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However, he was trapped here, unable to move, unable to provide any assistance to the Human Race.

Right now, he could only wait!

The nineteen Royal Lords who had just left should have gone to intercept the Human Race masters.

Cang wasn’t worried about this at all. Since the Human Race was able to drive them back, dealing with these defeated enemies wasn’t a problem.

The real problem was how to solve this Black Ink!

This was the source of all the problems. Without solving it, any effort would be futile.

More than a million years ago, when this group of people discovered the source of the problem, they had also worked hard, but in the end they had failed and could only build a cage here to seal the Black Ink.

After a million years, Black Ink was unable to escape.

For Black Ink, this was a cage, but for these people, wasn’t it also a cage? They had imprisoned their enemies and also themselves.

Cang’s gaze turned towards the distance, hoping that this generation of humans would give him some pleasant surprises!

In the void, on Dawn’s deck, Yang Kai wore a look of surprise, and even Smiles Old Ancestor was frowning.

It had been a month since the last time the Royal Lord had attacked, and during this time, the void in front of them had undergone great changes.

The further they went, the smaller the dangers hidden in the void became, and there weren’t many Restrictions left.

Just now, Yang Kai suddenly felt as if he had entered another world.

A world without any energy!

The void was vast and boundless, and although it was mostly empty and quiet, it was still filled with all kinds of energy, but the problem was just how small it was.

The most common things in the void is the power of various stars.

The Nine Layers Heaven Formation that Immeasurable Grandmaster had set up for the Void Land back then was capable of absorbing the power of the stars to replenish itself, and the longer it took, the more powerful the Nine Layers Heaven Formation would become.

In the Ink Battlefield, there was also the power of stars and many other strange void forces.

Although this power couldn’t be absorbed by the Human Race, it still existed. Many of the Battleship had Spirit Arrays that could absorb void energy to power them.

This way, it could reduce the consumption of cultivators.

It could be said that this chaotic energy filled every inch of space in the void.

However, this place was completely empty.

There were no Restrictions, no remnants of Divine Abilities, no dazzling and colorful Heavenly Phenomenon, and even the power of the void had disappeared! [MSN: I will use heavenly phenomenon instead of celestial phenomenon now.]

This was a place with nothing but endless space.

Being in such a place gave Yang Kai a sense of surrealism. Even though he was inside, Yang Kai couldn’t help wondering if such a place really existed.

“Land Without Spirituality!” From the side, Smiles Old Ancestor frowned slightly and muttered.

Yang Kai had naturally heard of the Land Without Spirituality before, and this was the space he was currently in, but this was the first time he had actually seen it.

“Is it man-made or naturally formed?” Yang Kai asked.

The Old Ancestor shook her head, “I don’t know.”

If it was naturally formed, then so be it, but if it was man-made, then it would be a big deal.

Was this place related to the Black Ink Clan’s Source Land? Was the Black Ink Clan’s Source Land hidden here?

But this was the Land Without Spirituality, so why was the Black Ink Clan’s Source hidden here?

Was this the method of an ancient Great Expert?

Everything was unknown.

At this moment, in the depths of the void, an extremely powerful energy fluctuation appeared. Although it was fleeting, both Yang Kai and Smiles Old Ancestor had sharp senses, so how could they not notice it?

Yang Kai immediately turned his head in that direction.

Smiles Old Ancestor’s expression also changed.

Not only did they sense the energy fluctuations coming from the various Human Race passes, but all the Ninth Order and even the Human Race could clearly sense it.

From the various mountain passes, many pairs of eyes and Divine Senses were focused on this place. Some even flew up into the sky and looked over.

“So strong!” Smiles Old Ancestor shouted.

Although the source of the energy was still far away, she could clearly feel that the strength of this energy was not something she could use.

In other words, the one who created this fluctuation was an expert who surpassed her.

Smiles Old Ancestor couldn’t help feeling somewhat frightened.

She immediately thought of the jade hand she had seen in the Ink Nest Space.

At that time, she noticed that the owner of the jade hand seemed to be stronger than their Ninth ORder, and the power of a blow actually tore apart the Ink Nest Space that sealed them.

Of course, this was because the owner of the jade hand was extremely close to the Mother Nest, but it was still a testament to it's unfathomable strength.

Was this energy fluctuation caused by the jade hand’s owner?

Who would such an expert fight in the depths of the Void?

This expedition was becoming more difficult to predict.

However, by now, the Human Race’s major passes were extremely close to each other. Currently, Wind Cloud Pass and Azure Void Pass were only two hours away from Great Evolution Pass. Standing in Great Evolution pass, one could clearly see the two major passes.

It could be said that the Human Race had already finished gathering their forces, and any mountain pass could provide rapid and effective support to the other mountain passes.

The strength of more than a hundred mountain passes, more than a hundred Ninth Order, several thousand Eighth Order, and two million soldiers had gathered the accumulated resources of the Cave Heaven Paradise for countless years.

With such a powerful force, no matter how strong the Black Ink Clan was, the Human Race was confident they could deal with it!

In this battle, they must completely resolve this hidden danger of the Black Ink Clan!

