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“Regardless of what level this power belongs to, although I don’t know if it’s friend or foe, it’s the same as the Human Race when it comes to dealing with the Black Ink Clan,” Smiles Old Ancestor continued, “Moreover, there should be some kind of restriction on his side. Otherwise, there would be no reason for him to not contact the Human Race for so many years. I even suspect… that this power might have been left behind from ancient times.”

Before this, no one had expected that there was another force in this world that could resist the Black Ink Clan.

Before coming to the Great Evolution Pass, Smiles Old Ancestor had been guarding Yin Yang Pass for tens of thousands of years, but she had never heard any news about it. The other Old Ancestors were the same.

This time, if it weren’t for that force taking the initiative to help them escape, they wouldn’t have noticed.

There was only one possibility for this situation. This power had been left behind from a very long time ago, so long that none of the Old Ancestors had heard of it.

Mi Jinglun nodded slightly, “Since we’re on the same side, we can try to win him over. The problem is… where is the person who did this?”

Smiles Old Ancestor said, “If I’m not mistaken, he should be at the Black Ink Clan's Mother Nest's side!”

The eyes of the several Regiment Commanders all shrank, but after a moment of contemplation, they understood why their Old Ancestor had made such a judgment.

The Ink Nest space that Smiles Old Ancestor and the others had entered this time should have been formed by the will of the Black Ink Clan’s Mother Nest. Since this unknown master was able to break through space from the outside, it meant that the other party was not too far away from the Black Ink Clan’s Ink Nest, so he should have directly attacked the Black Ink Clan’s Mother Nest.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible.

In other words, if they found the Mother Nest, they should be able to find the person who had taken action.

Where was the Mother Nest? The Human Race didn’t know either. Although they might be able to obtain some clues by investigating the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, in this current situation, who would dare easily enter a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest?

The Black Ink Clan’s ambush was definitely still there, so if they were to enter now, they would be courting death.

However, the Human Race had some guesses about the location of the Mother Nest.

Since ancient times, the soldiers of the various mountain passes had never attacked the Black Ink Clan’s King City, let alone the void behind the King City. When the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords had fled, they had also fled in that direction, so if the Black Ink Clan really had something like a Mother Nest, it could only be in that direction.

“The war hasn’t ended yet, so the expedition must continue. During this period of time, let the soldiers in the pass rest and recuperate. I have a feeling… that the following battles will be more dangerous than ever!” Smiles Old Ancestor gave the last order, causing Xiang Shan and the others to look solemn.

When one’s strength reached the Ninth Order, they would be extremely sensitive to unknown dangers. Since Smiles Old Ancestor had said so, it wasn’t without reason.

Soon, Xiang Shan and the others left, leaving behind Smiles Old Ancestor to continue healing.

The various war zones had been pacified and countless Black Ink Clans had been wiped out, but before the Human Race’s soldiers could enjoy a few days of peace, they once again entered a state of intense preparation.

At the various mountain passes, Alchemists and Artifact Refiners were busy with their own tasks.

A series of messages were sent back and forth between the various mountain passes.

The Expedition was mentioned by the Human Race’s upper echelons against the Black Ink Clan’s King City in the various war zones. In fact, if they were to only conquer the King City, it wouldn’t be considered an Expedition.

But now, the Human Race army was about to embark on a true expedition!

Expedition to the Black Ink Clan’s Mother Nest!

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a sense of urgency.

Although he had played an indispensable role in the previous battle and had killed such a powerful Territory Lord like Che Kong, he had also destroyed many of the Territory Lords’ Ink Nest, even the ninth Order Balck Ink Disciple had been destroyed by him.

However, there were many coincidences in this battle.

His true strength was only at the Seventh Order.

Smiles Old Ancestor also said that the future battles would be more dangerous than ever before. Without an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation, how could he protect himself and others?

But an Eighth Order…

Yang Kai estimated that with his current cultivation speed, it would take him at least hundreds or thousands of years to reach the Eighth Order. By the time he reached the Eighth Order, it would be too late.

Time waits for no man.

In fact, it had only been a few hundred years since he had broken through to the Seventh Order, and after another thousand years, he should be able to break through to the Eighth Order. Such a speed was already extremely terrifying. In the entire Ink Battlefield, which of the Eighth Order Human Race hadn’t spent thousands of years to break through from the Seventh Order to the Eighth Order?

Not to mention others, Feng Ying was also a talented individual who had stepped into the Seventh Order more than 3500 years ago and had only recently broken through.

This was still considered fast.

For some Seventh Order to advance to the Eighth Order, it would take them five thousand years.

As for advancing from the Eighth Order to the Ninth Order, just relying on one’s own cultivation would take at least ten thousand years.

The growth of a human race Open Heaven master was simply too slow.

Yang Kai didn’t lack cultivation resources at the moment, and while Smiles Old Ancestor was healing, he was also constantly refining resources, doing everything he could to expand the scale of his Small Universe World and Small Stone Race.

Although he wouldn’t be able to break through to the Eighth Order in a short period of time, increasing his strength wasn’t a problem.

From time to time, Xiang Shan would send a message to Smiles Old Ancestor to ask for her opinion, but he did not avoid Yang Kai, so Yang Kai was able to obtain some confidential information.

