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“The ten old masters came here with hostility, but Black Ink didn’t notice, instead welcoming us and showing off its achievements…”

Thinking back to the past, Black Ink’s performance was like a child’s. If there was something good, no one could share, it would be a rare opportunity for the ten guests to come, it obviously want to show off.

The reason why it treated Cang and the others so favorably was because these ten people were able to resist the corrosion of its Ink Force, unlike other humans who had become its slaves after being infected by its Ink Force.

At that time, what Black Ink needed was no longer a slave, but a friend who could share its joy and happiness.

“Black Ink has taken us as friends. Facing this Black Ink, we don’t know what to do. Originally, we wanted to kill it, but when the time came for us to act, no one could be ruthless. The Ink Force is something it is born with, and its original intention is not to bring chaos to the 3000 Worlds, but it doesn’t know what kind of harm it will bring to the Human Race and the vast Universe.”

“Moreover, Black Ink’s Indestructible Body has also left us at a loss, so our initial plans have gradually changed. We found the place where Black Ink was born and set up the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction here to lure it here, gathering the strength of ten people to seal it here in order to slowly find a way to neutralize its power and see if we can find a way to both preserve its life and resolve the dangers of the Ink Force.”

“Before we act, we work together to tear apart the Great Domain occupied by Black Ink in order to prevent the Ink Force from poisoning even more Great Domains. At that time, whether it was the ten of us or Black Ink’s subordinates, many masters would gather. When we imprisoned Black Ink here, Black Ink was naturally furious and ordered its subordinate Black Ink Clan to launch an attack on the Human Race. The two sides fought fiercely in this vast void and countless people died.”

“In the beginning, we could still sense the movements of the battle, but as time passed, the battlefield gradually expanded outwards. Even we don’t know what the situation is like.”

After Cang and the other ten had imprisoned Black Ink, the war had suddenly erupted. The Human Race wanted to resist the invasion of the Ink Force and protect their homeland, Black Ink was annoyed by Cang and the others betrayal and ordered the Black Ink Clan to slaughter all living creatures.

The Ink Battlefield was born in that era, and the Human Race had come here on an expedition. Many dangers had been left behind from that era, and it was an extremely tragic battle. The Black Ink Clan and the Human Race fought each other to the death on the Ink Battlefield, neither of them retreating.

“That battle lasted for nearly ten thousand years, with countless Human Race masters dying and the forces of Black Ink’s subordinates nearly exterminated. Just when we thought that the hidden dangers of the Ink Force had basically been resolved, Black Ink’s side suddenly erupted. For ten thousand years, it had actually been accumulating strength. The ten of us were caught off guard and it almost escaped. Although we tried our best to seal it again, some of the slaves it created managed to escape… if I’m not mistaken, you should call those slaves Royal Lords.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood.

When he had inquired about this matter from Territory Lord Ge Shen, who had been trapped in the Void Crack, Ge Shen had said that the Royal Lords had come from the Source Area and brought out their own Ink Nest.

From the looks of it now, the Royal Lords who had walked out were the same batch as that period.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling horrified.

What kind of strength did an existence like Black Ink have to be able to create so many Royal Lords!

As for Cang and the other nine masters who were able to imprison Black Ink here, how strong were they?

He said he was a Ninth Order, but how could a Ninth Order possibly accomplish such a feat? Was it really as simple as walking further up the Ninth Order realm?

“Black Ink’s intentions are very simple. Since it can’t escape from the inside, it can only place its hopes on its servants. Although the restrictions of the ten of us are strong, if we encounter too many attacks from the Royal Lords outside, we won’t be able to hold on for long. It don’t need too many, just five hundred Royal Lords attacking from the outside will give Black Ink a chance to escape.”

“So when we saw those Royal Lords leave, we were very worried. If we really let these Royal Lords rule over the 3000 worlds, with the foundation of these 3000 worlds, it would be enough for them to create an unpredictable Black Ink Clan. With such a large number of them, after a period of time, it wouldn’t be difficult to produce five hundred Royal Lords.”

“However, this worry has never come true, and no Royal Lord has ever returned to help Black Ink break free. We now know that the Human Race still has the strength to fight. This makes us very happy. As time passed, my old friends were unable to hold on and left one after another. In the end, only this old man was left, and then you came!”

After a brief explanation, Cang presented the three Ancient Eras in front of everyone’s eyes, allowing many Ninth Order masters to understand many secrets they had never heard of and even learn the origins of the Black ink.

At the end of the Ancient Era, the war between the Human and Black Ink Clan had been too intense. Countless top masters of the Human Race had died, and history had been cut short, so even if it was the Cave Heaven Paradise, no one knew what had happened in the distant past.

If it weren’t for the expeditionary army arriving here today, they wouldn’t have known the origins of history.