After the fluctuations appeared, there was no longer any movement in the depths of the void, and no one knew what had just happened.

It wasn’t until three days later that Smiles Old Ancestor suddenly opened her eyes and stared ahead for a moment before suddenly rushing forward.

A long howl rang out.

At the same time, within the human mountain passes, the Ninth Order Open Heaven transformed into a long streak of light and flew towards the depths of the void.

“Enemies are attacking!” Yang Kai also noticed this and quickly shouted, “Be careful!”

He could clearly sense that there were more than thirty Ninth Order masters who had rushed out from the Human Race’s various mountain passes.

For so many Old Ancestor masters to pay so much attention to it, only the Royal Lords could do so.

Last time, the 21 Royal Lords had split up their forces, but in the end, they had been completely wiped out. Unexpectedly, not long after, another Royal Lords had appeared.

These should be the Royal Lords who had not appeared before.

Yang Kai didn’t understand why they didn’t act together and instead split into two groups.

Did they not know they would be defeated one by one?

It could only be said that there was a reason, and they had no choice but to do so. The Royal Lord was no fool. If they could gather their strength together, they would definitely not split up.

Not long after Yang Kai spoke, a great battle broke out in the void up ahead.

It was an extremely intense battle.

Previously, Smiles Old Ancestor had gone to another mountain pass to provide support, but because the distance was too far, Yang Kai and the others were unable to sense it.

However, this time was different. The location of the battle this time was actually not far from Great Evolution Pass. With the strength of a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, it was at most half a day’s journey.

Numerous Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques burst out, and in the distance, a dazzling and resplendent light blossomed.

Under this dazzling brilliance, there was a boundless murderous intent.

Intense and brutal!

This was the most direct feeling Yang Kai had from this battle.

The two sides didn’t probe each other, instead engaging in a life and death struggle.

“One, two, three…” Yang Kai focused his senses and frowned a moment later, “The number is wrong, there are only nineteen Royal Lords.”

There were a total of 45 Royal Lords who had escaped from the various war zones. 21 of them had died, so there should still be 24 remaining. Now, only nineteen had appeared, so where had the other five gone?

Feng Ying also nodded, “Nineteen.”

Yang Kai immediately said, “Return to Great Evolution Pass!”

The other five Royal Lords were nowhere to be seen, and no one knew where they were hiding. If they were to jump out at this moment, Dawn’s side wouldn’t be able to resist them, and Azure Void Pass’ Old Ancestor and Wind Cloud Pass’ Old Ancestor might not be able to save them in time, so it was best to retreat back to Great Evolution Pass.

What he didn’t know was that the five Royal Lords had been killed by Cang's palm, so there were only nineteen remaining.

Moreover, these nineteen were even more seriously injured than the previous 21.

Cang’s palm strike had killed five of the Royal Lords and severely wounded more than ten of them. The Royal Lords who were already injured were now even worse off, many of them unable to display even half of their usual strength.

The Human Race’s Ninth Order had sent out thirty Ninth Order masters this time, so their numbers were nearly half of their own. The Royal Lords were fighting to the death, but how could they be their opponents?

The battle erupted suddenly and ended quickly.

As soon as Yang Kai led the Dawn Squad cultivators back to the Great Evolution Pass, the sounds of the fallen Royal Lords could be heard from the distant battlefield.

On the city walls, the group of Human Race soldiers who were sensing the movements of the battlefield were all dumbfounded.

No one had expected the Royal Lords to be so vulnerable.

In less than the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the battle had actually ended. The nineteen Royal Lords who had appeared all had their auras withering, clearly having fallen.

Smiles Old Ancestor soon returned, completely unharmed.

Xiang Shan and the others quickly rushed forward.

However, the Old Ancestor’s brow was tightly furrowed. The battle just now, including the previous one, gave her an extremely uncoordinated feeling.

The Royal Lords didn’t seem to care about their lives at all, as if they couldn’t wait to die, completely ignoring their attacks.

What made her even more concerned was that the nineteen Royal Lords who had appeared this time were all seriously injured.

More than ten of them couldn’t even display half of their usual strength, otherwise, even if the Human Race had more people, they wouldn’t have won so easily.

The Royal Lords’ injuries were quite strange. Was this related to the energy explosion several days ago?

Perhaps there was, otherwise there was no way to explain.

If that was the case, it meant that someone had taken action against the Royal Lords before them.

While the Old Ancestor was deep in thought, a faint guiding light suddenly appeared.

It wasn’t a voice transmission, nor was it a Divine Sense transmission. It was simply a guide.

Smiles Old Ancestor immediately turned to look in the direction of the Royal Lords.

In the various mountain passes, the eyes of more than a hundred Old Ancestors also focused in that direction.

Some people raised their eyebrows, some looked surprised, some looked relieved…

When the guide arrived, all of the Old Ancestors knew that they were about to arrive at the source of the Black Ink Clan and would soon be able to solve some of their doubts and mysteries.

Whether the owner of that jade hand was a friend or foe would soon be revealed.

If they're not mistaken, this mysterious guidance came from the owner of that jade hand.


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