression of the Enchanting Territory Lord instantly became malevolent as she screamed.

At this moment, not only did she feel as if her Ink Force had met its nemesis and was rapidly melting, even her body seemed to have become a snowflake under the scorching sun, melting away at once, her beautiful face melting like a candle under the hot sun.

The Azure Dragon Spear was like a bolt of lightning that ruthlessly stabbed into her eyes.

Ink blood flew out, and at this critical moment, the Enchanting Territory Lord raised her hand and pressed it towards Yang Kai’s chest.

Yang Kai didn’t try to dodge, when his body shook, he felt a sharp pain.

He poured all of his strength into the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand and thrust it forward, “Die!”

The long spear pierced through the head of this Enchanting Territory Lord and a violent World Force burst out, directly blasting her head apart.

Yang Kai’s figure also flew up like a paper kite and fell back to Cang’s side, gasping for breath and wearing a bitter expression.

Cang turned to look at him and saw that his chest had caved in as he asked, “You’re going all out?”

In that instant, the Enchanting Territory Lord had attacked Yang Kai not just with a single palm, but several dozen palm strikes, all of which had landed on the same spot. If not for this, Yang Kai’s Dragon Vein body would not have been beaten to such a state.

If it were any other Seventh Order master, they would definitely have fallen under such an attack.

Crossing realms to kill enemies was not something anyone could do.

In Cang’s eyes, the battle between Yang Kai and the Enchanting Territory Lord was like a child’s play, but at their level, it was a true life and death struggle.

The moment the Enchanting Territory Lord suffered a backlash from his Divine Ability, Yang Kai rushed out without hesitation, showing just how decisive he was. He saw an opportunity in that instant and didn’t miss it.

This kind of temperament was not something just anyone could possess. If he hesitated for even a moment, he would miss the opportunity to kill his enemy.

Facing a counterattack from an enemy stronger than him, Yang Kai didn’t retreat in the slightest, using his own body as a price to kill his enemy on the spot, further demonstrating his ruthlessness.

Although this process was extremely short, it was truly a life or death struggle.

This was what moved even Cang.

Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and spat out a mouthful of blood before grinning maliciously, “How can we not go all out to kill the Black Ink Clan? If we didn’t go all out, my Human Race would have been defeated long ago.”

Saying so, he swallowed some healing pills and began to recover.

He had come to Cang’s side with the intention of borrowing Cang’s protection to restore himself, but who would have thought that the Enchanting Territory Lord would not let him off, and Cang instead gave him a chance to turn defeat into victory.

Cang also didn’t expect that his attack would have such an effect.

Listening to Yang Kai’s words, Cang looked towards the battlefield and saw the various Human Race soldiers fighting against the Black Ink Clan’s army. He saw the Eighth Order and Ninth Order cultivators fighting in the void, but none of them were willing to back down.

They were all fighting desperately!

For a moment, he suddenly realized that this was the Human Race of this generation.

Because they were willing to pay the price, they were able to reach this point today. He had waited here bitterly for a million years, and only this generation of humans had given him some hope.

The battlefield was filled with noise, and the withering of their auras never stopped. The Human Race and the Black Ink Clan suffered constant casualties.

Even the Royal Lord had fallen.

Previously, when the Royal Lords had rushed out of the gap, they had been killed not because they were weak, but because of the geographical advantage. If they wanted to rush out of the gap, they had to withstand the joint attacks of the Ninth Order Human Race masters.

Under such circumstances, it was normal for some of the Royal Lords to die.

However, after they rushed out, it would be much more difficult to kill them.

Even so, with the efforts of the Human Race’s Ninth Order masters, four of them had been killed.

However, the situation on the battlefield remained the same. Four of the Royal Lords had fallen, and from that gap, four more Royal Lords had joined the fray.

Now that the gap was no longer guarded by the Ninth Order masters, there was no longer any obstruction to the Royal Lords.

At this moment, the Human Race’s masters also realized that Black Ink was maintaining the balance of the battlefield. There should be more Royal Lords hidden in the darkness insisde the gap.

However, Black Ink did not allow them to rush out, instead constantly replenishing the energy they had consumed on the battlefield, trying to create an evenly matched situation.

However, even Cang couldn’t guess Black Ink’s intentions, let alone the Ninth Order Open Heaven masters.

Fortunately, this kind of situation was something they were happy to see. If the strength of the Black Ink Clan really was so great that the Human Race could not resist, it would not be a good thing for the Human Race’s army.

Cang was also constantly paying attention to the movements inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Black Ink’s actions made him extremely vigilant. This fellow definitely had some kind of plan, but it was just that it wasn’t time yet, so he couldn’t see through it. For now, he could only try his best to be on guard. If the situation was really bad, he would immediately seal the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and cut off Black Ink’s hope of escaping.

