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In this way, the Blue Sky War Zone would naturally become the second war zone to suppress the Black Ink Clan after the Great Evolution War Zone.

It wasn’t difficult to understand why Azure Void Pass and Wind Cloud Pass would follow closely behind.

More than three hundred years ago, when the Great Evolution Army was first established, they had dispatched troops from these two mountain passes. At that time, the Great Evolution Army had first participated in these two mountain passes’ great war against the Black Ink Clan before sending out troops.

At that time, the armies that had gathered at these two mountain passes each had sixty thousand masters and countless masters. In a single battle, they had nearly wiped out all of the invaders and many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had died.

It could be said that in that battle, Azure Void Pass and Wind and Cloud Pass’ Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties, laying the foundation for today’s great victory.

Good news came one after another. The good news from the various mountain passes were not only sent to Great Evolution Pass, but also to the various mountain passes.

Just like how Great Evolution Pass had won a great victory, the first thing they did was spread the news. This kind of victory was enough to boost the morale of the Human Race’s army. On the various battlefields, the Human Race’s soldiers fought more bravely.

Ten days after the Great Evolution War Zone was settled, more than a dozen Eighth Order Open Heaven masters were sent away to reinforce a war zone.

Not every war zone could be as smooth as Great Evolution’s. Some of the Black Ink Clan in the various war zones had strong foundations, so it wouldn’t be easy for the Human Race to win.

However, the Human Race’s upper echelons had already made plans for these war zones.

There was no need to fight the Black Ink Clan head on, they could only try their best to stall for time.

After the other war zones won, reinforcements would arrive. For example, if Great Evolution won early, they would be able to support these war zones.

There were more than ten Eighth Order masters, so their lineup was not weak, not to mention that their Small Universe also had some Seventh Order Open Heaven.

On Great Evolution’s side, more than a dozen Eighth Order masters were teleported, but when they really arrived, the strength they displayed was more than ten Eighth Order masters and nearly two hundred Seventh Order Open Heaven.

An Eighth Order Small Universe could accommodate twenty seventh Order cultivators.

This was only the reinforcements from Great Evolution Pass.

The various mountain passes that had been leveling up their respective war zones also had reinforcements. Once their reinforcements arrived, more Human Race masters would be able to take action. This kind of support was like a snowball rolling on the ground, so how could the Black Ink Clan resist?

With only two or three mountain passes to support one, the stalemate would be easily broken.

The Human Race had never had such a large-scale support operation, at least not before Yang Kai arrived at the Ink Battefield.

The various mountain passes were quite far away from each other, and although the Space Arrays were connected to each other, the cost of transporting people was simply too great and the Human Race’s resources were scarce.

The stronger the person who was teleported, the more terrifying the consumption would be.

In the past, if a dozen or so Eighth Order masters were teleported there, even if they were teleported to the nearest mountain pass to Great Evolution, it would be enough to exhaust all of its resources.

Without resources, how could the Human Race’s soldiers cultivate? If they were injured, how could they heal their wounds? If their Battleships were damaged, how could they repair them?

As such, in the past, the Human Race had been able to use teleportation methods but had been limited by the lack of resources, so this kind of support was difficult to achieve.

However, things were different now. The various mountain passes all had a massive amount of resources, and with the addition of the resources they had collected from conquering the Black Ink Clan’s King City, it was naturally not a problem for them to use up some of their resources.

The Human Race’s support plan was based on the principle of a neighbor.

To put it simply, it was trying his best to support the closest mountain pass to them, because the further away it was, the more energy they would need to teleport. Although the Human Race didn’t lack resources right now, they couldn’t afford to squander too much.

As a result, the number of Human Race masters sent out by Great Evolution Pass was quite low, because Great Evolution Pass, Azure Void Pass and Wind Cloud Pass were already evenly matched, so there was no need for Great Evolution to send out any reinforcements.

Many of the neighboring war zones had spared no effort in providing support, and all the Eighth Order cultivators who still had the strength to fight had been sent out.

There were even some Human Race Old Ancestors who personally went to the other war zones to help.

This was a nightmare for the Black Ink Clan.

Originally, they could have resisted the attacks of the Human Race’s army, but suddenly, the Human Race gained many Eighth Order and Seventh Order masters, and even one Ninth Order. The stalemate instantly became a one-sided slaughter.

Over at Great Evolution Pass, Smiles Old Ancestor did not leave.

The information Yang Kai had obtained from the Ink Nest Space made her feel somewhat uneasy. At this time, she didn’t dare to leave so easily in case something happened to Great Evolution Pass.

What’s more, in order to quickly kill Mo Zhao in this battle, she had risked her life and suffered heavy injuries.

From this, it could be seen that the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord wasn’t so easy to kill. Mo Zhao had been severely wounded for many years, and Smiles Old Ancestor was almost at her peak, yet killing him was still so difficult, let alone the other intact Royal Lords in the other war zones.

Yang Kai also did not leave Great Evolution Pass.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to support the other war zones, but he had been abandoned.

Without a doubt, his Small Universe’s physique was far superior to an ordinary Seventh Order.

Yang Kai was ranked first among the Seven Order masters on the list of reinforcements that Great Evolution had just confirmed. He was a powerful cultivator who could crush his peers and transform into an Ancient Dragon who could even compete with a Territory Lord.

