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Inside Great Evolution Pass, there was a broken wall.

Previously, when they attacked the Black Ink Clan’s King City, Great Evolution had suffered an unprecedented counterattack. Even with the Old Ancestor personally overseeing the situation, many of its defenses had been torn apart.

The Black Ink Clan’s attack swept through the entire Great Evolution Pass, turning all the buildings into dust.

Currently, in the Great Evolution Pass, other than some extremely important locations, such as the Transportation Hall, only the Heroic Spirit Monument and the Cemetery remained untouched.

Great Evolution had won this battle, but the price they had paid was definitely not small.

Two days after Smiles Old Ancestor sent out the signal to gather the troops, the Great Evolution soldiers who had been chasing after the Black Ink Clan returned one after another, and after the battle, Great Evolution gradually became more lively.

The Dawn mansion was a mess, Yang Kai didn’t bother cleaning up and instead found a place to meditate and heal.

His Divine Sense had been severely damaged, greatly affecting his thoughts, and the scene he saw in the Ink Nest Space left him puzzled.

He felt like he had overlooked something.

The Sword Qi attached to his body had also been neutralized by Smiles Old Ancestor, and after two days, his injuries had healed significantly. The power of the Dragon Vein was strong, so he didn’t need to worry too much about his physical injuries.

At one point, Yang Kai opened his eyes and saw a group of familiar faces.

Dawn had returned!

However, the number of people was much smaller. Dawn had a total of fifty people, including Yang Kai and Feng Ying, who had already broken through to the Eighth Order.

However, only thirty-one people had returned!

Amongst the Seventh Order, only Shen Ao, Yu Ziyou, Bai Yi, Xue Ya, and Miao Feiping remained.

There is no Ning Qizhi and Ren Bingbai,

The returning cultivators were all covered in blood, their injuries varying in severity.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Although he had long known that this battle would not leave the Dawn Squad unscathed, because this was the final battle of the Great Evolution War, and the Dawn Squad had previously entangled an Black Ink Clan Territory Lord, so casualties were inevitable, when he saw so many familiar faces not returning, his heart still ached.

This was especially true for Ning Qizhi, the veteran of the Dawn Squad, who had been seriously injured and on the verge of death last time. He had barely managed to survive, but this time, he had failed to return.

Since the founding of the Dawn Squad, there had been countless large and small-scale battles. Apart from the destruction of the King City two hundred years ago and the fall of Qi Taichu, there had not been many casualties.

But today, more than thirty percent of the team’s members had been reduced.

The fact that the Dawn Squad had been able to retreat unscathed from the great battle many times had nothing to do with Yang Kai. Yang Kai’s strength was extraordinary and he was able to crush his peers. With him in charge, the dangers the members of the Dawn Squad faced on the battlefield would be much smaller.

Often, the crisis was resolved by him before it even arrived.

However, in this battle, he had not been able to fight shoulder to shoulder with the Dawn Squad. He had more important things to do. He was the one who had destroyed the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, and he was also the one who had destroyed the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest, Che Kong and that Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple was also killed by him.

Without him as a cornerstone, the strength of the Dawn Squad was greatly reduced. In such a chaotic battlefield, it was impossible to ensure everyone’s safety.

More than thirty people arrived in front of Yang Kai, led by Shen Ao, who cupped his fists towards Yang Kai and said in a low voice, “Shen Ao has returned with the team. Fortunately, we did not fail our mission and killed a Territory Lord, thirty-four Feudal Lords, and more than five thousand below the Feudal Lord.”

The Territory Lord who had been entangled by the Dawn Squad’s forces had ended up the same way as the one who had been entangled by Old Turtle’s team. Smiles Old Ancestor had casually injured him while Shen Ao and the others had rushed forward to kill him.

Soon after, the Black Ink Clan army fled in defeat while the Dawn Squad chased after the enemy, killing countless enemies until the Old Ancestor sent out a signal for them to return.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Thank you for your hard work, everyone. My Great Evolution won this battle and the Great Evolution War Zone has been completely settled. Please heal yourselves.”

“Yes!” Shen Ao replied, and everyone began to cultivate.

No one mentioned those who had died in battle, not because they had been forgotten, but because there was no need to. All the soldiers who had entered the Ink Battlefield had long since forgotten about life and death, and everyone know they would die in that battle.

Death, to the Human Race’s soldiers on the Ink Battlefield, was not terrifying, a meaningless death is the most terrible thing that could happen.

The ruins of the manor were quiet as the thirty or so people quietly cultivated, but Yang Kai couldn’t help sighing in his heart.

This bitter battle was both expected and unexpected.

If even an elite team like Dawn was so badly injured, what about the other ordinary teams?

After this battle, how many of the Great Evolution Army could survive?

More than three hundred years ago, the Great Evolution Army had been established, and from Wind Cloud Pass and Azure Void Pass, they had sent out their forces.

At that time, the entire army was filled with sixty thousand soldiers and 120 Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs.

Two hundred years ago, after the Great Evolution Recovery War, the Great Evolution Army suffered heavy casualties, with only seventy or so Eighth Order cultivators remaining and only thirty or forty thousand soldiers remaining.

Now, how many were still alive?

In the previous battlefield, when the auras of the various Territory Lords had withered, Yang Kai had also felt the fall of the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters.

