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Five million kilometers away, in a flash.

When Che Kong approached Great Evolution Pass with his crazed attack, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen.

During the journey just now, the various Spirit Arrays and Artifacts above the Great Evolution Pass had released their energies, causing him to lose track of that hateful enemy.

Where did he go?

Soon after, Che Kong sensed Yang Kai's aura. His strength is strong so his Divine Sense is naturally not weak. If he really wanted to find him, unless Yang Kai left this battlefield, there was no way he could avoid him.

When he found it, Che Kong's face was ashen.

After Yang Kai had lured him to Great Evolution Pass’s side, he had actually returned to the chaotic battlefield. At this moment, Yang Kai had no intention of concealing himself, once again transforming into a seven thousand zhang long Ancient Dragon and flying back and forth across the battlefield.

Now that so many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had been entangled with their own battle, if he, a seven thousand zhang long Ancient Dragon, were to charge in, he would be like a tiger among a flock of sheep, invincible.

Dragon breath breathed out, dragon claws waved, large swaths of Black Ink Clan burst into blood mist. While killing, he was also staring towards Great Evolution’s direction. He was clearly full of power, yet he still seemed ready to flee at any moment.

Che Kong felt like his lungs were about to explode from anger, like a volcano that could erupt at any moment.

This brat… is too deceiving!

Without stopping, Che Kong turned around and rushed towards the battlefield. The Great Evolution Pass behind him send a barrage of attacks, and the Ink Force surged all over his body, and his body shook violently.

Seeing him rush towards him again, Yang Kai felt extremely uncomfortable.

Left with no choice, Yang Kai put away his dragon body and flew towards a certain direction of the battlefield, trying to avoid as many humans as possible as he headed towards the Black Ink Clan’s gathering place.

Right now, Che Kong was obviously a bit crazy, so he didn’t dare to lead him into the Human Race’s camp. This would likely implicate others.

A powerful aura locked onto Yang Kai like a leech, causing his brow to twitch.

This was a sign of extreme danger.

In such a situation, Che Kong still looked like he wanted to kill Yang Kai, showing just how angry he was.

Although Yang Kai had the Space Ability, Che Kong's speed wasn’t slow either as he chased after Yang Kai relentlessly. Wherever the two of them passed, the already dispirited Black Ink Clan army would either be killed by Yang Kai or be affected by the aftermath of Che Kong's attacks.

At this point, Che Kong couldn’t care less about whether or not he would accidentally injure his clansmen. To him, the culprit behind the destruction of the Ink Nest was Yang Kai. Even if he lost today, he would kill Yang Kai.

After circling around for a while, the distance between them became closer.

On the other hand, Yang Kai turned around and flew straight towards the King City.

He had not forgotten that there were still more than a dozen Territory Lord-level Ink Nests over there, not to mention that Che Kong's current strength was related to his Ink Nest.

If he wanted to escape from this guy, he have to first destroy his Ink Nest.

“You’re courting death!” Seeing Yang Kai’s stance, how could Che Kong not know what he was thinking, but with his current strength, it was impossible for him to stop him. Seeing that Yang Kai is getting closer and closer to the King City, Che Kong roared, “Bo Gen, kill him!”

Not far away from Yang Kai, a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord was being harassed by the Old Turtle Squad.

Since the start of his fight with this Human Race elite team, he had beaten Chai Fang and the others until they vomited blood. Of the ten Seventh Order in Old Turtle Squad, none of them are intact.

Previously, he had relied on the power of his Ink Nest to display strength that far exceeded his own.

However, when Yang Kai was rampaging through the King City, he had also destroyed his Ink Nest. Without the Ink Nest, his strength had returned to its normal level, allowing the Old Turtle Squad to contend with him.

However, because everyone had been injured in the beginning, even if the entire team were to use their full strength, they would only be able to barely hold on.

Killing this Territory Lord called Bo Gen was absolutely impossible.

Not to mention that many of Old Turtle’s Seventh Order masters were injured, even if they were at their peak, they might not be able to kill a Territory Lord.

Of course, if Bo Gen wanted to kill them, it wouldn’t be easy. Old Turtle’s defense was watertight, each of them cultivating a defensive technique that emphasized their toughness.

When he heard Che Kong's roar, he didn’t hesitate and instead used his powerful Secret Technique to attack the Old Turtle team. At the same time, his figure flickered as he rushed towards Yang Kai.

Seeing this, Chai Fang, who was leading his team members to fight, roared, “Don’t even think about it! Open the trap!”

In the blink of an eye, the Battleship of Old Turtle’s team began to glow brightly as the giant tortoise shell suddenly expanded and enveloped the entire void.

Just as he was about to leave, Territory Lord Bo Gen’s figure suddenly froze. This delay made it impossible for him to leave.

The tortoise shell rapidly closed and wrapped around the void.

Bo Gen had disappeared, along with Old Turtle’s entire Battleship!

Since both sides were trapped inside this tortoise shell, it was easy to imagine that what would happen next would be a fierce struggle between dragon and tiger.

This was extremely dangerous for the old turtle team. If a Territory Lord were to go all out, they might not be able to resist.

