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“However, from the perspective of the later generations, the methods of the Ancient Human Race should have failed. The Black Ink Clan rushed out from the Mother Nest and built one King City after another, plundering the nearby Universe Worlds resources, incubating the Black Ink Clan, and expanding the size of the Ink Battlefield.”

Smiles Old Ancestor’s eyes flashed as she speculated about the secrets of the ancient era.

“In order to resist these Black Ink Clans that rushed out, the Ancient Human Race built many mountain passes and used these mountain passes to resist the invasion of the Black Ink Clan. Yes… the appearance of the various Cave Heaven Paradise was also related to them. They established Cave Heaven Paradise in the 3000 Worlds to nurture various talents and select suitable people to join the Ink Battlefield.”

As she spoke, Smiles Old Ancestor faintly recalled a certain ancient book she had seen in Yin Yang Heaven. This ancient book was extremely ancient and was not some kind of Secret Technique or Cultivation Technique. It could be considered some kind of miscellaneous information, something she had unintentionally read.

There was a brief mention of the creation of Yin Yang Heaven in the ancient records, which was quite consistent with her current speculations.

However, at that time, her strength wasn’t very high, and there were many ancient characters in the story that were extremely difficult to understand, so how could she have any interest in them? She simply glanced at them a few times before tossing them back.

She didn’t think too much about it. After all, all of this was just her own speculation. No one knew what the situation was like in the ancient era, unless they could find someone who had survived from that era.

However, from ancient times until now, it had been at least a million years. Even the current living Old Ancestors weren’t that old.

Restraining her thoughts, Smiles Old Ancestor smiled and said, “We should only be in the periphery right now, but the periphery is already so dangerous, so one can only imagine what kind of situation we’ll be in when we go deeper! Pass down my orders, we must be careful when we move forward, lest we fall before we can even find the Mother Nest.”


“How’s the situation in the other war zones?” Smiles Old Ancestor asked.

Xiang Shan replied, “Almost all the war zones have the same situation as ours. The road ahead is filled with thorns.”

“Such extravagance!” The Old Ancestor’s eyes narrowed.

It had to be known that the entire Ink Battlefield was vast and boundless, with more than a hundred Human Race passes barely covering the entire battlefield. Now, all the major passes were pushing into the depths of the void to search for traces of the Black Ink Clan’s Mother Nest, all of which had remnants of the Divine Abilities and Restrictions.

Didn’t this mean that the masters of ancient times had made arrangements throughout the entire Ink Battlefield? Such methods were truly astonishing.

With the current foundation of the Cave Heaven Paradise, it might be able to arrange it, but it would definitely take a long time.

“Be careful, if there are any abnormalities, report them immediately!”

“Yes!” Xiang Shan complied and respectfully withdrew.

After he left, Smiles Old Ancestor murmured, “Ancient…”

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly as he couldn’t help recalling the scene he had seen in the Crystal Palace of the Dragon Race’s Sacred Object. The Crystal Palace seemed to have the ability to reverse time. At that time, he had thought it was quite strange, but now it seemed that it had something to do with the Dragon Race’s bloodline talent.

After all, the Time Principle were the Dragon Race’s bloodline talent.

As time passed, Yang Kai saw the scene in the Ancestral Spirit Land where the two supreme masters, the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress, fought against the Ink Giant Spiritual God and sealed it with the help of various Sacred Objects.

He didn’t know how many years it had been left behind, but judging from the situation of that battle, it was likely that the ancient masters hadn’t been able to resist the enemy.

The Ink Force had already invaded the 3000 Worlds, and even the Giant Spiritual God had been Inked.


In the distant past, Black Ink’s power had definitely invaded the 3000 Worlds. Wasn’t there a Black Ink Clan Royal Lord sealed inside the Black Prison?

As for Yang Kai, he had entered the Ink Battlefield through the Black Territory’s passageway.

It seemed that the year the Royal Lord was sealed was far longer than anyone had imagined!

The events of the ancient era could no longer be traced back, so no one knew what had happened in those ancient times.

The situation the Human Race needed to face was still not optimistic.

“There’s also one benefit,” Yang Kai suddenly chuckled.

Smiles Old Ancestor glanced at him, “What benefits?”

Yang Kai said, “If the road ahead really is filled with thorns, then perhaps only a few of the Black Ink Clan’s survivors will be able to survive. Moreover, they are now opening a path for us.”

During the previous battle in the King City, not all of the Black Ink Clan from Great Evolution Pass had been wiped out, and many of them had fled. The strength of these Black Ink Clans varied, and although there weren’t many Territory Lords, there were many Feudal Lords.

If these Black Ink Clans fled towards the rear, it would be equivalent to opening a path for Great Evolution Pass, allowing Great Evolution Pass to avoid many unknown dangers.

Smiles Old Ancestor thought about it for a moment and realized that this was indeed the case. She couldn’t help laughing and suddenly regretted chasing after so many Territory Lords.

If some Territory Lords were allowed to leave, perhaps the effects of opening a path would be even better.

However, under those circumstances, Mo Zhao and the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple had been killed one after another. On the entire battlefield, her Ninth Order Open Heaven strength was unstoppable, so naturally she wanted to kill them all.

Great Evolution Pass continued to cut its way forward. Under the investigation of many scouts, there were indeed many remnants of Restrictions and Divine Abilities along the way. Just as Xiang Shan had said, some of them were extremely obvious and could be seen at a glance, while others were hidden in the void. Only when there was an energy fluctuation nearby would they act violently.

