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After wandering around the battlefield for a while, Yang Kai arrived near the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

The Black Ink Clan’s King City had stood for countless years and could be said to be the foundation of the Great Evolution War Zone’s Black Ink Clan. However, today, the floating continent where the King City was located had collapsed and the inside of the King City had become a ruin.

There were only a few of the towering Ink Nests that had collapsed or been completely destroyed.

The entire floating continent where the King City was located was devoid of life.

The Black Ink Clan had suffered a great loss, some had died, some had fled, and the entire King City had become an empty city.

Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to the remaining Territory Lord-level Ink Nest, instead directly arriving below the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

This Royal Lord-level Ink Nest had been smashed by him in one blow. He had thought it was destroyed, but in reality, it had not been completely destroyed.

There were still a few Territory Lord-level Ink Nests remaining. If the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest was completely destroyed, all of the Territory Lord Ink Nests would be destroyed as well.

This was the special symbiotic relationship between a superior and a lower-class Ink Nest.

Even though it had collapsed, the Royal Lord Ink Nest was still massive.

Yang Kai stood in front of the Ink Nest and silently stared for a moment before his heart stirred and he stepped forward.

He found the entrance to the Ink Nest and stepped inside.

As soon as he entered, Yang Kai felt a surge of energy in the Ink Nest. It was easy to imagine that in order to deal with Smiles old Ancestor, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord must have stored a large amount of energy in the Ink Nest so that he could borrow it at any time.

If Yang Kai hadn’t destroyed this Ink Nest, it wouldn’t have been easy for Smiles old Ancestor to kill him.

But now, the energy stored in the Ink Nest was no longer useful. Even the Royal Lord had died, so who could use it?

The Human Race had no use for it.

Wasteful! Yang Kai silently cursed in his heart. He didn’t know how many resources the Black Ink Clan had consumed in order to store their energy inside, those resources could originally be the spoils of the Great Evolution soldiers.

Because of the collapse, the passageways inside the Ink Nest weren’t very smooth and there were many obstructions, but Yang Kai didn’t have to spend much effort to open up a path.

Soon, he arrived beside the Ink Pond.

The structure of the Black Ink Clan’s Ink Nest was almost the same, the only difference being its size. Yang Kai had seen the Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest’s Ink Pond before, as well as the Territory Lord-level Ink Pond. In comparison, the Ink Pond in front of him was undoubtedly larger.

If the Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest’s Ink Pond was a small water pit, then the Territory Lord-level was a pond, while the Royal Lord’s Ink Pond was a lake.

Inside the Ink Pond, the Ink Force surged and energy surged.

On the surrounding walls of flesh, there were also many lumps wriggling about, containing the new life forms of the Black Ink Clan, seemingly ready to burst out at any moment.

Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to them. Even if these Black Ink Clans were born, they would only be the lowest level of Black Ink Clans. They posed no threat to the Human Race, and any Open Heaven cultivator could easily destroy them.

He wanted to find the core of the Ink Nest and use it to investigate the situation in the other war zones.

On the Great Evolution War Zone’s side, the Black Ink Clan’s crisis had been completely resolved. No one knew what the situation in the other war zones was like. Although the Human Race had made many preparations for this great war and the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was destined to shine, the situation on the battlefield was constantly changing. Before accurate news came, no one could guarantee that the Human Race would be able to gain an advantage on every battlefield.

There was definitely news coming and going between the various great mountain passes, but that information was only passed between humans.

Yang Kai wanted to know how the Black Ink Clan was communicating with each other, so he could more directly investigate the various war zones.

With the help of this Royal Lord’s Ink Nest, he could easily obtain some information.

At this moment, he was extremely glad that he hadn’t completely destroyed this Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, otherwise, there really wouldn’t have been any good solution.

Soon, Yang Kai found the core of the Ink Nest.

In the place where the Ink Force surged, Yang Kai found a place to sit cross-legged.

Although he had entered the Ink Nest many times before, this was the first time he had entered the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

Thinking about it, there was no difference.

Opening his Small Universe, he allowed the Ink Nest to swallow his World Force, using it as a bridge to connect with the Ink Nest’s will.

In the next moment, Yang Kai arrived in a huge space.

He didn’t reveal his Soul Avatar. After all, he was a human, so his Soul Avatar was too obvious. In this place where the Black Ink Clan was everywhere, it was easy to be exposed.

At this moment, his entire Soul was like a ball.

This form wasn’t rare, as many of the Black Ink Clan’s members in the Ink Nest had this form.

As soon as he entered this place, Yang Kai noticed the chaotic Divine Sense fluctuations around him and received a series of messages.

“The Human Race’s momentum is quite fierce. I don’t know what kind of artifact they’ve developed, but it’s releasing a pure light which has a strong restraint on the Ink Force. The Territory Lord under Mo Bu Royal Lord have suffered heavy casualties.” [MSN: The direct translation is Ink Book, but i decide to use Mo Bu.]

“The Xuanyuan War Zone has requested reinforcements, and the army has suffered heavy casualties. Which Royal Lord can lead the reinforcements?”

“The Human Race has invaded the King City and the King City is in imminent danger…”

“The Human Race has gone mad. Even their mountain passes have been used to approached. The Azure Void War Zone is no longer safe.”