Yang Kai brushed past this tortoise shell and shouted, “Brother Chai, hold on for a moment, I’ll come back and help you kill the enemy!”

Chai Fang’s voice came from inside, “No need, watch as I, Chai Fang, kill the Territory Lord today!”

Yang Kai remained silent. 'Forget it, since you want to act tough, I’ll let you be. When you ask for help later, I’ll see what you say.'

Just as he was thinking this, a voice suddenly called out from afar, “Brother Yang, be careful!”

Alarmed, Yang Kai immediately raised his Azure Dragon Spear and thrust it to the side.

The massive force sent Yang Kai flying, blood spraying from his mouth.

Another Territory Lord had arrived!

It was the Territory Lord from the Profound Wind Squad's side.

On the entire battlefield, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords all had their own opponents, ninety percent of them were Eighth Order Human Race, it was almost impossible for these Territory Lords to escape from their Eighth Order opponents.

Only the Territory Lords who were fighting with the three elite squads would have a chance to rush over.

Old Turtle’s opponent was trapped by Old Turtle’s team, and the Territory Lord on Dawn Squad's side didn’t seem to be very strong, so he was unable to escape for the time being. On the other hand, the Territory Lord on Profound Wind's side had managed to escape Ma Gao’s entanglement and attacked while Yang Kai was unprepared, causing Yang Kai to suffer quite a bit.

Seeing this, Che Kong shouted, “Good!”

Without showing any mercy, he sent out a palm strike towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai hasn't stabilized his body yet, and Che Kong's attack has arrived, in his panic, he set up his spear to block it, but it was hard to do so. His arm shook and his palm split open, causing his chest to cave in as he spat out a mouthful of blood, including a piece of internal organs.

However, he took advantage of this opportunity to escape and continued to rush towards the King City, coughing up blood as he ran.

Che Kong's face became gloomy.

He and the other Territory Lord had attacked one after the other, but they had actually failed to kill this fellow. This fellow’s life was really tough!

Even if an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator were to take these two attacks, they would definitely suffer heavy injuries.

Although this fellow was still seriously injured, he was still able to run as fast as he could.

He faintly felt that this was related to him being a Dragon Clan.

The defense of the Dragon Clan far exceeded that of the Human Race. After all, every Dragon Clan had a body full of dragon scales. When they transformed into a human form, even if their dragon scales didn’t appear, their defensive power would still remain.

When these two Territory Lords’ attacks landed on this person, most of their strength was negated by the hidden dragon scales.

Many thoughts flashed through his mind as he chased after Yang Kai.

Although the other Territory Lord also wanted to pursue, the Profound Wind Squad had already arrived. Ma Gao, who was leading the group, had a twisted expression on his face. Behind him, the Small Universe's figure flashed as he led his team while pouring his World Force towards the Territory Lord.

Because of their weakness, Yang Kai was attacked, which was quite frustrating.

Old Turtle and Dawn were able to tie down their opponents, so how could they be weaker?

At this moment, the entire Profound Wind Squad had exerted all their strength. If they had still been able to defend before, then at this moment, all of the Seventh Order masters in the Profound Wind Squad had completely given up on defending. All of them were fighting with their lives on the line, determined not to let this Territory Lord escape their grasp.

On the other side, Yang Kai had already run into the King City and was rushing towards an Ink Nest. Halfway there, he shouted, “Che Kong, open your dog eyes and watch!”

The Azure Dragon Spear swept out and the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest in front of him collapsed.

Yang Kai’s footsteps didn’t stop as he continued to rush forward. A moment later, another Ink Nest collapsed.

A moment later, another one appeared!

In the blink of an eye, three Ink Nests were destroyed.

When Yang Kai rushed out of the King City, his eyelids were twitching.

Cche Kong's luck was also quite good!

There were more than a dozen Ink Nests on the side of the King City, but after he destroyed three of them, none of them belonged to Che Kong, and the aura that was chasing from behind did not drop in the slightest.

Although the chances of three out of ten was not high, it was not small. In addition, Yang Kai had destroyed many of the Ink Nest before, but it had not affected him at all.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling that this guy’s luck was really good.

Yang Kai didn’t want to completely destroy the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, now that it had collapsed, the Royal Lord had no way to borrow its strength, so it was enough.

Since the Royal Lord's Ink Nest had managed to survive his previous attack, he would let it remain.

The Human Race now had a Territory Lord-level Ink Nest, and after many years of research, they had learned many of the secrets of the Ink Nest. If they could obtain a half-dead Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, they might be able to discover more.

The situation in the Great Evolution War Zone was quite good, Yang Kai didn’t know how the other war zones were doing, but he felt that he should keep this Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, just in case. Perhaps he would be able to borrow it's strength in the future.

Two figures, one in front and one behind, rushed past the King City and once again approached Great Evolution Pass.

Yang Kai roared as he fled, “Greet him!”

Inside the Great Evolution Pass, streams of light shot out.

The scene from before had appeared once again.

However, with Che Kong's previous experience, he immediately concluded that Yang Kai was trying to use the cover of attacks from the Great Evolution Pass to break free from his entanglement, he was afraid that he would once again wreak havoc on the battlefield.

As such, Che Kong's aura locked onto Yang Kai, not giving him a chance to escape.


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