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This aura was like a needle piercing Yang Kai’s back, making it difficult for him to use Space Teleportation.

When the Space Force fluctuated a little, Che Kong's aura immediately erupted, disrupting the void and making Yang Kai unable to exert his strength.

For so many years, although Yang Kai often used the Space Principle to escape, when he encountered enemies far stronger than himself, he would often be in a difficult situation.

After all, teleportation was not impossible to be blocked.

As long as he disturbed the space around Yang Kai, even he wouldn’t be able to easily teleport away.

Two figures flew around Great Evolution Pass at high speed, Yang Kai coughing up blood as he grinned, “Let’s see how long you can last!”

Walking in circles was too disadvantageous for Che Kong.

The various arrangements on the four walls of Great Evolution Pass can fully send their attack on Che Kong, but Yang Kai, who was fleeing in front, was not affected at all.

Circle after circle.

After persisting for less than three rounds, Che Kong's body couldn’t take it anymore, and his massive physique was violently shaken by the attacks coming from Great Evolution Pass's side.

Enraged, he threw a punch towards Great Evolution Pass.

This punch caused the Great Evolution Light Barrier to tremble, but it was not damaged in the slightest.

Seeing this, Yang Kai in the fron curled his lips. Now that there were five Eighth Order guarding the Great Evolution Core, it was impossible for a single Che kong to harm the Great Evolution Pass.

Taking advantage of the moment he attacked, Yang Kai immediately used his power to shatter the aura that was locked onto him. In the next moment, he activated his Space Principle and disappeared.

As if sensing something, Che Kong suddenly turned his head and saw Yang Kai appear above the King City, atop a majestic Ink Nest.

Five million kilometers was simply too short for him. Without anyone holding him back, Yang Kai could cross it with a single thought.

However, he didn’t immediately destroy the Ink Nest beneath his feet, instead just staring at Che Kong with a mocking expression.

Che Kong roared; “You dare!”

Yang Kai sneered, “So angry, it seems this really is your Ink Nest!”

After being entangled with Che Kong for so long, Yang Kai is not without gain. At the very least, he had vaguely sensed the direction of Che Kong's strength.

By following this pattern, it was naturally not difficult to find Che Kong's Ink Nest.

Just now, this guy’s luck was good. Yang Kai had managed to destroy three of the dozen or so Ink Nests, but even so, he had not been affected. Now that he had found this guy’s Ink Nest, Che Kong was unable to maintain his luck.

As he roared, Che Kong rushed towards the King City to stop Yang Kai.

However, how could he make it in time? Five million kilometers, to someone like Yang Kai who was proficient in the Space Principle, was indeed a short distance, but no matter how fast Che Kong was, it was impossible to stop him.

He watched helplessly as Yang Kai raised his hand, the World Force in his palm surging as he ruthlessly struck down.

Under the violent force, the huge Ink Nest suddenly shook and instantly exploded into dust. The rich Ink Force contained within the Ink Nest suddenly transformed into a giant black cloud that covered the entire King City.

With the previous experience from attacking the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, Yang Kai was afraid that if he didn’t act ruthlessly enough, he wouldn’t be able to affect Che Kong, so he directly destroyed the other party’s Ink Nest without even leaving a single fragment behind.

At the same time that the Ink Nest was destroyed, Che Kong's aura had clearly decreased significantly, and even his figure had become slightly sluggish.

The moment the Ink Nest was destroyed, not only did it affect his strength, it also had a subtle effect on him.

Under normal circumstances, this kind of influence would be fleeting and wouldn’t pose much of a threat to him.

But at this moment, a pair of eyes were secretly staring at this opening.

Just as Yang Kai attacked and destroyed the Ink Nest, Che Kong momentum fell down, a figure flew up from within the Great Evolution Pass and struck out with a palm.

A fierce aura locked onto Che Kong, and the attack coming from behind is life-threatening, making Che Kong's soul fly.

Eighth Order!

At this critical moment, an Eighth Order Human Race master had actually attacked him.

Was it one of the Eighth Order masters in the Great Evolution Pass? Che Kong didn’t understand because he had chased after Yang Kai around the Great Evolution Pass two times, and the second time he had run a few rounds around Great Evolution Pass, but the Eighth Order masters had never shown any signs of attacking.

He felt that there was a reason why they couldn’t easily attack him.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have recklessly turned his back towards Great Evolution Pass.

But at this moment, an Eighth Order had attacked him.

The rage of having his Ink Nest destroyed was instantly replaced by fear. At such a critical moment, how could Che Kong still care about Yang Kai? Naturally, saving his life was more important.

Quickly turning around, he summoned his Ink Force and threw out a Secret Art.

An Eighth Order's World Force collided with the Territory Lord’s Ink Force, causing the two figures to tremble violently. The figure who had rushed out from the Great Evolution Pass was fast, and as soon as it came into contact with the Territory Lord’s Ink Force, it flew out like an arrow. Although the figure was also forced back by the attack, it was not as miserable as the other party.

In this exchange, Che Kong was able to gain the absolute upper hand, and the opponent's fierce offensive was as vulnerable as paper.

Che Kong finally saw who this Eighth Order attacker was.

Cha Pu!

Perhaps the lower echelons of the Black Ink Clan didn’t know much about Eighth Order Human Race, but a Territory Lord like Che Kong, how could he not now informations about the opponent?

