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“Watching a show?” Mi Jinglun asked curiously.

“That’s right,” Yang Kai nodded seriously, “It’s as if the war between the two races has nothing to do with them. If it weren’t for this disciple investigating them out of curiosity, they might not have paid any attention to me.”

At that time, Yang Kai also suddenly felt that something was wrong, so he went to investigate the place where the Royal Lords gathered, which attracted the attention of one of them.

His Divine Sense, which was comparable to an Eighth Order Open Heaven, and the words he had used to respond to it at that time had also become a flaw.

Before he entered the Ink Nest Space, the news of Mo Zhao’s death had already spread.

If he hadn’t run fast enough, his injuries would have been even worse.

Xiang Shan and the others remained silent. Just based on Yang Kai’s current description, it was difficult to determine the intentions of the Black Ink Clan. Now that the news had spread to the various mountain passes, the Ninth Order Human Race masters were all on guard. Even if the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords really intended to ambush them, it wouldn’t be easy to succeed.

As for allowing Yang Kai to enter the Ink Nest Space again, that was also unrealistic.

He had already been exposed. If he went in again, it was highly likely he would be targeted by those Royal Lords, and if things went wrong, he would never return.

After a moment of silence, Yang Kai said, “In addition, there is something else that this disciple is very concerned about.”

“What is it?” Xiang Shan asked.

“The Ink Nest Space!” Yang Kai’s expression became solemn, “According to the information we have now, the Ink Nest has a strict hierarchy. The Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, has given birth to the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest, and the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest, has given birth to the Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest. The will of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, and the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest can both be transformed into an Ink Nest Space, becoming a platform for the Ink Nest to communicate and transmit information. If that’s the case… what kind of Ink Nest’s will was formed when I entered the Ink Nest Space through the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest? Does that mean that there is a higher grade Ink Nest above the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest?”

As he spoke, Yang Kai glanced at the expressions of Xiang Shan and the others and asked, “Did all of you expect this?”

When he said this, the expressions of everyone present didn’t change, seemingly not too surprised.

Xiang Shan nodded and said, “I did have some expectations, but I only had some suspicions before. The Human Race does not know much about the Ink Nest, and it was you who went deep into the Black Ink Clan’s territory to obtain some information. A long time ago, the Human Race’s upper echelons suspected that the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest could give birth to a Territory Lord-level Ink Nest, a Territory Lord-level Ink Nest could give birth to a Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest, so where did the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest come from? It’s impossible for it to appear for no reason, so all of this should have a source.”

Mi Jinglun continued, “The Black Ink Clan’s title of Ink Nest is very interesting and can be traced. Because of its breeding, the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest is the Child Nest of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest. Similarly, the Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest is the Child Nest of the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest. Since there is a Child Nest, does it mean that there is a Mother Nest? However, the Black Ink Clan never seemed to have a Mother Nest, so we once suspected that the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest was also the Child Nest of a certain Ink Nest, and that Ink Nest should be the Black Ink Clan’s Mother Nest, the source of everything!”

“Mother Nest!” Yang Kai raised his brow.

Mi Jinglun nodded, “But all of this is just a guess, there’s no way to confirm it. However, from your previous experience, the Mother Nest really does exist. The Ink Nest space you entered should be the Mother Nest’s space, and only the Mother Nest’s space can connect the many Royal Lord-level Ink Nests.”

Yang Kai thought for a moment, “If that’s the case, those twenty or so Royal Lords… could they be the guards of the Mother Nest?”

Xiang Shan and Mi Jinglun looked at each other and nodded, “That’s possible.”

Since the Mother Nest was the source of everything, it must be extremely important to the Black Ink Clan. Since that was the case, there would definitely be an expert protecting it.

With more than twenty Royal Lords, their lineup couldn’t be said to be weak. With them guarding the Mother Nest, under normal circumstances, the Mother Nest would be safe.

Inside Yang Kai’s Small Universe, there was a similar scene with the Small Stone Race's Nest. The strong Small Stone Race had always been guarding the nest and would not easily move out.

This also explained why the twenty or so Royal Lords were acting like they were watching a show.

As guards of the Mother Nest, they could not easily leave. No matter how anxious the situation outside was, it had nothing to do with them.

“After all, we don’t have much information about the Black Ink Clan, so it’s impossible to tell whether what we’ve just said is true or not. However, as long as the humans from the various war zones can win, everything will eventually come to light.”

It was quite laughable. The Human Race had been entangled with the Black Ink Clan for countless years, and generations of elites had been sent to the Ink Battlefield, but they didn’t know much about the Black Ink Clan.

On the other hand, because the Black Ink Clan was able to transform the Human Race Open Heaven into Black Ink Disciple, they had a much more thorough understanding of the Human Race.

Ouyang Lie, who was listening from the side, felt a headache coming on, “What’s the point of caring so much? If there really is a Mother Nest, we can just find it and blow it up! There aren’t many, only twenty or so Royal Lords, but we have more than a hundred Old Ancestors. If we join forces, we won’t need to fear them.”

He was an Eighth Order Open Heaven Cultivator, but it's unknown where he got the confidence to say that twenty or so Royal Lords weren’t a lot.

However, what he said wasn’t wrong. Even if the Black Ink Clan really did have a Mother Nest, if they found it, they could simply destroy it.

In the end, one needed strength!

Just as everyone was discussing, a voice suddenly resounded throughout the mountain pass.

“Blue Sky Pass won a great victory, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was killed, less than ten Territory Lords survived, and the King City was destroyed!”

