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Yang Kai had always felt that he was more suited to fight alone.

He had the strength to crush those in the same realm, the Ancient Dragon Body that could even resist a Territory Lord, the Space Divine Ability that allowed him to appear and disappear unpredictably, and an advantage that other Seventh Order Human Race masters couldn’t hope to achieve.

Fighting alone would allow him to maximize his advantage.

Fighting together with the other members of Dawn Squad could reduce the danger to a minimum, but for him, it was also a kind of costraint. Others would find it difficult to keep up with his reaction speed, so he had to cooperate with the entire team.

Now that Breaking Dawn had left, the invisible shackles Yang Kai had placed on him had disappeared.

Under the stimulation of the Great Unrestrained Spear Technique, the sky was filled with spear images, and after Yang Kai withdrew, the large group of Black Ink Clan behind him exploded into dust.

His body moved with the spear, slaughtering wherever the Black Ink Clan was. Wherever he passed, large swathes of the Black Ink Clan fell like straws in the wind.

As the Dragon Roar shook the sky, Yang Kai once again transformed into a seven thousand zhang long Ancient Dragon, his dragon breath surging as his dragon tail swept across the battlefield.

However, he did not dare to maintain his dragon body for too long.

Although the Ancient Dragon Body was powerful enough to rival a Territory Lord, its target was simply too big, making it difficult for it to move. In just a short period of time, it was riddled with wounds from all the attacks.

Although they were all minor injuries, they couldn’t be ignored.

Retracting his dragon form, the many Black Ink Clan cultivators suddenly lost their targets as he transformed back into his human form to roam the battlefield.

His human body and dragon body constantly changed, attracting the attention of a large number of Black Ink Clan masters. There were countless pursuers behind Yang Kai, but he didn’t care at all and only focused on charging forward to kill his enemies.

Suddenly, the Space Principles fluctuated and Yang Kai’s figure suddenly disappeared. When he reappeared, he had already entered a fierce battle.

This was a battle between an Eighth Order Human Race and the Black Ink Clan’s Bone Territory Lord!

In that instant, Yang Kai’s eyes reflected the figure of the Bone Territory Lord in front of him. The Time Principle spread out and the entire world seemed to freeze.

The spear shot out and stabbed towards the back of the Territory Lord’s head.

These Bone Territory Lords wore bone armors that were extremely sturdy, but these bone armors were not completely flawless, and the crack on the back of their heads was one of its weakness.

The Azure Dragon Spear stabbed into the crack with incredible precision, causing sparks to fly everywhere. Yang Kai also immediately felt a strong resistance from the front, preventing the Azure Dragon Spear from advancing.

Yang Kai was slightly startled. He hadn’t expected that his attack on the other party’s weakness would fail.

It was too hard!

He madly circulated his World Force and shouted, “Die!”

The spear thrust forward and the flames around it became even more violent. The crack was finally broken and the spear stabbed into the Territory Lord’s head.

but it failed to penetrate directly, the opponent's hard skull blocked the attack of the Azure Dragon Spear.

Yang Kai quickly retreated, but it was too late.

The moment he was attacked, the Bone Territory Lord swept the bone shield in his hand backwards, sending a violent blast of energy towards Yang Kai’s abdomen. Half of his body went numb, and a huge wound appeared on his abdomen, causing his golden blood to spurt out and his squirming internal organs to become visible.

The Territory Lord still wanted to kill him, but Yang Kai had already activated a Purifying Light and sent it towards his opponent’s head.

This thing was the most effective against the power of the Black Ink Clan, so how could Yang Kai not use it?

He hadn’t encountered any opponents he could use it on before, but now that he was dealing with a Territory Lord, he naturally wouldn’t hold back.

Even the Bone Territory Lord, who was indifferent to the spear’s attack, seemed to have suffered the most brutal torture in the world as he let out a miserable howl.

The purifying light seemed to have a mind of its own as it began corroding his body through the cracks on the bone helmet, melting away his Ink Force and returning to nothingness.

In the moment he lost his concentration, a blade light flashed across his neck and directly cut off his bone helmet, causing his head to fly up and his neck to bleed.

“Good job!” Xu Linggong held his broadsword and praised.

If Yang Kai hadn’t come to his aid at this critical moment, he really wouldn’t have been a match for this Territory Lord.

Xu Linggong had only broken through to the Eighth Order not long ago, so his foundation couldn’t compare to those veteran Eighth Order masters. These Bone Territory Lords were all Innate Territory Lords specially created by Black Ink, each of them extremely powerful.

In the previous exchange, Xu Linggong was basically at a disadvantage.

He had also used the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

However, the Helmet Territory Lord had very few flaws and he was unable to break through his opponent’s defences, not even the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

The principle of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was to use the destructive power of this artifact to penetrate the Black Ink Clan’s body, allowing the Light of Purification to erupt inside the Black Ink Clan’s body and wear down their strength.

Now that these Territory Lords all had powerful defensive capabilities, the effect of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was extremely limited.

On the other hand, directly activating the Light of Purification like Yang Kai was even more threatening to the Bone Territory Lords because the Light of Purification was pervasive and could penetrate through the gaps of their bone helmets to eliminate their Ink Force.

Xu Linggong wanted to ask how Yang Kai’s injuries were, but Yang Kai had already disappeared in the blink of an eye, entering the chaotic battlefield.

