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A slender sword light suddenly appeared and slashed towards the Royal Lord’s head.

A hand gently pushed forward, similarly slender.

A bamboo cane gently tapped towards the Royal Lord’s head.

There were also several different forms of Divine Abilities being released.

The Royal Lord, who was looking down on everyone, suddenly froze for a moment. First, he was hit by several Divine Abilities, causing his body to tremble violently, and then his head was struck by the bamboo cane, causing a bloody hole to appear. Finally, when the sword light slashed down, this Royal Lord’s head flew into the sky!

Extremely rich Ink Force poured out from the Royal Lord’s corpse, mixed with ink blood.

The Royal Lord had fallen!

More than a dozen Ninth Order Human Race masters joined forces to attack, but before the Royal Lord could even step through the gap, he was killed on the spot.

It wasn’t that this Royal Lord’s strength was weak, but rather that the Human Race had planned this all along and acted too quickly and decisively. In addition, if the Royal Lords wanted to escape, they would have to pass through this gap and face the attacks of the Ninth Order Human Race masters.

If it was a Ninth Order Human Race master in such an environment, they probably wouldn’t be able to resist the combined attack of more than ten Royal Lords.

The geographical advantage of this gap was the only advantage the Human Race had now, so the Old Ancestors would naturally try to maximize this advantage.

However, before the Ninth Order could feel any joy, one after another Royal Lord tyrannical aura emerge from the gap.

The instant death of their companions didn’t have the slightest deterrent effect on them. Even though they knew there were many dangers ahead, they still rushed out of the gap without hesitation.

The dozen or so Ninth Order Human Race masters who had gathered around the gap didn’t hold back at all and shot out their Divine Abilities, instantly killing two more Royal Lords the moment they stepped through.

However, even more Royal Lords rushed out and with the sacrifice of their comrades, they quickly broke through the defensive line of the Ninth Order masters and rushed into the battlefield, ignoring the Ninth Order Humans behind them.

There were still many more Royal Lords behind them, so they naturally couldn’t place the battlefield near the gap. They needed to restrain the human race Ninth Order.

From one mountain pass after another, Ninth Order master figures rushed out to meet the Royal Lords who had broken through the defensive line.

At the gap, more Royal Lords fell, but at the same time, more broke out.

Even if it was a Ninth Order master, in this kind of situation, they would still fight to the point of madness, not holding back at all.

In various places on the battlefield, powerful auras soon appeared one after another.

In less than half a day, more than a hundred Black Ink Clan Royal Lords had emerged from the gap! Although a total of twenty of them had been killed, there were still about eighty who managed to escape.

These eighty Royal Lords needed a corresponding number of Ninth Order Human Race masters to restrain them.

There weren’t many Ninth Order Human Race masters remaining in the mountain pass, all of them wearing solemn expressions, because the gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction still had a Royal Lord constantly rushing out. [MSN: Man, what a hellish battle for them.]

No one knew how many Royal Lords were hidden in the darkness. If there were too many of them, even a Ninth Order Human Race cultivator would find it difficult to deal with them. Once the number of Royal Lords exceeded the limit of what a Ninth Order Human Race cultivator could handle, the situation of the Human Race’s army would become worrying.

Half an hour later, the defensive line of the dozen or so Ninth Order Human Race masters finally broke through. Almost all of the Ninth Order Human Race masters were injured and no longer had the strength to seal the gap. As they retreated, more than a dozen Royal Lords rushed out from the gap and chased after them.

Inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, Cang’s expression was solemn. From beginning to end, he had been paying attention to the difference in strength between the Ninth Order Human Race and the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords. If things really reached a point where they couldn’t be stopped, he would immediately close the gap.

At this moment, the disparity in strength between the two races had reached its limit. The Human Race’s Ninth Order Masters had all been mobilized to fight to the death with the Royal Lords, so it could be said that the situation had reached its limit.

If three or five more Royal Lords appeared, the balance of the battlefield would be broken.

Cang was also prepared to seal the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction at any time.

At this moment, Black Ink’s strength, which it had accumulated for a million years, had been greatly reduced. Although it was still not enough, how could he care about it now?

If the Human Race’s front line really collapsed, his million year restriction would be wasted.

However, in that gap, there was no longer a Royal Lord!

Cang frowned slightly.

He didn’t think that there were only so many Royal Lords under Black Ink’s command. In the endless darkness, he could feel that there was still a powerful force lying dormant, and it was obvious that there were many Royal Lords hidden inside.

However, Black Ink didn’t send the Royal Lord out again.

Cang pondered for a moment before understanding Black Ink’s intentions.

At this moment, not only did he want to maintain the balance of the battlefield, but Black Ink also wanted to maintain it. It understood Cang’s intentions clearly. Once it released more Royal Lords, the Human Race army would lose all hope of victory, and the gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction would be sealed, making it impossible for it to escape.

This kind of balance was something it had worked hard to create. Although its army was constantly suffering casualties, there was still a glimmer of hope.

But… was there any meaning to this? This kind of balance would not help Black Ink break free, so why was it trying so hard?