“Blue Sky Pass won a great victory, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was killed, less than ten Territory Lords survived, and the King City was destroyed!”

“Blue Sky Pass won a great victory, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was killed, less than ten Territory Lords survived, and the King City was destroyed!” [MSN: It really say Blue Sky Pass three times.]


More and more sounds rang out.

The originally quiet Great Evolution Pass suddenly began to boil, the sounds of cheering almost causing the entire mountain pass to tremble.

Blue Sky Pass won a great victory, the Royal Lord was killed, and the King City was destroyed.

This was undoubtedly good news for the Human Race.

The battle on Great Evolution’s side had been settled, but no one knew what was happening in the other war zones.

The Eighth Order who had just returned were all in a state of emergency recovery, ready to use the Space Array to reinforce the other mountain passes.

The victory in the Great Evolution War Zone was nothing. More than two hundred years ago, the Black Ink Clan had been completely routed, and the Black Ink Clan had been forced to retreat to the King City, even using thousands of Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest, to form a defensive line.

Facing such a Black Ink Clan, how could the Great Evolution Army not win?

Although the appearance of a Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple was somewhat surprising, it didn’t have much effect.

It could be said that before the expedition, the soldiers of the army were already mentally prepared for victory. Victory was inevitable, but it wasn’t to the extent of being a pleasant surprise.

But now, the news was different.

After the Great Evolution War Zone, another war zone had won!

Everyone believed that this was only the beginning. As the war progressed, more war zones would send out good news!

The source of the voice was from the Transportation Hall, and as the voice spread, the messenger also flew over from the Transportation Hall.

A moment later, a Seventh Order cultivator rushed into the main hall, one of the guards of the Transportation Hall, shouting excitedly, “Reporting, Blue Sky Pass has won a great victory, and news of a victory has spread to all the major passes!”

Xiang Shan laughed, “Hand it over!”

The seventh Order guard quickly stepped forward and respectfully handed over a jade slip.

Xiang Shan’s Divine Sense swept over it and he smiled even more happily.

Mi Jinglun and the others took turns examining the contents of the jade slip, all of them quite happy.

The victory at Blue Sky Pass had washed away everyone’s previous worries about the Mother Nest. Moreover, worrying about it now was useless. If the Black Ink Clan really had some kind of plan, they should be able to figure it out soon.

Three days later, a second report arrived.

The voice of the Seventh Order Open Heaven master resounded throughout the entire Great Evolution Pass once more.

“Yin Yang Pass won a great victory and killed 87 Territory Lords. The Black Ink Clan’s army was routed and the King City was destroyed!”

A few days later.

“Azure Void Pass won a great victory, the Old Ancestor’s might is boundless, he single-handedly killed the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord…”

“Wind and Cloud Pass’ victory…”

“Myriad Demon Pass won…”

Half a month later, almost every day, there would be a report of victory. Sometimes, there would even be two or three such reports, all of which were from the various war zones where the Human Race was invincible and the Black Ink Clan was defeated.

Many of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords had been killed, while the Territory Lords had suffered countless casualties, let alone the Feudal Lords.

Many of the reports didn’t mention the Royal Lord, so it was obvious they hadn’t been killed.

A Royal Lord wasn’t so easy to kill. For countless years, the Human Race’s Old Ancestors in each of the war zones had fought with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords, and each of them had suffered countless injuries. However, the number of Ninth Order Human Race masters and even the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords who had actually died in battle could be counted on one hand.

To be able to kill so many Royal Lords this time, it could be said that the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance played a crucial role.

The Old Ancestors didn’t have the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance because the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance refined by the Human Race didn’t pose much of a threat to the Royal Lord. If they wanted to kill the Royal Lord, it would depend on the strength of the Human Race’s Ninth Order.

Although the Old Ancestor didn’t have the Evil Breaking Divine Lance, the Eighth Order did, and the Territory Lords were caught off guard and suffered heavy casualties. As such, the Eighth Order could spare some time to assist the Old Ancestor.

As long as five or six Eighth Order masters were willing to help, the Ninth Order Human Race would have a chance to kill the Royal Lord.

The price they had to pay for this was the lives of several Eighth Order Open Heaven masters!

However, since this was a good news, it only mentions the gain. There was no news of human casualties, but everyone knew that behind these gains were the blood and lives of the Human Race masters.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that the first few war zones to be settled had some kind of relationship with Yang Kai.

There was no need to mention Blue Sky Pass, the first place to receive good news. Since Yang Kai arrived at the Ink Battlefield, he had been staying in Blue Sky Pass until he was transferred to the Great Evolution Army.

The second Yin Yang Pass was the same. Yang Kai had once gone to the Yin Yang Pass for a mission.

Myriad Demon Pass was the same…

Yang Kai stayed there for a while asking the Myriad Demons Heavens's Old Ancestor for guidance on the cultivation of the two Great Pupil Techniques. For this, he had paid a great price.

The reason for this was naturally because Yang Kai had found all the entrances to the Universe Cave Heaven and Universe Paradise outside these mountain passes and had used the Human Race’s soldiers to set up various traps to kill the Black Ink Clan masters.

It could be said that these three war zones had suffered significant losses before this, especially Blue Sky Pass. The outpost camp was located on the periphery of the Black Ink Clan’s King City and was connected to several Universe Formations. If the Human Race wanted to attack the King City, they would only need to teleport a few times, making it easier than any other mountain pass.


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