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As such, these two mountain passes that had been targeted by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords only suffered some losses at the beginning. When the other mountain passes’ Old Ancestors arrived to support them, the Royal Lord were no longer able to recklessly attack them.

Wind Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor could only sense two battlefields.

There should be an even further battlefield that even he would not be able to detect. The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords had not only divided their forces into two groups.

In these two battlefields, eleven Royal Lord had fallen, but what about the other Royal Lord?

Were they also dead?

Could they not escape?

Why couldn’t they escape?

Wind Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor narrowed his eyes slightly, faintly understanding.

Smiles Old Ancestor soon returned.

Now, the distance between the mountain passes had become much shorter, so even for a Supreme Cultivator like the Old Ancestor, the cost of using a Space Array had decreased greatly.

Wind Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor didn’t stay for long. After Smiles Old Ancestor returned, he left. He still had to return to Wind Cloud Pass.

Inside the meeting hall, Smiles Old Ancestor’s aura was somewhat heavy. Although she hadn’t been seriously injured in the previous battle, if she wanted to kill several Royal Lords, she would have to pay a price.

Fortunately, these Royal Lords were all heavily injured and couldn’t display their full strength, otherwise it would be difficult to say who would win this battle.

Down below, Xiang Shan reported with a solemn expression, “This time, there were a total of four mountain passes that were attacked by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords, Azure Nether Pass, Crape-Myrtle Pass, Purple Exquisite Pass, and Nine Stars Pass. Of these four mountain passes, a total of 21 Royal Lords were killed.”

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord’s attack was launched almost simultaneously.

The two battlefields that the Wind and Cloud Pass’ Old Ancestor had sensed before were the Azure Nether Pass and Nine Stars Pass, while Purple Exquisite Pass and Crape-Myrtle pass were farther away, an the Wind Cloud Pass' Old Ancestor could not detect them.

Each of these four mountain passes had been attacked by five or six Royal Lords, a total of 21 of them, but after a single battle, all of them had died.

The results were not bad.

One had to know that these were the 21 Royal Lords, not Territory Lords.

In the past, the entire Ink Battlefield only had a total of a hundred or so Royal Lords. When they had conquered the various war zones, more than half of them had been killed and only a few were left. Now, with 21 more dead, there weren’t many Royal Lords left alive.

However, this rich battle result didn’t make anyone happy, instead making them feel somewhat frightened.

The lower-ranking soldiers weren’t clear about the situation and only knew that the Old Ancestors had displayed their might and killed the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords from all over the world, but the Old Ancestors who had participated in that battle felt something different.

Those Royal Lords…

None of them retreated. From the very beginning, they had been determined to die.

When Purple Exquisite Pass was attacked, the first thing the old ancestor of Purple Exquisite Pass did was to go out and face the enemy. In less than ten breaths of time, he had nearly been killed by the combined forces of the five Royal Lord. Under normal circumstances, even if the old ancestor of Purple Exquisite Pass had to face five enemies at once, he wouldn’t have had to face a life or death crisis in such a short time. It was because of this confidence that he had decided to go out to face the enemy.

However, the five Royal Lords seemed to be fighting with their lives on the line, so Purple Exquisite Pass's Old Ancestor was caught off guard and immediately fell into a disadvantageous position. Fortunately, the other Old Ancestors from the other mountain passes had arrived in time to save him.

There was even a Royal Lord who had used a powerful Secret Technique when he was about to die, nearly dragging a Human Race Old Ancestor down with him.

In this battle, the 21 Royal Lords who had come to attack were killed, and many of the Old Ancestors who participated in the battle were injured.

“I’m afraid it’s not far from the Source Area,” Smiles Old Ancestor said in a low voice, making the same guess as Wind Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor.

It was precisely because they weren’t far from the Source Area that the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord were willing to risk their lives to stop the Human Race’s army. They knew that they couldn’t stop all of them, so they split up and attacked with the mentality that if they could destroy a mountain pass, they would destroy it.

However, they hadn’t expected that the Human Race would be on guard, so they had reacted quickly, causing their plan to fail.

Xiang Shan frowned and said, “According to the previous information we received, there were a total of 45 Royal Lords who escaped, and now there are 21 of them here. The remaining 24 are nowhere to be seen, and we don’t know where they are hiding or what they are plotting.”

Smiles Old Ancestor said, “These hidden Royal Lords are still hidden dangers, but no matter what they plan to do, the Human Race can only act accordingly.”

In fact, this was also what Smiles Old Ancestor was puzzled about.

According to the Black Ink Clan’s plan to attack the Human Race’s Pass this time, the Royal Lords who had escaped could be divided into nine groups.

However, only four of the four mountain passes had been attacked. 21 of the Royal Lords had appeared, but the remaining 24 had disappeared. Even though the Royal Lords who had appeared had been killed, none of them had appeared.

Where were these Royal Lords? If they really jumped out like the other Royal Lords, it would be easy to deal with, but now that they were hiding in the shadows, it was truly a headache.

“No matter where those Royal Lords are hiding, don’t let your guard down on Great Evolution Pass’s side. Relay my orders and have the scouts return.”

The four mountain passes that had been attacked earlier had suffered heavy casualties.

Smiles Old Ancestor was also afraid that such a situation would occur again, the scouts from Great Evolution Pass’s side would be unable to resist.

