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Feng Ying shook her head, “No, there’s no Old Sir there.”

Yang Kai didn’t know what to say.

Others couldn’t see the old man, but only he could? Why?

However, since the Old Ancestors were all gathering in that direction, it was obvious that they had also noticed this.

On the side, Xiang Shan and the others saw that Yang Kai’s expression didn’t seem to be fake, and they also didn’t understand why the Old Ancestors had all run out. If there really was a master they couldn’t see, it would explain the actions of the Old Ancestors.

“Really?” Xiang Shan asked solemnly.

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded.

Mi Jinglun and the others all wore different expressions.

“Could it be the owner of that jade hand?” Xiang Shan recalled what Smiles Old Ancestor had said that day.

“I don’t know if it’s the owner of the jade hand, but it’s a human race,” Yang Kai replied casually.

Mi Jinglun’s expression became solemn as he said, “There are actually human race here, and even we can’t see through it. His strength is incredible.”

After exchanging a glance with Xiang Shan, Mi Jinglun suddenly smiled and patted Yang Kai’s shoulder, “Do you want to know what he and Old Ancestor are talking about?”

Just now, he looked like he was scratching his head, obviously because he was curious. Mi Jinglun didn’t know why he was acting like this, but now he understood.

It wasn’t just Yang Kai, how could he not want to know? Although the Old Ancestors would definitely reveal some crucial information to them later, it might not be everything.

How could it compare to listening to it himself?

However, none of them dared to act rashly now. Without the Old Ancestors summoning them, who would dare to step forward? If something bad happened, they would not be able to bear the responsibility.

Yang Kai shook his head firmly, “No!”

For some reason, he felt that Big Head Mi was up to no good. Smiles Old Ancestor had once commented on Mi Jinglun, saying that if one were to make an enemy out of him, they should never think of defeating him in terms of intelligence. If one’s strength was sufficient, they should crush him with their own strength. The best way to deal with such a quick-witted person was to use their fists.

The same principle applied to Xiang Shan.

These two big heads were both extremely intelligent.

As soon as Mi Jinglun spoke, Yang Kai became vigilant.

“No, you want to!” Mi Jinglun said firmly before taking out a tea set and stuffing it into Yang Kai’s hands, “The Old Senior has been alone for so many years, I’m afraid he have long forgotten the taste of tea, so go serve some tea to the Old Senior!”

Saying so, he reached out and pushed Yang Kai’s shoulder.

Yang Kai’s face went pale with fright as he tried to disperse this force, but at this critical moment, his other shoulder was gently pushed.

In an instant, Yang Kai’s body went stiff as he was sent flying towards the gathering point of the Old Ancestors.

“Big Headd Xiang!” Yang Kai knew who had pushed him.

At this moment, Yang Kai wanted to curse out loud. These two big heads were too much.

“This… is this alright?” Seeing Yang Kai quickly approach the gathering point of the Old Ancestors, Liu Zhiping didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but she was still somewhat worried.

She couldn’t see where this so-called old sir was, but she could clearly see the defensive stance of the Ninth Order Open Heaven masters.

How could someone who could make so many old ancestors so wary be simple?

If they pushed Yang Kai over, what if he was misunderstood by the other party? How would they clean up this mess?

“It’s fine,” Mi Jinglun smiled and said, “The Old Ancestors are gathered over there, so if anything happens, they can protect him. Moreover, he’s just a Seventh Order Junior, so the Old Ancestors won’t care about him breaking in on such an occasion, and neither will that Old Senior. A child breaking in is just a joke to the adults, it’s not a big deal.”

If possible, Mi Jinglun wished he could go personally, but he was still an Eighth Order, so it wasn’t appropriate for him to rush in.


“None of us discovered the old man’s location, but Yang Kai did. Perhaps he has some kind of unique trait,” Xiang Shan said, “Since he is unique, he should naturally be given preferential treatment.”

Saying so, Mi Jinglun and Xiang Shan looked at each other and smiled.

Ouyang Lie’s eyes couldn’t stop twitching as he stared at these two.

In such a short time, all of you are thinking so much?

Are you even human?

Ouyang Lie cursed in his heart as he moved his body slightly.

Standing together with these two, he felt like his IQ had been crushed.

At the same time, Yang Kai was also cursing in his heart, cursing the two big heads, but on the surface, he put on a calm smile.

Since he had already come out, he couldn’t just slip back, it would be too embarrassing.

Helpless, he could only hold the exquisite tea set in his hands and walk forward.

The Old Ancestors also saw him, their expressions somewhat strange.

However, Yang Kai ignored them and directly passed through the encirclement of the Old Ancestors, directly arriving in front of the old man and smiling, “Old Sir, you must be thirsty, this little boy will boil a pot of tea for you.”

Saying so, he didn’t care if the other party was willing or not, directly placing the tea set beside him and lowering his head to busy himself.

Cang looked at him with interest, causing Yang Kai to break out in cold sweat.

However, he was only here to serve tea, and he was only a Seventh Order. Regardless of whether this old man was an enemy or a friend, he wouldn’t go so far as to attack him.

Fortunately, Cang soon ignored him and turned to a Ninth Order Human Race cultivator, “Continue.”