“Heaven Devouring Battle Law?”

Yang Kai suddenly turned his head to look at Cang, with a puzzled look on his face. While he was recovering, Cang was not idle.

Yang Kai had given him a large amount of resources to help him recover, so Cang had been refining them to replenish the damage to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Cang’s speed of refining these resources was very fast, after all, his cultivation was profound, so this was understandable.

The key was that Yang Kai had actually managed to spied some traces of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law from his refining method.

He had also cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law before. Although he hadn’t cultivated it to a very profound level and was naturally inferior to Wu Kuang, his understanding of this evil technique was far deeper than anyone else’s.

Therefore, when he noticed this, Yang Kai was extremely surprised.

At first, he thought he had sensed wrong, but after carefully observing Cang for a while, he confirmed that Cang was using the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. Otherwise, even if he was a Ninth Order Open Heaven, it would be impossible for him to refine resources so quickly.

In fact, Cang was not only refining the resources he had handed over, but even the Ink Force left behind by the Black Ink Clan in the surrounding void was being refined and swallowed by Cang.

Yang Kai was shocked.

The Heaven Devouring Battle Law was Wu Kuang’s unique cultivation technique, a supreme Evil Art he had created himself, so how could Cang use it?

Hearing Yang Kai’s words, Cang was stunned for a moment before suddenly asking in surprise, “You recognize this old master’s technique?”

Yang Kai asked uncertainly, “Perhaps I was mistaken?”

There were countless Cultivation Technique in this world, and although the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was an unparalleled technique, he was still a character from a million years ago. For such a powerful master, it wasn’t strange for him to know some wondrous Cultivation Techniques, perhaps it was just a bit similar to the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

Cang said, “It’s alright, take a closer look.”

Saying so, without any explanation, he began to use his full strength. This time, in order to allow Yang Kai to see more clearly, he even used his own strength to fully display his aura fluctuations.

The more Yang Kai looked at it, the stranger his expression became.

This was really the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. Although it was somewhat different from the one he cultivated, there was a general overlap of ninety percent, while the remaining ten percent was probably because he hadn’t cultivated it well enough to comprehend its mysteries.

Yang Kai was confused, “How did Senior learn the Heaven Devouring Battle Law?”

What puzzled him even more was that Cang seemed very excited.

What was there to be excited about? So many of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords had been killed, but he had never been so excited.

Cang didn’t answer and instead asked, “You call this technique Heaven Devouring Battle Law, who have you seen using it before?”

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before replying, “An old man named Wu Kuang cultivated this Cultivation Technique, but according to what this Junior knows, this Cultivation Technique was created by him. Other than this Junior cultivating it for some reasons, there shouldn’t be anyone else in this world who has cultivated this Cultivation Technique. Oh right, I later taught this Cultivation Technique to the Stone Puppet Clan.”

The Heaven Devouring Battle Law was too evil. Although it could rapidly increase one’s strength, the aftereffects were not small, and even Yang Kai was unable to resolve them, which was why he had stopped cultivating after realizing something was wrong.

Wu Kuang was different. This fellow possessed the Stainless Golden Lotus and could devour external forces without fear of harming himself.

However, there was only one Stainless Golden Lotus in this world, and no one could imitate it.

Therefore, there was only one Heaven Devouring Great Emperor in this world.

The reason why the Stone Puppet Clan was able to cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was because of their innate physical advantage. They were not made of flesh and blood and possessed the ability to purify the impurity in their bodies. Cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law complement their advantage.

“Wu Kuang…” Cang muttered, “Tell me more about Wu Kuang’s life.”

He showed great interest in Wu Kuang, and although Yang Kai didn’t understand why, he still went into detail.

To be honest, his understanding of Wu Kuang was mostly based on rumors.

When Wu Kuang was alive, he had not been born yet, so he didn’t know what the Star Fragments Sea's battle was like. He only knew that many Great Emperors from the Star Boundary had died in that battle, ultimately killing Wu Kuang.

However, in reality, Wu Kuang had only faked his death to escape and wait for an opportunity to revive.

After tens of thousands of years, Wu Kuang’s scheme had succeeded, allowing him to escape from the Star Fragments Sea, but his cultivation had greatly decreased. At that time, he had occupied the body of Bustling World Great Emperor and his soul shared body with Duan Hongchen.

After that, this guy appeared on Dragon Island and disappeared without a trace.

When he reappeared, it was already time for the Star Boundary Great Emperor to join forces against the Great Demon God.

In that battle, the Star Boundary had almost been destroyed, Great Demon God Mo Sheng had died in battle, Wu Kuang had refined his physical body and truly obtained a new life. From then on, he had jumped out of the Universe World's shackles and soared high into the sky like a bird soaring through the vast sea.

After leaving the Star Boundary, Yang Kai had no idea what Wu Kuang had encountered.


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