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When they set out from the Black Ink Clan’s King City, they had yet to find a clear destination.

But now, he had a goal.

Source Land!

The Source Land was the Origin of the Black Ink Clan, where the Black Ink Clan’s Mother Nest was located, as well as many Black Ink Clan Royal Lords!

It wasn’t just the Royal Lords, there were probably many Territory Lords as well, and most of them weren’t even Promoted Territory Lord like Ge Shen. Most of the Territory Lords there were Innate Territory Lords.

Great Evolution Pass currently had less than thirty thousand troops, forty Eighth Order, and one Ninth Order.

Such strength was not weak.

The situation of the other mountain passes should not be as good as Great Evolution Pass, and there were also some who were stronger and some who were weaker. However, this time there were more than a hundred mountain passes, and if they could gather together, the Human Race’s strength would exceed two million or more.

This was a total of more than two million Fifth Order Open Heaven masters and above, which had been accumulated over countless years in various Cave Heaven Paradise.

This kind of force was extremely powerful, but could it defeat the Black Ink Clan in the Source Land?

Yang Kai didn’t know, but even the Old Ancestor couldn’t guarantee anything.

Just looking at the ancient battlefield, it was clear that the Black Ink Clan was no pushover. Even if the Human Race was powerful now, who could guarantee they would win this battle?

What if they lost?

Also, what exactly was the power that limited the Source Land?

What was the jade hand that the Old Ancestor and the others had seen before? Could it help them in this battle?

The road ahead was unknown, so they could only continue forward.

Great Evolution Pass continued to advance while the scouting party continued to scout ahead. During this time, they encountered many dangers and inadvertently triggered some kind of restrictions, causing casualties to appear on the human race side.

Even the Dawn led by Yang Kai had nearly been destroyed.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, the Old Ancestor who was overseeing the Great Evolution Pass had arrived in time, allowing them to escape.

The deeper they went, the more dangerous the void became. Yang Kai couldn’t help wondering if even if he had released Ge Shen, would he have been able to return to the Source Lands safely?

If one’s luck was good, it might be possible, but if one’s luck was bad, every step would be filled with thorns.

It was difficult to imagine what kind of violent struggle had taken place in the void of this ancient era. Even after countless years, it was still so dangerous.

Time passed, year after year.

It had been three years since the expedition to the Source Land had begun, and they had encountered many dangers along the way, but there was still no trace of the Source Land, causing the Human Race to suspect that they were heading in the wrong direction.

However, there were more than a hundred mountain passes, and if one were to draw a net towards the depths of the Void, there would always be a correct direction.

The various mountain passes had always maintained contact with each other. Because the energy in the void was too chaotic, many of the mountain passes would occasionally lose contact, but after a while they would recover.

Along the way, apart from the Restrictions and remnant Divine Abilities that filled the void, there were no enemies.

One day three years later, Yang Kai was investigating the hidden dangers ahead when he suddenly felt something, as if he had noticed something unusual.

However, when he carefully examined it, he found nothing.

A moment later, he flashed back to Dawn and called out to Feng Ying, “Stand Guard.”

Feng Ying nodded and remained vigilant.

Yang Kai’s hand formed a series of hand seals as he activated the World Force, causing a profound formation to appear beneath his feet.

The Dawn Squad members were confused, not knowing why Yang Kai was using the Universe Escape Law.

This Secret Technique was usually used to travel or flee. Ever since Yang Kai had set up the Universe Formation in one of the Expelling Black Ink Battleships to fight the Black Ink Clan, many soldiers had used the Universe Escape Law and Universe Formation to preserve their lives.

It was just that Yang Kai rarely used the Universe Escape Law because he was proficient in the Space Principle. If he wasn’t too far away, he would be able to teleport directly.

Although Breaking Dawn was exploring the path in front of Great Evolution Pass, it was actually not too far away from Great Evolution Pass. If Yang Kai wanted to return to Great Evolution Pass, he only needed to teleport and there was no need for him to use the Universe Escape Law.

The Dawn Squad members were confused, but Yang Kai’s face was filled with shock.

Originally, he was just casually testing it out, but he didn’t expect to really discover something.

He didn’t want to return to the Great Evolution Pass, but instead used the Universe Escape Law to investigate other things.

On the Human Race’s side, he was the one who had set up the Universe Formation, so it could be said that he had left his mark on every single one of the Expelling Black Ink Battleships. As long as the distance allowed, he could activate the Universe Escape Law and enter any of the Expelling Black Ink Battleships.

Unlike the other Human Race soldiers who could only return to the few Expelling Black Ink Battleship that had their mark.

At this moment, he activated the Universe Escape Law and faintly sensed the location of some of the Expelling Black Ink Battleships.

Great Evolution Pass’s four Expelling Black Ink Battleship…

There were four more ships on the left…

There were also four ships on the right…

There were a total of twelve Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

There were also many more places that were extremely far away, but they were extremely vague, places that even Yang Kai could not reach.

However, now that he could clearly sense these twelve ships, he could go anywhere he wanted.

This was very unusual.

The distance between each mountain pass was at least a year away. When the Great Evolution East and West Army first set out from Wind and Cloud Pass, it took them a year to reach Great Evolution Pass.

At such a distance, Yang Kai couldn’t use the Universe Escape Law to travel.

But now… it was actually possible!

What did this mean?

This meant that the distance between the mountain passes was shrinking, and it had also shortened to a point where he could use the Universe Escape Law.

How could this be?

