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There were only a dozen or so Eighth Order masters in the entire Great Evolution Pass, so Yang Kai naturally recognized all of them, especially the fact that the other party had rushed over to help him just now.

Although he didn’t have time.

The Eighth Order surnamed Liu grinned, “You don’t know what you’ve done?”

Yang Kai said, “Of course I know, but after I punched him, I didn’t know what happen.” He thought he was dead for sure, but who would have thought he would survive? What surprised him even more was the words of the Old Ancestor.

He couldn’t help feeling his mouth go dry, “Old Liu, did I really kill that Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple?”

Old Liu chuckled, “With such achievements, how could the Old Ancestor joke around so easily? Yes, that Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple was killed by a single punch from you!”

Yang Kai gulped…

Killing a Ninth Order master with a single punch!

Regardless of whether that Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple was seriously injured or not, he was still a Ninth Order!

He had actually killed a Ninth Order?

Since coming to this Ink Battlefield, many Territory Lords had died at his hands, but a Ninth Order's combat strength was not something he could resist, yet today, a Ninth Order had actually died at his hands.

Yang Kai grinned, wanting to laugh out loud, but the injuries on his body were too severe, causing his Golden Blood to burst out.

Old Liu glanced at his wound and said, “Go back to Great Evolution Pass and heal your injuries. Your injuries… are a bit troublesome.”

After all, this was a Ninth Order Open Heaven Sword Technique. At this moment, Yang Kai’s shoulder blade had been cut into his lower abdomen, leaving behind a massive wound with flesh and blood, revealing the golden bones inside.

At the wound, a thick Sword Qi filled the air, constantly eroding his flesh.

Even the regenerative power of his seven thousand zhang Ancient Dragon body would find it difficult to heal.

This was only an injury that could be seen, there was still an injury that couldn't be seen. To be honest, Old Liu was quite surprised that Yang Kai hadn’t died to that sword strike.

As he spoke, Old Liu brought Yang Kai back to Great Evolution Pass and opened the barrier. Under the respectful gazes of many Great Evolution soldiers, Old Liu placed him on the city wall and smiled, “Rest well and see how my Human Race army will slaughter these filthy creatures.”

The younger generation had already contributed enough, so they couldn’t fall behind.

Saying so, Old Liu flashed back into the battlefield.

Yang Kai didn’t resist. In fact, at this moment, he no longer had the strength to fight, so staying on the battlefield was just a burden.

Although it was somewhat regretful that he had not been able to last until the end of this battle, the achievement of killing a Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple was enough to dilute his disappointment.

Feeling the looks of admiration all around him, Yang Kai’s lips curled up slightly.

Keep a low profile, keep a low profile, and don’t act too ostentatiously. It was only a coincidence that he was able to kill that Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple, not because he really had the ability, Yang Kai secretly warned himself.

But… he is really happy!

After such a short time, Yang Kai finally understood how that Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple had died. He could only blame the other party’s bad luck. If he had escaped, so be it, but he came looking for Yang Kai. If it was any other Eighth Order, he might be able to have some gain.

Turning his head, Yang Kai smiled towards an Eighth Order sitting next to him and nodded politely, “Sir Cha.”

Sitting next to him was Cha Pu.

Seeing the look on his face, this Gen Ding Garrison's Garrison Chief couldn’t help twitching his lips, “Laugh if you want, don’t hold it in.”

While Yang Kai was immersed in the great accomplishment of killing a Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple and was feeling quite pleased with himself, this Gen Ding Garrison's Garrison Chief was quite depressed.

There was no other reason, it's just that his participation in this battle is too low.

As a veteran Eighth Order master, he should be rampaging through the battlefield right now, killing the Black Ink Clan instead of hiding in the Great Evolution Pass to heal his injuries.

But there was nothing he could do. Like Yang Kai, he had no strength to fight.

When the Eighth Order masters had summoned their Evil-Breaking Divine Lance to launch an all-out attack, he had also summoned his own Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, but he had gained nothing because the one he was facing was the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple.

At that time, he only felt that the other party was a bit strange, even being able to dodge the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, so he didn’t think too much about it. When the other party released his Ninth Order force, he finally understood why he had such a strange feeling.

Fortunately, the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple had focused most of his energy on Smiles Old Ancestor the moment he strike. Even so, Cha Pu had still been wounded by his opponent’s sword strike and had almost died on the spot.

In the end, Yang Kai arrived at the right time to rescue him from the chaos and send him back to Great Evolution Pass.

Later, in order to launch a sneak attack on Che Kong, he took another shot but was injured by him. Afterwards, he was forced to retreat to the Great Evolution Pass again.

In other words, in this entire battle, he had not killed a single Black Ink Clan master!

He was an Eighth Order, one of the most senior Eighth Order masters, and he had made great contributions in every battle he fought, but this time, it was far from satisfactory.

It was fine if there was no comparison, but now that there was Yang Kai as a comparison, Cha Pu really felt uncomfortable.

He would rather die on the battlefield than sit here idly.

“Sir Cha…”

“Shut up!”

Yang Kai: “…”

This person seemed to be in a bad mood. Yang Kai originally wanted to ask about his injuries, but seeing this, he could only shut his mouth.

