A million years ago, when Cang and the other nine had sealed Black Ink, the area covered by the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had not been so large. At that time, it had only been a small part of the void.

However, as time passed, with the help of the source of the World’s Initial Opening, Black Ink continued to absorb the power of the 3000 Worlds, its own strength rapidly expanding.

The Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction also expanded.

By now, it had almost reached its limit. The larger the area the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction covered, the more difficult it would be to maintain it. Once this range exceeded a certain limit, the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction would collapse on its own.

Because of this, Cang said that the Human Race’s army had arrived at the right time. If it had been a thousand years later, he wouldn’t have been able to hold on.

Now, if he wanted to relieve his pressure, he would have to wear down Black Ink’s strength. If he could control it well, the pressure of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction would be greatly reduced, and if Black Ink didn’t escape, the Human Race masters would be able to find the first ray of light in the world.

In any case, this battle was inevitable.

The Human Race wanted to use this opportunity to weaken Black Ink’s strength, while Black Ink wanted to use this opportunity to escape. As for who would succeed, that would depend on their own methods.

Over the years, although Black Ink was sealed in this void by the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, even Cang was unable to determine what was happening inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Black Ink had completely isolated itself from this place, and its Divine Sense was extremely powerful, so even Cang would find it difficult to spy on it.

However, when Black Ink nearly broke free that year, there was indeed an extremely powerful force inside the restriction. Although Cang and the other nine managed to suppress it in time, some of the Royal Lords managed to escape.

The Royal Lords first used the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction as the center, thinking of a way to turn this vast void into a Land Without Spirituality, cutting off Cang and the others’ source of power. Then, they took their own Ink Nest and crossed the dangerous ancient battlefield, each of them finding a suitable location to build their own Black Ink Clan’s King City and nurture their armies in order to invade the 3000 Worlds, obtain more power, breed more Black Ink Clans, and then return to assist Black Ink.

In fact, the number of Royal Lords who had walked out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was far more than a hundred, there were more than two hundred.

However, in that era, the many dangers left behind in the Ancient Battlefield were extremely powerful and could not be compared to the ones encountered on the Human Race’s expedition. When they crossed the Ancient Battlefield, many of the Royal Lords had fallen, leaving only a hundred or so to establish more than a hundred Black Ink Clan King City.

At that time, it had been more than ten thousand years since the end of the Great War between Black Ink and the Human Race. The Ink Battlefield had been divided by Cang and the other nine, the Human Race and the Dragon and Phoenix Clan of the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land had joined forces to guard the only passage connecting the Ink Battlefield to the 3000 Worlds.

When the Black Ink Clan’s King Cities appeared, it also aroused the vigilance of the Human Race.

In order to deal with the Black Ink Clan’s army in the future, the Human Race also began to build many mountain passes correspond to various war zones. There were also Human Race masters who planned ahead and returned to the 3000 Worlds, choosing the best places to build their own Cave Heaven Paradise, recruiting disciples, and cultivating elites for the upcoming war. [MSN: if they don't suppress the talent outside the CHP, they might have more Ninth Order now.]

The structure of the Ink Battlefield was formed step by step.

However, Cang and the other nine didn’t know any of this. A long time ago, they had worked together to imprison Black Ink, guarding the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, unable to move.

It was also because of their sealing of the Black Ink that the world-shaking war between the two races had occurred at the end of the Ancient Era.

As for the Human Race ancestors who had created the Cave Heaven Paradise, they only knew that they had to fight against the Black Ink Clan, so they didn’t know what the source was.

The masters who knew the inside story had basically all died in the final battle of the Ancient Era.

Over the course of a million years, the structure of the Ink Battlefield had never been broken, and the Human Race had always been the ones to guard the mountain passes while the Black Ink Clan recklessly traveled back and forth. Although they suffered great losses every time, the Black Ink Clan didn’t care.

They were all born from the Ink Nest and were not raised by their parents. As long as they had enough resources, they could produce as many Black Ink Clan as they wanted.

It wasn’t until several hundred years ago that the Human Race had gradually turned from defending to attacking, and now that the two million strong Human Race army had arrived, they had the capital to threaten Black Ink.

A great battle was inevitable!

“This old man needs some recovery materials,” Cang said.

Although he had occasionally used Shi's Devouring Power to steal some of Black Ink's power for his own use, the Ink Force was naturally not a good thing, so he didn’t dare recklessly harvest it.

Even Shi himself was at risk of turning into Black Ink Disciple because he had swallowed too much Ink Force. In the end, he had no choice but to sacrifice his life and merge with the restriction, not to mention that he was only borrowing the power of Shi.

So all these years, he had always been in a state of weakness, barely managing to maintain the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t have looked like a living corpse.

Now that his body was filled with flesh and blood, he didn’t want to frighten these juniors.

Since Cang wanted some supplies, there was naturally no problem. The Old Ancestors didn’t have many supplies on them, but Yang Kai did.

