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From their point of view, Yang Kai stood on the side of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. Before the Human Race’s various mountain passes had fully assembled, if they split up and attacked, the Human Race would be exhausted.

He had had such concerns before, but now it seemed that the Black Ink Clan had really taken action.

“Brother Niu, I’ll leave everything here to you.”

In the direction of Azure Void Pass, the voice of the Old Ancestor rang out, and in the next moment, his aura rapidly receded. In the direction of Azure Void Pass, a pillar of light similar to the one when Smiles Old Ancestor had just teleported lit up.

The Azure Void Pass's Old Ancestor had also set out to reinforce the second mountain pass that had been attacked by the Royal Lords.

The void trembled as the sound of a cow’s moo filled the air as the aura of an expert rapidly approached.

Yang Kai turned his head and saw the Old Ancestor of Wind Cloud Pass riding his old ox towards him.

Soon, they arrived.

Of the three mountain passes, Great Evolution Pass was situated in the middle while the Wind Cloud Pass on the left side and Azure Void Pass on the right side. Now that the two Old Ancestors of Great Evolution Pass and Azure Void Pass had left, Wind Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor naturally had to protect the three mountain passes, so it was naturally more suitable for him to come to Great Evolution Pass. As such, he could oversee both the left and right.

“Greetings, Old Ancestor!” Yang Kai and the others from Dawn Squad saluted.

This person from Wind Cloud Pass didn’t go to Great Evolution Pass but instead came directly to Breaking Dawn.

Wind Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor nodded slightly and smiled at Yang Kai, “You did a good job before.”

What he was talking about was undoubtedly the time several years ago when he defeated the Black Ink Clan’s King City. He is a Seventh Order Open Heaven master, killing the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord, and Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple, looking at the entire Ink Battlefield, since ancient times, he is the only one who has done so.

The Old Ancestors' eyes were higher than the sky, ordinary Seventh Order won't be able to enter their eyes.

However, Yang Kai caught his eye.

“I was lucky, Old Ancestor is too kind,” Yang Kai said humbly.

Wind Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor chuckled, “With your ability, if you can reach the Ninth Order, you should be more useful than us old fogies, but unfortunately…”

Unfortunately, Yang Kai had broken through to the Open Heaven at the Fifth Order and later consumed a Mid-Rank World Fruit, and his limit is at the Eighth Order.

Eighth Order is only Eighth Order after all, a far cry from a Ninth Ord.

“Of course, if you can find the Universe Furnace, you should be able to break this shackle.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Disciple is only a Seventh Order now, it’s too far to consider such things. Not to mention, if I can completely resolve the Black Ink Clan’s crisis, what difference will there be between an Eighth Order and Ninth Order?”

Hearing this, the Old Ancestor raised his brow, “You’re quite free and unrestrained.” Raising his eyes, he stared into the distance, “I hope so!”

If they could completely resolve the hidden dangers of the Black Ink Clan this time, there really wouldn’t be much of a difference between the Eighth and Ninth Order. Not to mention the others, even these Old Ancestors who had been in charge of the Ink Battlefield for so many years would no longer be able to cultivate in the 3000 Worlds, only enjoying their comfortable life.

The war had been going on for far too long, so long that even the Old Ancestors wanted to live a peaceful life.

Following his gaze, Yang Kai asked, “Old Ancestor, is the situation serious?”

The Old Ancestor chuckled lightly, “They're simply courting death.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai immediately understood what was going on and raised his brow, “The Old Ancestors were expecting this?”

“Not really, we were just on guard. After all, so many Royal Lords have escaped, we can’t just ignore them,” The Old Ancestor replied casually, “If they didn’t jump out, we wouldn’t have been able to find them, but since they jumped out, it’s easier to deal with them. Enemies in the open are better than the one hiding in the dark.”

“But now that the Royal Lords have split up, it’s difficult for the Human Race to deal with them.”

The Old Ancestor slowly shook his head, “If they split up, we can also split up. Previously, Little Girl… didn’t your Great Evolution Pass Old Ancestor and the one from Azure Void Pass go to support them?”

Little Girl?

Yang Kai raised his brow, feeling like he had heard something incredible.

“Moreover… the Black Ink Clan and my Human Race are different in the end. Their strength is indeed not weak, and their previous use of their respective Royal Lord Ink Nest, also brought some trouble to the Human Race. However, they have a very obvious flaw, do you know what it is?”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before responding, “If they want to heal their injuries, they must use their own Ink Nest.”

Wind Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor smiled and said, “Yes, this is their biggest flaw, and it can also be said to be a fatal flaw! The Black Ink Clan’s foundation lies in the Ink Nest, and their strength originates from it. Without the Ink Nest, they are nothing. Although these Royal Lords managed to escape before, which of them didn’t suffer heavy injuries? Without the Ink Nest, they would have been unable to recover from their injuries.”

Listening to this, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and his worries eased significantly.

He had forgotten about this.

Previously, in the Great Evolution War Zone, the reason why Royal Lord Mo Zhao had been injured for hundreds of years was because Smiles Old Ancestor had been constantly disturbing him, occasionally using the Space Spirit Bead to show off outside the King City, so how could Mo Zhao have the time to enter the Ink Nest to recuperate?

Since there was no way to heal his injuries, he could only delay them until the end of the battle, when the Ink Nest was destroyed and his strength fell sharply, he was killed by Smiles Old Ancestor.

