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In the past, Black Ink had befriended Cang and the rest of the ten ancient masters from the bottom of its heart, without any falsehood.

Among the ten, the one it liked the most was Mu, the woman who was always as gentle as water. Compared to the others, Mu’s attitude towards Black Ink was much closer.

After using the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, Mu had indeed proposed sealing this Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction into Black Ink’s body to achieve the effect of suppressing the Ink Force. If that was the case, there was no need to restrict Black Ink’s freedom. As long as the seal was not broken and the Ink Force did not dissipate, Black Ink would not have to suffer the pain of imprisonment. At that time, they could bring Black Ink with them and monitor its condition at all times.

Unfortunately, no one could guarantee whether this method would work or not. If it did, everyone would naturally be happy, but if it didn’t, would Black Ink be easily suppressed again?

In the end, Cang and the other nine didn’t dare take the risk.

Mu had died a long time ago, when Black Ink had been sealed. During the first rebellion, in order to appease the agitated Black Ink, she had ignored the advice of others and entered the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction alone.

No one knew what had happened to her inside, but by the time she came out, she was already heavily injured. Before she died, she had poured all of her strength into the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to strengthen it.

On that day, Cang and the others were all filled with grief as Black Ink’s roar resounded throughout the world.

Among the ten, the most astonishing one was this seemingly delicate woman. It could be said that the talents of the other nine people were all inferior to her. The Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was something she had imagined and created with the help of others.

In terms of strength, Mu was also the strongest of the ten. Cang even suspected that she had already seen the path beyond the Ninth Order.

Unfortunately, she had died young, otherwise, with Mu’s talent, she really might have been able to surpass the Ninth Order. [MSN: By young, how many thousand old years old is that? xD]

Hearing Black Ink mention Mu at this moment, Cang’s expression also became serious as he said solemnly, “Black Ink, you know very well how Mu died.”

Ink shouted angrily, “Do you think I killed her? It wasn’t me! I didn’t kill Mu, why would I kill her…”

Cang coldly snorted, “After she entered the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, she returned and died. If it weren’t for you, how could this have happened?”

“It really wasn’t me!” Black Ink argued.

“There’s no point in saying anything more. Whether it’s you or not is no longer important.”

Now that the Human Race’s two million strong army had arrived, even if he couldn’t completely destroy Black Ink this time, he had to weaken its strength, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

Black Ink was as aggrieved as a child, “It wasn’t me, it really wasn’t me…”

When Mu had entered the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, it had been angry with itself for being betrayed and had ordered its servants to attack Mu, but Mu was so powerful, so how could its servants be her opponent? At most, they had only managed to injure her a little, so how could they kill her?

However, it was a fact that Mu had died after returning from this place, so all these years it had been unable to explain itself.

In fact, Cang and the other nine also thought that it was Black Ink who had severely injured Mu. After Mu’s death, the nine of them were extremely angry.

However, when they thought about it, there were many doubts.

Mu’s strength was extremely great, and although Black Ink's slaves were powerful, they might not be able to seriously injure her. Moreover, the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was Mu’s own idea. If she wanted to escape, Black Ink would not be able to stop her, so there was no need for her to fight Black Ink to the death.

Now that he thought about it, Mu’s injuries at that time were not caused by a fight with an enemy, but by another reason.

At that time, her vitality had been severely depleted and she was on the verge of death.

Before her death, she handed over a piece of jade to the other nine and left without saying anything.

That piece of unpolished jade was now in Cang’s hands. He had been trying to figure it out for many years, but all he could feel was that this piece of unpolished jade had some kind of subtle connection with the entire Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but he had never been able to figure out what it was used for.

Moreover, this was related to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, so he didn’t dare to casually probe, lest he disturb it.

What happened back then was a complete mystery. Perhaps Black Ink knew something about it, or perhaps it didn’t even know.

“Senior, my Human Race army is ready.”

The Ninth Order Old Ancestor from Great Battle Heaven flew over to Cang and interrupted his reminiscing.

Cang looked up and saw more than a hundred towering mountain passes in the sky. Above these mountain passes, the morale of the Human Race’s soldiers soared as their killing intent surged. Calming his emotions, Cang nodded slightly and said, “Then let’s begin.”

Great Battle Heaven's Old Ancestor turned his head and gestured towards the distance.

“Prepare for battle!”

With a loud roar, the void shook violently as the auras of Heaven and Earth began to disperse from the various mountain passes, lighting up the various Spirit Arrays and Artifacts.

Ready to strike!

Seeing this, Cang shouted, “Open!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure suddenly became massive, as if it wanted to blot out the sky and cover the earth as a tyrannical aura spread from his ancient body.

All of the Ninth Order Open Heaven masters who felt this aura felt their eyes light up.

When the Ninth Order masters had asked about Cang's cultivation level, Cang himself was still a Ninth Order master, but he had gone further than the Human Race’s Old Ancestors.

The Old Ancestors didn’t delve too deeply into this matter.

