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“Mother Nest…” Cang smiled, “Is that what you call it? That’s right, the Mother Nest is indeed here, in the darkness, sealed.”

“Is this the source of the Black Ink Clan?”


The Old Ancestor of Blue Sky Pass pondered for a moment before asking, “How does Senior refer to the Mother Nest?”

The term ‘Mother Nest’ was proposed by the current Human Race. Listening to Cang’s meaning, there seemed to be other title. Although one title didn’t represent much, sometimes it could also reflect something different.

“Black Ink,” Cang replied, “It calls itself Black Ink!” [MSN: Mo]

As soon as these words came out, many of the Ninth Order masters frowned. Even Yang Kai, who was brewing tea, froze and stared at Cang in surprise.

The Black Ink Clan’s Mother Nest was called Black Ink. This was not a problem, but the problem was what Cang said.

“Self-name?” Blue Sky Pass's Old Ancestor expression became solemn, “What does Senior mean? Could it be that the Mother Nest… has its own sentience?”

So far, the various armies of the Human Race had destroyed many of the Black Ink Clan’s Ink Nest, Feudal Lord-level, Territory Lord-level, and Royal Lord-level.

The Human Race now had some understanding of the Ink Nest.

Every Ink Nest had its own consciousness, and the Black Ink Clan used the Ink Nest’s will as a vessel to enter the Ink Nest Space formed by the Ink Nest’s will and quickly transmit information.

However, whether it was a Feudal Lord-level, Territory Lord-level, or even a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, their wills were all blank. Simply put, they only had wills but no intelligence.

But from Cang’s words, this Mother Nest seemed to be different from the other Ink Nest.

Cang nodded and said, “Naturally, it has intelligence. A few years ago, when this old master was bored, this old master would chat with it, but later… it became angry with this old master and found old man noisy, so it ignored this old man.”

All the Ninth Order masters were shocked. The Black Ink Clan’s Mother Nest was actually an Ink Nest with its own sentience! This was simply too surprising.

Previously, the Human Race had also speculated that since the Ink Nest had a will, it would one day give birth to its own sentience, allowing it to truly become a living creature. However, the Ink Nest in the Black Ink Clan had existed for a long time and had never had such a precedent, causing the Human Race to believe that it was impossible for the Ink Nest to have sentience.

Now, everyone knew that the Ink Nest could give birth to its own will, but only the Mother Nest have its own sentience.

However, on second thought, this was the source of the Black Ink Clan, so it wasn’t strange for it to be so.

Smiles Old ancestor said, “Since it has a sentience, why didn’t it attack us when we were trapped in its Ink Nest Space?”

As the source of the Black Ink Clan’s influence, Black Ink’s will was extremely powerful. At that time, if it were to attack the trapped Ninth Order Human Race cultivators, it would definitely cause great losses to them.

After asking this question, Smiles Old ancestor also reacted, “Is it wary of Senior?”

Cang smiled lightly and said, “You can say so. It secretly tried to play some tricks and was not noticed by this old master. If this old master were to discover it, it wouldn’t have any good consequences.”

Previously, when Bright King Heaven’s Old Ancestor self-destructed his Soul and attacked the Ink Nest Space, causing the aura of the great battle to leak out, Cang’s side immediately tore open the Ink Nest Space.

If Black Ink had taken the initiative to attack, it would have been exposed long ago.

It also wanted to quietly finish off the Ninth Order Human Race masters, so it had not taken the initiative to attack, only having its 50 Royal Lords lie in ambush in the Ink Nest Space.

“What is Senior’s current cultivation level? Has he already surpassed the Ninth Order? Is there a higher realm above the Ninth Order?” An Old Ancestor asked, a question everyone was concerned about.

Judging from the aura emitted by the jade hand last time, this attack had already exceeded the strength of a Ninth Order master, otherwise it would have been impossible to tear open the Ink Nest Space from the outside.

One had to know that Bright King Heaven’s Old Ancestor had only managed to accomplish this by self-destructing his Soul.

The Ninth Order Human Race had once speculated that the strength of the owner of this jade hand had surpassed the Ninth Order.

Hearing this, Cang couldn’t help laughing and shaking his head, “How could the Ninth Order realm be so easy to surpass? Strictly speaking, this old master’s realm is still the Ninth Order, but compared to all of you, I’ve walked a bit further. As for whether there is a higher realm above the Ninth Order… perhaps there is, perhaps there isn’t, but who knows, I’ve yet to reach that realm?”

Cang was also a Ninth Order master!

This was beyond everyone’s expectations. Even if he said that he had walked further than others in the Ninth Order, there was no way to explain the tyrannical power of his last attack.

Seemingly seeing everyone’s confusion, Cang explained, “The last attack was not by this old master alone. This old master also borrowed the help of this place’s restriction.”

This was the power of the other nine old friends, each of them no weaker than him. With him guiding them, even if they couldn’t display their full strength, tearing apart the Ink Nest Space was no problem.


Cang had mentioned this place’s restrictions more than once. In fact, the Old Ancestors had all seen that there was indeed a restriction here, and it was a massive one at that. It was this barrier that had sealed this darkness.