Yang Kai didn’t know which mountain pass the Human Race’s Ninth Order Old Ancestor was from, but he had never seen him before. Hearing this, he continued, “According to the ancient records, the various Cave Heaven Paradise suddenly appeared in the 3000 Worlds in a single night. After that, they took in disciples and nurtured their juniors. When the disciples learned something, they would then enter the various mountain passes of the Ink Battlefield…”

After listening for a while, Yang Kai understood that this Old Ancestor was referring to the formation and creation of the Cave Heaven Paradise. In fact, the Cave Heaven Paradise had been formed too long ago, so although the current Old Ancestors were not young, they might not know about it.

There weren’t many records about this in the ancient records.

Afterwards, this old ancestor briefly explained how the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had been contending against each other for many years and how they had only gradually gained the upper hand in the last several hundred years. Finally, they had gathered all the forces of the mountain passes and carried out an expedition to reach this place.

The Old Ancestor didn’t say much, only some general knowledge, not mentioning anything too secretive, such as the Light of Purification or the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

Right now, they had no way of determining whether this person in front of them was an enemy or a friend. Although it was very likely that he was a friend, they still had to be on guard.

Yang Kai had just finished brewing a pot of tea and handed it over to him.

Holding a cup of tea, Yang Kai respectfully said, “Old Sir, please drink some tea to soothe your throat.”

Cang smiled and accepted it, “This little fellow is quite thoughtful.”

The Old Ancestor who had spoken just now shot an annoyed glance at Yang Kai. From beginning to end, he was the one who had spoken, but Cang had only spoken a few words, so what was the point of trying to soothe his throat?

He would be the one to drink a tea to soothe his throat.

After drinking the tea, Yang Kai took the cup back and filled it again.

Ignoring the gazes of the Old Ancestors, with these hundred or so Old Ancestors, he couldn't possibly serve them tea one by one, right? That would be troublesome.

It was better to serve someone directly.

After drinking three cups in a row, Cang smacked his lips, “It’s been so many years since I’ve tasted something like this, I almost forgot.”

Myriad Demons Heaven's Old Ancestor said lightly, “It’s very simple if Senior wants to drink tea. This little brat can stay here and serve Senior.”

Yang Kai’s eyes widened. 'What was the meaning of this? Sell him just like that? Who agreed? Don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you’ve taught me some eye techniques.'

He had finally discovered that none of these old guys who had lived for so long were good.

The Myriad Demons Heaven's Old Ancestor didn’t even look at him and simply said, “However, Senior, drinking tea is a trivial matter. We have many questions that we hope Senior can answer.”

Cang nodded and said, “This old master knows, but with so many things going on, this old master doesn’t know where to begin. How about this, if you want to know anything, just ask, this old master will tell you.”

His straightforwardness was somewhat unexpected.

Many of the Old Ancestors glanced at each other before one of them asked, “How should we address Senior?”

In fact, after arriving here, they had been telling the other party about the current 3000 Worlds and had yet to ask anything.

Cang smiled, “Cang!”

“Cang of the Heavens?” The old ancestor raised his brow slightly.

Cang slowly shook his head, “Cang of the common people.” [MSN: I think they're asking the meaning of his name.]

Although it was the same word, Cang’s explanation clearly revealed some other information.

The Old Ancestors were obviously less vigilant.

Smiles Old Ancestor asked, “A few years ago, when my fellow Daoists and I were trapped in the Ink Nest Space, was it Senior who saved us?”

Cang nodded, “It’s me.”

Although she had some guesses, it was only now that she was able to confirm this matter.

Smiles Old Ancestor immediately said, “Many thanks, Senior.”

On that day, if Cang hadn’t broken through the blockade of the Ink Nest Space from the outside, all of the Old Ancestors who had entered the Ink Nest Space would have died in battle. This was a true life-saving grace.

“There’s no need. That day… you saved yourself. If it weren’t for the aura of your great battle leaking out, I wouldn’t have thought of taking action at that time.”

After a moment of silence, Smiles Old Ancestor understood what Cang meant.

On that day, Bright King Heaven’s Old Ancestor’s Soul self-destructed and attacked the Ink Nest Space, tearing open a crack in an attempt to open a way out for the other Ninth Order masters.

Most likely, it was because of Bright King Heaven's Old Ancestor’s efforts that the aura of the great battle had leaked out.

Otherwise, in the sealed Ink Nest space, no matter how intense the battle was, Cang wouldn’t have been able to detect it, so how could he have acted in time?

“No matter what, we will never forget this life-saving grace. If we don’t die in this battle, if Senior has any instructions in the future, we will definitely repay you.”

Cang smiled, “We’ll talk about this later.”

In this battle, regardless of whether others died or not, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to live for long. Staying alive until now was his limit, so it was time to chase after his old friends.

After waiting for so many years, his old friends had probably become impatient.

Another Old Ancestor asked, “Does that mean the Black Ink Clan’s Mother Nest is really here?”

As he spoke, he looked towards the depths of the sealed darkness.

Previously, many Ninth Order Human Race masters had managed to tear open the Ink Nest Space to escape, so the Old Ancestors had determined that the person who had done so was very close to the Mother Nest. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to break open the Ink Nest Space from the outside.


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