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More than ten days after the nineteen attacking Royal Lords were killed, the Human Race’s great mountain passes finally arrived at the source of the darkness.

The depths of the void in front of them were covered in a thick black aura that stretched as far as the eye could see, as if it had existed since ancient times.

Beneath the calm surface, everyone felt a fatal threat. Even though they were far away, they still felt extremely uncomfortable.

The evil energy in the black sea seemed to be able to devour one’s mind.

From the various mountain passes, pairs of eyes stared towards the black sea, all of them wearing solemn expressions, even the Old Ancestors.

Was this the origin of the Black Ink Clan?

Although no one told them the answer, when they saw where the black sea was, everyone realized that this was definitely the Source of the Black Ink Clan.

Perhaps the Black Ink Clan’s Mother Nest was hidden inside this Source Area.

When the expedition began, no one had expected the Black Ink Clan’s Source Area to be located so far away, nor had anyone expected it to be like this.

After the Black Ink Clan died in battle, the Ink Force in their bodies would disperse. If too many Black Ink Clan members died on a certain battlefield, the condensed Ink Force would form ink clouds or even ink seas.

Most of the Human Race soldiers had seen it before.

The black ink sea they had seen before was nothing compared to this one.

This was the true Black Ink Sea, vast and boundless.

The so-called Black Ink Sea they had seen before was at most a small pond.

Most of the Human Race’s soldiers were only paying attention to this vast Black Ink Sea, but the Old Ancestors of the various great mountain passes could vaguely sense that there was something else around this Black Ink Sea.

It was an extremely well-hidden and undetectable object.

In Myriad Demons Pass, Myriad Demons Heaven's Old Ancestor activated his Demon Eye of Annihilation to see through all illusions.

Inside Divine Feather Pass, Divine Feather Paradise's Old Ancestor activated his True Sight and pierced through space.

The other Old Ancestors of the other mountain passes were the same. After reaching the Ninth Order, they had more or less cultivated some eye techniques, but their attainments were different.

At this moment, all kinds of eye techniques were activated, and the hidden objects outside the darkness were instantly imprinted into the eyes of the Old Ancestors.

All of the Old Ancestors’ expressions changed slightly.

They saw that in the periphery of the darkness, there was a massive restriction that formed a cage that enveloped the entire Black Ink Sea.

It was precisely because of this restriction that the Black Ink Sea was unable to escape.

It was difficult to imagine how large the Black Ink Sea would have been without this restriction. Perhaps the entire void would have been flooded and there would have been no place for humans to stand.

What a massive investment!

This kind of restriction was not naturally formed, but rather man-made. Who had set up such a restriction here to imprison the Black Ink Sea? When had these restrictions been set up?

Even the Old Ancestors had never heard of such a thing.

On top of that, the traces left behind on the restrictions were obviously from an ancient era, so much so that even these Old Ancestors couldn’t figure out how to use them.

However, before the Old Ancestors could investigate for long, their attention was suddenly drawn to a certain spot in the void.

Over there, an old man with white hair and beard sat cross-legged in the air, smiling at them.

The Old Ancestors’ expressions all changed.

None of them had noticed this old man’s existence before, it seemed he had suddenly appeared there.

With more than a hundred Old Ancestors staring at him, it was naturally impossible for him to break through without anyone noticing. The other party hadn’t appeared out of nowhere, he had been there all along, but he had somehow managed to make everyone unable to see him.

In other words, if he didn’t want to, the Human Race wouldn’t be able to detect him.

This old man… was very strong, so strong that even the Old Ancestors were shocked.

On top of that, as he sat there with a smile on his face, all of the Old Ancestors who were sitting in different directions felt that he was facing them.

This was a strange feeling, a kind of supreme use of strength.

Although they did not sense any energy fluctuations from this person, many of the human race Ninth Order masters suddenly realized that this person was the owner of that jade hand, the one who had helped the Human Race Ninth Order masters escape from the Ink Nest Space several years ago!

From this alone, it could be seen that the other party had no malicious intent towards the Human Race.

Moreover, the other party’s background was obviously that of a human race.

Without any communication, the various Old Ancestors stepped out from their respective mountain passes and gathered towards the old man.

Although many of the trapped Ninth Order masters had managed to escape thanks to the other party’s favor, before understanding the other party’s background and origins, the Human Race didn’t dare to let down their guard.

With more than a hundred Ninth Order masters acting together, even if the other party had any ideas, they would have to think twice.

Seemingly seeing through the thoughts of the Ninth Order masters, the old man smiled meaningfully.

However, a trace of disappointment flashed across the depths of his eyes.

With the arrival of the Human Race’s great mountain passes, he was naturally able to see them clearly. He could even see the handiwork of Duan's disciples from these mountain passes. [MSN: Duan/Forge]

Among the ten of them, Duan's Artifact Refining talent was unparalleled.

The cage that imprisoned Black Ink was built by the other nine masters' help.

Of course, Duan ended up being imprisoned with his body and turned into a part of the cage before dying. Like the other eight old friends, his body had been completely destroyed.