Just as Xiang Shan was about to accept the order, a sharp cry suddenly came from outside Great Evolution Pass.

Xiang Shan was startled and turned his head towards the source of the sound.

This was obviously a signal from the scout team. What had they discovered?

When he turned around again, Smiles Old Ancestor had already disappeared, rushing over the moment she heard the voice.

Xiang Shan couldn’t help laughing as he quickly caught up. Inside Great Evolution Pass, numerous eighth Order Open Heaven figures soared into the sky, staring into the depths of the void, wanting to see what was happening.

At this time, at the location of Breaking Dawn, Smiles Old Ancestor’s figure suddenly appeared, but she didn’t find any trace of the enemy and couldn’t help frowning, “What’s going on?”

Yang Kai replied, “Old Ancestor, the road ahead is somewhat wrong.”

Smiles Old Ancestor’s brow furrowed slightly as she focused her attention. The next moment, her expression changed slightly.

There was indeed something wrong with the road ahead. The deeper they went into the Void, the more dangerous it became. Everywhere they went, there were Restrictions and Ancient Divine Abilities.

But now that they had arrived here, the crisis seemed to have been greatly reduced.

Moreover, the reduction was extremely obvious.

Currently, the dangers in the void could no longer be considered true dangers. It was no longer a threat to the Seventh Order Open Heaven.

One had to know that before this, the crisis in the Void was something that even an Eighth Order master could not easily ignore.

Smiles Old Ancestor frowned as she investigated the situation and found that it was indeed as Yang Kai had said.

“When did you discover this?” Smiles Old Ancestor asked. Such an obvious change was quite unusual, perhaps there was some hidden danger.

Yang Kai replied, “Just now.”

Previously, when the Old Ancestors fought with the Royal Lords, the situation had not changed, but after the battle ended, Yang Kai suddenly noticed a change in the void.

Smiles Old Ancestor frowned but didn’t say anything. She didn’t know why such a change had occurred.

Originally, she had planned to have the scout team return to Great Evolution Pass so that they wouldn’t encounter the hidden Royal Lord and Lords, but now it wasn’t good to summon them back. She didn’t return to Great Evolution Pass, instead choosing to remain on Breaking Dawn to personally investigate the situation. This way, even if a Royal Lord really came to attack, she would be able to immediately protect the scout team.

With a thought, she sent a message to Great Evolution Pass and asked Xiang Shan to ask about the situation at the other mountain passes.

Soon, it return, and almost all of the mountain passes encountered such a change. The danger they faced was greatly reduced…

At the same time.

Deep in the void, in an unknown place.

The power of the Ink Force surged violently, and the aura of the 24 figures became violent.

These 24 figures were none other than the Royal Lords who had escaped from the various war zones.

Smiles Old Ancestor was worried that these hidden Royal Lords would act against the Human Race, but in reality, they had already returned to this unknown place.

The other 21 had not returned here mainly to delay the Human Race army’s advance.

Originally, the strength of the 21 Royal Lords was not weak. Even if they were injured, they were still Royal Lords. As long as they were fast enough, they could easily destroy the Human Race’s mountain passes.

Putting aside the fact that all of the surrounding mountain passes destruction, as long as one or two of them were destroyed, the Human Race’s army would be wary of them. At that time, they would definitely have to stop their expedition and defend with all their might.

They hadn't anticipated that the Human Race would be on guard, causing their plan to fail.

21 of the Royal Lords had been wiped out, but the Human Race expedition had not been disturbed.

The death of their companions was something they couldn’t perceive, these 24 Royal Lord had their own mission.

At this moment, the many Royal Lords gathered in one place, each using their own methods to activate their Ink Force and bombard a certain spot in the void.

The combined might of the 24 Royal Lords was extremely fierce, and the methods they used were enough to destroy the world, causing cracks to appear in space.

At the place where the violent energy converged, a figure that had almost lost all its flesh and blood was now sitting cross-legged.

His aura was faint, like a dead man.

Only his eyes weren’t dim, but they were still glowing with the light of life.


His location was not some kind of secret place, anyone who could reach this place could easily discover his location.

The target of the 24 Royal Lords’ joint attack was him.

However, at this moment, the violent attack that could tear the universe apart was actually unable to harm Cang in the slightest. All of the attacks were blocked by an inexplicable force three zhang away from Cang.

This energy seemed to have transformed into a barrier as it spread outwards, spreading far and wide.

The Royal Lords didn’t know how long they had been attacking, but they didn’t feel tired.

Wherever Cang was located, a thick Ink Force filled the air.

While the Royal Lords were attacking, Cang didn’t feel the slightest sense of crisis, as if he was certain that these Royal Lords couldn’t do anything to him. Not only did he not try to stop them, he was even chattering non-stop.

“Did you come back from outside? Looking at your sorry state, could it be you were beaten back?”

“That’s right, all of them are injured, I’m afraid they’ve suffered quite a bit. Tsk… this generation’s younger generation has finally made a name for themselves. This old master’s many years of presiding over this place have not been in vain.”

“Can you tell me about the situation outside? I’ve been here for too many years, so I don’t know anything about the outside world. I don’t even have anyone to talk to. Your old lady is just a boring person who can’t even let out a fart. It's really boring.”


[MSN: The four attacked mountain passes' name might not be accurate.]

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