In war, it's impossible to have no casualties, especially in a decisive battle that would determine the future of the two races. The casualties were especially great.

However, all of these deaths were worth it. Today’s death could be exchanged for tomorrow’s peace, and the efforts of the previous generations were all for the sake of preventing the younger generation from continuing their arduous journey.

The survivors enjoyed the joy of victory, and the fallen would be remembered.

Yang Kai focused his mind and focused on healing his injuries.

Until Smiles Old Ancestor summoned him.

The Conference Hall had been affected by the previous battle and had been reduced to ruins. The current Conference Hall had been rebuilt in its original position.

By the time Yang Kai arrived, the four Regiment Commanders had already gathered in the main hall, along with the Old Ancestor.

Among the four Regiment Commanders, Xiang Shan and Mi Jinglun didn’t seem to have suffered any injuries, while Liu Zhiping’s face was pale and her aura was weak. Obviously, she was injured.

The one with the most serious injuries was Ouyang Lie. It was unknown how this fellow had fought with the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, but his head had almost been split open. Yang Kai could clearly see a gash on his forehead and a crack on his skull.

Such an injury could be said to be a step away from death.

Yang Kai glanced over and was secretly shocked, thinking that this Regiment Commander was too reckless. Such an injury was only a step away from death.

Sensing his gaze, Ouyang Lie glared at him and snorted, “This old master has killed two Territory Lords, so it’s inevitable for me to suffer some minor injuries.”

Yang Kai didn’t know what to say and could only bow to the crowd.

Mi Jinglun went straight to the point, “Yang Kai, have you investigated the Royal Lord Ink Nest before?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Since I had nothing to do, I wanted to inquire about the reactions of the Black Ink Clan in the other war zones, but I didn’t expect to find something else.”

Xiang Shan said, “Explain your discovery in detail.”

Yang Kai quickly described the scene in detail.

Hearing this, everyone looked at each other.

Liu Zhiping frowned, “According to what you said, there are more than 120 Soul Avatars gathered in the Ink Nest Space?”


A Royal Lord-level Ink Nest corresponded to a Soul Avatar, meaning that there were at least a hundred and twenty Royal Lords in the entire Ink Battlefield.

“You think they’re ambushing the Human Race’s Old Ancestor?”

Yang Kai frowned and said, “Disciple’s first reaction was this, but after thinking about it carefully, he felt that something was wrong. If these Royal Lords really wanted to ambush the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, they wouldn’t have stayed in the Ink Nest, but instead were hiding on the battlefield.”

He had said this to Smiles Old Ancestor before, but it was also something he was extremely puzzled about.

“The expeditions of the Human Race’s various war zones were launched at the same time. When Great Evolution and the Black Ink Clan were fighting, the other war zones should have also erupted. No matter where the twenty or so Royal Lords were, when the war broke out, even if they didn’t hide in the shadows, they wouldn’t have stayed behind to guard the Ink Nest. What did they want to do?” Mi Jinglun’s brow wrinkled. Even someone as quick-witted as him felt that something was off.

He didn’t ask if Yang Kai’s senses were wrong. For such a big event, Yang Kai couldn’t be careless.

What’s more, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense was at least an Eighth Order. In a place like the Ink Nest Space, if even this kind of thing could be sensed wrong, his cultivation would be a waste.

They didn’t doubt Yang Kai’s words, but what they couldn’t understand now was what the intentions of these twenty or so Royal Lords were, and where they were located.

Was there really only twenty or so Royal Lords?

Yang Kai had sensed so many things, but is that all? Were there any more hidden secrets?

Xiang Shan couldn’t figure it out either…

Smiles Old Ancestor said, “No matter what, this matter has already been reported to all the major passes, so the Ninth Order Human Race should be on their guard. If those Royal Lords really want to launch a sneak attack, they may not succeed.”

Everyone nodded.

Xiang Shan suddenly turned to Yang Kai and asked, “What else did you see in the Ink Nest Space?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “There’s nothing else worth paying attention to. The Soul Avatars of the twenty or so Royal Lords have remained stable and are clearly separated from the Soul Avatars of the other hundred or so Feudal Lords…”

As he spoke, Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled as he carefully thought back to the scene at that time, a strange expression appearing on his face as he said, “If I really have to say it, the reactions of those Royal Lords are quite strange.”

“What’s so strange about it?” Smiles asked.

“The Soul Avatars of the hundred or so Feudal Lords should correspond to the various war zones, because in terms of numbers, only the Royal Lord and Territory Lords have a chance to defend the Ink Nest. The communication between them is quite chaotic and basically in a panic…”

This was also understandable. With the sudden invasion of the Human Race’s army and the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, the Black Ink Clan in almost every war zone had suffered heavy casualties, so it would be strange if they didn’t panic. At that time, many of the Feudal Lords had asked for reinforcements from other war zones, but the Human Race’s expedition had completely swept through the entire Ink Battlefield, so asking for reinforcements was useless.

“Compared to those panic Feudal Lords, those Royal Lords seem too indifferent. The feeling they give off… is like watching a show.”

After two days of recuperation, the damage to his Soul had improved significantly, allowing Yang Kai’s thoughts to become clearer. Now that he thought about it carefully, he found some clues.


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