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Although the strength of the miscellaneous soldiers that had rushed out from the gap was not great, there were simply too many of them. If they were left alone, they would become a threat to the Human Race.

Killing them is the only way!

What surprised Yang Kai was that many of the Black Ink Clan members who had rushed out from the gap were actually in the form of Monster Beasts.

This was something he had never discovered before.

Since ancient times, although the Black Ink Clan appeared in various war zones, most of them were in human form and had never had a pure Monster Beast form.

Now that it had appeared here, it was obvious that Black Ink had used its Ink Force to create it.

Although the strength of these Ink Beasts wasn’t great, their numbers were far greater than that of the Black Ink Clan. After they died, a massive amount of Ink Force spread out from their bodies and enveloped the void.

The battle was going according to the Human Race’s plan. Because Cang controlled the size of the gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, there weren’t many Black Ink Clan cultivators who could rush out at once. With more than a hundred mountain passes attacking together, it was enough to guarantee that as long as the attacks didn’t stop, there was no risk of the Black Ink Clan breaking through.

One hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, three hundred thousand, five hundred thousand…

Although there weren’t many of them, in just half a day, the number of Black Ink Clan soldiers and Ink Beasts that rushed out from the gap had reached a million.

Almost all of the Black Ink Clan and Ink Beasts were killed the moment they broke through the gap, unable to even advance.

However, in the depths of the darkness, there was still an endless torrent of water pouring out.

Yang Kai’s scalp went numb.

Over a million Black Ink Clan and Ink Beasts, this was almost equivalent to the total number of deaths the Black Ink Clan suffered during a large-scale battle, and it had only been half a day.

How many Black Ink Clan and Ink Beasts were hidden inside this Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?

In the past million years, how many slaves had Black Ink created?

No one knew the answer, perhaps only Black Ink itself know.

Another half a day later, another million Black Ink Clan soldiers were wiped out.

Another half a day passed.

Several days later, countless Black Ink Clan and Ink Beasts had died in this void. The Human Race's side, with the exception of some Spirit Arrays And artifacts that had been damaged, had not suffered any casualties.

The results are so fruitful, but no one is happy.

Even though they had lost countless soldiers, Black Ink didn’t seem to care at all. The ones it sent out were still the lowest-ranked Black Ink Clan and Ink Beasts, not even a Low Rank Black Ink Clan.

These killed Black Ink Clan soldiers seemed to be trying to exhaust the strength of the Human Race, and the depths of the darkness seemed to contain an endless army of Black Ink Clan masters.

At this moment, everyone felt that something was wrong.

Not to mention whether the Black Ink Clan’s army was truly endless or not, if they were to continuously activate their Spirit Arrays and Artifacts at such high intensity, it wouldn’t be long before the Human Race’s defensive line would collapse. The Artifact Refiners and Array Masters wouldn’t be able to repair it in time, and without the assistance of these Spirit Arrays and Artifacts, if the Human Race’s army wanted to intercept the Black Ink Clan, they would have to personally take action. At that time, there would definitely be casualties.

What was most abnormal was that countless Black Ink Clans had died. Logically speaking, this void should have been filled with the power of the dead Black Ink Clan and should have been filled with black ink clouds.

In the past, in every war, after the Black Ink Clan died, they would leave behind a large number of black ink clouds. When more of them died, the black ink clouds would gather into a sea of ink.

However, in fact, other than the dense Ink Force covering the gap, there was not much Ink Force spreading out.

Cang had obviously also discovered the problem, his loud voice resounding in everyone’s ears, “It is reclaiming its Ink Force and stopping it, otherwise its power will be endless!”

Yang Kai suddenly understood.

For example, why had Black Ink constantly sent out these miscellaneous soldiers? Even if so many of them had died, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. It turned out that after these miscellaneous soldiers had died, they had been able to recover their scattered Ink Force.

This way, its Ink Force would continue to circulate and it might be able to fight until the end of time.

The Human Race hadn’t been able to discover it because the situation at the opening was too chaotic. More and more Black Ink Clan were being killed and the Ink Force had covered the opening, concealing the traces of the Black Ink Recovery.

Even Cang, who was in charge of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, had to spend several days to discover this point.

Hearing Cang’s warning, the Human Race quickly came up with a countermeasure and sent out small teams from various mountain passes towards the battlefield.

Soon, the small teams summoned their fishing net-like artifacts and sent them into the battlefield. Each fishing net was filled with a large amount of Ink Force which was then tossed away by the small teams.

This kind of fishing net-like artifact was developed by the Human Race specifically to clean up the Ink Force. It had some kind of restriction effect, but it wasn’t very powerful, so when fighting with the Black Ink Clan, it was generally useless.

However, it was most suitable to clean up the battlefield.

When Yang Kai was in Blue Sky Pass, he had experienced the first great battle and was sent by Zhong Liang to clean up the battlefield. At that time, he had used this kind of artifact.

Nearly a thousand small teams shuttled through the battlefield, constantly using their fishing nets to collect the Black Ink Clan’s Ink Force after death, but their efficiency was still low.

After all, after collecting the Ink Force, they still had to send it away, so this trip would be a waste of time.