Mo Zhao was like this, so were the other Royal Lords.

The Royal Lords who had escaped from the various war zones had indeed managed to preserve their lives, but without the Ink Nest’s help, they were just like Mo Zhao.

“On top of that, did they really think they would be safe after fleeing all the way here? Not necessarily. If they were lucky, their journey might have been smooth, but you’ve all seen the dangers along the way. The Human Race relies on the protection of the mountain pass to be more or less safe, but if they travel alone, they’ll definitely be surrounded by thorns,” Wind Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor laughed as he patted the old ox's head, “It’s already good enough that these Royal Lords can display seventy percent of their peak strength.”

Seventy percent! It seemed like a lot, but compared to the peak, the difference was huge.

Forget about the level of a Royal Lord, even Yang Kai, if he could only display seventy percent of his strength, he would probably be no different from an ordinary Seventh Order.

The Black Ink Clan Royal Lords were unable to heal their injuries, but the Human Race’s Old Ancestors were different. Even if the Old Ancestors had been injured at the time, after a few years of rest and recuperation, the ones who weren’t seriously injured had most likely been healed, while the ones who were seriously injured would be healed.

“That’s why, if they don’t jump out, we old fogies will have to guard against them. Since they’ve jumped out, it’s easy to kill them. If we want to win this battle, it won’t be difficult. We’ll just have to see how many enemies we can kill!” Wind Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor narrowed his eyes slightly, “However, since they’ve jumped out to intercept the humans here, it seems we're not far from the Source Land. They don’t want us to get close to it, so even if they know they can’t defeat us, they’ll still try their best.”

Yang Kai asked, “What about the previous Royal Lords in the Ink Nest Space? If they also interfere…”

“Although it’s not impossible, the chances aren’t high,” The Old Ancestor muttered, “According to our previous speculations, the Royal Lords in the Ink Nest Space should have some kind of limitation, making it impossible for them to easily dispatch their true selves. The reason they were able to ambush and kill a Ninth Order Human Race master in the Ink Nest Space was because of the Ink Nest’s power. However, there is always a chance. After all, we don’t know anything about the situation in the Source Land, so we’ll know whether these Royal Lords will interfere or not later.”

What would they be waiting for? Naturally, it would be the result of the battle.

The Human Race’s response was to act according to the plans of the fleeing Royal Lords. If the Royal Lords that appeared in the Ink Nest’s space could really intervene in the battle outside, the Human Race’s situation would not be good.

As such, the results of this battle would directly reflect the various speculations from before.

The waiting time was always torturous. The shockwaves from the battle in the distance seemed to become more violent, and even though they were quite a distance away, the shockwaves could still clearly be felt.

Which was better? Yang Kai didn’t know.

At one point, a strange fluctuation suddenly appeared, causing Wind Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor to raise his brow and laugh, “A Royal Lord has fallen.”

The fluctuations just now were clearly the result of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord’s death!

Everyone in the Dawn Squad clenched their fists and cheered. Yang Kai also let out a long sigh of relief.

The death of a Royal Lord meant that the Human Race had the upper hand. It seemed that the Royal Lords who had appeared in the Ink Nest Space really hadn’t taken action, or else they wouldn’t have been killed so quickly.

After the death of the first Royal Lord, on the battlefield, the Human Race seemed to have opened up a gap, and one after another, news of the fall of the Royal Lords spread.

The battle continued, the aftermath becoming more violent.

As the number of fallen Royal Lords increased, the commotion grew larger!

The Royal Lords who had escaped from the various war zones were now fighting to the death!

It wasn’t until several days later that the battle in the distant void suddenly calmed down.

Yang Kai and the others all stared at the Wind Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor. Although they already had some guesses, if the Old Ancestor didn’t give them a definite answer, they still wouldn’t feel at ease.

The Old Ancestor also noticed this and smiled, “This battle is a great victory!”

A great victory!

Shouts of joy rang out across the Dawn Squad.

At the same time, cheers rang out from the Great Evolution Pass.

Obviously, the inside of the pass had also discovered the situation.

Since they were connected to each other by a space array, it was easy for news to spread, so it wasn’t strange for Great Evolution Pass to get the news.

Yang Kai and the others were excited, but the Wind Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor's smile was a bit strange. After this battle, the hidden dangers of the Royal Lords who had escaped from the various war zones had been resolved.

Because in the battlefield he could sense, all of the Royal Lords who had appeared had withered.

In other words, all the Royal Lords had fallen.

But this wasn’t normal.

Before, when these Royal Lords weren’t the opponent of the Human Race's Ninth Order master, they still knew how to flee, so why didn’t they flee now? Whether they had a chance to escape or not, they still had some hope.

Although he hadn’t personally participated in this battle, under the investigation of Wind Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor, even if these Royal Lords fought until the last moment of their lives, they had no intention of escaping. Not only that, but from the very start of the battle, they had used all their strength, otherwise the commotion wouldn’t have been so great.

These Black Ink Clan Royal Lords had come with the intention of destroying a certain mountain pass, but after sensing the Human Race’s response, they had no intention of compromising.

In the two battlefields that the Wind Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor had investigated, a total of eleven Royal Lords had fallen, five from one side and six from the other.

Under normal circumstances, with five or six Royal Lords working together, none of them would be able to resist, but the Human Race had already made arrangements, and the moment the battle erupted, the nearby Old Ancestors had already rushed over.


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