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The towering figure of the Giant Spiritual God also rushed over from the other side, waving its giant bone in its hand and smashing it into the surrounding void, causing cracks to appear.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before asking, “Another Giant Spiritual God?”

Smiles Old Ancestor shook her head, “It’s still the same one!”

“Why did he come back?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

The Old Ancestor had no intention of explaining and simply said, “You'll know after watching.”

Yang Kai frowned as he watched the Giant Spiritual God rush back the way it had come, disappearing in the blink of an eye. Although its movements seemed clumsy, in reality, its speed was incredibly fast. The so-called clumsiness was only because of its massive size.

He didn’t see anything.

Yang Kai was puzzled.

The Old Ancestor had no intention of explaining.

After waiting for a while, Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly as he saw the Giant Spiritual God once again charge towards the direction it had come from, sweeping through the void and rapidly flying away.

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn as he faintly guessed.

Smiles Old Ancestor also sighed.

Although he had some doubts just now, he wasn’t certain, but after seeing this Giant Spiritual God three times, he was finally certain.

“This Giant Spiritual God… is dead?” Yang Kai asked.

Although this Giant Spiritual God was filled with a murderous aura, Yang Kai couldn’t sense any vitality from it. What shocked Yang Kai even more was that he finally saw that the Giant Spiritual God's body was covered in wounds, and the wounds has clear signs of years baptism.

Smiles Old Ancestor wore a puzzled expression, “You can say that.”

“Then why…”

Knowing what he wanted to ask, Smiles Old Ancestor smiled and said, “The Giant Spiritual God Clan may be strong, but their thoughts are extremely simple. Although I don’t know what happened to him when he was alive, judging from his current actions, he must have fought with countless masters when he was alive.”

Along the way, the Giant Spiritual God continued to wave its giant bone, as if there were countless enemies around it that it needed to kill.

Even the Giant Spiritual God who had been killed, and has a warm temperament was also surrounded by a terrifying murderous aura.

“The Black Ink Clan!” Yang Kai whispered.

In this kind of environment, who could be the enemy of the Giant Spiritual God? It had to be the Black Ink Clan.

Although he didn’t know what the scene of that ancient battle was, just by looking at the Giant Spiritual God's current state, he could tell that he had fallen into a desperate situation and fought many enemies alone before finally dying from exhaustion.

Although his life aura had dissipated, the obsession in his heart still remained. Even after countless years had passed, he was still constantly moving about on this battlefield, slaughtering his invisible enemies, never feeling tired, never stopping.

Perhaps he would only stop when his body collapsed.

Yang Kai felt somewhat uncomfortable in his heart. Although he hadn’t had much contact with the Giant Spiritual God, whether it was A' Da or A' Er, both of them gave him a good impression. This was a truly gentle race that had never relied on their strength to bully others.

However, in ancient times, even a race like the Giant Spiritual God had participated in the battle and eventually perished. From this, one could see just how dangerous the situation was.

The Black Ink Clan was not only the greatest enemy of the Human Race, but also the greatest enemy of all living beings in this vast universe.

“Let’s go,” Smiles Old Ancestor called out.

The Giant Spiritual God that was wrapped in a murderous aura no longer had any aura of life. Right now, it was simply repeating the actions it had taken when it was alive, rushing back and forth on it's own battlefield to fight against enemies that no longer existed.

Sad and honorable!

Following that, Smiles Old Ancestor flew towards Great Evolution PAss while the Giant Spiritual God once again attacked from behind.

Yang Kai suddenly glanced back and his heart trembled. This Giant Spiritual God… perhaps it wasn’t simply killing enemies, but was instead trying to save or block against the enemy.

With the Giant Spiritual God's strength, if he wasn’t a match for them, he could easily escape, but he was still constantly on the battlefield, which meant that there was someone or something here that he couldn’t easily escape from.

Perhaps on that ancient battlefield, the Ancient Human Race had fought side by side with the Giant Spiritual God, blocking the Black Ink Clan’s army here!

Ancient matters could not be traced back to the past, and later generations had once again embarked on the journey of their ancestors. No one knew what the outcome would be this time.

The deeper one went into the Ink Battlefield, the more dangerous it became.

It was hard to imagine what kind of shocking battle had taken place between the Ancient Human Race and the Black Ink Clan in ancient times. That battle was destined to end with the complete destruction of one side!

The void was filled with extremely chaotic energy, as well as black clouds and ink seas condensed from the Ink Force. These energies intertwined with the Ink Force, transforming into endless dangers over time.

Half a year after they left the Black Ink Clan’s King City, Smiles Old Ancestor was no longer able to heal her injuries in peace.

The road ahead was filled with too many dangers. If one only relied on the Eighth Order Open Heaven, it would be difficult to detect them at times. After triggering an extremely large-scale restrictions, almost all of the Great Evolution Pass’s defenses were destroyed, Smiles Old Ancestor had no choice but to personally come out and oversee the situation.

At this place, the dangers hidden in the void were enough to threaten even an Eighth Order.

The deeper one went, the more dangerous it would be.

This was the case for Great Evolution Pass, as was the case for the other mountain passes, and under the influence of these chaotic energies, many of these mountain passes had lost contact with one another.

Yang Kai couldn’t help wondering if the Royal Lords who had escaped from the various war zones would be able to return to the Mother Nest safely.