As such, he immediately recognized this Eighth Order Human Race master.

So it was him!

Cha Pu had been injured by the sword strike of the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple. If it weren’t for the fact that the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple was targeting the Human Race's Old Ancestor, that sudden sword strike would have killed him on the spot.

Even so, Cha Pu was severely injured on the spot and was quickly rescued by Yang Kai from the Black Ink Clan army before being sent back to Great Evolution Pass to heal.

To be honest, a veteran Eighth Order master like Cha Pu was quite strong, but unfortunately he had been injured by a Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple and had almost lost his ability to fight. After being sent back to Great Evolution Pass, he had not made any moves.

Che Kong completely forgot about him.

Who would have thought that an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator who had been seriously injured would suddenly launch a sneak attack?

This was also the reason why his opponent’s performance was so weak. The wound caused by the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple’s sword strike was not a simple injury. In such a short period of time, Cha Pu was unable to completely suppress it. Now that he had attacked with all his might, without even using his full strength, he had already been struck to death by Che Kong's palm strike. With the addition of his injuries, it was impossible for him to launch a second attack.

Cha Pu’s figure flew towards Great Evolution Pass’s direction, his face pale as paper.

Almost without thinking, Cha Pu's figure flickered as he chased after Cha Pu.

Although Yang Kai was detestable, after exchanging blows with him, Che Kong had realized that Yang Kai’s strength in his human form wasn’t very strong, but with the help of his Space Principle and Great Evolution Pass, Yang Kai was able to contend with him. Now that his Ink Nest had been destroyed, Che Kong had no way to use his strength to kill him.

Cha Pu was different, this was meat that had been delivered to his mouth.

Killing an Eighth Order Human Race master was not a small temptation for him. The destruction of the Ink Nest was a fact, so he decided to weaken the strength of the Human Race.

However, before he could move, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him, almost touching his face.

Suddenly, Che Kong spat out, “You still dare to come!”

He had thought that it would be a good thing if he didn’t find trouble with Yang Kai, but after destroying the Ink Nest, not only did he not escape, he even took the initiative to come to his door and block his path.

Did he think he was easy to bully?

Among all the Territory Lords, Che Kong was ranked at the top, and even some of the Human Race’s Eighth Order might not be his opponent. Even if Che Kong didn’t borrow strength from the Ink Nest, how could a mere Seventh Order Human Race be his opponent?

With a roar, he stretched out his hand and grabbed Yang Kai.

Just as Che Kong was about to crush him, Yang Kai suddenly stretched out his two hands and transformed them into two dragon claws, grabbing hold of Che Kong's arms. With a fierce expression, he roared, “Die!”



With a single word ‘Die’, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged forward like a tsunami, attacking towards Che Kong.

Che Kong's body stiffened as an indescribable look of pain flashed across his face. His scream was even more violent, and his face became extremely distorted in an instant.

Yang Kai’s face was also distorted, and his bones were all cracking, but he still laughing loudly like crazy.

The two of them were now truly face to face, both of them appearing extremely terrifying, causing the soldiers of Great Evolution Pass to feel their scalps go numb.

Even from a distance, they could clearly feel the violent Soul Power fluctuations coming from Yang Kai.

At this moment, Yang Kai was clearly colliding with Che Kong's Divine Sense power.

This was not a fancy fighting style, but rather a fighting style where both sides suffered heavy losses. The collision of Divine Sense was extremely dangerous, and even if one side was stronger, the weaker side would constantly wear down their Divine Sense.

If the damage to his Divine Sense was too severe, he might become a living corpse.

This was too much!

Too cruel!

Seeing this scene, the Great Evolution soldiers all felt their eyelids twitch. While they were shocked by Yang Kai’s fighting style, they also felt worried for him.

On the other hand, Yang Kai didn’t have anything to worry about. Many of the Human Race’s upper echelons knew that he possessed the Soul Warming Lotus. With the Soul Warming Lotus, it didn’t matter how severely damaged his Divine Sense was.

On the contrary, it was Che Kong…

Previously, after eating one of Yang Kai’s Soul Shattering Spike, his Divine Sense had already been severely damaged, so how could he withstand Yang Kai’s bombardment at this moment? In an instant, he felt dizzy and his vision went blurry.

Back in the Territory Lord’s Ink Nest Space, Yang Kai had summoned eleven Soul Shattering Spike and killed many Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples.

Even if the rest of them didn’t die, they were still severely injured and would need a lot of time to recover.

From this, it could be seen just how powerful the Soul Shattering Spike was.

However, that was in the Territory Lord’s Ink Nest Space, where all existences were manifested as Soul Avatar, magnifying the effects of the Soul Shattering Spike.

In the outside world, although the Soul Shattering Spike was also powerful, it was not as invincible like in the Ink Nest Space.

Even so, after eating one Soul Shattering Spike, it's not like it doesn't have any effect on Che Kong.


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Mar 28, 2023

Cha pu persiguiendo a cha pu ? 🤔


Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre
Mar 02, 2023

Good thing I thought he wouldn't use his soul xD he already seriously injured him with that needle 🪡 he would be silly if he didn't take the opportunity to attack his soul


One day he is saying that he became a true dragon and the other day saying he didn't become a true dragon, are u fucking with me?

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Also because he was not born a true Dragon have to be accustom to Dragon body which affect his combat abilities and have yet to fully explore the full power of an Ancient Dragon.

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