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The Black Ink Clan always had a Source, and the hierarchy of the Ink Nest was extremely strict. The higher level Ink Nest was able to give birth to one grade lower and had a one-way symbiotic relationship with each other. The Human Race had some doubts about this, so the Black Ink Clan naturally had some.

It was just that Ge Shen, the Promoted Territory Lord, had never come into contact with the Royal Lord Ink Nest, nor was he qualified to enter the Ink Nest Space, so he knew nothing about the Mother Nest.

What’s more, the Mother Nest had been proposed by the Human Race, so even if it really existed, who knew how the Black Ink Clan would address it?

On the other hand, those Innate Territory Lord who were similar to Che Kong might know more about these things because they were born from the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest and were closely related to the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

Unfortunately, Che Kong had already died, or else they could have asked something from him.

But now, Yang Kai understood why some of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were so powerful.

Under normal circumstances, a Territory Lord’s strength was slightly weaker than an Eighth Order.

However, there were always exceptions to this rule.

For example, Che Kong's strength is not inferior to the Eighth Order Human Race. If he fight one-on-one, few of the Eighth Order on Great Evolution's side could be his opponent, unless Xiang Shan and the others personally took action.

He had been killed by Yang Kai because he had been too careless and had been hit by a Soul Shattering Spike.

Innate Territory Lords were directly bred by the Royal Lord Ink Nest, so naturally they would appear stronger. However, when they were born, it was likely that their potential had been exhausted, so they would never be able to become Royal Lord.

On the other hand, although this Ge Shen in front of him was slightly weaker, he had a lot of room to grow and had a chance to become a Royal Lord.

Of course, it was even more difficult for the Black Ink Clan to become a Royal Lord than it was for the Human Race to reach the Ninth Order. Otherwise, after so many years, the number of Royal Lords in the Black Ink Clan would not be small.

For example, there should have been many Innate Territory Lords, but after countless years of fighting with the Human Race, almost all of these Innate Territory Lords had fallen, with only a few surviving.

It could be said that most of the top three Territory Lords in the various war zones were Innate Territory Lords.

“Then how much do you know about the Source Land?” Smiles Old Ancestor asked.

This Ge Shen in front of them was the Promoted Territory Lord, so he probably didn’t know much about the Black Ink Clan’s top-secret information. From the way he spoke, it seemed like these Innate Territory Lord were somewhat repulsive against them.

However, it was still better than what the Human Race knew.

Ge Shen thought about it for a moment before replying, “Regarding the Source Land, I also heard from other Territory Lords that the Source Land… should be the Source of my Black Ink Clan.”

Smiles Old Ancestor remained silent for a moment, but when she saw him remain silent, she frowned and asked, “Is it gone?”

Ge Shen helplessly said, “No…”

The Old Ancestor almost burst out laughing.

The Source Land is their Source. This kind of matter could be guessed just by hearing its name, so why would it need an explanation?

“You surviving Black Ink Clans are all fleeing in this direction, the Source is here?”

“It should be,” Ge Shen nodded, “Although I don’t know the exact location of the Source Land, after reaching the Territory Lord’s level of cultivation, I still have some subtle perception of the Source Land.”

It was precisely because the Source Land was in this direction that they had to flee here. Only by fleeing here would they have a chance of surviving, but who would have thought that a Territory Lord like him would actually be trapped here?

Yang Kai couldn’t help raising his brow. The situation of the Black Ink Clan was somewhat similar to his Dragon Vein.

On the Dragon Race’s side, if the Dragon Vein was pure to a certain extent, it would also have a vague sense of where the Dragon Pond was because it was the Dragon Race’s Source.

Since the Source was the Origin of the Black Ink Clan, it wasn’t strange for Ge Shen to sense it.

“Since the Source Land is your Black Ink Clan’s Origin, there should be quite a number of masters here, and there should also be a lot of Royal Lords. Why aren’t they coming out? Is there some kind of limitation?”

What was certain now was that the fifty Black Ink Clan Royal Lords she had encountered in the Ink Nest Space should all be masters from the Source Land, otherwise there was no way to explain the origins of these Royal Lords.

They were trapped in the Source Land, so even though the battle in the various war zones was raging, they remained indifferent.

It wasn’t that they really didn’t care, it was just that they were powerless to intervene.

Ge Shen shook his head, “I don’t know.”

“You said just now that the Royal Lord walked out of the Source Land and brought his own Ink Nest out, how did they leave the Source Land?”

“I don’t know.”

“How far is this place from the Source Land?”

“I… don’t know.”

“In ancient times, what kind of conflicts did your Black Ink Clan engage in? The void behind the King City, and the place we are currently in, how did it form?” This time, after the Old Ancestor asked, before Ge Shen could reply, she coldly snorted, “If you dare say you don’t know, you’ll lose your life.”

Ge Shen’s expression became even more bitter. He didn’t know the answer to these questions to begin with. Although he was a Territory Lord, he was still a Promoted Territory Lord. His ranking in the Great Evolution War Zone’s Black Ink Clan wasn’t high, so how could he know anything that was too confidential?

Royal Lord Mo Zhao never talked to those Innate Territory Lord about these things.