If he was sent to another war zone, he would be no less useful than any other eighth Order master.

However, when the leader, Xiang Shan, wanted to draw him into his Small Universe, he was surprised to find that he was unable to do so.

Even Xiang Shan’s Small Universe felt like he was being forcefully restrained.

At this moment, everyone finally understood why Yang Kai was able to suppress his opponent in the same realm. His Small Universe’s physique was no weaker than any Eighth Order, but what he lacked was the difference in grade.

Coupled with the fact that Yang Kai’s Divine Sense had yet to recover, Smiles Old Ancestor also wanted to use him to treat her injuries, so she let him stay behind.

The battles in the various war zones outside were in full swing, but the Great Evolution Pass’side was calm and tranquil. Those who needed to recuperate had to recuperate.

Yang Kai also left his Small Universe behind, healing his own injuries while providing Smiles Old Ancestor with treatment.

The good news from the various mountain passes continued to spread, and as more reinforcements arrived on the battlefield, many of the battles in the various war zones were broken, causing the Human Race’s advantage to snowball.

The Seventh Order Open Heaven guarding the Transportation Hall dutifully reported every piece of news to the entire army.

At first, everyone was quite excited when they heard the good news, but after a while, they felt that it was normal.

After so many years of hard work and desperate attacks, was it strange for the Human Race to win?

As more reports came in, some of them were passed on to Smiles Old Ancestor.

Yang Kai didn’t ask, nor did Smiles Old Ancestor taking the initative to talk about it.

However, he guessed that this information might have included human casualties.

Forget about the other mountain passes, just how many people on Great Evolution’s side were still alive?

When Great Evolution sent out the troops, there were nearly forty thousand soldiers and more than seventy Eighth Order.

But now? The amount of life force Yang Kai could feel was less than thirty thousand, less than 40 Eighth Order!

Even with the dozen or so Eighth Order reinforcements, there were only fifty of them.

Where did the rest of them go?

After the battle, Yang Kai had cleaned up the battlefield and collected the remains of the Human Race’s soldiers, so he naturally knew where they had gone.

It could be said that in this battle, the losses suffered by the Great Evolution Army were no less than two hundred years ago.

When it was first established, there were sixty thousand soldiers and 120 Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs, but now, in just three or four hundred years, not even half of them remained.

If even the powerful Great Evolution Army suffered such heavy losses, the situation in the other war zones could be imagined.

The reports from the outside world were becoming more frequent, and the reinforcements from the various human passes were beginning to show themselves.

One day two months later, a familiar voice rang out once more through Great Evolution.

“Great victory in the Great Battle War Zone, one of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords was killed, the entire Black Ink Clan army was wiped out!”

Flying all the way, shouting all the way, the voice echoed throughout the mountain pass.

The long-awaited cheers once again rang out from both inside and outside the Great Evolution Pass. The Great Evolution Army’s soldiers were all excited, cheering loudly.

Inside the Small Universe World, Yang Kai also let out a long sigh.

Although he had already anticipated this day’s arrival, when the good news came, he still couldn’t help feeling happy.

The reason why the Great Evolution soldiers who had been silent for so many days were so excited was because the Great Battle War Zone was the last war zone that had yet to be settled.

In the past two months, more than a hundred war zones had received reports of victory, and the last report was from Luo Sheng’s war zone three days ago.

Three days later, good news from the Great Battle War Zone arrived.

At this point, the entire Ink Battlefield had been won by the Human Race and all the war zones had been conquered.

Moreover, according to the report, the annihilation of the Black Ink Clan’s army was extremely rare. Of the more than a hundred reports, only three had such words.

Wanting to completely annihilate the Black Ink Clan’s army was not an easy task, and even Great Evolution Pass was unable to do so.

As the last war zone to be conquered, it was likely related to a large number of reinforcements. The Black Ink Clan would not be able to resist the influx of Eighth Order and seventh Order cultivators from the various mountain passes.


Yang Kai suddenly turned to Smiles Old Ancestor and asked, “Old Ancestor, I remember hearing you mention that there are two Ninth Order Human Race masters and two Black Ink Clan Royal Lords in the Great Battle War Zone, right?”

Smiles Old Ancestor nodded, “It seems one of them escaped.”

According to the report, only one of the Royal Lord had been killed, but the last one had escaped.

Taking into account the fact that some places hadn’t mentioned any good news about killing the Royal Lord, Yang Kai silently estimated that there were at least fifty or sixty Royal Lords who had escaped.

This number was not small.

This 50 or 60 weren't some Territory Lord. If these Royal Lords were to gather together, none of the pass could resist it.

In the past, when they had been stationed in their respective King City, with their armies and their own Ink Nest under their command, they would not easily leave the war zones under their jurisdiction, so the Human Race’s Old Ancestor could easily keep an eye on them.

But now, the King City of these Royal Lords had been destroyed, the great army under their command had been completely routed, and even the Ink Nest had been destroyed. It looked miserable, but in reality, they had escaped all kinds of restrictions.

They were now more free to act.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling somewhat worried. If these Royal Lords didn’t die, they would still be a hidden danger!


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