This made him quite speechless. Thinking about Yang Kai, after all, he had the Dragon Race’s bloodline, so even though his injuries looked miserable, they weren’t actually a big problem, so he simply ignored him and turned his attention to another Territory Lord before rushing over.

The battlefield was in a state of chaos as the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements continued to pour in. From the moment the opening was opened until now, the black ink torrent had not stopped pouring out.

One Territory Lord after another appeared. Fortunately, the Human Race’s offensive efficiency was not slow, allowing them to barely maintain a balance.

And after assisting Xu Linggong in killing a Territory Lord, Yang Kai had also accomplished many things.

With the help of the chaotic Black Ink Clan army, Yang Kai was able to conceal himself and quickly approach the battle between the Eighth Order and the Territory Lords. When he reached a suitable distance, he would activate his Space Principles and launch a sudden attack.

After suffering a loss before, he had also gained enlightenment.

No longer using his Azure Dragon Spear to attack, he teleported behind the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord and threw out a ball of Purifying Light, not caring how angry the Territory Lord was as he fled.

Many Territory Lords suffered a great loss because of this. The Purifying Light’s ability to suppress the Ink Force was too obvious. If the Bone Territory Lords were unable to protect their bodies, once they were enveloped by the Purifying Light, their combat strength would be greatly reduced. How could the Eighth Order Human Race miss such a good opportunity?

With his mysterious assistance, the Bone Territory Lords suffered a great deal of misfortune. On the battlefield, the number of Eighth Order Territory Lords who had been killed suddenly increased.

His liveliness was quickly noticed by the Black Ink Clan, and more of them joined in the pursuit of him. Wherever he went, a storm would soon follow.

Even Cang, who was in charge of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, paid a great deal of attention to him. After all, on a battlefield like this, it was quite rare for a Seventh Order Open Heaven to act like this.

With a thought, Cang opened his mouth and sent a few voice transmissions to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before becoming overjoyed, his actions becoming even more unrestrained.

Before, he had not dared to venture too deep into the depths of the battlefield for fear of encountering a powerful enemy and being unable to escape safely, but after hearing Cang’s voice transmission, he no longer had any worries.

A loud dragon roar once again resounded throughout the world as the seven thousand zhang long Ancient Dragon stretched across the void, its golden scales shining brilliantly as it released its Dragon Breath, melting the Black Ink Clan army like snow.

From ancient times until now, perhaps only the last battle of the ancient era would have such a magnificent display. This was the gathering of elites from the Human Race’s current mountain passes. This was a battle that would determine the future of the Human Race, so there was no room for carelessness.

As time passed, the number of two million soldiers decreased.

Unlike before, when they had relied on the strength of the mountain pass to escape unscathed, now that the Human Race’s army was slaughtering enemies on the battlefield personally, there were naturally many casualties.

On every corner of the battlefield, there was the aura of a fallen master.

Not only a Sixth Order's death, but there was also an Eighth Order's death.

The two million Human Race soldiers had taken turns attacking, but the situation was still not optimistic.

However, no one showed any fear.

In the various mountain passes, after the Old Ancestors had taken action once, they no longer took action.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to take action, but they didn’t dare!

As for the Black Ink Clan that had emerged from that gap, up until now, the highest level they had reached was the Territory Lord-level, and none of their Royal Lords had appeared.

No one knew how many Royal Lords were hidden in the darkness. If the Royal Lords didn’t show themselves, the Old Ancestors could only wait, otherwise they would likely be caught in a surprise.

At their level of strength, even an insignificant flaw could be fatal.

Battles on the battlefield were visible to the naked eyes, and the battlefield that is not visible to the naked eyes were a battle of patience. Whether the Human Race’s Old Ancestor or the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord appeared first would determine the course of this battle.

Facing the casualties of the Human Race’s army, how could the Old Ancestors not feel pained? However, they also knew that a little impatience would spoil great plans, so even if their hearts ached like being stabbed by knives, they could only endure.

Yang Kai was already covered in wounds, and even though his Small Universe had living creatures to supplement his World Force, he still felt like he couldn’t hold on any longer.

The other cultivators would take turns to return to the mountain pass to recuperate, but since he had entered the battlefield, he had never stopped killing his enemies. More than a hundred thousand Black Ink Clan masters had died under his hands, and although none of them had been personally killed by him, there were still dozens of Territory Lords who had been killed by his Light of Purification.

This battle seemed to have no end!

All of a sudden, a world-shaking aura emerged from the gap.

The Black Ink Clan’s offensive suddenly accelerated, but the human race cultivators’ hearts tightened.

Everyone realized that after enduring for a long time, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords had finally made their move!

This was a change that the Human Race wanted to see happen. If the Black Ink Clan didn’t send out their Royal Lords and only relied on the strength of their Territory Lords to fight, the Human Race would likely fall into despair.

Now that the Royal Lords had taken action, it meant that the Black Ink Clan’s side couldn’t hold on any longer. It was time for the Royal Lords to act.

Inside the gap, a towering figure slowly stepped out from the darkness, the tyrannical aura of the Royal Lord sweeping across the void.

Before he had even fully walked out, the cold eyes of the Royal Lord were already staring down at them!

A dozen figures appeared near the gap like ghosts, as if they had been standing there all this time and no one had noticed when they had appeared.


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