The scout team had suffered quite a bit because of this, but fortunately, due to the passage of time, the remaining Divine Abilities and Restrictions weren’t very powerful. Under the protection of the Battleship, there were no casualties.

Inside the Great Evolution Pass, Yang Kai was able to detect the occasional energy fluctuation that would erupt from the Great Evolution Pass, which was the result of some hidden Divine Abilities or Restrictions being triggered.

However, the Great Evolution Pass is massive, and there was also a powerful defensive barrier surrounding it, so this burst of energy did not pose any threat to the Great Evolution Pass.

At a certain moment, Smiles Old Ancestor, who was sitting on a rattan chair and resting peacefully, suddenly opened her eyes and looked up into the sky with a bewildered expression.

Being disturbed by her, Yang Kai, who was cultivating nearby, also opened his eyes.

At first, he didn’t notice anything unusual, but soon his expression changed and with a wave of his hand, the Small Universe’s door opened and a crack appeared in the sky.

Looking out of the crack, Yang Kai saw the scene outside.

Outside the void, a giant figure was flying through the air, holding a giant bone in its hand that seemed to come from some unknown place, constantly waving it around as if it was surrounded by endless enemies.

Every time he swung the bone in his hand, the void would tremble.

The giant figure flew across the sky above Great Evolution Pass, causing the entire Great Evolution Pass to buzz. The energy fluctuations it generated caused the protective light barrier to flicker, even affecting the many Eighth Order guards who were currently in charge of this defensive barrier.

The massive Great Evolution Pass seemed as small as an ant in front of this giant figure. Yang Kai didn’t doubt that if the bone in this figure’s hand were to hit the Great Evolution Pass, even if the Great Evolution Pass's barrier was fully activated, it might not be able to withstand it!

“Giant Spiritual God!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help crying out.

In the depths of the Ink Battlefield, he actually saw a Giant Spiritual God.

There was actually a Giant Spiritual God here.

How could there be a Giant Spiritual God here?

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment.

This was the third Giant Spiritual God he had ever seen!

When the Star Boundary was on the verge of destruction, it had attracted the Giant Spiritual God, A' Da, who had fed on the dead Universe Worlds. Poor A' Da had waited bitterly outside the Star Boundary for many years, but in the end, Yang Kai had brought back the World Tree Subtree and resurrected it.

In the end, A' Da left. The Giant Spiritual God Clan was naturally powerful, but their temperament was gentle, and they only fed on the dead Universe Worlds. Since the Star Boundary had been reborn, he naturally wouldn’t stay any longer.

Later, Yang Kai encountered the Giant Spiritual God A’ Er in the void and was brought into the Chaotic Death Territory by A’ Er, where he gained a lot of benefits from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan.

However, whether it was A' Da or A' Er, after parting ways, there had been no news of them. Although they were large in size, after entering the void, no one had ever seen them again.

He had never imagined that there would be a Giant Spiritual God on the Ink Battlefield.

Moreover, unlike A’ Da and A’ Er’s gentle demeanor, this Giant Spiritual God's murderous aura was boiling, as if it wanted to kill all living things in this world!

This was extremely strange.

As Yang Kai and Smiles Old Ancestor watched, all the soldiers of Great Evolution Pass also saw the Giant Spiritual God flying through the air, all of them dumbfounded.

The Giant Spiritual God Clan was extremely rare, and although many people had heard of this strange creature, they had never met it by chance.

Not to mention, this was the Ink Battlefield!

No one had ever heard of a Giant Spiritual God surviving on the Ink Battlefield.

On the other side, Smiles Old Ancestor hesitated for a moment before rushing out of Yang Kai’s Small Universe and chasing after the Giant Spiritual God.

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before following.

Previously, he had been in Great Evolution Pass and had yet to explore the surrounding void, but now that he was outside, Yang Kai was also stunned.

The surrounding void was actually filled with specks of light, like a sky full of stars, beautiful and magnificent.

However, after a brief examination, Yang Kai realized that under this gorgeous appearance, there was endless danger.

These specks of light were Divine Abilities that had been left behind since ancient times. The entire void was filled with chaotic and rich energy, and it was this energy that had nourished these Divine Abilities for countless years, allowing them to survive until now.

However, these Divine Abilities were extremely unstable and would erupt at the slightest contact.

When Great Evolution Pass was advancing, it had touched many of these things, but all of the explosive power had been blocked by Great Evolution Pass’s own protection, so the soldiers inside the pass couldn’t feel it.

Without further ado, Yang Kai chased after the Old Ancestor.

Although he had a Space Ability, with her Ninth Order cultivation, Smiles Old Ancestor's speed wasn’t any slower than Yang Kai’s. After chasing for a while, Yang Kai still couldn’t catch up.

But soon, he sensed the aura of the Old Ancestor rushing towards him from afar.

In the blink of an eye, the Old Ancestor appeared in front of him with a hurried expression, as if there was some kind of danger behind her. Before Yang Kai could figure out why the Old Ancestor had returned, he was grabbed by her and heard a voice transmission, “Go!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she took Yang Kai and flew off to the side, crossing several million kilometers in the blink of an eye.

Along the way, they inadvertently touched a hidden restriction and was also blasted apart by the Old Ancestor’s fist.

It wasn’t until the Old Ancestor stopped that Yang Kai realized what was happening and turned around.


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