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In his battle with Great Demon God Mo Sheng, it could be said that he had died once. The only reason he was able to revive from the dead was all thanks to the Immortal Tree, which he had refined and reconstructed his body.

If he died again this time, there was no Immortal Tree in this world for him to refine, so he would really die.

The moment he used the Beating Ox Secret Technique, the sword light that was attacking him suddenly trembled violently, as if it had been struck by a powerful attack. As it shook, the man and sword separated, and the figure of the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple directly fell from the sword light.

However, at this moment, his face was filled with panic, the Word Force and Ink Force in his body becoming chaotic.

Even the lumps on his body swelled up at this moment and suddenly exploded, causing pus to splatter everywhere.

At this moment, his powerful regenerative ability was fully displayed, and the exploded lumps rapidly healed before exploding again.

The Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple’s expression became extremely pained.

The illusory shadow of a Small Universe suddenly appeared behind the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple. As a Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple, this Small Universe was extremely vast and possessed a rich World Force. It did indeed have the foundation of a Ninth Order Open Heaven, but at this moment, this Small Universe was showing signs of instability.

The entirety of the Small Universe seemed to be in a state of turbulence. The Small Universe’s internal world was in chaos, his Yin-Yang + Five Elements were in chaos.

This scene stunned the pursuing Smiles Old Ancestor and the Eighth Order cultivator who wanted to rescue Yang Kai.

The surrounding Human Race soldiers and Black Ink Clan soldiers were equally confused.

Soon, the Five Elements forces in his Small Universe’s body was reversed and the Yin-Yang became chaotic.

“No!” The lumps on the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple’s body continued to burst, his face filled with despair and disbelief, as if he couldn’t believe that he had not died at the hands of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, but had been blown apart by a Seventh Order Open Heaven's fist.

If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have come here to die. If he had immediately fled when Mo Zhao died, he might have had a chance to survive.

He could only blame himself for being too greedy and wanting to kill Yang Kai before he left.

Amidst a furious roar of unwillingness, the Small Universe phantom that appeared behind the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple could no longer maintain its stability. The entire Small Universe suddenly became like a dilapidated house that had been blown apart by the wind. A rich World Force mixed with the Ink Force quickly spread out from this dilapidated house.

Along with the loss of his strength, the aura of the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple also began to rapidly decline.

In the blink of an eye, this Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple’s aura had fallen to the Eighth Order.

Then the Seventh Order!

Then… there was no more.

This person had used the Ink Force to break through his shackles and become a Ninth Order Open Heaven. The Small Universe was not able to bear the weight of a Ninth Order volume, so when his aura fell to the Seventh Order, his Small Universe could no longer bear it and exploded.

The Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple’s face suddenly became old, and his originally black hair also became as white as silk. Under the violent force, it completely fell off.

His physical body had withered and his vitality had been drained. A perfectly fine Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple had almost turned into a dried corpse in the blink of an eye.

Now, with his physical body unable to withstand even the power of a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, the final result is witnessed by the Human Race Soldiers and many Black Ink Clan in the void, bursting into ashes.

Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple… had fallen!

A violent force swept out, and with a flash, Smiles Old Ancestor appeared next to the stunned Yang Kai, waving her hand to block the shockwave.

This scene stunned the Eighth Order Garrison Chief who had rushed over.

He couldn’t believe his eyes.

What did he just saw.

Yang Kai punched out and blew up a Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple?

Even if he was a Black Ink Disciple, he was still a Ninth Order!

Even if he personally took action, he would only be beaten. How could Yang Kai, a mere Seventh Order, do such a thing?

An arrow at the end of its flight? That didn’t seem to be the case. The power of the other party’s sword strike was not weak, indicating that the other party still had the strength to fight.

Although his injuries weren’t light, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse. How did Yang Kai do it?

This Eighth Order is going crazy from disbelief.

On the other hand, Smiles Old Ancestor pondered for a moment before revealing a look of enlightenment.

To be honest, she was quite shocked to see Yang Kai blow up a Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple with a single punch.

However, she quickly understood what had happened.

Previously, the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple had attacked the Human Race’s Eighth Order under Mo Zhao’s orders, but unfortunately, the Human Race had already arranged for the five Eighth Order to appear and fight him with another injured Eighth Order.

During the fierce battle, he had killed an Eighth Order, and after Mo Zhao’s death, when he wanted to escape, he had killed another.

In other words, two Eighth Order masters had died at his hands.

As a newly-advanced Ninth Order, he was able to fight six Eighth Order masters by himself. Being able to kill two of them was a sign of his strength.

However, it was not without cost. During the battle, his injuries were not light.

The second Eighth Order cultivator who had died tried to stop him had used his Blood Essense, but although he was killed on the spot, he was able to stall for a moment before Smiles Old Ancestor sent out a palm strike through the air, causing him to vomit blood repeatedly.

This palm strike was not simple, it was a Secret Technique specifically targeted at the Small Universe.

Each of the Cave Heaven Paradise had this kind of Secret Technique, some strong and some weak, but all of them were similar. The Open Heaven's strength is basically the power of their Small Universe. Such Secret Techniques were extremely powerful, and if the Small Universe was not firm enough, it was highly likely it would be targeted.

