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“What’s going on in the outside world? All of you have actually been driven back. Is it because my Human Race is at its peak? Are you really no match for them?”

“There aren’t many Innate Royal Lord, most of them are Promoted masters. It seems that many of those who left here died.”

“Hey, don’t waste your energy. If this old master’s side was so easily broken, how could it be your turn to act? Everyone, let’s take a break and sit down for a chat.”

“The one with the horn over there, yes, it’s you. Tell me about the situation outside. In exchange, this old master can give you a piece of good fortune.”

Cang continued to blabber on, but the Royal Lords remained silent. The Ink Force surged as they madly attacked, but even with the combined efforts of the 24 Royal Lords, they were unable to shake Cang in the slightest.

The more he talked, the fiercer the attacks from the Royal Lord became, as if they wanted to blow him up.

Suddenly, from the depths of the darkness came a surprised voice, “You can control Shi's power?” [MSN: It's Shi/Devourer]

Although Cang’s movements were extremely well-hidden, there were still some clues to be found. Originally, he had concealed it very well, but now he had accidentally revealed some clues.

Cang chuckled, “You noticed.”

The voice coldly said, “So that’s how it is! No wonder you old bastard could last so many years without dying, it turns out you can actually control the power of Shi.”

Cang sighed and said, “There’s nothing I can do about it. This damned place has been turned into a terrible place by you. If this old master wants to live, I can only steal from you from time to time.”

For countless years, he had relied on controlling Shi's Devouring Force and occasionally swallowing some energy from the darkness to survive until now, otherwise he would have died countless years ago.

The voice in the darkness sneered, “You're careful, even I didn’t discover any flaws after so many years.”

“It’s never good to take something without asking. If you, the owner of this house, were to find out, wouldn’t I be embarrassed?”

“Have you forgotten how Shi died?”

“There’s nothing I can do. If I want to live, this is the only way.”

How could Cang not know how Shi had died? It was precisely because he had swallowed too much of the Ink Force back then that he risked being Inked in the end, so he integrated himself into the restriction at the last moment.

Even powerful existences like them found it difficult to resist the erosion of the Ink Force.

The voice in the darkness sneered, “Good, if you want it, I’ll give it to you!”

As he spoke, the calm darkness suddenly began to roil, as if a violent energy was surging within it, madly attacking the strange restriction from the inside.

Cang’s expression changed as he shouted, “Black Ink, don’t act so rashly, let’s talk things out.”

The voice in the darkness fell silent, its power surging even more violently.

On the other hand, Cang’s originally skinny body, which was only left with bones, began to expand at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the blink of an eye, he had transformed into the shape of a fleshy old man.

This wasn’t the end. Cang’s body continued to expand and soon swelled up like a balloon.

“Enough, enough!” Cang shouted, his voice filled with fear, “Black Ink, stop, if this continues, this old master will burst.”

How could Black Ink stop? If this old man really exploded, it would be a good thing for him.

Outside the restriction, when the 24 Royal Lord saw this scene, all of them were overjoyed and began attacking even harder.

A moment later, Cang’s entire body swelled up into a ball, and even his facial features couldn’t be seen clearly, as if he could explode at any moment.

He cried out bitterly, “I can’t hold on anymore, I can’t hold on anymore!”

Saying so, he raised his palm and struck forward.

The Royal Lords who were bombarding him suddenly felt as if a great catastrophe was approaching, a great crisis enveloping them as if they could die at any moment.

In the darkness, Black Ink’s scream rang out, “Get out of the way!”

How could there be enough time?

When Cang’s palm struck out, the vast space around them trembled slightly, and a huge restriction that covered the darkness rippled.

The five Royal Lord who bore the brunt of this attack were instantly turned into a bloody mist under this violent force, not even leaving behind a corpse.

Behind them, even more Royal Lords were severely wounded.

With this strike, the entire world suddenly fell silent.

Cang’s body, which was as swollen as a ball, also seemed to deflate at this moment as it rapidly shrank back into the form of a flesgy old man. With a relaxed expression, he let out a long sigh, “This is much better.”

The surviving Royal Lord were all terrified as they stared at Cang.

They were the Royal Lords, the most powerful existences in this world. Twenty four of them had joined forces and bombarded Cang for such a long time, but not only had they failed to injure him in the slightest, but under his counterattack, five of them had died, more than ten of them had been seriously injured, and none of them were intact.

The power of that strike just now had far exceeded their understanding.

In this world, there shouldn’t be such a powerful force.

In the darkness sealed by the restriction, the black sea no longer churned.

After a long time, Black Ink’s voice rang out, “You lied to me!”

With Cang’s attitude just now, he had really thought that this old bastard was going to explode and had spared no effort to provide him with his own strength, but who would have thought that this old bastard would actually borrow his strength to directly blast out this violent force, causing the Royal Lord to suffer heavy casualties.

It could be said that this strike was not his true strength.

