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“However, with the passage of time, the world slowly changed. The Holy Spirits were the first to rule over the entire universe. They were born powerful, and apart from themselves, they had no natural enemies. When they were king, the vast universe bowed before them.”

Many Ninth Order Human Race masters listened attentively.

Although all of them were Human Race Supreme Cultivators who had lived for tens of thousands of years and had long since stood at the peak of the Human Race, compared to Cang, they were still nothing but juniors.

They also knew this, so as soon as they arrived here and faced Cang, they greeted him as juniors.

These ancient secrets were unknown to them, and no one had ever told them about them. The ancient records only contained a few words, but they were not comprehensive.

Everyone realized that today, they might have to learn some things from this old antique Cang.

“The Holy Spirits are all arrogant, most of them think they're better than everyone else. With their Second Brother’s mentality, who can think they’re worse than others? With external worries gone, internal strife erupts. The Holy Spirits fight their own battles, and apart from themselves, all the other Holy Spirits are their enemies.”

“Such a war quickly swept through the 3000 Worlds. The flames of war raged, the universe worlds shattered, countless living beings were annihilated, and the Holy Spirits suffered heavy casualties. The ancient Holy Spirit War was almost a world-destroying war. During that period, the living environment of the 3000 Worlds was even worse than when the world was first born. Countless worlds were destroyed and wiped out.”

“It wasn’t until more than a hundred thousand years later that most of the Holy Spirits were exterminated, and the surviving Holy Spirits were barely able to maintain the continuation of their race that the era of the Holy Spirit’s rule finally ended!”

“The ancient era has arrived!”

“When the Holy Spirits fought, they created many slaves or descendants, but when the Holy Spirits weakened, these slaves and descendants who were used to fight grew up. Although their strength may not be as strong as the Holy Spirits’, their reproduction rate is much faster than the Holy Spirits’. In fact, when they grow to their limit, they may not be inferior to some of the Holy Spirits.”

“Those slaves and descendants are the Monster Race! In ancient times, the Monster Race ruled the world, and all kinds of powerful Monster Beasts, whether in quantity or variety, far surpassed the Holy Spirit.”

“When the Holy Spirits lay dormant, they were the masters of this world, slaughtering each other and slaughtering other races. It was also an extremely dark era.”

Along with Cang's words, two ancient and magnificent scenes gradually formed in everyone’s minds.

The Ninth Order masters were all lost in their own thoughts as they listened. Yang Kai held a wine jar in his hand and no longer poured any wine, instead standing beside Cang and listening attentively.

No one had expected that the Ancient Era’s two great eras would actually have such a world.

The Holy Spirit and Monster Race dominated the world.

“Senior, what about the Human Race? When did the Human Race come into existence, and who created it?” An Old Ancestor asked.

The Monster Race was created by the Holy Spirits, but what about the Human Race? Who created them? This was something everyone was curious about.

“The Human Race…” Cang heard this and smiled, “The Human Race was not created by anyone. When this world was first born, the Human Race was born. The existence of the Human Race spanned across all eras, the Ancient Era where the Holy Spirit was revered, and the Ancient Era where the Monster Race ruled, there were traces of human activity. At that time, the Human Race existed in the form of a tribe, but the Human Race was naturally weak. The Holy Spirits were born with great strength, and the Monster Beast were born with strong bodies. What did the Human Race have? They were just swaddled children who only knew how to cry. In these two chaotic eras, it was difficult for the Human Race to achieve anything and could only be slaughtered.”

“Until the Human Race Era!” Cang’s expression became solemn, “There was a great power that help the Human Race live through their hardship and allow them to survive, borrowing the hands of ten people to preach the Dao to the world. Only at that time could the Human Race cultivate and slowly become stronger, gradually becoming able to compete with the Monster Race. Although the Human Race was born weak, compared to the Holy Spirit and Monster Race, it had one advantage, and that was that they were able to reproduce rapidly. The massive population was the foundation for the Human Race’s rapid growth, and the weakness of their bodies was unable to conceal the tenacity of their character. After countless years of fighting against the Monster Race, the Human Race won. At the end of the Ancient Period, the Human Race had gradually ruled this vast world, and in every great domain and world, there were figures of the Human Race.”

“Great power…” An Old Ancestor’s expression became solemn, “What does Senior mean by great power?”

Cang You asked, “Perhaps it is the Heavenly Law?”

He didn’t answer directly, so no one knew if he didn’t want to say it or if he really didn’t know.

The Old Ancestor who spoke didn’t ask any further, instead asking, “Senior… is Senior one of the ten?”

The reason for this speculation was because Cang had lived for far too long and knew everything about the Holy Spirit Era, Monster Race Era, and the Human Race Era like the back of his hand. It was only possible if he had personally experienced it.

Not to mention, when Cang had talked about this place’s barrier, he had said that he and his nine old friends had set it up together.

There were exactly ten of them!

Cang smiled lightly, “I guess so.”

All of the Ninth Order masters felt a deep sense of respect for this man. Originally, all of them were sitting cross-legged in the air, but now, all of them stood up and bowed towards Cang.

