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The sword light fell and the Eighth Order master died.

“Bastard!” Smiles Old Ancestor flew into a rage. In front of her, that Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple had actually killed an Eighth Order, how could she not be angry?

A palm strike from afar landed on the back of the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple, causing him to vomit blood.

The other four surviving Eighth Order masters also attacked simultaneously.

Several powerful Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques burst out and tore the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple into countless pieces.

The four Eighth Order masters were slightly startled, but before they could rejoice, these fragments seemed to have a mind of their own and transformed into sword lights, piercing through their layers of protection and rapidly converging hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

In the blink of an eye, the countless sword lights formed the figure of the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple.

Compared to before, this Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple has obviously lost his momentum and his expression is sluggish.

“Ten Thousand Swords Body Condensing Technique!” Smiles Old Ancestor, who was still far away, shouted out the Secret Technique that the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple had just used.

Although it had been thirty thousand years since the end of the Great Evolution Pass, as one of the seventy-two Paradise, it had its own unique characteristics and secrets.

Ten Thousand Swords Body Condensing Technique was one of them. Eighth Order cultivators might not know, but Smiles Old Ancestor had lived through that era, so how could she not know?

This kind of secret technique wasn’t something that just anyone could cultivate in the Cave Heaven Paradise. Only those with outstanding aptitude, true dragons and phoenixes, could comprehend it thoroughly and learn it.

The fact that this Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple was able to cultivate the Ten Thousand Swords Body Condensing Technique was enough to prove that his aptitude was heaven-defying. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to advance to Ninth Order Open Heaven after being transformed into Black Ink Disciple.

The Ten Thousand Swords Body Condensing Technique was an extremely powerful Secret Technique. It was rumored that when one cultivated it to the extreme, their body would transform into a myriad of swords, and there was no one in this world who could not be cut down.

The ninth Order Black Ink Disciple had used this Secret Technique to escape.

Mo Zhao had already died, and Smiles Old Ancestor had taken the initiative to deal with him. If he didn’t escape now, he would likely meet his end.

Reuniting his physical body, the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple transformed into a streak of sword light and used his Indestructible Sword Qi to break out of the battlefield. Wherever the sword light passed, the Human Race soldiers were unable to resist and exploded into a bloody mist. Even the Battleship was split into two by the sword light and shattered.

Although Smiles Old Ancestor chase after him immediately, she was unable to catch up for a moment.

Of course, if this continued for a long time, the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple might not be able to escape Smiles Old Ancestor’s pursuit, but now he was invincible.

“Everyone, dodge!” Smiles Old Ancestor gritted her teeth and shouted.

Although the humans in front of them might not be able to escape, she still warn them.

In the next instant, Smiles Old Ancestor’s beautiful face paled as she roared, “If he doesn’t die, I’ll let you live! If you dare kill him, I’ll chase you to the ends of the earth and kill you!”

Just as Smiles Old Ancestor was shouting, Yang Kai, who was in high spirits, suddenly felt his skin tighten and his scalp tingle.

At this moment, he was preparing to support Old Turtle’s team.

Old Turtle’s team had used the power of their Battleship to imprison a Territory Lord. Yang Kai didn’t know what the situation was, but he was somewhat worried.

If the Territory Lord was forced to fight desperately, Old Turtle’s team might not be able to stop him.

However, before he could move, a sharp aura locked onto him from afar. This aura was even stronger than Che Kong's.

Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple!

He had never imagined that this Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple would break out of his battle circle and rush towards him, whether intentionally or unintentionally it's unknown

However, judging from this Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple’s current performance, it was highly likely he had done so intentionally.

The battlefield was huge, and there were many Eighth Order Human Race masters, all of whom were engaged in a fierce battle with the Territory Lord, making it difficult for them to escape. If this Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple wanted to kill an Eighth Order Human Race master, he would be able to reap some benefits at this moment.

However, he didn’t target any of the Eighth Order Human Race masters and instead targeted Yang Kai, a mere Seventh Order.

If this wasn’t intentional, Yang Kai wouldn’t believe it.

Was it the Light of Purification that attracted his attention? Perhaps this Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple also realized that he was the source of the Light of Purification.

So even if he was running for his life right now, he had to kill him first?

Smiles Old Ancestor’s voice rang out from afar, and the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple’s figure clearly paused for a moment before charging towards Yang Kai even more decisively.

The more Smiles Old Ancestor acted like this, the more it showed that his judgment was correct, and the more it showed the importance of this Seventh Order Human Race.

Such a character, such a rare opportunity, how could he not kill him!

Seeing this, Smiles Old Ancestor flew into a rage and chased after him, but the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple’s speed was naturally superior. After a moment, Smiles Old Ancestor actually couldn’t catch up and shouted towards Yang Kai, “Run!”

On the other side, in the group of Eighth Order and Territory Lords closest to Yang Kai, an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator had completely gained the upper hand after a long battle, causing his opponent to cough up blood and be unable to fight back.

As long as he was given another cup of tea’s time, he would definitely be able to kill the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord on the spot.

However, at this moment, this Eighth Order Human Race cultivator decisively gave up on the battle merits he was about to obtain and even showed his back to the Territory Lord, directly rushing towards Yang Kai.

Fortunately, the Territory Lord had escaped death and was only focused on escaping, so he didn’t have the mood to launch a sneak attack.