This was also the reason why he was willing to answer Smiles Old Ancestor’s question. For so many years, he had always felt that he was excluded from the core of the Black Ink Clan, so he didn’t know much about it. On top of that, he also had a desire to live and didn’t want to die here.

“Although I’m not too sure, it should be related to your Human Race. The grievances between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan have been traced back to a very ancient era. This remnant battlefield should have been left behind from the great war between the two races.”

This was just as the Human Race had speculated.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t strange. In this world, only the Human Race could contend with the Black Ink Clan.

Although Holy Spirits were powerful, their numbers were few and far between, making it difficult for them to achieve anything on such a large scale battlefield.

Smiles Old Ancestor nodded and asked a few more questions, all of which Ge Shen answered honestly.

“Is there anything else you need to tell us?” In the end, Smiles Old Ancestor asked.

Ge Shen’s expression suddenly became tense as he shook his head, “I don’t know much…”

“Is that so…” She turned to look at Yang Kai and said lightly, “Kill him.”

Ge Shen’s expression changed drastically, “We had an agreement, you can't kill me!”

Smiles Old Ancestor stared at him coldly, “You believe a woman’s words?”

She had never thought of letting Ge Shen go. Although a Territory Lord was not a threat to her, after so many years, countless Human Race soldiers had died at his hands, so how could she let him live?

Yang Kai grinned and stretched out his hand, “The Old Ancestor said she would spare your life, but I didn’t say anything.”

The Space Principle surged, stirring up the surrounding void, and in an instant, countless cracks appeared, as if they were being controlled, cutting towards Ge Shen.

Ge Shen was both angry and resentful, a look of determination flashing across his face as he charged towards the countless cracks, his Ink Force surging as he roared, “You will die a horrible death!”

Space Cracks appeared, and the black blood in his body surged as he was struck by a violent force. Even though there were countless cracks, Yang Kai was still sent flying.

By the time Yang Kai returned, Ge Shen had already been cut into countless pieces.

Yang Kai stared speechlessly at Smiles Old Ancestor and the Eighth Order Garrison Chief, “Are you just going to watch?”

He had thought that at this critical moment, these two would attack. He didn't even bother to defend himself, in the end he was almost seriously injured.

The Eighth Order chuckled, “Aren't you fine?”

“It will be too late if something bad happen,” Yang Kai said indignantly, but he also knew that with the Old Ancestor by his side, it was impossible for anything to happen to him. The only reason she hadn’t made a move was because she had sensed that this attack wouldn’t do anything to him.

“Source Land…” The Old Ancestor muttered, “It seems that there is a reason why there is only one Royal Lord-level Ink Nest in each war zone.”

Yang Kai waved his hand and pondered for a moment before understanding the Old Ancestor’s meaning.

Ge Shen had said before that the Royal Lords had emerged from the Source Land and brought out their own Ink Nest.

According to the intelligence gathered from the various war zones, each of the Black Ink Clan’s King Cities only had a single Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, no matter how many Royal Lords there were.

This was because the Ink Nest had been created by the Royal Lords from the Source Land and had been bred by the Mother Nest.

As such, even if the Black Ink Clan had a Territory Lord who advanced to become a Royal Lord, they didn’t have their own Ink Nest and could only share one with the previous Royal Lord.

“The Black Ink Clan’s Mother Nest should have some kind of restriction on the Black Ink Clan!” The Old Ancestor looked into the distant sky, “Otherwise, if the various war zones were to lose, it would be impossible for the Royal Lord from the Mother Nest to not come to support them! That restriction… is most likely the force that helped us escape.”

However, this restriction was not without limit, or perhaps there was some kind of flaw! Otherwise, it would have been impossible for the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords to bring Ink Nest out of the Source Land.

Above the Ninth Order, was there a higher realm of Martial Dao? At that time, Smiles Old Ancestor and the others had seen that crystal clear hand directly tear open the seal of the Ink Nest Space.

Although there were some other reasons, the strength level was the foundation.

The feeling this jade hand gave them was that it had already surpassed the Ninth Order, yet it also felt like it had not. It was extremely strange.

What exactly happened in the ancient era?

What kind of secret was hidden in the Source Land of the Black Ink Clan?

No one knew, and no one could give an answer.

However, the Human Race’s expedition continued. Although the road ahead was still dangerous, as long as the Human Race could destroy the Source Land, they would have a chance to completely eliminate the Black Ink Clan.

The road is still a long way!

“Just listen to Ge Shen’s words, don’t take it seriously,” Smiles Old Ancestor warned.

Although Ge Shen seemed very cooperative before, who knew what he was thinking? Even if he had deliberately given them false information, the Human Race wouldn’t be able to tell.

What’s more, the information he gave wasn’t anything special, it was something the Human Race would be able to figure out sooner or later.

So his words were somewhat true and somewhat false.

If they took all of this seriously, they would be a fool.

The Eighth Order nodded, “Yes.”

“Continue investigating the road ahead,” Smiles Old Ancestor ordered before turning around and returning to the Great Evolution Pass.

Yang Kai nodded slightly to the Eighth Order and returned to Breaking Dawn.

He didn’t say anything to Feng Ying and the others, but the urgency in his heart became more obvious.


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