Numerous Divine Senses rapidly shuttled through this space, transmitting information that caused the Black Ink Clan to fall into despair. Most of the Divine Senses seemed to be in a state of extreme panic. It was clear that the situation in the various war zones was extremely unfavorable for the Black Ink Clan, and many of the war zones were on the verge of collapse.

Only a few Divine Senses were relatively calm, but after being affected by the surrounding atmosphere, they were somewhat uneasy.

The Human Race’s war this time was a full-scale expedition. More than a hundred war zones, more than a hundred mountain passes, and millions of Human Race soldiers were mobilized, leaving almost no way out.

The Human Race’s attitude was very clear. If this battle didn’t succeed, they would die trying.

Relying on the advantages of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance and the advantage they had accumulated over the past several hundred years, the Human Race army in most of the war zones advanced at a rapid pace, leaving the Black Ink Clan completely helpless.

With the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance being used in large quantities, the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords and Territory Lords suffered heavy casualties. Without the Feudal Lords and Territory Lords, the Human Race’s Eighth Order were much less constrained. As long as the Eighth Order had an advantage on the battlefield, they could gather their forces to assist the Old Ancestor, join forces to attack the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, or send people to destroy the Royal Lord’s Ink Nest and weaken his strength.

Victory and defeat on the battlefield were often determined by a certain point.

The Human Race had now taken the initiative to open up this method.

As a result, in almost every war zone, the situation of the Black Ink Clan was not good. The slightly weaker war zones had almost been breached, so they had no choice but to ask for reinforcements.

But at this moment, which war zone’s Black Ink Clan could provide support elsewhere? It would be difficult for them to even protect themselves.

Moreover, even if they had the ability to provide support, the distance between them was too great, so it was unrealistic to provide support.

Yang Kai was in a good mood when he heard this. Although the various war zones had information about each other, there was definitely some communication between the various mountain passes. Great Evolution situation should also be known to the various war zones, but they had not announced it to the public yet.

Listening to this information from the Ink Nest Space was quite exciting.

The Human Race had won!

Chaotic and panicked Divine Senses mixed with information that made the Black Ink Clan feel uneasy constantly shuttled through the Ink Nest, causing the entire space to be shrouded in despair.

Yang Kai was secretly pleased. The Black Ink Clan had suppressed the Human Race for so many years and had repeatedly invaded the Human Race’s mountain passes. Now, they finally had a taste of being beaten to their doorstep.

However, Yang Kai had yet to hear the news of the war zone where the King City being conquered and the Royal Lord being killed.

It seemed that the Great Evolution Zone was the fastest.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t hard to understand. Two hundred years ago, when the Great Evolution Army took back the Great Evolution Pass, they had already severely wounded the Black Ink Clan, and because of this, they had nearly lost thirty to forty percent of their strength.

During that time, many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had fallen, and even the Royal Lord had been seriously injured.

Two hundred years later, before the Black Ink Clan’s Yuan Qi in the Great Evolution War Zone had fully recovered, Great Evolution Pass had already arrived from afar and was taking advantage of the Black Ink Clan’s decline to launch an all-out attack.

Under such circumstances, the Great Evolution War Zone would naturally become the first war zone to completely conquer the Black Ink Clan.

Although the progress of the other war zones was somewhat poor, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to win. As for whether or not their results were greater than Great Evolution’s, that would depend on their strength.

He didn’t know how the Black Ink Clan would react if he shouted at them that Mo Zhao was dead…

Thinking so, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly jumped as he looked towards the other side of this space.

When he had first entered this place, he had been attracted by the chaotic Divine Sense and hadn’t paid attention to the situation on the other side for a while, but now that he was observing, he had a strange feeling.

There were actually more than twenty Soul Avatars gathered there, all of them silent and without the slightest hint of panic. These twenty Soul Avatars were as quiet as dead objects, a stark contrast to the Soul Avatars that were transmitting messages through their Divine Senses.

It was also because of their silence that Yang Kai didn’t notice them immediately.

The entire Ink Nest seemed to be divided into two distinct parts.

One of them was the Soul Avatars that were frantically sending out messages, while the other was the Soul Avatars that were strangely quiet.

When Yang Kai noticed them, his heart skipped a beat and he suddenly felt a sense of unease.

In the next moment, he realized where this disharmony came from.

The number was wrong!

On the Human Race’s side, there were a total of one hundred and eight Cave Heaven Paradise, each of which corresponded to a different war zone.

However, the actual number was not this much.

Because the Dragon Clan’s Dragon Pond and Phoenix Clan’s Phoenix Nest occupied two Cave Heaven Paradise places.

As for the Dragon and Phoenix Clans, they were guarding the No-Return Pass.

In other words, the entire Ink Battlefield should have one hundred and six war zones.

Although Yang Kai didn’t count them carefully, there were more than a hundred Soul Avatars that had gathered together and were communicating with their Divine Senses.

Since these Soul Avatars were able to enter this place, it meant that they had borrowed the power of their respective War Zone’s Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

This number was correct.

But what about the additional twenty Soul Avatars?

Where did they come from?


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