Although they didn’t know anything about this, the tradition of resisting the Black Ink Clan continued because if the Human Race wanted to survive, they had to resist the Black Ink Clan. Letting the Black Ink Clan enter the 3000 Worlds was simply courting death.

More than a hundred war zones, more than a hundred mountain passes, all of them guarding the throat of the Ink Battlefield. Over the course of countless years, generations of Human Race soldiers had poured their blood and lives into this defensive barrier!

What a glorious battle this was. It could be said that the struggle between the Human Race and Black Ink had been going on for a long time, and it had lasted from the end of the Ancient Era until now.

The reason why the Black Ink Clan wanted to invade the 3000 Worlds was because they needed to use the prosperity of the 3000 Worlds to breed more Black Ink Clan Royal Lords before returning to this place to rescue Black Ink.

After Cang finished speaking, the Ninth Order masters fell silent.

The things they learned today were beyond their imagination, so they still needed to digest them.

After a long time, one of the Old Ancestors asked, “Senior, our Human Race’s expedition army has arrived, so how can we completely destroy Black Ink? Please tell us, two million Human Race soldiers will fight to the death and we will definitely be able to wipe out all evils!”

Cang slowly shook his head, “Black Ink is born from the world, a very special existence. With just us, we can suppress it, seal it, and weaken it, but we can’t completely destroy it.”

All of the Ninth Order masters were stunned.

Unable to completely destroy it?

If they couldn’t completely destroy it, wouldn’t that mean it had an undying body and was invincible?

Great Battle Heaven's Old Ancestor said in a low voice, “With just us? The meaning behind your words is that we still have a way. Senior just needs to say that since we came here, we won’t return empty-handed.”

Cang pondered for a moment before saying, “There is indeed a way, but this old master cannot guarantee whether it will work or not. This method was discussed by everyone when my old friends were still alive, but it has never been verified.”

The Ninth Order masters listened attentively.

“Previously, this old master also said that when this world first opened and the first ray of light appeared, there was darkness and the Black Ink is born. So, we speculate that this light and the dark are coexisting. If we want to completely eliminate this darkness, we may need to find the first ray of light in this world. Only the power of that light can counteract the power of the Black Ink.”

“First Light…”

The Ninth Order masters were all dumbfounded, and Yang Kai was also dumbfounded.

How were they supposed to find it?

In this world, there is naturally light in the land covered by the universe, but how could there be a first or second light, let alone the first light that was born when the world first opened?

This was completely incomprehensible.

Seemingly seeing through everyone’s thoughts, Cang opened his mouth and said, “In fact, if we really want to find it, there might be a way. Since Black Ink has gained sentience, that ray of light should have long since gained sentience, so it must be hiding somewhere in the 3000 Worlds. It’s just that its existence is somewhat unimaginable. Perhaps it’s a person, a Monster Beast, or even a tree by the road. If we can find it and bring it here, Black Ink will naturally not be a problem. Its strength is enough to restrain Black Ink.”

Saying so, all the Ninth Order masters suddenly turned to look at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s eyes also lit up as he suddenly thought of the two Supreme Existences.

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan!

If there was any power in this world that could truly restrain the Ink Force, it could only be the Light of Purification. The Light of Purification was formed by Yang Kai using his two seals and absorbing the power of the Yellow Crystal and Blue Crystal, which originated from the Sun's burning Shine and Moon's Nether Glimmer.

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were that First Light?

Yang Kai was also a bit confused, but since it was just a ray of light, how did it become two existences?

Could it be that those two could merge?

But that wasn’t right either. These two’s strengths were simply too extreme. In the Chaotic Dead Territory, they had fought against each other for countless years, so how could they have fused together?

Whether it was Big Brother Huang or Big Sister Lan, these two were existences capable of destroying the world, so who could bring them here?

Seeing everyone’s strange expressions, Cang asked, “Does this little friend know about that First Light?”

Yang Kai said, “I don’t know if those two are the incarnations of that First Light, but Senior, I once obtained some power…”

Saying so, he activated his two great seals and absorbed the power of the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, fusing them into the Light of Purification.

A pure white light blossomed and Cang’s eyes lit up slightly as he focused his senses for a moment before shaking his head, “This light isn’t pure, it’s far from the Ink Force, but it should have something to do with that First Light. Little friend, where did you obtain this power?”

Yang Kai explained about the Chaotic Dead Territory.

Cang muttered softly, “Sun’s Burning Shine, Moon's Nether Glimmer… It’s actually them!”

He obviously knew about these two.

Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer had existed for an extremely long time. After all, it was said that these two were the ancestors of the legendary Holy Spirit. It was because of them that the Holy Spirit was born.

The Holy Spirits were active in ancient times, so they should exist earlier than the Holy Spirit.

Cang should be a figure form the ancient era, how could he not have heard of these two masters?


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