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Yang Kai had thought that these Soul Avatars were also from the various war zones, Smiles Old Ancestor had told him that not every war zone only had one Human Race Old Ancestor and one Black Ink Clan Royal Lord.

In some war zones, whether it was the Human Race’s Old Ancestor or the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, there was more than one. If the Black Ink Clan had two or three Royal Lords, the origin of these twenty Soul Avatars would be easy to explain.

But when he investigated the strength of these Soul Avatars, he knew something was wrong.

Although these quiet Soul Avatars were all restrained, they were still extremely powerful.

Even Yang Kai couldn’t compare.

Although he was a Seventh Order Open Heaven master, his Divine Sense was at the Eighth Order. In this world, besides the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, there was only the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord that could be stronger than his Divine Sense!

These were the Soul Avatars of more than twenty Black Ink Clan Royal Lords!

Yang Kai was shocked.

How could there be so many Black Ink Clan Royal Lords here?

This is very unusual.

It had to be known that the Human Race’s Pass in the various war zones had already invaded the King City, so the Royal Lord was definitely going to oversee the overall situation in the King City. They might even have to fight with the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, so how could they have the time to oversee the Ink Nest and manifest their Soul Avatar here?

If it was just one or two, it would be understandable, but there were twenty of them.

During an intense battle with the Human Race army, not to mention a Royal Lord, even a Territory Lord was an indispensable force on the battlefield and would not be left idle in the Ink Nest.

On top of that, the hundred or so Soul Avatars that were in a panic weren’t very powerful, each of them only at the Feudal Lord-level.

What was going on? Yang Kai couldn’t understand.

However, there was no time for him to think too much about it. Perhaps it was because his investigation had alerted the other Royal Lords, so a Divine Sense immediately swept towards him.

Under this tyrannical pressure, Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar trembled slightly and almost dissipated. The injuries he had suffered from the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple’s attack had yet to fully recover, so how could he withstand such an unbridled attack? Fortunately, at this critical moment, he quickly gathered his Soul and managed to escape unscathed.

A message appeared in his consciousness, “Where are you from?”

This was obviously a question from the other party.

Yang Kai replied without hesitation, “Reporting to Sir, I am from the Great Evolution War Zone.”

“The Great Evolution War Zone, what’s the situation there?”

Yang Kai casually replied, “The situation isn’t good. The Royal Lord is currently engaged in a bloody battle with the Human Race’s Old Ancestor and is no match for her, so I ask the Royal Lords to quickly come to our aid!”

After Yang Kai finished speaking, the other party was obviously stunned for a moment before asking curiously, “Didn’t you say Mo Zhao had already died?”

Shit! Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat as he realized that the situation on Great Evolution’s side had already been reported by the Black Ink Clan.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t strange. There were so many Black Ink Clan Divine Senses gathered here, so if they were to communicate with each other, Great Evolution's side would certainly be no exception.

Mo Zhao’s death had caused a great disturbance, so the Black Ink Clan who had been guarding the Royal Lord’s Ink Nest at the time would definitely have been able to sense it.

“A Territory Lord’s Divine Sense… no, you’re a human race!” The Divine Sense suddenly reacted and in the next moment, a surging power erupted from the Ink Nest.

The moment the other party became suspicious, Yang Kai prepared to withdraw from the Ink Nest Space. Since he had acted improperly and the other party had become suspicious, he naturally couldn’t stay here any longer.

When the other party’s Divine Sense erupted, Yang Kai had almost left this space and was only swept away by the aftermath.

Even so, when Yang Kai came back to his senses, he felt a splitting headache and his Divine Sense was greatly damaged.

He had just been injured by the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple, and before he had fully recovered, he had been attacked by a Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan. If not for the protection of the Soul Warming Lotus, he would have died.

However, Yang Kai didn’t have time to care about his injuries and immediately rushed out.

Activating his Space Principle, he arrived at Great Evolution Pass in the blink of an eye and rushed towards the Space Array.

At this moment, the Space Array was bustling with activity. Normally, there were only a few Open Heaven cultivators guarding this place, but now there were more than ten.

The Great Array’s light flashed from time to time, and every time it flashed, a jade slip would appear out of thin air. Obviously, this information had been sent from another mountain pass.

When Yang Kai arrived, the many Open Heaven masters present all wore joyful expressions. According to the battle reports they had received, the Human Race army in each of the war zones had the advantage, and several of the war zones were about to break into the King City.

Seeing Yang Kai rush over in a hurry, one of the Seventh Order guards standing guard quickly asked, “Junior Brother Yang, is there something you need?”

Yang Kai endured the heart-wrenching pain and gritted his teeth, “Quickly send a message to all the great mountain passes. In addition to the forces on the surface, the Black Ink Clan has at least twenty Royal Lords lying in ambush. Tell the Old Ancestors to be careful.”

The Seventh Order turned pale with fright, “Where did this information come from? Is it accurate?”

Yang Kai said, “Just now, I went deep into the Ink Nest Space of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest and saw more than twenty Royal Lord Soul Avatars guarding it. If they aren’t participating now, they must be waiting for news and waiting for an opportunity to deliver a fatal blow to the Old Ancestors.”

On the battlefield, the hidden Royal Lords were simply too dangerous.

Thirty thousand years ago, the reason why Great Evolution Pass had fallen was because Mo Zhao had suddenly appeared on the Black Ink Clan’s side, hiding in the shadows. When Great Evolution Old Ancestor and the Royal Lord were locked in a fierce battle, Mo Zhao had suddenly attacked and joined forces with another Royal Lord to kill Great Evolution Old Ancestor.

The Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple from before had also wanted to do so, but the warning that had been sent out before from the Snow Wolf Squad was destroyed had caused Smiles Old Ancestor to become vigilant, preventing the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple from succeeding.

It could be said that the message sent by the Snow Wolf Squad at the last moment was extremely important. If not for that message, Great Evolution’s side might not have been able to guard against it, and this battle would not have gone so smoothly.

The fall of Great Evolution Pass was only the concealment of one of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, but now there were at least twenty of them. If the Black Ink Clan really succeeded, the Human Race’s Old Ancestors would suffer heavy casualties.

Once they lost the strength of their Old Ancestor, the Human Race’s army would suffer great consequences.

Listening to Yang Kai’s words, the expressions of the many Open Heaven cultivators who had just been overjoyed changed greatly. The Seventh Order who had spoken to Yang Kai immediately shouted, “Quickly, quickly send out the news.”

The jade slips were immediately branded with this urgent information, and the light from the Space Array constantly flashed, sending the jade slips to the various mountain passes.

After all the jade slips were sent out, half an hour had passed.

Everyone in the hall held their breaths, no longer feeling as happy as before. The atmosphere became heavy as everyone stared at the Space Array, afraid that they would suddenly receive news that the Human Race is in danger.

At this moment, Yang Kai was frowning.

His Soul had been damaged twice, causing him to have a splitting headache, and even his thoughts had been somewhat affected. When he saw the Souls of the twenty or so Royal Lords in the Ink Nest just now, his first reaction was that the Black Ink Clan had set up an ambush, so he had rushed here to deliver a message.

But now that he thought about it carefully, there seemed to be something wrong. The situation was different from what he had imagined.

However, before he could figure it out, a tyrannical aura came from afar and instantly arrived above Great Evolution.

This aura was completely undisguised, and all the soldiers who were guarding Great Evolution noticed it.

Yang Kai flashed out of the hall and looked up to see Smiles Old Ancestor standing in the air, her beautiful hair fluttering in the wind. Although her clothes were stained with blood, they still shone brilliantly.

Sensing his gaze, Smiles Old Ancestor lowered her head and nodded slightly, lightly saying, “Victory!”


These simple word contained the arduous struggles of the Human Race for countless tens of thousands of years, the sacrifices of countless lives, and the bitter hard work of generations.

The Human Race had won!

The situation in the other war zones was still unclear, but at the very least, the Great Evolution War Zone had won!

The soldiers who had stayed behind cheered.

The army chasing after the Black Ink Clan also roared loudly, as if they wanted to vent all the grievances they had suffered over the years.

The entire Great Evolution Pass trembled under this wave of cheers.

Smiles Old Ancestor disappeared in a flash, and after a while, the slowly rotating Great Evolution Pass finally stopped.

At the core, the five Eighth Order masters were nearly exhausted, their faces pale and their auras weak.

Just as Yang Kai had guessed, with these five Eighth Order Elders guarding the core, without the Old Ancestor taking over, it was impossible for them to leave.

Now that Smiles Old Ancestor had returned to assist them, they were able to escape from the core’s power absorption.

The cheers inside the pass continued, but Smiles Old Ancestor quickly appeared in front of Yang Kai and asked, “What happened?”

As soon as she came back, she noticed that Yang Kai’s complexion wasn’t right. It wasn’t because he was injured, but because something had happened.

Yang Kai quickly explained what he had discovered in the Ink Nest Space and how he had rushed back to allow Great Evolution to send a message to the various mountain passes.

Smiles Old Ancestor also frowned when she heard this, “Do you think those Royal Lords are lying in ambush for the Human Race’s Ninth Order?”

Yang Kai said, “That’s what I thought before, but now it seems that if they really wanted to ambush a Ninth Order Human Race master, they wouldn’t have stayed in the Ink Nest but instead should have been hiding on the battlefield.”

This was also why he felt something was wrong.

What was the point of guarding the Ink Nest? If they wanted to deal with the Ninth Order Human Race, hiding in the battlefield and suddenly launching an attack was the best option.

Smiles Old Ancestor nodded slightly and said, “That’s right, twenty or so Royal Lords is not a small force, enough to sweep through any war zone, but if they weren’t here to ambush the Human Race’s Ninth Order, why?”

“This is also something this disciple cannot understand.”

Smiles Old Ancestor also couldn’t understand why everything Yang Kai had seen in the Ink Nest seemed so strange.

A moment later, Smiles Old Ancestor suddenly raised her hand and sent out a burst of Qi into the void, causing it to explode with a dazzling light.

Yang Kai glanced at it and guessed that this was the signal to gather the army’s masters.

The army had been chasing after the Black Ink Clan for two or three days now, so they should have killed as many as they could. If they couldn’t kill them, there was no point in pursuing them.

After doing all this, Smiles Old Ancestor said, “Let’s wait, we don’t have enough brains. When Big Head Xiang and Big Head Mi return, they may have some ideas.”

On the Great Evolution Army’s side, Xiang Shan and Mi Jinglun were the most quick-witted. In the current situation, waiting for the two of them to return was perhaps the best solution.

Immediately, the Old Ancestor ordered, “Prepare the Space Array and prepare to send an Eighth Order into the various war zones at any time.”

“Yes!” Inside the main hall, all the Open Heaven masters agreed.


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