One of the Old Ancestors raised his wine bottle and shouted, “To Martial Ancestor!”

Martial Ancestor!

If it weren’t for the ten Ancestors who had spread the Dao throughout the world, allowing the Human Race to cultivate, the Human Race wouldn’t even know what kind of situation they were in now. The Ancestor of the Martial Dao’s Origin was worthy of the title Martial Ancestor.

“To Martial Ancestor!”

Everyone shouted in unison and raised their heads to drink the wine in their cups.

Cang stretched out his hand and said, “In the past, when I was preaching the Dao to the world with my nine old friends, I was simply acting in accordance with the will of the Heavens. It was also a way for the Human Race to survive. The title of Martial Ancestor is not worthy.”

Yang Kai poured a cup of wine for him and smiled, “The ones in front of you are the strongest masters of the Human Race. If they say you are a Martial Ancestor, then you are a Martial Ancestor, and if it weren’t for you and the nine other Martial Ancestors, the Human Race wouldn’t be where it is today.”

Martial Ancestor! The origin of Martial Dao. Yang Kai had never thought he would encounter such a legendary figure in such a place.

Although this was just a one-sided statement, no one doubted it.

If he hadn’t personally experienced those things, how could he know so much about them?

“What about Black Ink? When did it appear?” An Old Ancestor asked.

Regardless of what had happened in the Holy Spirit Era, Monster Race Era, and Human Race Era, the only thing they needed to solve now was Black Ink. Only by solving this problem could the Human Race’s expedition be considered complete and they would have no worries in the future.

“Black Ink…” Cang let out a long sigh, “When the world first opened, when the first ray of light appeared, there was darkness. It was born from the world, and its existence was even older than the Holy Spirits!”

All of the Ninth Order masters gasped.

When they heard Cang talk about the Holy Spirit Era and Monster Race Era, they had thought that it had been long enough, but who would have thought that Black Ink’s existence was even older?

“Black Ink’s power is so evil. In ancient times, when the Holy Spirit and Monster Race ruled, did it not come out to cause trouble?”

If Black Ink had gone out to stir up trouble at that time, how could there still be something like the Holy Spirit and Monster Race? Whether it was in the Holy Spirit Era or Monster Race Era, it was likely that the Black Ink Clan had unified the world.

Cang shook his head and said, “Although it is an extremely ancient existence that was born at the beginning of the world, its sentience was awakened very late. In ancient times, its sentience was not fully developed, and even during the early stages of the Human Race’s reign, it remained dormant in its birthplace until a long time later when it gained sentience and left.”

“This place?” A Ninth Order sharply noticed Cang’s words, “Senior, you mean that it was also born here?”

Cang nodded, “This is the place where the world first opened, the place where Black Ink was born, and also the end of the world. That is why we tricked it into coming here and set up a restriction to seal it here.”

“Liar…” Everyone’s expression became strange after hearing this.

Cang couldn’t help laughing, “Actually… its intelligence isn’t too high. At the very least, it was like this before it was imprisoned. To be honest, Black Ink’s intelligence is only comparable to a child’s. Its personality may be a bit mischievous, but its nature isn’t bad. It’s just that its existence is evil.”

Hearing his evaluation, the Ninth Order masters were somewhat surprised.

On the other hand, Yang Kai suddenly thought of Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan he had encountered in the Chaotic Dead Territory. These two were also extremely powerful existences, but their personalities were only that of children.

The Old Ancestors might not be able to understand Cang’s evaluation of Black Ink, but when he thought about Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s situation, he could easily understand.

He couldn’t help feeling a bit strange. Could it be that in this world, when one’s strength exceeded a certain level, they would also have a lack of intelligence?

“In the past, when Black Ink developed intelligence and left this place, the Ancient Era had ended and the Human Race dominated the 3000 Worlds. You can imagine what it would be like for a child who had never seen the outside world and grew up alone, never having a companion, to suddenly arrive in this extremely prosperous world.”

The Ninth Order masters were silent for a moment before Yang Kai slowly said, “They must be very happy and want to integrate into it.”

“That’s right,” Cang nodded, “It didn’t mean to harm anyone, it just wanted to integrate into that world’s prosperity and feel its liveliness. However, it didn’t know that its power was too great, and that this flourishing world simply couldn’t withstand it, so wherever it went, all humans were Inked, and all of them respected it, allowing them to satisfy any of its requirements.”

“Every worlds is occupied by Black Ink, and every Great Domain is eroded by Black Ink. Its strength is rapidly increasing, and wherever the black ink color passes, it becomes its territory! The World Force in every universe worlds is its favorite food, its noisy cities is its favorite place.”

“In just a few hundred years, more than a hundred great domains fell and the World Force dissipated. Naturally, the Universe Worlds died, and the humans who lived among these dead Universe Worlds had long since been Inked.”

“After this old master and his nine old friends received the news, they immediately rushed over to investigate and understood the strangeness of the Ink Force. They knew that if they couldn’t solve this problem, the 3000 Worlds would eventually be completely occupied by Black Ink. At that time, there would be no humans left in this world!”


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