Immediately taking out a Space Ring and filling it with all kinds of materials, he handed it over to Cang and said, “Senior, take a look and see if this is enough. If it’s not enough, Junior still has some here.”

Cang took it and examined it before smiling slightly, “It’s enough.”

Saying so, he turned to the other Ninth Order Masters and said, “You may go and prepare first. After this old master recovers, I will open the restriction!”

A Ninth Order asked, “Senior, where should we arrange our forces?”

None of them knew anything about the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, so it was naturally better to ask for Cang’s opinion.

Cang looked around for a moment before reaching out and pointing in a certain direction, “This location. Back then, that location was broken by Black Ink and those Royal Lords escaped from it. In comparison, this location is easier to open, and with some of my old friends’ arrangements, it’s not difficult to close.”

The Old Ancestors looked in the direction he was pointing and naturally had no objections.

“Then we’ll go prepare now.”

Saying so, the Ninth Order masters quickly left, and Yang Kai followed.

Soon, in the various mountain passes, under the Old Ancestors' narration, all the soldiers quickly understood the situation here and the upcoming operation.

For so many years, most of the Human Race’s forces had been forced into a passive defensive state and had been repeatedly attacked by the Black Ink Clan’s army.

Now, although the Black Ink Clan’s King City, which had been razed to the ground by numerous war zones and had destroyed countless Black Ink Clan, they had finally arrived here after crossing many ancient battlefields.

However, such an opportunity was truly rare.

Just as Cang had said, after opening a gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Human Race would be able to attack the Black Ink Clan who had rushed out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction without any scruples.

With more than a hundred mountain passes and an army of two million, who could resist?

Even the Royal Lord would be instantly annihilated.

Only by weakening Black Ink’s strength would the Human Race have complete confidence in this battle.

Fortunately, the battlefield was in the void, if it was flat ground, the hundred or so mountain passes wouldn’t be able to be arranged. Even so, it still took the Human Race a month to arrange their formations.

More than a hundred mountain passes were divided into three levels, each of which had more than thirty mountain passes. Among these mountain passes, the Human Race’s soldiers were ready to launch an attack. All the Artifacts, Spirit Arrays, and Battleships had been inspected repeatedly, some repairing and some reforging.

All kinds of Spirit Pills and Artifacts were distributed.

When everything was ready, a month and a half had passed.

After consuming a large amount of resources, Cang’s side had obviously recovered.

At this moment, Cang could hear Black Ink’s exasperated voice ringing in his ears, “Cang, are you really going to do this? I didn’t mean to do what I did back then, but now that I’ve been imprisoned for a million years and have suffered so much, can’t you just let me live?”

During this time, Black Ink had been chattering non-stop by his ear, sometimes threatening, sometimes intimidating, sometimes softly begging for mercy.

Cang remained unmoved.

He was well aware of the dangers of Black Ink, and the destruction of the hundreds of great domains from the ancient times was still vivid in his mind. How could he allow history to repeat itself?

For the sake of sealing Black Ink, all of his old friends had died, leaving him here to oversee the situation. How could he let his old friends down?

Removing the Black Ink had nothing to do with right or wrong, it was just that their positions were different. As long as the Black Ink was not destroyed, there would be no peace in this vast universe.

“Old thing, do you think this will wear down my strength? If I don’t agree, you won’t be able to wear down anything!” Black Ink cursed angrily.

Although its words were spoken out of anger, they weren’t wrong. Even if Cang opened up a gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, if it was unwilling, it wouldn’t be worn down if it didn’t leak its power.

Cang finally reacted and smiled slightly, “Black Ink, after living for so many years, you’re no longer a child, so don’t be angry. After being imprisoned for so many years, don’t you want to break free? This old master opening a gap is a crisis for you, but it is also an opportunity. Don’t you want to take this opportunity to break free? As long as you have the ability to kill all of these humans and have your slaves kill this old man, no one in this world will be able to trap you.”

“You’re lying!” Black Ink shouted angrily, “Didn’t you tell them that you could close that gap at any time? Do you think I didn’t hear you?”

Cang remained silent.

Black Ink continued, “You’ve always been lying to me and bullying me. What did I do wrong to make you treat me like this? Old Man… let’s not fight, okay? If you let them leave, I’ll take back all of my Ink Force and you can seal the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction into my body. When the seal is broken, my Ink Force won’t dissipate and won’t harm others.” [MSN: Feelsbadman.]

“Haa…” Cang let out a low shout, his expression becoming solemn, “Black Ink, don’t act so pretentious anymore. If you had submitted back then, it wouldn’t have been impossible, but now it’s no longer possible. You chose this path yourself, so you must bear the consequences yourself! Not to mention… sealing the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction into your body was Mu’s suggestion. Even she herself couldn’t be certain if this method would work, so how could we take such a risk now?”

“Mu…” Black Ink seemed to have been drawn out it's sealed memories as it said in an aggrieved tone, “She died in front of me, it was you who killed her!”


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