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“There’s no message, I’m just doing an experiment,” Yang Kai said before turning around and disappearing into the portal of the Formation.

The few Open Heaven masters were left confused.

“Has someone teleported here?” Suddenly, a voice rang out, followed by the Wind Cloud Pass' Eastern Army Regiment Commander Yuan Xingge.

He had obviously noticed the commotion here and had come over to take a look.

However, he was a step too late.

The Seventh Order quickly stepped forward and reported, “It’s Great Evolution Pass’s Yang Kai, but he soon returned and said he was doing an experiment.”

“Experiment?” Yuan Xingge frowned, “What the hell?”

Transporting people required a massive amount of resources, so even if Great Evolution Pass didn’t lack resources, it's shouldn't be wasted.

Just as everyone was puzzled, the Space Array once again lit up, but this time, the disturbance was much smaller than the last time. Everyone could tell that this was a Jade Slip Transmission and not a person.

Sure enough, when the light faded, a jade slip lay quietly on top of the Space Array.

The Seventh Order guard stepped forward and picked up the jade slip. After scanning it with his Divine Sense, his expression immediately changed as he hurriedly said, “Sir, Great Evolution Pass found something.”

Saying so, he handed over the jade slip.

Yuan Xingge received it and after examining it, his expression also changed.

“Great Evolution Pass and Wind Cloud Pass are only three months away?”

This was an extremely shocking matter. How could it only be three months away? Moreover, according to the jade slip sent over from Great Evolution Pass’s side, not only had the distance between Great Evolution Pass and Wind Cloud Pass shortened, but the distance between all the other human race passes had also been shortened, allowing this side to continue spreading news while seeking confirmation.

Yuan Xingge didn’t dare delay and quickly spread the news while arranging for people to pass through the space array to the nearby mountain pass.

In the Great Evolution Pass’ transmission hall, in less than half a day’s time, jade slips were sent through various mountain passes.

After Smiles Old Ancestor examined it for a while, she tossed it to Yang Kai and nodded, “It has been confirmed that the distance between all the mountain passes is shrinking.”

Yang Kai also read the message and frowned, “Why is this happening?”

Smiles Old Ancestor shook her head, “I don’t know, but if that’s the case, it means that all the Human Race’s passes will eventually converge in one place.”

This was a good thing for the Human Race. With all the passes gathered together, the Human Race’s forces wouldn’t be scattered and wouldn’t have to fight on their own.

There were more than two million Open Heaven masters, more than a hundred Ninth Order masters, and thousands of Eighth Order masters. Such a force was enough to sweep through the entire universe.

No matter how dangerous the Black Ink Clan’s Source Land was, the Human Race army would be able to flatten it.

“You have an advantage in sensing the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, so pay more attention to the locations of the other mountain passes and Expelling Black Ink Battleship in the future,” Smiles Old Ancestor instructed.


As the days passed, the depths of the Ink Battlefield were not only filled with hidden dangers, but also extremely beautiful celestial phenomena. This was the creation of the world and not something that could be created by man.

Each of these celestial phenomena was extremely magnificent and occupied a vast space. Underneath their beautiful appearance was an unimaginable danger.

Many celestial phenomena, even the Ninth Order master could sense danger from it, and if they were to accidentally fall into it, they would likely die.

According to Feng Ying, in ancient times, there were many similar Celestial Phenomenon in the 3000 Worlds, but as the number of Human Race masters increased and their activities became more frequent, the Celestial Phenomenon in the 3000 Worlds gradually disappeared.

Unlike the depths of the Ink Battlefield, which had never changed.

Strictly speaking, the Chaotic Dead Territory was also considered a celestial phenomenon, but it wasn’t a natural phenomenon. It was formed by the collision between Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan.

The Chaotic Dead Territory was extremely dangerous, and even an Eighth Order cultivator could not enter it. Only a Ninth Order cultivator could barely move about inside.

Yang Kai had experienced the dangers of the Chaotic Deadd Territory before, and if it weren’t for the Giant Spiritual Go A’ Er leading him into it, he wouldn’t have been able to enter.

As for the many Celestial Phenomenon in the depths of the Ink Battlefield, they were far superior to the Chaotic Dead Territory.

This kind of Celestial Phenomenon was extremely dangerous, even Great Evolution Pass had to take a detour.

A year later, Wind Cloud Pass and Azure Void Pass were less than a month away from Great Evolution Pass’s location, but the distance between them was still shrinking.

Most of the other mountain passes were like this. Right now, the two most distant mountain passes were only two months away.

From the looks of it, it wouldn’t take more than a year for the Human Race’s various mountain passes to gather.

Even though Yang Kai was exploring the outside, he could clearly feel the murderous atmosphere inside Great Evolution Pass. The Great Evolution Army… was sharpening their blades.

Although there were no clear orders, almost everyone had a faint feeling that when the Human Race army gathered, it would be the time to fight to the death with the Black Ink Clan.

The Human Race had already made preparations.

Another half a year later, Great Evolution Pass and Wind Cloud Pass were only ten days apart!

At this distance, if it was an ordinary void, Yang Kai could already see where Wind Cloud Pass was.

However, in the depths of this Ink Battlefield, the energy fluctuations were violent and chaotic, and there were countless restrictions and dangers everywhere. Therefore, even though he knew where the Wind Cloud Pass was and how far away it was from him, he still couldn’t see it clearly.

He could only vaguely see a massive phantom in that direction.