Three months after the Old Ancestor had returned from the Ink Nest Space, Great Evolution Pass, which had been hovering outside the Black Ink Clan’s King City, once again buzzed as it slowly flew past the King City and into the depths of the void.

At the same time, the various war zones and mountain passes all had similar actions.

The even more magnificent expedition had begun!

According to the Old Ancestors, it was better to chase down the remaining bandits! The Human Race had previously defeated the Black Ink Clan in the various war zones, so no matter what the situation in the Black Ink Clan’s Mother Nest was, they could not give the fleeing Black Ink Clan any chance to recover.

There were dozens of Royal Lords who had escaped, as well as many Territory Lords and Feudal Lords. Now that all of them were seriously injured, if they really recovered, they would be quite difficult to deal with.

There was no need to worry about the morale of the Human Race. After the news about the Mother Nest had spread, all the Human Race soldiers knew that the war was far from over.

If the Black Ink Clan was not destroyed, the Human Race would not return!

A scout team was dispatched to scout ahead and report the situation.

In fact, the Human Race had always been curious about the void behind the Black Ink Clan’s King City. It was a void that the Human Race had never set foot in before.

However, before the various war zones were pacified, the Human Race simply didn’t have the ability to explore that void, and the Black Ink Clan’s King City that lay in front of them was the biggest obstacle.

Now, this mysterious void had finally opened up a fog to the Human Race.

In the first month, nothing unusual happened.

However, a month later, the scouts in front of them discovered that there were a number of broken Black Ink Clan corpses lying in the void.

When the scout team tried to investigate, they were suddenly disturbed by an unknown attack. If it weren’t for the Battleship’s protection, there would have been casualties.

When the news reached Great Evolution Pass, Xiang Shan took it very seriously and personally went to investigate, returning not long after.

Inside Yang Kai’s Small Universe, Smiles Old Ancestor frowned, “Remnant Divine Abilities?”

Xiang Shan nodded and said, “Yes, although it’s been so many years, its power is still not small. The Black Ink Clan that died should have escaped from the King City and entered that area, stimulating the remnants of Divine Abilities and dying there.”

“How powerful is it?” Smiles Old Ancestor asked.

“The one I touched was almost equivalent to a Seventh Order Open Heaven's strike.”

“That power is indeed not small…” Smiles Old Ancestor’s expression became solemn, “Are there many Divine Abilities left behind?”

Xiang Shan’s expression became solemn, “There’s no way to investigate. Some of these Divine Abilities are obvious and can be detected with a single glance, while others are extremely well-hidden, completely undetectable unless triggered. Moreover, I suspect that not only are there remnants of Divine Abilities, there are also many other restrictions!”

Smiles frowned, “Restrictions…”

There were two types of Restrictions in this world. One was a natural restrictions, while the other was man-made. Since there were remnants of Divine Abilities along the way, the restrictions naturally couldn’t be born naturally.

“Old Ancestor, I suspect that in ancient times, there was a force that fought with the Black Ink Clan in this void. There were countless masters and supreme masters, and those Divine Abilities were left behind by them. Those restrictions… they were probably arranged by them…”

Yang Kai suddenly interjected, “Divine Ability Sea!”

“What?” Xiang Shan looked at him in confusion.

Yang Kai said, “When I was in Shattered Heaven, I was chased by a powerful master and was forced to go to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. Outside the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, It was surrounded by a Divine Ability Sea and countless Divine Abilities were hidden inside. Anyone who tried to break in would have a slim chance of survival, even if they were an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, they might not be able to survive.”

“At that time, this Disciple didn’t know why the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land was so dangerous and thought that it was left behind by the Holy Spirit. Later on, he learned that it was a last resort left behind by some ancient masters in order to seal an Ink Giant Spiritual God. Of course, that last resort was useless because the sealed Ink Giant Spiritual Gods was eventually corroded by the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land's Ancestral Qi and its vitality dissipated.”

“From ancient times until now, countless years have passed, but the Divine Ability Sea set up by the ancient masters is still so powerful. One can only imagine what it would be like if it was set up at the beginning. Even if that Ink Giant Spiritual God managed to escape, it may not be able to escape.”

“The situation up ahead is somewhat similar to the Divine Ability Sea outside the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, but it’s not that obvious.”

Hearing this, Smiles Old Ancestor nodded and said, “Now that you mention it, I have some impression of it. It is said that there is indeed a Divine Ability Sea outside the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, but I have never seen it before.”

She had been overseeing the Ink Battlefield for too long, so if Yang Kai hadn't mention the Divine Ability Sea, she hadn’t thought about it.

“From the looks of it, the source of the Divine Abilities here should be from the same era as the one who set up the Divine Ability Sea outside the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. Let’s call it the Ancient Human Race. They may have fought a great battle here with the Black Ink Clan, which is why there are so many Divine Abilities here, as well as many Restrictions…” Smiles Old Ancestor’s eyes lit up as she spoke, “The Divine Ability Sea outside the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land is guarding against the sealed Ink Giant Spiritual God, so who are they guarding against when setting up these divine abilities and restrictions?”

Yang Kai and Xiang Shan glanced at each other and almost immediately thought of an answer, “The Black Ink Clan from the Mother Nest!”

Smiles Old Ancestor nodded, “That’s the only possibility. The Mother Nest is located deeper inside, and all the methods outside are to guard against the Black Ink Clan from the Mother Nest.”


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