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Just as he was worrying, Smiles Old Ancestor suddenly said, “The news from the various war zones indicates that each war zone only has one King City, and each one only has one Royal Lord Ink Nest!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai was confused for a moment before his eyes narrowed, “No exceptions?”

The Old Ancestor shook her head, “There are no exceptions! Moreover, there is no extra Royal Lord participating in the war!”

Yang Kai was silent for a moment before sighing, “This is not good news.”

The Old Ancestor didn’t say anything and simply lowered her eyes in contemplation.

When Yang Kai reported the situation he had discovered in the Royal Lord Ink Nest, Smiles Old Ancestor had Great Evolution Pass send a message to the various mountain passes, telling the Ninth Order Human Race to guard against possible hidden dangers.

But today, the various war zones had been pacified and the Black Ink Clan had suffered heavy casualties. Many of their Royal Lords had been killed and there were no extra Royal Lord participating.

All of the Royal Lords who had participated in this battle were those who have been entangled with the Ninth Order Open Heaven in the various pass, none of them unfamiliar faces.

It was a good thing that there were no unexpected disturbances on the battlefield, otherwise the Human Race army would not have been able to quell the war in such a short time.

However, the twenty or so Royal Lords were not illusions.

They didn’t hide in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to ambush a Ninth Order Human Race master.

It could even be said that in each of the Black Ink Clan’s King Cities, there was only one Royal Lord Ink Nest, even in the Great Battle War Zone.

There were two Royal Lords over there, and since there were two, there should be two Royal Lords, but there was only one!

It seemed that these two Royal Lords shared a Royal Lord-levev Ink Nest, or perhaps one of them didn’t have their own Ink Nest.

This was definitely not good news for the Human Race.

Over a hundred war zones corresponded to only a hundred Royal Lord-level Ink Nests.

But how many Divine Senses had Yang Kai seen in the Ink Nest Space?


No matter how many Divine Senses there were, there should be as many Royal Lord Ink Nest!

This meant that the twenty Royal Lords who were watching the show had not participated in this battle, and their Ink Nest had not been discovered by the Human Race.

A hundred twenty or thirty!

Was the previous speculation about the Mother Nest true? Were they really the guards of the Mother Nest?

Where was the Mother Nest?

Yang Kai suddenly had a bad feeling. The war between the two races… was far from over.

Putting everything else aside, the dozens of Royal Lords who had escaped from the various war zones were still a hidden danger. Now, it had been proven that there were at least twenty more Royal Lords hidden with their Royal-Lord level Ink Nest. These were all things that needed to be dealt with. If they were left alone, with the Black Ink Clan’s unique characteristics, it wouldn’t be long before they made a comeback.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling annoyed.

He had thought that after this battle, the Ink Battlefield would be completely settled, but who would have thought that such an surprise would occur?

The waters of the Black Ink Clan were deeper than anyone could have imagined.

He suddenly remembered what Mo Zhao had shout 'Ink Is Eternal' before his death. As a Royal Lord, Mo Zhao should know about the secrets of the Black Ink Clan, so he naturally knew that even if the Black Ink Clan from the various war zones is not the enemy of the Human Race, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be easily defeated.

At that time, Yang Kai was still laughing at him in his heart. This guy was already dead, yet he was still talking about 'Ink is Eternal, what a joke.

But now, it seemed that everyone had underestimated the Black Ink Clan, including the Old Ancestors.

Although there were still hidden dangers, it was a fact that the various war zones had defeated the Black Ink Clan.

When the news of the Great Battle War Zone came, the entire Great Evolution Pass was immersed in a joyous atmosphere.

Smiles Old Ancestor left, probably to discuss some important matters with the higher-ups of Great Evolution Pass. Yang Kai withdraw his Small Universe and quietly cultivated.

A few days later, Yang Kai felt an obvious spatial fluctuation coming from the Transportation Hall, followed by Xiang Shan’s aura.

Previously, with Xiang Shan in the lead, Great Evolution had brought more than a dozen Eighth Order masters to reinforce the other mountain passes, but now they had finally returned.

However, more than a dozen people had gone over, and only seven or eight had returned.

The Eighth Order Garrison Chief that had yet to return would probably never return.

This made Yang Kai furious. Too many people had died, so when would the problem of the Black Ink Clan be resolved?

This made him feel his weakness more and more.

He had thought that after this battle, he would be able to return to the 3000 Worlds in peace and return to the Star Boundary. He would be able to enjoy the company of the two parents, lead the beauties, take autumn water, and embrace the starry sky, but now it seemed that he had to quickly advance to the Eighth Order!

He had a faint sense of urgency in his heart. The Human Race was likely to face a huge problem. Without reaching the Eighth Order, he might not be able to guarantee his own safety.

However, the cultivation of the Open Heaven basically relied on time and effort.

Even though his Small Universe had raised countless living creatures and had also nurtured the World Tree Subtree, the flow of time was different from the outside world and his cultivation speed was much faster than an ordinary person’s, breaking through to the Eighth Order was not an easy task.

In the following days, Yang Kai didn’t immerse himself in the good news from the various mountain passes, instead madly refining all kinds of cultivation resources to strengthen his own foundation.

The entire Dawn Squad had been infected by him, there was no time to waste. All of them were cultivating.

Half a month later, several figures suddenly rushed out from the Great Evolution Pass and a voice soon entered Yang Kai’s ears, “Follow me!”

Yang Kai opened his eyes, looked up, and without saying a word, soared into the sky.