It was hard to imagine what would have happened if the Black Ink Clan's Mother Nest had not been controlled by this restriction.

Putting everything else aside, the number of Black Ink Clan masters on the Mother Nest’s side was definitely not small. Just the fact that there were 50 Royal Lords masters in the Ink Nest Space, who could guarantee that there weren’t more?

Once so many Royal Lords escaped, no matter which war zone they attacked, the Human Race would be powerless to resist.

Cang presided over this place and sealed himself here, imprisoning Black Ink for more than a million years. In the 3000 Worlds, this was a great contribution to the human race.

“This restriction was set up by Senior?”

Cang smiled and said, “I don’t have such ability, I only used a bit of strength. This Black Ink Seal was set up by this old master and nine other old friends.”

“The other nine Seniors…”

“With the passage of time, they had long since become ancient history, leaving this old master alone to guard this place,” Cang sighed.

“Senior, please have some tea,” Yang Kai offered another cup of freshly brewed tea with a solemn expression.

He didn’t know how many years this Senior Cang had been guarding this place, but from the fact that the Human Race knew nothing about this place, he could infer that it had been at least two or three hundred thousand years, perhaps even longer.

Because too much time had passed, the Human Race had no idea what was happening here.

For such a long time, he had stood alone in the void, silently enduring the loneliness.

When he imprisoned Black Ink, he had also become a prisoner.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but admire such righteousness.

This point alone was enough to prove the other party’s position.

At this point, the Old Ancestors’ vigilance towards Cang was slightly reduced.

After drinking the tea in his cup, Cang smacked his lips as if he was tasting something.

Seeing this, Yang Kai suddenly put away the tea set in front of him, took out a jar of wine, and handed it over, “Senior, seeing the way you drink tea, you don’t seem to be a tea drinker. Have some wine.”

When other people drank tea, they would only take small sips, but this Senior, on the other hand, would smacked his lips. Such a forthright attitude was more suitable for drinking wine and eating meat.

Seeing the wine jar, Cang immediately beamed with joy, “Little brat, you’re the best!”

Receiving the wine jar, he tore open the seal on the wine and began drinking.

One jar after another, Cang drank ten jars in a row, feeling greatly comforted as he laughed, “I’m just a boorish man, I can’t act elegantly, yet I still have to act like a Senior in front of you Juniors. This old master is really bored to death.”

Seeing this, the Ninth Order masters didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

So it turns out that you were just putting on an act.

Smiles Old ancestor smiled and waved her hand, sending over a hundred jugs of wine towards Cang, “Since Senior like wine, this Junior has some of her own brews. If Senior doesn’t mind, please take them.”

Cang laughed loudly and stretched out his hand to collect the wine.

Another Old Ancestor said, “I also have some wine here, please accept it.”

Saying so, he took out a wine gourd and tossed it towards Cang. Although this wine gourd was small, it was obviously a treasure that contained a Small World, so the amount of wine it contained was not necessarily small.

Most of the Old Ancestors here were good wine drinkers, and many of them, like Smiles Old ancestor, had brewed their own wines and were usually reluctant to drink them, but now they had taken them out.

It wasn’t that they wanted to curry favor with Cang, it was just that the Ninth Order masters were well aware of the pain this ancestor had suffered while guarding the Black Ink Clan’s Source Area alone, so they took this opportunity to express their sincerity.

“With wine, how can there be no meat?” An Old Ancestor laughed and stretched out his hand, taking out a large piece of beast meat. Although this piece of beast meat had been preserved for many years, it still looked extremely fresh and dripping with blood. It was obviously not the flesh of an ordinary Monster Beast.

Yang Kai even felt some Dragon Vein aura from it.

This beast’s meat was definitely the flesh of a Monster Beast with a Dragon Vein on it, perhaps it was from a Flood Dragon.

Another Old Ancestor said, “Since we have wine and meat, let’s have a plate of fruits.”

With a wave of his hand, plates of sparkling and translucent spirit fruits appeared.

One by one, the Old Ancestors took out their many years worth of collections, and before long, all kinds of delicacies filled the air in front of Cang, filling the air with a rich fragrance.

Cang couldn’t stop laughing.

At the various mountain passes, under the eyes of the Eighth Order masters, they were shocked to discover that the gathering place of the Old Ancestors had somehow become a dinner scene. All of them were dumbfounded, not knowing what was happening.

Yang Kai was also dumbfounded. He hadn’t expected that just exchanging tea for wine with Cang would cause him to become like this.

Everyone present was a Ninth Order, with him being the only Seventh Order. Naturally, he was the one doing the hard work, pouring wine for each of the Old Ancestors, distributing fruit plates, and roasting the beast meat. He cursed Big Head Mi and Big Head Xiang in his heart. If it weren’t for these two bastards, how could he have come here?

After three rounds of drinking, Cang changed his reserved attitude, his expression becoming unrestrained as he loudly declared, “In ancient times, when the Primal Chaos first split, when the world’s first ray of light was born, the world opened up and all living things were born. What a glorious and magnificent scene it was. At that time, the world was simple, pure, and there was not much disturbance. Although the environment was extremely harsh, all living things only worked hard to survive. Even if there was slaughter and fighting, that was still the way to survive.”


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