Not to mention that it was personally performed by Smiles Old Ancestor.

Against Mo Zhao, this kind of Secret Technique was useless, because the Black Ink Clan’s strength system was different from that of the Human Race. They didn’t have any Small Universe, so this Secret Technique was useless.

But against a Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple, this Secret Technique was a great killing weapon.

This palm strike had already caused the Small Universe of the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple to tremble and nearly collapse.

When he was fleeing, he had forcefully attacked Yang Kai and slashed out with his sword, but Yang Kai had used a Secret Technique to beat him.

It could be said that if it weren’t for Smiles Old Ancestor’s palm strike, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to instantly locate the root of a Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple's Small Universe, and he wouldn’t have been able to activate the Beating Ox Secret Technique.

It was because of Smiles Old Ancestor’s palm strike that the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple's Small Unvierse became so vulnerable.

The Beating Ox Secret Technique was cultivated on the basis of Yang Kai’s Space Divine Ability, a Secret Technique that directly targeted the Small Universe. It was far superior to the Secret Technique of the Cave Heaven Paradise.

His all-out punch had become the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Of course, this was also related to the other party being Black Ink Disciple.

If it really was a Ninth Order Open Heaven that cultivated step by step to reach this level, he would be able to stabilize the Small Universe himself. Under such circumstances, even if Yang Kai succeeded in using his Secret Technique, he might not have been able to achieve such a brilliant result.

It could only be said that all of these coincidences allowed Yang Kai to achieve the feat of slaughtering a Ninth Order with his Seventh Order strength.

However, at this moment, Yang Kai didn’t even know what he had done. His consciousness was still a blur, and within his Divine Sense, the sharp sword energy was constantly attacking him, making it impossible for him to recover.

Yang Kai didn’t know how long he was strangled by this forces, but when the sword force that had invaded his Divine Sense slowly weakened, Yang Kai gradually woke up.

His head hurt so much it felt like it was going to burst.

At this critical moment, the Soul Warming Lotus gave off a refreshing feeling, allowing him to feel slightly better.

Suddenly, Smiles Old Ancestor’s voice rang out beside his ear, “Human Race Yang Kai, slaying the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple, the Black Ink Clan will die!”

It wasn’t that Smiles Old Ancestor was taking care of him and wanted to announce his achievements at this time, but rather that she wanted to use this opportunity to strike a blow to the morale of the Black Ink Clan.

Mo Zhao was dead, and so was the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple. The Black Ink Clan’s army was without a leader, no longer able to resist the Human Race.

After shouting, Smiles Old Ancestor directly threw Yang Kai to the Eighth Order Open Heaven who had rushed over and ordered, “Send him back to Great Evolution Pass.”

Her figure flickered as she charged towards Old Turtle’s team.

Although Old Turtle’s team had used the power of the Battleship to seal off the void, what kind of character was the Old Ancestor? With just a glance, she was able to see the tense situation.

At this moment, with the help of the Battleship, the ten Seventh Order masters on Old Turrtle squad were fighting with the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord. All of them were injured and the Territory Lord’s situation was extremely bad.

At this point, neither side had any way to retreat, unless Old Turtle Squad released the barrier.

However, without knowing what was happening in the outside world, how could the Old Turtle Squad dare to release the barrier so easily? In this battle, many people were destined to die.

When Smiles Old Ancestor arrived, she stretched out her hand and directly tore apart the barrier of Old Turtle’s Battleship. World Force surged, transforming into a giant hand that grabbed the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord and crushed him.

The heavily injured Territory Lord was directly crushed, but he didn’t die.

However, the Old Ancestor didn’t care about him and tossed him to Old Turtle’s team to deal with before rushing off to the next battlefield.

Now that the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple had both died, she no longer had any constraints on the battlefield, so this was a great opportunity to hunt.

Chai Fang and the others were fighting with all their might, all of them preparing to kill the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord even if a few of their Seventh Order masters were ready to fall, they were all stunned by the Old Ancestor's sudden appearance and quickly shouted, “Old Ancestor is formidable, Old Ancestor is invincible!”

The members of Old Turtle’s team also shouted, their morale soaring.

Since the Old Ancestor had come to help, what about the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord? He would definitely not have a good ending. They had been fighting with the Territory Lord inside the barrier and were unaware of the situation outside.

As he shouted, Chai Fang punched out, causing the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord’s body to explode and his vitality to dissipate.

Now he was really dead.

Chai Fang laughed loudly, this old man had also killed a Territory Lord.

He was extremely envious of Yang Kai for being able to kill a Territory Lord, but his strength was inferior to others, so he couldn’t imitate him. Now, his wish had finally come true.

Regardless of whether it was the Old Ancestor’s help, the Territory Lord had died at his hands.

The many members of Old Turtle’s team were also quite pleased with themselves.

On the other side, Yang Kai was stunned.

On one hand, it was because of his severe injuries that his thoughts had become sluggish, but on the other hand, he was shocked by the words of the Old Ancestor.

He silently digested this information for a moment before turning to look at the Eighth Order who was supporting him and leading him towards Great Evolution Pass, “Old Liu, what did the Old Ancestor call out just now?”

He wondered if he had heard wrong. Had he killed that Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple?


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