But at this moment, they could clearly feel the tyrannical aura of this old man who had guarded the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction for a million years.

It was as if the sky itself was trembling.

This wasn’t just a bit further than their path to the Ninth Order. The Ninth Order masters couldn’t help wondering if Cang had already broken through the level of Ninth Order and entered another profound realm.

The Ninth Order masters were all excited.

Their cultivation had basically reached the end of its path and they had not been able to explore any new paths. The Ninth Order obviously wasn’t the peak of the Martial Dao, just because they hadn’t been able to explore any new paths didn’t mean they are not capable.

The aura fluctuated wildly, and the entire Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction began to ripple as visible ripples began to appear on its surface.

This place was directly in front of the Human Race army’s formation, the place where Black Ink had almost broken through in the past.

As the ripples spread out, the round and flawless Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction slowly cracked open. At first, this crack was not very wide, but it quickly expanded.

Cang roared as he pushed his strength to control the size of the gap.

Soon, the gap expanded into a massive ravine.

The Void seemed to crack open!

An extremely evil aura spread out from the gap, and even with the protection of the restriction, everyone could clearly feel it.

Looking into the gap, one could see a thick darkness rolling about.

Vaguely, in the darkness, countless roars could be heard.

The Human Race’s army was on high alert!

However, after waiting for a long time, there was still no sign of Ink Force flowing out from the gap, nor was there any sign of the Black Ink Clan.

It wasn’t until a certain moment later that Black Ink’s angry roar rang out from the depths of the darkness, “It’s not me! You old bastard, I’ve already said it’s not me, you’ve always been so full of yourselves, refusing to listen to other people’s explanations. Since that’s the case, I want to destroy this world, trample this place, I want all living beings in this world to never have peace again!”

It was as if a dam had burst, and following Black Ink’s roar, the black ink color rapidly surged out from the gap.

It wasn’t a black ink color, but rather a torrent formed from the convergence of countless Black Ink Clans.


Above the various mountain passes, under the orders of the various Regiment Commanders, the Spirit Arrays buzzed and the power of Secret Techniques and Secret Artifacts flooded towards the black ink color.

The first Black Ink Clan member to rush out from the darkness didn’t even have a chance to see what the outside world looked like before being killed on the spot.

The Human Race’s hundred or so mountain passes were instantly transformed into a purgatory.

Batch after batch of Black Ink Clan were killed, but the black ink color in the darkness was endless.

The latecomers stepped on the flesh and blood of the pioneers and fearlessly rushed forward, but after just a few steps, they were reduced to dust by the overwhelming Secret Techniques and Artifacts. The Ink Force dissipated and the flesh and blood turned to dust, creating a path for the latecomers.

Looking from afar, the void that had been silent for a million years suddenly became noisy.

One side’s attacks were earth-shattering, and the other side’s army was unafraid of death, even if there was great danger ahead, they would not frown.

The gap was quickly covered by the Ink Force.

On the walls of Great Evolution Pass, Yang Kai stood in the air, coldly staring forward, not taking any action.

It was not yet time for him to act.

This was a great battle that had never been fought before, one that was destined to be recorded in the annals of history. If they won, they might be able to preserve the peace of the 3000 Worlds for a period of time, but if they lost, the 3000 Worlds would truly be like Black Ink had said, never to have a peaceful day again.

Although the Human Race’s army was large and had countless masters, they couldn’t act recklessly. The ones who attacked now were all the cultivators guarding the city wall’s Spirit Array, while the rest were gathering their strength.

This battle might take a long time to end, so preserving one’s strength during this battle was a necessary choice.

Even the cultivators guarding the Spirit Array were divided into three groups of people. Each Spirit Array would be operated by a corresponding number of people, ensuring that the Spirit Array’s power was continuous.

The Artifact Refiners and Array Masters were already waiting nearby, ready to repair the Spirit Array and Artifacts at any time.

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn.

Although the battle had just begun and he had not gone into battle to kill the enemy, just watching was enough to make him feel a heavy pressure.

Although the Human Race had killed countless Black Ink Clan cultivators and were completely unharmed, the Black Ink Clan cultivators that had rushed out of the gap were all useless.

According to the strength of the Black Ink Clan, it is the lowest level Black Ink Clan.

As long as the Ink Nest had enough resources, the Black Ink Clan could breed as many as they wanted.

Black Ink’s voice sounded extremely angry, but it was clear that it was not blinded by anger. It also knew how to use these miscellaneous soldiers to weaken the strength of the Human Race.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t strange. The Human Race and Black Ink Clan had fought on the Ink Battlefield for so many years. As the source of the Black Ink Clan, Black Ink could monitor the situation in every war zone at any time, so it were naturally very familiar with the situation of the Human Race.

This was the best solution.


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I wonder if the difference between Cang and other 9th order is like the difference between 3rd class Emperor Real and great Emperor since those 10 were chose by the heavens and Mu would be like Doa Seal or a pseudo whatever realm is beyond 9th

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