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Seeing this Territory Lord, Yang Kai was in a good mood, not only because he could take revenge for Huang Si Niang's Clone, but also because since the other party had fallen here, it meant that Great Evolution Pass was heading in the right direction, otherwise he wouldn’t have encountered him here.

Beside Yang Kai, an Eighth Order was also overjoyed, “This guy is really unlucky. He can’t walk anywhere but here he is, this time he’s really like a turtle caught in a jar.”

Yang Kai chuckled lightly and stretched out his hand to grab the void in front of him.

Seeing this scene, the Territory Lord couldn’t help revealing a look of ridicule. This damned place was filled with Space Cracks, each one of which was incomparably sturdy. Even he couldn’t withstand the cutting of these cracks and wanted to rush out several times, but he was nearly cut into pieces.

What made him feel even more despair was that some of these cracks were visible to the naked eye while others were in the dark, making it impossible to detect them.

The location of the crack was not fixed, as time passed, it constantly changed.

He is still be a Territory Lord anyway. If not for this, how could he be trapped here?

This human race Seventh Order had actually dared to test it with his physical body. If he was unlucky, it would be able to cut off his palm.

Just as he was thinking about this, Yang Kai’s hand reached out, and the hidden Void Cracks appeared one after another. With a mysterious force, Yang Kai grabbed a huge crack and clenched his fist!

Under the dumbfounded gaze of the Territory Lord, the crack which even he found difficult to ignore was crushed into pieces.

The Black Ink Clan Territory Lord was stunned.

It was only then that he suddenly remembered that this Human Race Seventh Order had displayed a power related to space in the previous battle, but the Black Ink Clan didn’t know much about this power, so he hadn’t been able to recall it.

However, this scene was undoubtedly telling.

After shattering a Space Crack, Yang Kai slowly asked, “Do you want to live or die?”

If he didn’t do something like this, he wouldn’t be able to convince him. Just now, his actions were enough to prove that he had the ability to save the other party. It all depended on the other party’s will to live.

The Black Ink Clan Territory Lord pursed his lips and remained silent.

Yang Kai didn’t mind. The enmity between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan was too deep to be resolved, so this attitude was within his expectations.

“How should I address you?”

This time, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was silent for a long time before finally saying, “Ge Shen!”

Yang Kai’s brow rose slightly. His desire to live was not low, so being able to cooperate was a good thing.

It wasn’t difficult to understand that being trapped here meant death. Although there were enemies in front of him, if he had a chance to escape, no one was willing to give up.

“I want to ask you a few questions, so answer honestly. I’ll save you and guarantee that no one will attack you in half a day. As for whether you live or die in half a day, that will depend on your own luck.”

Ge Shen said solemnly, “How can I trust you!”

If he saw an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator trapped here, he would not let him off so easily.

Yang Kai sneered, “In your current state, whether you believe me or not, you still have to believe it. If you don’t believe me, then just wait for death here. I won’t kill you, but you can try to escape here and see if you can escape.”

Ge Shen’s expression became ugly.

He also knew that Yang Kai was speaking the truth, but this feeling of being at the mercy of others was not good. If he really could escape, would he still be trapped here?

Every time he tried, he would be covered in wounds. If he wasn’t careful enough, he would have died several times over.

Moreover, Yang Kai was only a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, so how could his words represent the Human Race’s attitude?

The Eighth Order standing next to Yang Kai said somewhat impatiently, “What nonsense are you spouting? Since Yang Boy said that no one will attack you in half a day, we’ll let you escape for half a day. In the battle of the King City, even that dog, Mo Zhao, has died, and not many of you Territory Lords have survived, so what if we let you live? Do you still dare appear in front of us?”

The Human Race didn’t know much about the situation of the Black Ink Clan, especially about the Mother Nest they had previously speculated about. Although they could confirm that there was a higher grade Ink Nest above the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, the Human Race didn’t know anything about the Mother Nest. If they could obtain some information about the Mother Nest, it wouldn’t be impossible for them to avoid the Territory Lord.

This Eighth Order Open Heaven had undoubtedly realized Yang Kai’s intentions, which was why he had said such words.

Ge Shen shook his head, his eyes sweeping over the two of them before turning back to the group, “If the Human Race’s Old Ancestor can guarantee that she won’t kill me, you can ask me anything you want.”

“Impudence!” The Eighth Order Open Heaven shouted.

As soon as he finished speaking, the Old Ancestor’s figure suddenly appeared at the side. It was obvious that she had also discovered the situation here at Great Evolution Pass and should have rushed over long ago, but she had been hiding nearby.

Seeing Smiles Old Ancestor, Ge Shen’s expression became somewhat nervous.

This was a human Supreme Cultivator who had single-handedly killed Mo Zhao, which Black Ink Clan wouldn’t fear her?

“Fine! I’ll spare your life, but you have to answer a few of my questions,” Smiles Old Ancestor looked at Ge Shen and said, “You can choose not to answer, but if you dare lie… my Human Race has some methods that can make you wish you were dead.”

Ge Shen struggled for a moment before accepting his fate, “Good!”

The Old Ancestor asked, “Above your Royal Lord-level Ink Nest is an even higher grade Ink Nest. Is that the source of the Black Ink Clan?”