Yang Kai observed for a while before turning to the Dawn Squad members standing beside him and saying, “Give me the extra Space Rings.”

Hearing this, everyone quickly took out their extra Space Rings and handed them to Yang Kai.

Not far away, Smiles Old Ancestor clearly understood his intentions, but she didn’t stop him and simply warned, “Be careful. Although the Black Ink Clan is currently deploying a large number of miscellaneous forces, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any masters hiding inside.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded lightly and stepped into the battlefield.

Behind him, the attacks from the various mountain passes continued, all of them attacking the Black Ink Clan soldiers who were rushing out of the gap, but all of them managed to avoid him.

Soon, Yang Kai arrived at the gathering point of the Ink Force and sent out his Divine Sense, causing a large amount of Ink Force to disappear.

Forcefully storing the Ink Force into the Space Ring was a feasible method, but the prerequisite was that he had to use his Divine Sense to wrap the Ink Force to store them into the Space Ring.

Ordinary cultivators, even if they were Eighth Order, would not be able to act so recklessly. The Ink Force’s corrosion on human cultivators was omnipresent, not just in their physical bodies, but also in their Divine Sense.

The strength of an Eighth Order Open Heaven master was extremely powerful, so even if he could resist for a moment, he wouldn’t be able to resist for long.

Yang Kai didn’t care. His Small Universe has the World Tree Subtree, making it difficult for the Ink Force to corrode him, and his Divine Sense was also protected by the Soul Warming Lotus, so he wasn’t afraid.

As long as he stored the Ink Force into the Space Ring, he didn’t need to throw it away, so his efficiency alone was comparable to hundreds of small teams.

One Space Ring after another was consumed, filling up with the Ink Force.

In less than half a day, all the Space Rings Yang Kai had collected had been used up.

If it was possible, he would have wanted to put this Ink Force into his Small Unvierse to suppress it, but there was simply too much Ink Force. Although his Small Universe was not in any danger of being corroded, if he were to absorb so much Ink Force, he would not be able to withstand it.

Left with no choice, Yang Kai could only return to Great Evolution Pass. Fortunately, Xiang Shan had anticipated this and had long since prepared a large number of Space Rings for his use.

A moment later, Yang Kai returned to the battlefield to collect more Ink Force.

The efforts of more than a thousand teams and Yang Kai had not been in vain. The loss of a large amount of Ink Force had obviously angered Black Ink, and in the depths of the darkness, he shouted angrily, “You’re courting death! All of you must die!”

As it roared, the Black Ink Clan’s offensive suddenly became stronger.

From this gap, it wasn’t just some small army that couldn’t be put on the table, but many Low Rank Black Ink Clan and High Rank Black Ink Clan.

There were even some Feudal Lord-level masters amongst them.

Several small teams that were cleaning up the Ink Force were caught off guard and were forced into the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line. Fortunately, they had the protection of a Battleship, so there were no casualties.

However, as the strength of the Black Ink Clan army increased, the Human Race’s attacks became somewhat lacking.

Originally, if it was just some random soldiers, the Spirit Arrays and Artifacts on the various mountain passes would have been enough to deal with them. All of the Black Ink Clan cultivators who had rushed out of the gap would have found it difficult to even take half a step forward.

But now that the Black Ink Clan’s offensive had become stronger, they were unable to kill all of the Black Ink Clan cultivators who had rushed out.

The Black Ink Clan’s front line continued to advance, and the small team that was cleaning up the Ink Force did not retreat, as did Yang Kai.

Several hours later, the Human Race’s offensive was clearly unable to contain the pace of the Black Ink Clan’s advance. A large number of Black Ink Clan cultivators rushed out from the gap and rushed towards the human mountain passes.

Although most of them had been killed halfway, making it difficult for them to approach the mountain pass, the situation had changed somewhat.

Everyone knew that this was only the beginning. Black Ink had yet to fully display its strength, and now it had only sent out a small number of soldiers, with the Low Rank and High Rank Black Ink Clan as support. Although there is a Feudal Lord-level, it's not much.

There was also the Territory Lord and the Royal Lord who had yet to take action!

No one knew just how many Black Ink Clan masters were hidden in the darkness.

A million years of accumulation was an unimaginable number.

The one-sided slaughter continued for nearly half a month. The Black Ink Clan members who had died in the void were no longer easy to deal with, and the team that was cleaning up the Ink Force and Yang Kai were still taking advantage of every opportunity.

However, the Black Ink Clan’s front line had already advanced quite a distance.

Suddenly, a powerful aura burst out from the gap.

The first Black Ink Clan Territory Lord had appeared!

The Territory Lord’s body was massive, and his body was covered in a skeleton-like armor. Even his head was covered in a bone helmet, and only two deep lights could be seen from his eyes.

All the Human Race masters present were shocked.

They had never seen such a Territory Lord before.

One look at this Territory Lord’s appearance and one could tell that he had a thick skin and was the type to charge into battle.

This was obviously the Territory Lord Black Ink had created.

It had probably anticipated this day, otherwise it would not have created such an existence.

There was more than one, and from that gap, mixed in with the countless Black Ink Clan armies, one Territory Lord after another appeared.


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