Yang Kai’s face went blank as he hurriedly dispersed his Universe Escape Law and rushed towards Great Evolution Pass, “Continue exploring.”

Soon, Yang Kai arrived at Great Evolution Pass. On the city wall, the Old Ancestor sitting cross-legged opened her eyes and looked at him curiously, “What’s wrong?”

For the past three years, Yang Kai had been leading Dawn to explore the outside world and had never returned to Great Evolution Pass. Today, for some reason, he had returned.

Yang Kai said, “The distance between us and Wind Cloud Pass and Azure Void Pass is shrinking, we’re only three months away.”

The two mountain passes closest to Great Evolution Pass were Wind Cloud Pass and Azure Void Pass. The other eight Expelling Black Ink Battleships that Yang Kai had sensed before were the ones that these two mountain passes possessed, and the three-month journey was also the limit he could use the Universe Escape Law to reach.

An ordinary Seventh Order cultivator would not be able to achieve such a feat. Not to mention the distance of three months, even if it was a month, the immense pressure from the Space Transmission would be enough to threaten their lives.

Smiles Old Ancestor was stunned, “Why do you say so?”

Yang Kai said what he had discovered.

The Old Ancestor hesitated for a moment before saying, “Follow me.”

Saying so, she flashed towards Great Evolution Pass's inside.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the transmission hall.

The Seventh Order Open Heaven master guarding this place saw the Old Ancestor arrive and quickly greeted her.

Smiles Old Ancestor waved her hand and asked, “Is there anything unusual about the space array recently?”

The Seventh Order didn’t know what the Old Ancestor meant, so he replied honestly, “There’s nothing unusual.”

“Compared to before, nothing has changed?”

The Seventh Order thought for a moment and said, “If we’re talking about changes… I don’t know if it’s just an illusion, but recently, the energy consumption from the transmission jade slips to other mountain passes seems to have decreased, but it’s not obvious.”

It was precisely because it wasn’t obvious that they didn’t report it to the higher-ups. After all, if it was a transmission jade slip, it wouldn’t consume too much energy, unlike the teleportation of cultivator who would consume a great deal of energy each time.

Listening to his words, Smiles Old Ancestor immediately confirmed that Yang Kai’s words were true. As for the other mountain passes, she didn’t know, but the distance between Great Evolution Pass and Azure Void Pass and Wind Cloud Pass should be much closer.

Originally, there had been more than a year’s journey, but now there were only three months journey left, which reduced the consumption of teleportation.

“Activate the Formation,” Smiles Old Ancestor ordered. Whether the distance was shortened or not, they would know after trying it once.

The Seventh Order quickly went to work with his companions.

“Go to Wind Cloud Pass,” Smiles Old Ancestor turned to look at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai nodded, “Okay.”

Soon, the Space Array was ready and Yang Kai stepped onto it. As the light from the Formation faded, Yang Kai disappeared.

After Yang Kai disappeared, the few Seventh Order masters immediately checked their energy consumption, all of them dumbfounded.

“How is it compared to before?” Smiles Old Ancestor asked.

Yang Kai had gone to Wind Cloud Pass through the Space Array before, so these people who had been stationed here all year round should be well aware of the energy consumption.

It was still the same Seventh Order from before who replied, “The consumption is greatly reduced. Compared to last time, Junior Brother Yang’s energy consumption for this trip to Wind Cloud Pass is less than thirty percent!”

When he spoke, his face was also filled with shock.

Space Arrays, the farther away one was, the more energy they consumed, so when they contacted each other, they would only contact the nearby mountain passes. If they were too far away, they would need to pass through other mountain passes.

The transmission is 30% less than last time's consumption. Yang Kai’s strength had not changed, and the Space Array had not change either. The only thing that could change was the distance between them…

The distance between Great Evolution Pass and Wind Cloud Pass was shrinking? This thought appeared in the Seventh Order master’s mind.

Smiles Old Ancestor narrowed her eyes slightly. It seemed that what Yang Kai said was true. Although she had never doubted Yang Kai, her current attempt had undoubtedly proved his words.

Great Evolution Pass was only three months away from Wind Cloud Pass!


All the great mountain passes were advancing together towards the depths of the Ink Battlefield. Logically speaking, the distance shouldn’t have changed much, but now they were actually closing in on each other.

The Great Evolution Pass and Wind Cloud Pass were like this, and so was Azure Void Pass. What about the other passes?

Was the distance shortening?

If that was the case, wouldn’t there be more than a hundred mountain passes converging in the end?

What was so special about this place?

Could it be the source of the Black Ink Clan?

Smiles Old Ancestor’s expression changed slightly. The closing of the Human Race’s mountain passes was a good thing for the Human Race. Previously, the Ninth Order Human Race masters had also considered that if one of the mountain passes discovered the Black Ink Clan’s Source Land, the other mountain passes would have to rush over to assist.

But if they could really gather together, it would save them a lot of trouble. At that time, if they could gather all the forces of the Human Race, no matter how strong the Black Ink Clan in the Source Land was, they could still fight!

But why?

At the same time, in Wind Cloud Pass’ transmission hall, Yang Kai appeared.

The Seventh Order who was guarding this place was an old acquaintance. Seeing Yang Kai, he asked in surprise, “Brother Yang, why have you come? Is there some kind of message from Great Evolution Pass?”

Over the past few days, there had been almost no contact between the various mountain passes, and all the information had been transmitted through jade slips.

Yang Kai suddenly ran over, obviously for something important.


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