Ge Shen frowned, “I’m not sure, maybe.”

Smiles Old Ancestor stared at him and said lightly, “You’re courting death!”

Ge Shen said in a low voice, “I really don’t know, it wasn’t intentional.”

The Old Ancestor narrowed her eyes slightly, “You are the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, how could you not understand such a simple matter?”

Ge Shen explained, “There is a difference between the Territory Lords. Perhaps Innate Territory Lord knows about these things, but as a Promoted Territory Lord, I don’t know much about the secrets of the family.”

Smiles Old Ancestor asked curiously, “Innate? Promoted? What is Innate Territory Lord? What is Promoted Territory Lord?”

On the side, Yang Kai listened with amazement. Although he had spent some time in the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands, he really didn’t know the difference between these Territory Lords.

“After the appearance of the Royal Lord Ink Nest, the first batch of Territory Lords was the Innate Territory Lord. After that, it is called the Promoted Territory Lords.” Saying so, he glanced over at Yang Kai, “The one he killed, Territory Lord Che Kong, was one of the Innate Territory Lord.”

Smiles Old Ancestor glanced at Yang Kai, who simply shrugged.

In that kind of situation, if it wasn’t Che Kong who died, it would be him who died. Who cared about the Innate and Promoted?

Moreover, he had never heard of such a division.

“What’s the difference between the two?” Smiles Old Ancestor asked, faintly feeling that this time, she might be able to obtain a lot of information about the Black Ink Clan from this Ge Shen, all of which were extremely confidential.

Ge Shen thought about it for a moment before replying, “If we’re talking about the differences, there are definitely some. Because Innate Territory Lords were born early and cultivated for a long time, their strengths are generally stronger, but the biggest difference is that they were born directly from the Royal Lord’s Ink Nest. Once they were born, they would have the strength and status of a Territory Lord!”

Smiles Old Ancestor’s eyes narrowed, and Yang Kai was even more surprised, “The Royal Lord-level Ink Nest can directly give birth to a Territory Lord?”

On second thought, this shouldn’t be the case. If that was the case, how could the Black Ink Clan have so few Territory Lords?

Although there were more Territory Lords than Eighth Order Human Race cultivators, if what Ge Shen said was true, then the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords could not be counted on one hand. Previously, the Black Ink Clan had suffered heavy losses, so why hadn’t they produced more Territory Lords?

“Is there a limit?” Smiles Old Ancestor asked sharply.

Ge Shen nodded, “There is a limit! I once heard from other Territory Lords that the birth of Innate Territory Lords is related to the Source Land. In ancient times, the Royal Lords came from the Source Land and brought out their own Royal Lord Ink Nest. These Ink Nest have some of the power of the Source Land, and only by relying on this power can Innate Territory Lords be born.”

Source Land…

Smiles Old Ancestor, Yang Kai, and the others’ hearts shook.

This was the first time they had heard the term Source Land. Just the meaning of the word itself was enough to make one’s imagination run wild.

Moreover, this was something that Ge Shen had taken the initiative to reveal, whether he had done so intentionally or not is unknown.

But from the looks of it, this guy really didn’t want to die, otherwise how could such a secret be so easily exposed?

Not in a hurry to inquire about the Source Land, Smiles Old Ancestor smiled and said, “In other words, with the power of the Source Land, Royal Lord Ink Nest was able to give birth to a Territory Lord. After giving birth to Innate Territory Lord, that power was exhausted.”

“That’s right,” Ge Shen said with a bitter expression, “Us Territory Lords have all slowly cultivated until now. Compared to Innate Territory Lords, our status and strength are far inferior.”

“Then you really are pitiful…” Yang Kai sighed.

Ge Shen shook his head and said, “Your Human Race has a saying that goes, there are gains and losses. Although Innate Territory Lord is extremely powerful when they are born, they will remain a Territory Lord for the rest of their lives. On the other hand, those of us who cultivate step by step will have a chance to become a Royal Lord.”

“Why is that?” Yang Kai asked with a puzzled look on his face. Logically speaking, wasn’t it better to have Innate power?

But when it came to the Black Ink Clan, things were different.

“I’m not sure,” Ge Shen shook his head, “Royal Lord Mo Zhao, was a Promoted Territory Lord!”

Smiles Old Ancestor remained silent.

With just a few simple words, she had obtained a lot of information.

Innate Territory Lord, Promoted Territory Lord, Source Land…

There were also the Royal Lord who had come from the Source Land with their own Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

Of course, for a newly promoted Royal Lord like Mo Zhao, this was definitely not the case. The Great Evolution Royal Lord-level Ink Nest was left behind by the Royal Lord who had died thirty thousand years ago, so Mo Zhao had occupied it.

Putting the matter aside for now, Smiles Old Ancestor smiled and asked, “Back to my question, is the Mother Nest… in your so-called Source Land?”

Ge Shen shook his head and said, “I’ve never heard of the name Mother Nest before, so I don’t know if it’s located in the Source Land. However, although I haven’t come into contact with the Royal Lord Ink Nest before, I still have some speculations about the higher rank Ink Nest. If the Mother Nest you mentioned really exists in this world, it’s likely to be in the Source Land.”


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