With a few quick movements, he caught up to the few figuress.

With Smiles Old Ancestor as the leader, the four Regiment Commanders were also present.

With such a lineup, it was obvious they were planning something big.

Yang Kai was somewhat excited as he approached Xiang Shan and asked, “Sir, what are you going to do?”

Xiang Shan did not hide anything from him, “Go investigate the background of the Black Ink Clan!”

Since Smiles Old Ancestor wanted him to follow her, there was no need to conceal anything.

Yang Kai immediately understood, “Entering the Ink Nest Space?”

The direction everyone was heading towards was the Black Ink Clan’s King City. Since they were going to investigate the background of the Black Ink Clan, they would definitely need to use the Royal Lord Ink Nest to enter the Ink Nest Space.

Xiang Shan nodded.

Yang Kai immediately turned to the Old Ancestor and said, “Old Ancestor, Disciple is willing to be the vanguard!”

Smiles glanced at him, “No, you’re too weak.”

Yang Kai felt as if his heart had been stabbed, but after thinking about it, there was nothing wrong with it. Six people, one Ninth Order, four Eighth Order, and only he, a Seventh Order, the weakest.

“You were lucky to escape last time. If the Ink Nest’s space really is as you say, with twenty Black Ink Clan Royal Lord guarding it, you may not be able to return this time.”

Yang Kai couldn’t refute.

Although his Divine Sense was equivalent to an Eighth Order, there was still a big gap between him and the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. Even with the Soul Warming Lotus protecting him, he still might not be able to block this joint attack.

Moreover, even if he could block it, once the Ink Nest Space was completely sealed like last time, he would be trapped inside.

Last time, in order to help Great Evolution Pass seize the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest, Yang Kai had been trapped inside for many years. In the end, he had relied on the Soul Shattering Spike to severely wound the Territory Lords, forcing them to open the Ink Nest Space and escape.

If he were to be trapped again this time, how could he fight the other Royal Lord?

“I called you here to borrow your Soul Warming Lotus,” Smiles Old Ancestor explained, “No one knows what is happening inside the Ink Nest Space, so we have to be on guard.”

Yang Kai frowned, “Old Ancestor, last time I saw more than twenty Royal Lords inside, Old Ancestor entering alone, even if you have the Soul Warming Lotus, it’s not safe.”

Smiles Old Ancestor smiled, “Of course not.”

Yang Kai was surprised, “You have helpers?”

Suddenly, he seemed to remember something, “The Old Ancestors from the other war zones?”

Smiles Old Ancestor nodded, “Since the day you spread the news, the Human Race has been paying attention. On one hand, the various war zones have been investigating the locations of the Royal Lord Ink Nests, but of course they haven’t found anything. On the other hand, the Royal Lord Ink Nests of the various war zones, have been left behind as much as possible. Although there aren’t many of them left, there are still more than twenty.”

Leaving behind a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest wasn’t an easy task. It was only by chance that the Ink Nest of the Great Evolution War Zone had managed to survive.

When Yang Kai attacked the Ink Nest, he didn’t have any other thoughts, only wanting to destroy it so that Mo Zhao wouldn’t be able to use it to gain an advantage for Smiles Old Ancestor.

In the end, the Ink Nest was broken and Mo Zhao strength fell greatly, but the Ink Nest itself was not completely destroyed.

If the other war zones wanted to do so, they would have to pay an even greater price.

With more than a hundred war zones, it was not easy to leave more than twenty behind.

This also meant that there were now more than twenty Ninth Order Human Race masters who could enter the Ink Nest to investigate!

If those Black Ink Clan Royal Lord really were lying in ambush, the Ninth Order Human Race might not be afraid of them!

Of course, no one could say for certain if the Royal Lords were still in the Ink Nest Space. The Human Race was just taking precautions.

For safety’s sake, borrowing Yang Kai’s Soul Warming Lotus was undoubtedly better.

Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t refuse such a small matter and readily agreed.

Ordinary people would naturally try to hide such a precious treasure, afraid that if it was exposed, they would be killed.

However, this was the Ink Battlefield, so Yang Kai wouldn’t be wary of Smiles Old Ancestor. Old Ancestor wouldn’t try to harm him, so Yang Kai simply let her borrowed it.

Under the envelopment of his Divine Sense, a seven colored lotus flower suddenly appeared. This lotus flower was like a dream, seemingly illusory and real, and as soon as it appeared, a strange energy fluctuated, causing everyone to feel a sense of clarity.

Even Smiles Old Ancestor was the same. One had to know that she was a Ninth Order Open Heaven, so there weren’t many treasures in this world that could help her.

Only a supreme World Treasure like the Soul Warming Lotus was useful to her.

Receiving it with her Divine Sense, Smiles Old Ancestor quickly absorbed the Soul Warming Lotus into her body and began refining it.

At the same time, everyone had arrived in front of the King City’s Ink Nest. There was an Eighth Order guard stationed there, and when he saw the Old Ancestor arrive, he only did a cursory investigation without showing himself.

Following the passage Yang Kai had opened up, everyone quickly arrived at the core of the Ink Nest.

Xiang Shan looked around and shouted, “Be on guard!”

Mi Jinglun, Ouyang Lie, and Liu Zhiping quickly spread out and concealed themselves.

Xiang Shan stayed behind to protect her while Yang Kai was here to watch the show. A mere Seventh Order like him wouldn’t be of much use here.

Smiles Old Ancestor found a spot and sat down cross-legged, not immediately linking up with Ink Nest but instead silently waiting.


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