Naturally, these human mountain passes couldn’t have been personally forged by Duan himself, and Duan had never refined these things before, but Cang remembered that Duan had taken in a few of his disciples in the past and had inherited some of his teachings.

From the looks of it, these human mountain passes should have been created by his disciples and grand-disciples.

His disappointment was only because he had not been able to find a familiar aura from these humans.

Shi’s plan had failed!

Back then, he had not been able to pass through the void and return to the 3000 Worlds, otherwise he would have come here today.

Inside one mountain pass after another, the soldiers saw their Old Ancestor walking towards the darkness, all of them confused.

The reason why the Old Ancestors could see Cang’s figure was because Cang was willing to let them see it, but others couldn’t.

Only Yang Kai stood atop the walls of Great Evolution Pass, his eyes wide and his face filled with disbelief, as if he had seen a ghost in broad daylight.

Someone is here!

There was actually someone in this damned place!

Although he had heard from Smiles Old Ancestor that there was a force that was fighting against the Black Ink Clan, and Smiles Old Ancestor had even speculated that this force was near the Black Ink Clan’s Mother Nest, when he really saw it, he still couldn’t believe it.

This was the Land Without Spirituality, the deepest part of the Ink Battlefield, the source of the Black Ink Clan!

From ancient times until now, it was likely that no one had set foot in this place for hundreds of thousands of years, but there was actually someone here.

Didn’t this mean that this person had been here for at least hundreds of thousands of years?

How did he survive without any energy?

No matter how strong he was, such a long period of time should have destroyed his life.

Could it be that his Small Universe was also like him, raising some living creatures so he could be self-sufficient?

While Yang Kai was surprised, Cang was also surprised.

After noticing Yang Kai’s gaze, he turned his head and glanced over, discovering that a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator had discovered his location.

The reason the Ninth Order masters could see him was because he had taken the initiative to reveal himself to the Ninth Order masters.

Even the experienced Eighth Order masters from the various mountain passes were at a loss as to where their Old Ancestors were headed.

What was so special about this Seventh Order?

A light flashed across Cang’s eyes.

Yang Kai’s body trembled as he suddenly felt as if he had been seen through from the inside out. This feeling was extremely uncomfortable, causing him to shiver.

His face went black as he cursed in his heart. No matter who this old man was, he had relied on his powerful strength to pry into other people’s secrets. In any case, he was nothing good.

On the other side, Cang showed a look of understanding, understanding why Yang Kai had seen him.

At that moment, he saw Yang Kai’s World Tree Subtree in his Small Universe.

Strictly speaking, he also had a great relationship with the World Tree. It was with the help of the World Tree Subtree's power that Yang Kai was able to remain unaffected and even discover the existence of the old man before the Old Ancestors.

Ignoring him, Cang smiled as he looked at the Ninth Order Human Race cultivators who had gathered in a semicircle around him, seemingly intentionally or unintentionally. Not caring about their vigilance, Cang said in an ancient tone, “You’ve finally arrived. I’ve been waiting for this day for a million years!”

On top of the city wall, Yang Kai scratched his head. Although he was not satisfied with the old man prying into his secrets, this was clearly an opportunity for him to explore the mysteries of the ancient times.

This old man had existed here for who know how many years and was an extremely old antique. His understanding of the Black Ink Clan was definitely greater than the current Human Race.

If he were to reveal anything, it would likely involve the secrets of the two races.

Yang Kai also wanted to listen.

Unfortunately, his strength was too low, so he wasn’t qualified to participate in this grand scene.

On the side, Xiang Shan’s brow wrinkled as he stared at him, “Boy, what’s going on over there? Why are you acting so anxious?”

Yang Kai was speechless, “Sir, you don’t even know what’s going on, how would I know what’s going on?” Saying so, he urged, “Why don’t you secretly send a wisp of your Divine Sense over and listen to what the Old Ancestors say to that old sir?”

As soon as he said this, not only did Xiang Shan’s expression become strange, even Mi Jinglun and the others looked at him strangely.

“What old sir?”

How can the be Old Sir there!

All they saw was the various Old Ancestors from the various mountain passes coming out of seclusion and gathering together.

Without the Old Ancestors’ orders, they didn’t dare act rashly.

What Old Sir is there to be seen?

Yang Kai said, “It’s that old senior…”

He pointed to the spot where the Old Ancestors were gathered.

Xiang Shan glanced over but still couldn’t see anything, so he punched Yang Kai’s head and asked, “What nonsense are you spouting? Is there anyone else there besides the Old Ancestors?”

Yang Kai held his head, a look of grief and indignation filling his face. Why did he have to beat someone up?

However, after seeing Mi Jinglun and the others’ expressions, Yang Kai suddenly understood, “You can’t see?”

Xiang Shan said angrily, “If you continue spouting nonsense, I’ll beat your head into two.”

Yang Kai then turned to look at Feng Ying beside him, “Senior Sister didn’t see that old man?”


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