Cang couldn’t understand.

A million years ago, Black Ink’s thoughts were indeed immature like a child’s.

However, after being imprisoned for a million years, how could Cang still treat Black Ink as a child? Over the past million years, although it had been sealed inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, with the help of the strange nature of the Ink Nest, it was able to see through everything outside.

After a million years of growth, even the most tender of children could be as cunning as a fox.

Unable to guess Black Ink's intentions, Cang couldn’t be bothered to think any further. No matter what, the situation was still under control.

Although no Royal Lords emerged from the gap, a large number of Black Ink Clan masters continued to appear, with no lack of Territory Lords and Feudal Lords.

On the battlefield, although the Human Race did their best to kill their enemies, they were still unable to gain an advantage. The Black Ink Clan’s strength was constantly replenishing, so if they didn’t cut off the source of their strength, it would be difficult for the Human Race to gain an advantage.

However, this great battle was meant to alleviate the pressure on Cang. Although the Black Ink Clan had suffered many casualties, since Cang had yet to close the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, it meant that the time had not yet come.

The Human Race could only grit their teeth and fight to the death!

At this moment, Yang Kai was also in a difficult position.

Perhaps it was because he was active, or perhaps it was because they were afraid of the purifying light he was using, he had actually been targeted by an enchanting Territory Lord.

At this point in the battle, the Territory Lords that had emerged from the gap were no longer the same as the Bone Territory Lords, but in various forms.

Unlike the Bone Territory Lord’s thick skin, these Territory Lords all had their own unique characteristics.

The unique characteristic of this enchanting Territory Lord who had targeted him was her speed!

Moving like a wind, movin like a thunder, Yang Kai shuttled back and forth across the battlefield, activating his Space Principle again and again but to no avail.

The Territory Lord didn’t care about any of this as she used her aura to bite down on Yang Kai’s figure and chased after him.

If he was at his peak, Yang Kai might have been able to transform into an Ancient Dragon to fight, but he had been shuttling back and forth across the battlefield and had consumed a great deal of energy, so how could he be a match for this enchanting Territor Lord?

He had been chased like a stray dog, repeatedly falling into danger.

Seeing the situation become worse, Yang Kai grit his teeth and flew off in a certain direction.

A moment later, Yang Kai arrived beside Cang and immediately felt a powerful force envelop him.

This was the power of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Turning his head, Yang Kai glared fiercely at the enchanting Territory Lord who was chasing after him.

Cang teased, “Is she interested in you?”

Yang Kai snorted, “She has good taste.”

Cang was stunned, seemingly not having expected Yang Kai to have such thick skin.

“Senior, kill her,” Yang Kai urged.

Hearing this, the enchanting Territory Lord’s expression became slightly panicked and she couldn’t help taking a few steps back, staring at Cang vigilantly.

If an expert like Cang really wanted to attack her, she wouldn’t be able to resist.

Cang however shook his head, “No, this old master can only attack within the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. This old master cannot interfere with anything outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help glaring, “There’s such a limitation?”

Cang was also quite helpless, “It can’t be helped, this old master can almost be said to have become one with the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. The Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is me and i'm the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Only by doing so can I maximize the power of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.”

Yang Kai understood, “So that’s how it is, but it doesn’t matter. Junior will rest here for a while, and when I’ve recovered, I’ll kill her!”

The reason he had come here was because Cang had secretly told him that if he encountered any danger, he could seek protection from him.

Cang was unable to assist the Human Race in killing their enemies, but with the power of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, it was not a problem to take shelter.

It was because of Cang’s voice transmission that Yang Kai dared to act recklessly on the battlefield alone, because he had a way out. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have acted so arrogantly.

Turning his head, Yang Kai glared fiercely at the enchanting Territory Lord and reached out to wipe his neck, “Clean your neck and wait for your death!”

He didn’t care that he was only a Seventh Order, even if he really recovered to his peak, he might not be able to do anything to others.

Yang Kai’s arrogant actions seemed to have angered the enchanting Territory Lord. With a gloomy expression, she raised her hand and summoned her Ink Force, which transformed into a black Flood Dragon that opened its black mouth and bit towards Yang Kai.

“Idiot!” Yang Kai remained unmoved. Now that Cang had protected him inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, how could this enchanting Territory Lord’s attack hurt him? So when this seemingly fierce attack came, he didn’t even blink.

Cang suddenly smiled and silently changed his hand seal.

When the black Flood Dragon was about three zhang away from Yang Kai and Cang, it was blocked by an invisible barrier.

A sudden change occurred.

The black Flood Dragon which had been blocked immediately turned around and its body swelled up, instantly arriving in front of the enchanting Territory Lord. Opening its mouth wide, the Territory Lord stared at it in shock before being swallowed whole, shaking its head and wagging its tail.

Yang Kai was dumbfounded.

In the next moment, he charged out with his spear and a great sun rose up. This time, there was no Golden Crow cry, nor was there any scorching light.

Because this sun was a gathering of the Light of Purification.

Pure and flawless.


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