On the chaotic battlefield, there were Ninth Order with killing intent and Eighth Order coming to help.

Yang Kai slowly put away his Azure Dragon Spear. When he was locked onto by the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple’s aura, his expression was still somewhat panicked, but at this moment, it was as calm as still water.

He had no intention of escaping.

The aura of a Ninth Order Open Heaven locked onto him, making it impossible for him to use his Space Aibility to teleport. The moment he used his Space Principle, the other party was able to disrupt the void and force him to stay.

It was unrealistic to expect that an Eighth Order would be able to help him. Although the other party was the closest to him and had rushed over as soon as possible, his speed was not as fast as a Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple. Perhaps when the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple had killed him, the Eighth Order had yet to arrive.

At this critical moment, he could only save himself!

If an ordinary Seventh Order was targeted by such an expert, they would undoubtedly die.

Yang Kai felt that he still had a chance to survive. After all, he possessed a Dragon Vein and his physique was far stronger than an ordinary Seventh Order.

If the other party dared to underestimate him, he might not be able to succeed.

Yang Kai’s motionlessness caused Smiles Old Ancestor’s eyes to widen. She also knew that in this situation, Yang Kai would not be able to move even if he wanted to, so she could only chase after him even faster. For this reason, she even burned her own Blood Essence in order to stop this Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple.

The Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple had obviously noticed the aura of Smiles Old Ancestor behind him, but he remained unmoved. A dazzling sword light flashed across the sky, covering a radius of ten million kilometers in the blink of an eye. It was not inferior to Yang Kai’s Space Teleportation.

He couldn’t see what his opponent was doing at all, so when his opponent’s sword light trembled slightly, Yang Kai immediately activated his Dragon Vein.

Within his flesh and blood, the power of the Dragon Vein surged like a thousand rivers, and numerous fine dragon scales suddenly appeared, covering his entire body, even his face.

He wanted to activate his Ancient Dragon Body to resist this strike.

Transforming into an Ancient Dragon, his defensive power was much stronger than his human body, and his opponent wasn’t at his peak, so he might not be able to kill him with a single strike.

As long as he couldn’t kill him with a single sword strike, Smiles Old Ancestor would be able to stop him and the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple would die.

However, just as Yang Kai was about to transform into an Ancient Dragon, his eyes suddenly lit up and he gave up on his original plan. Instead, he slowly punched forward.

This punch was extremely slow and seemed to have no force behind it. Even a three year old child standing in front of him might be able to resist it.

As soon as this fist appeared, the Space Principle in the surrounding space began to tremble violently.

Beating Ox!

If the other party was a Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan, Yang Kai might not be able to use any methods, but since it was a Black Ink Disciple, Yang Kai didn’t mind giving him a pleasant surprise.

Since the creation of the Beating Ox Secret Technique, Yang Kai had been able to use it to defeat the strong. Back then, when he was fighting Blood Crow in Shattered Heaven with his Sixth Order cultivation, when he was fighting the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple with his Seventh Order Open Heaven, the Beating Ox Secret Technique had played a huge role.

However, although the Secret Technique of Beating Ox was powerful, it had a drawback, and that was that it required a long battle. Yang Kai was able to trace his opponent’s strength back to its source, but the length of this time was uncertain. It all depended on the stability of the other party's Small Universe. If the opponent's Small Universe was extremely meticulous, Yang Kai might have been killed before he could even use his Secret Technique.

However, up until now, Yang Kai had yet to encounter an opponent that prevented him from using his Beating Ox.

No matter how meticulous the Open Heaven masters’ Small Universe was, he still had to use the World Force to activate it, giving Yang Kai a chance to trace his origins.

Just a moment ago, when the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple attacked, Yang Kai discovered that he had instantly traced the source of his World Force and discovered the root of the other party's Small Universe.

This surprised Yang Kai greatly, which was also why he had given up on his original idea and instead used the Beating Ox Secret Technique.

He didn’t know if this Secret Technique would have any effect on a Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple, but he wasn’t willing to sit back and do nothing.

If there was no chance, so be it. But now that there was such an opportunity, even if he died, he have to eat a piece of the other party’s flesh. From ancient times until now, countless human soldiers who had entered the Ink Battlefield had used their lives to defend this belief, causing the Black Ink Clan to tremble in fear.

This was also the reason why he didn’t immediately transform into an Ancient Dragon. Although the Ancient Dragon Body’s defense was stronger, it was inconvenient for him to use the Beating Ox Secret Technique.

Only a human body could fully display the power of this Secret Technique.

In the next moment, Yang Kai’s entire body shook and his fine dragon scales flew about, half of his body becoming numb. Immediately after, he felt a sharp pain in his Knowledge Sea, and at the same time, his Small Universe felt as if it had been struck by a powerful force.

A huge crack appeared in the sky above Small Universe…

In that instant, Yang Kai’s body, Divine Sense, and even Small Universe suffered three sword slash.

A Ninth Order Sword Technique was truly terrifying.

Yang Kai felt as if he had died, his consciousness becoming blurry and his vision turning black as he staggered.

He instantly lost all sense of the outside world.

This feeling wasn’t pleasant at all, and it felt somewhat familiar.

Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking back to the time when he was defeated by the Great Demon God in the Star Boundary…

This feeling was very similar to what he was feeling right now.


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