The Royal Lords didn’t know, but Black Ink did. Cang’s palm had borrowed his strength and the power of the entire restriction, which was why it had been able to display such terrifying damage.

With Cang’s own strength, it was impossible for him to achieve such a feat.

If he really had this ability, he wouldn’t have been trapped here and sealed himself.

“You actually lied to me!” Black Ink roared hysterically like an abandoned little wife.

Cang’s body trembled as goosebumps rose all over his body, “Speak properly, don’t act so resentful, as if this old master has done something bad to you. Moreover, lying to you isn’t normal, you’re so stupid, who else would I lie to?”

“You lied to me all those years ago!” Black Ink roared, “You tricked me into coming here, set up a restriction, and imprisoned me for more than a million years, all of you deserve to die!”

Cang sighed lightly, “There’s nothing we can do about it. Your strength… is too tyrannical. If we didn’t imprison you here, the 3000 worlds would have been long gone. Haven’t we old fellows been accompanying you all this time? Up until now, only this old man is left. The others have all died.”

Black Ink sneered, “You’ve brought this upon yourselves!”

If these people didn’t personally guard such a massive restriction, they wouldn’t be able to imprison Black Ink, so they could only remain here.

However, Black Ink has no worry about it's longevity, but the people guarding this place were unable to do so. No matter how strong they were, a million years without any energy replenishment would gradually pass.

“Forget it, forget it, the past is like smoke, let’s not talk about it,” Cang waved his hand, looking dispirited, “This old master won’t be able to hold on for much longer. After this old master dies, you will naturally be able to escape. At that time, whether this vast universe lives or dies will have nothing to do with this old master.”

After a long silence in the darkness, Black Ink’s voice rang out, “I will wait for that day.”

Cang raised his brow and asked, “Do you want to do it yourself? Just like just now, if you do it a few more times, this old master might really explode!”

“Hmph!” Black Ink snorted coldly before returning to silence, not bothering to respond.

Cang then looked towards the nineteen remaining Royal Lords and raised his hand, “Shall we continue?”

The Royal Lords’ eyes were solemn, but none of them moved.

Since they knew this person could swallow the Ink Force and use it for himself, how could they still attack him? Just now, the five Royal Lord had died without even making a sound.

If this continued a few more times, they would probably all be wiped out.

The next moment, the Royal Lords seemed to receive some kind of order and bowed towards the sealed darkness before turning around and quickly disappearing.

Cang secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Although compared to the past, this Black Ink fellow’s intelligence had grown quite a bit and was no longer as easy to deal with as before, he was still a bit stupid.

If he really had to do this a few more times, Cang felt that he might not be able to hold on.

After all, there were ten people guarding this massive seal in the past, but now, he was the only one left.

Although he could rely on the strength left behind by others, he was still alone and could not borrow much.

Looking in the direction the Royal Lords had left, he sighed in his heart. If you don’t come soon, this old master really won’t be able to hold on.

Could he last until that day?

For so many years, in this terrible place, no one had been able to replenish their strength, and all of his old friends had died one after another. Before dying, everyone had merged their bodies into the restriction to strengthen it.

The last to leave was Shi.

Before assimilating his body into the restriction, Shi had told him about a plan. He would retain a trace of his spirituality and return to the 3000 Worlds.

Perhaps he would have a chance to live again.

He wanted to find a way to completely resolve this problem in this life.

It had to be said that this was an extremely bold plan, because even Shi himself didn’t know if it would succeed.

But there was always hope.

Now that more than a hundred thousand years had passed, Shi was still nowhere to be seen, and Cang didn’t know if his plan had worked or not.

Perhaps that trace of spirituality had been unable to return to the 3000 Worlds.

After all, the road ahead was extremely dangerous and filled with thorns. If one were to be caught up in any kind of danger, they could easily die.

Even if he really returned to the 3000 Worlds, it would be almost impossible for him to live again.

Cang was mentally prepared for this. The reason he had agreed to this plan all those years ago was because he had no other choice. Having a sliver of hope was better than sitting back and waiting for death.

However, after waiting for so many years, there was a high chance that Shi's plan had failed, otherwise he wouldn’t have disappeared for more than a hundred thousand years.

Fortunately, the juniors of the Human Race had made a name for themselves and had even driven back the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, allowing Cang to see a glimmer of hope.


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Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre
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loooooooool shi!!!!!


Wu kuang??? xD

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Hearing the Devourer I was thinking the same thing, It all make sense that Guy strength only YK can rival him, Plus he was dead set on getting out of the star boundary and would stop at anything to do so and he seem to know a lot about the outer universe and pop up in some weird place like he was searching for something.


Shiratsu Hirari Taqi
Shiratsu Hirari Taqi
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Is wu kuang, shi? You know heaven devourer and that lotus. Reincarnation? That is maybe why he has that temperament. Cause he cannot stay still in star boundary...

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Rudiansyah R
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I think he is. It's seems reinforcement from 3000 worlds would come soon. I hope Wu Kuang and Embodiment would come too

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