The Human Race’s armies were about to meet!

One day, Yang Kai was looking towards Wind Cloud Pass when he suddenly felt something and turned his head in a certain direction.

The next moment, Feng Ying also noticed this and followed his gaze.

However, she couldn’t see anything.

However, the energy in the void was somewhat different.

“Someone fought?” Feng Ying asked.

Yang Kai silently sensed for a moment before shaking his head, “They must have triggered some kind of massive restriction…”

If they had fought, the aftermath wouldn’t have been so fierce. Although he didn’t know what was happening in that direction, he was certain that the place where the accident occurred was extremely far away, at least two months away.

At such a great distance, even if a Ninth Order were to fight with a Royal Lord, there wouldn’t be such a huge shockwave.

Only the restriction could explain this. Previously, Great Evolution Pass’s side had accidentally touched a massive barrier, and the entire mountain pass’s defenses had almost been torn apart.

As he spoke, a violent energy fluctuation suddenly came from the Great Evolution Pass, followed by a beam of light that shot into the sky.

Yang Kai turned around and his expression changed slightly.

“Old Ancestor has moved out!” Feng Ying shouted.

The scene just now was obviously caused by the Old Anccestor moving through the Space Array. Even if an ordinary Eighth Order cultivator was teleported, it would be impossible for them to have such power. Only when the Old Ancestor was teleported would such a phenomenon occur.

The Old Ancestor had actually taken action!

Yang Kai didn’t know where the Old Ancestor was going, but since it was able to alert the Old Ancestor, it was clear that something extraordinary had happened.

As soon as the Old Ancestor left, a powerful aura burst forth from Wind Cloud Pass. When Yang Kai turned his head to look, he could faintly make out a towering figure, covering the sky and tearing through the void.

The next moment, a familiar aura spread out from Wind Cloud Pass and enveloped Great Evolution Pass.

It was the Old Ancestor of Wind Cloud Pass’ aura!

Not only that, on the other side, the aura of an Old Ancestor also spread out, it was the Azure Void Pass’ Old Ancestor!

The auras of the two Old Ancestors intertwined in the sky above Great Evolution Pass, forming a protective barrier that lingered for a long time.

Yang Kai immediately came to his senses. With the departure of Smiles Old Ancestor from Great Evolution Pass’s side, if they were to encounter any danger, they might not be able to resist, but the Old Ancestors from the other two mountain passes immediately joined forces to protect Great Evolution Pass.

In this way, even if they were to encounter any danger, these two Old Ancestors would be able to come to their aid.

In other words, Azure Void Pass, Wind Cloud Pass, and Great Evolution Pass were currently being protected by the two Old Ancestors.

Yang Kai’s expression changed…

A short while later, from the direction of the abnormality just now, an even more violent shockwave spread out.

Yang Kai’s eyes twitched.

If the initial abnormality was some kind of massive restriction being activated, then the fluctuations at this moment were the result of a battle between two masters.

When two masters fought, there was naturally no such fluctuation. What if there were ten, twenty, or even more?

Recalling the scene of Smiles Old Ancestor teleporting away just now, Yang Kai immediately understood that the Old Ancestors should be fighting a powerful enemy in that direction.

Only the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord could contend with the Old Ancestor.

These were the Royal Lords who had escaped from the various mountain passes several years ago.

When the Black Ink Clan’s King City in the various war zones was pacified, many of the Royal Lords had died, but many of them had also escaped. It wasn’t that the Old Ancestors didn’t want to exterminate all of them, it was just that they were powerless. The Royal Lords weren’t weak, so if they wanted to escape, the Old Ancestors might not be able to do anything.

The direction the Royal Lord had fled that day was the depths of the Ink Battlefield!

Ever since he learned that the Human Race’s various mountain passes were closing in on each other and might eventually converge, Yang Kai had been vigilant about this matter.

The Human Race’s mountain passes might gather together, but what about the Royal Lords who had escaped from various places?

Would they not have gathered together?

It wasn’t just one or two Royal Lords, but several dozen!

With so many Royal Lords, if they were to join forces against a certain mountain pass, none of them would be able to resist, and it was likely that the entire mountain pass would soon be destroyed. At that time, the Human Race soldiers in that mountain pass would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

He had once mentioned this matter to the Old Ancestor.

However, the Old Ancestor only have arrengement on their side.

Yang Kai didn’t ask any more questions. After all, he was only a Seventh Order, so all he needed to do was focus on his own business.

Now it seemed that the Old Ancestors had indeed made some arrangements.

As soon as Great Evolution Pass sense a movement, Smiles Old Ancestor immediately rushed over to support, while the two Old Ancestors from Wind Cloud Pass and Azure Void Pass also immediately placed Great Evolution Pass under their protection.

This was the safest course of action.

On the other hand, Smiles Old Ancestor was definitely not the only Old Ancestor who had gone to support them.

The Black Ink Clan had several dozen Royal Lords, while the Human Race had many Ninth Order masters.

As for the final outcome of this battle, it would depend on the individual’s performance.

Perhaps some of the Old Ancestors would fall in this battle, but the Royal Lord would definitely suffer.

At this moment, another strange fluctuation appeared from another direction.

Yang Kai’s expression changed as he quickly looked in that direction.

The Black Ink Clan Royal Lord… had split up.

Instead of gathering together, they split up into two groups and began attacking the Human Race’s Pass.

Were there really only two places? Dozens of Royal Lords could be divided into multiple groups.


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