After fighting with the Human Race’s Ninth Order, these Royal Lords must have been injured, and if they were not careful on their way back, there was a chance they would die.

At this time, Yang Kai was leading a group of Dawn Squad's members to scout ahead for any possible dangers.

Smiles Old Ancestor had to oversee the Great Evolution Pass and monitor the surroundings to prevent any accidents, so he had no restrictions.

Moreover, as an elite team, it was not the first or second time they had acted as scouts. Dawn Squad was very good at this.

But just in case, the Dawn Squad had an additional Eighth Order escort.

Feng Ying!

During the last battle in the King City, Feng Ying had emerged from seclusion and pinned down a Territory Lord who was chasing after Yang Kai. As a newly promoted Eighth Order, Feng Ying’s cultivation had not stabilized yet, so she was not the Territory Lord’s opponent and had been injured during the fight.

However, when the situation of the Human Race opened up, Mo Zhao and the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple were killed one after another. Seeing this, the Territory Lord wanted to escape.

Feng Ying desperately tried to stop him, but in the end, the other Eighth Order reinforcements managed to kill the Territory Lord.

Now that Feng Ying was an Eighth Order, she was naturally no longer part of Dawn Squad. In fact, before Great Evolution Pass left the King City, the army had been reorganized.

This was the third time the Great Evolution Army had been reorganized.

Since the Great Evolution Army was first established, this was the third time, and probably the last.

Feng Ying was now a Garrison Chief of the Western Army.

The Dawn Squad also had new faces.

On the deck of the Battleship, Yang Kai stood at the bow of the Battleship, his Divine Sense scanning his surroundings for any possible danger.

Not only was this the case for the Dawn Squad, but there were also dozens of other teams scattered around.

The route the scout team had discovered would be quickly drawn up and sent back to Great Evolution Pass. This way, Great Evolution PAss would be able to avoid some dangers.

If there were any weak Restrictions or Divine Abilities in front of them, the scouts would be responsible for activating them. If they were too powerful, the Eighth Order master would have to take action.

If the Eighth Order couldn't handle it, they could only summon the Old Ancestor.

However, the road ahead was extremely dangerous, so there was basically no need to trouble the Old Ancestor unless they encountered a large-scale explosion that even the Great Evolution Pass's Protection could not withstand.

Along the way, the number of times they had asked the Old Ancestor to act was only two, and the two times they had activated the Restrictions were truly terrifying. Not to mention an ordinary team, even Dawn Squad would likely be wiped out if they accidentally get caught in it.

On this day, Yang Kai was investigating the dangers ahead when he suddenly heard a voice transmission from his left, “Yang Boy, come take a look. There’s something interesting here.”

Yang Kai turned his head to look in that direction, and without any hesitation, he called out to Feng Ying beside him and disappeared.

After a short while, they arrived at the area where the other small team was investigating and couldn’t help clicking their tongues in wonder.

In the void in front of them, a figure stood tall, covered in a black aura. It was a member of the Black Ink Clan.

Moreover, this was no ordinary Black Ink Clan, and judging from the aura this person exuded, this person was actually a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord.

Yang Kai looked at this familiar face and smiled, “It seems fate brought us together. How should I address you?”

This was none other than one of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords who had chased after Yang Kai in the previous battle. Yang Kai didn’t know the other party’s name, but in the end, he had to summon the Clone of Huang Si Niang to stop him.

Huang Si Niang’s avatar was killed by him, and at this moment, the long feather had lost its luster and was stored in Yang Kai’s Space Ring. Yang Kai would return it to her when he had the chance to go to the No-Return Pass.

He hadn’t expected to encounter this Territory Lord here.

At that time, the other party had chased after him fiercely.

During the battle in the King City, Smiles Old Ancestor had personally chased after them and almost all of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had died. Only a few of them were lucky enough to escape.

Unexpectedly, this person was one of them.

Unfortunately, after escaping from Smiles Old Ancestor’s pursuit, he was unable to avoid the dangers of this void and was now trapped here.

The Territory Lord’s aura was somewhat unstable, and it was obvious that his injuries were not light. On top of that, there were also many large wounds on his body, causing black blood to flow out. These wounds were so numerous that they almost covered his entire body.

Yang Kai immediately understood what was going on.

The space in front of him was filled with tiny Space Crack, most likely left behind by the ancient masters. It was naturally a powerful killing formation.

Some of these cracks could be seen, while others were completely undetectable. This Territory Lord had fled to this place and crashed into them, causing him to be riddled with wounds. He no longer dared to act rashly and was thus trapped.

In fact, along the way here, Great Evolution Pass had encountered many Void Cracks, some of which were so large that they seemed to stretch across the entire Ink Battlefield.

This was also why Yang Kai had been assigned to the scout team. He was proficient in the Space Principle, so he had his own advantages in investigating these Void Cracks.

However, it was still rare to see such a broken space with cracks all over it.

This Territory Lord had barged into this place. It was fortunate that he had not died, but it was unfortunate that he was unable to escape.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 07, 2023

"Sad and honorable... This Giant Spiritual God… perhaps it wasn’t simply killing enemies, but was instead trying to save or block against the enemy."

If their speculation is true, then just how desperate was the battle back then. Poor Ah Ah (I named him to honor this GSG)".


Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre
Mar 03, 2023

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