Turning his head to look at the battlefield, he saw that the Black Ink Clan’s army had been utterly defeated, and all of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were fleeing for their lives. Wherever the Old Ancestor’s figure passed, the Black Ink Clan would explode and die. Even the fleeing Territory Lords would die if they were caught.

The outcome was decided!

Without any hindrance, Smiles Old Ancestor was an invincible existence on this battlefield. Every single one of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords she targeted could not escape, and in just a short time, four or five of them had died under her hands.

The Human Race had won this battle!

The only thing left was to clean up the mess. The Black Ink Clan’s army now had about three hundred thousand left, and the Feudal Lord and Territory Lord had a large number of survivors. Wanting to swallow so many Black Ink Clans was not an easy task, and it was highly likely that some of them would flee.

It wasn’t easy for the Human Race to pursue them. The Black Ink Clan had suffered heavy casualties and the Human Race had also suffered significant losses, all of them covered in blood.

What the Human Race could do now was to take advantage of the situation to kill as many enemies as possible.

In the chaotic battlefield, Yang Kai saw the Dawn Squad, the Profound Wind Squad, several powerful Regiment Commanders, and many familiar faces.

He didn’t see Huang Si Niang…

The Territory Lord who had fought against her had also disappeared, whether he had escaped or died is unknown.

Had Si Niang been killed?

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling somewhat apologetic. Previously, in order to escape from the Territory Lord’s pursuit, he had summoned Huang Si Niang’s clone, but that clone only had the strength of a Seventh Order Open Heaven master. It was already quite good if it could block the Territory Lord for a moment, so it was reasonable for it to be killed.

He didn’t know if the destruction of her clone would affect Si Niang’s main body, but he would have to apologize to her later.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Yang Kai relaxed. It had not been easy for the Human Race to reach this point.

Countless tens of thousands of years of entanglement, forbearance, and scheming had finally wiped out the entire Black Ink Clan.

After this battle, the Ink Battlefield should have been settled, and the soldiers of the various mountain passes could now return to the 3000 Worlds.

They had left their home for far too long…

Perhaps many people had already forgotten what the 3000 Worlds looked like.

Keeping his thoughts to himself, Yang Kai began examining his injuries.

On his body, there was a huge wound that extended from his shoulder blade to his lower abdomen. The wound was filled with Sword Qi and was extremely painful.

His Divine Sense had also been severely damaged. In order to kill Che Kong, he had spared no effort in using his Divine Sense to destroy Che Kong. The sword strike from the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple had caused his Divine Sense to become even more severely damaged.

There was also the injury in his Small Universe. After examining himself carefully, a huge crack appeared in the sky above his Small Universe. From this crack, a thick Sword Qi filled the air, constantly destroying the Small Universe’s stability.

Yang Kai was shocked.

It had to be known that his Small Universe had the World Tree Subtree, which was even more powerful than the Universe Four Pillars. With the World Tree Subtree sealing the Small Universe, his Small Universe was perfectly round and extremely stable, so ordinary attacks could not even touch it.

If he didn’t have such confidence, Yang Kai wouldn’t have kept so many living creatures in his Small Universe.

However, this Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple’s sword strike had actually managed to split apart his Small Universe’s body. Looking at it now, it was as if the sky had split open.

It was obvious how terrifying this sword strike was.

Yang Kai estimated that if it had not been sealed by the World Tree Subtree, his Small Universe would have been completely destroyed.

With just a single sword strike, Yang Kai’s physical body, his Divine Sense, and even Small Universe were injured.

If an ordinary cultivator were to suffer such heavy injuries, they would undoubtedly die, even if it was an Eighth Order cultivator.

However, to Yang Kai, these injuries… weren’t a big deal.

Although his physical injuries were terrifying, as long as he could find a way to disperse the Sword Qi in his body, he would be able to recover with the power of the Dragon Vein.

Needless to say, Yang Kai couldn’t even be bothered to pay attention to the damage to his Divine Sense. The Soul Warming Lotus continued to produce a cool and refreshing feeling, weakening his pain and repairing his Divine Sense.

As for the Small Universe’s giant crack, it was slowly closing.

The World Tree Subtree’s effects were extraordinary. The reason Yang Kai’s Small Universe was cut open was because he was not strong enough, not because the effects of the World Tree Subtree were bad.

With the Subtree here, it was only a matter of time before this crack was restored.

It could be said that this was a fatal injury to an Eighth Order master, but to Yang Kai, it was only a minor one.

After investigating for a while, Yang Kai found that what he needed to do now was to find a way to dispel the Sword Qi from his wounds and restore his physical injuries.

He tried his best…

Yang Kai was disappointed. The other party’s Sword Qi was too strong, and he was actually unable to dispel it.

For now, his physical injuries didn’t need to be healed.

When the Old Ancestor returned from killing the enemy, he would ask for her help.

Thinking so, Yang Kai didn’t waste any more time and instead sat on the city wall, observing the situation on the battlefield.

On the side, Cha Pu seemed to have sensed something and opened his eyes to see Yang Kai’s miserable appearance. His body was covered in bloody wounds and his golden blood was gushing out, but he still wore a bored look as he stared at the battlefield.

For a moment, he was speechless.

He didn’t know why this little brat didn’t treat his injuries properly and instead chose to sit here and watch the show.


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