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As she shouted, Smiles Old Ancestor waved her white hand and sent out a series of Divine Abilities towards Mo Zhao, causing his massive body to sway and his black blood to splash everywhere.

In just a short time, Mo Zhao’s momentum fell again, as if his many years of injuries had all erupted at this moment, completely losing the momentum of a Royal Lord.

Originally, he had been able to hold his own against Smiles Old Ancestor, but after the collapse of the Ink Nest, in less than ten breaths, he had lost all ability to resist.

Smiles Old Ancestor, on the other hand, became more courageous as the battle progressed, as if she wanted to immediately kill him.

“Save me!” Mo Zhao couldn’t resist anymore and roared.

If no one came to his aid, he might really be killed by this Human Race Old Ancestor.

Naturally, the only person he was seeking help from was a Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple who was currently fighting several Eighth Order cultivators!

On the battlefield between him and Smiles Old Ancestor, only this Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple could interfere.

The strength of this Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple was extremely formidable, and even if six Eighth Order joined forces to fight with him, they were still unable to gain the upper hand. On the contrary, they were suppressed by him to the point where they were unable to hold on, and three of them were even injured and bleeding profusely.

Hearing Mo Zhao’s shout, the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple brandished his sword and sent out a burst of boundless Sword Qi, forcing back the six Eighth Order masters around him and rushing towards Mo Zhao.

He had also noticed the collapse of the Royal Lord’s Ink Nest and knew that the Black Ink Clan’s momentum was gone today, so he couldn’t stay here for long. In this current situation, as long as he and Mo Zhao could join forces, they would have a chance to escape.

However, how could the Eighth Order Human Race allow him to do as he wished?

All of them had been through many battles, so how could they allow their opponents to escape so easily at this moment? retreating and approaching again instantly, each of them activating their Secret Techniques and Divine Ability Manifestation to entangle the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple.

At this moment, the six Eighth Order masters were risking their lives to keep their enemies here, even if they had to suffer some losses.

At this moment, the battle between the two top-level combatants was extremely fierce.

On the other side of the King City, after Yang Kai destroyed the Royal Lord's Ink Nest, he immediately roared, “The Royal Lord Ink Nest has been destroyed, the Black Ink Clan must be destroyed!”

His voice shook the world and spread in all directions.

The noisy battlefield suddenly froze for a moment as both the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan seemed to be digesting this great news.

In the next instant, countless cries rang out, shaking the void.

“The Black Ink Clan must be destroyed!”

“The Black Ink Clan must be destroyed!”

“The Black Ink Clan must be destroyed!”

The Human Race army’s momentum soared.

On the other hand, the Black Ink Clan army was in chaos.

In fact, when the two armies fought, the battlefield became chaotic and very few people noticed the situation in the King City. The destruction of the Royal Lord's Ink Nest was something neither the Human Race nor the Black Ink Clan knew about.

The Black Ink Clan was unwilling to believe Yang Kai’s words.

But at this moment, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord’s cry for help rang out, causing all of the Black Ink Clans to feel a sense of sorrow and fear.

Had the Royal Lord's Ink Nest really been destroyed? If that wasn’t the case, how could the Royal Lord ask for help so easily?

The morale of the army fell.

After fighting for such a long time, both races had suffered heavy casualties, but it wasn’t as if the Black Ink Clan didn’t have the strength to fight back. If the Black Ink Clan was united, the Human Race might not be able to achieve their goal, and even if they could win, it would be a miserable victory.

But now, the Black Ink Clan army was in a state of panic, how could they have the mood to fight with the Human Race? Not only was the Black Ink Clan at the bottom of the hierarchy in such a state, but even the Territory Lords wanted to flee.

Many of the Territory Lords’ Ink Nest had been destroyed, making it impossible for them to borrow strength from the Ink Nest. On the battlefield, the sounds of Territory Lords dying could be heard constantly. Although there were also Eighth Order deaths, overall, more Territory Lords had died.

The Royal Lord’s side might not be able to hold on any longer. Once the Royal Lord was defeated and killed, it would be their turn to act as Territory Lords. After fighting each other for so many years, the hatred between the two races was so deep that they had never expected the Human Race to be so magnanimous as to spare them.

With this thought in mind, the surviving Territory Lords of the Black Ink Clan no longer had any desire to fight, but the more they thought about it, the worse the situation became.

The collapse of the Royal Lord’s Ink Nest seemed to be a catalyst for the situation on the battlefield to quickly develop towards the Human Race’s advantage.

Even the elite team, which had been suppressed by the three Territory Lords, now had a chance to breathe.

Old Turtle’s team and the other two elite squads had each managed to hold back a Territory Lord. Originally, they had been forced to retreat, and their Battleships had been damaged. After a while, they would have no choice but to retreat. If they continued to fight, they would suffer casualties and the Battleship might even be destroyed. At that time, they would be completely wiped out.

However, at this moment, the three Territory Lords no longer had any intention to fight to the death with them and instead held back, intending to flee.

How could Chai Fang and the others just sit back and watch? They desperately tried to stop them from escaping, causing the three Territory Lords to become enraged.

On the entire battlefield, the Human Race marched forward, slaughtering the entire Black Ink Clan army.

On the other hand, Yang Kai was in a miserable state in the King City.

As soon as he let out this roar, Yang Kai felt all the pent up anger he had been suppressing in his heart all these years dissipate. Not long after, Che Kong pounced towards Yang Kai with a gloomy face and murderous aura.

During this exchange, Che Kong didn’t hold back at all, displaying his peak Territory Lord strength to the extreme. Even though Yang Kai had transformed into a seven thousand zhang long Ancient Dragon, his dragon scales were still sent flying and his dragon bones shattered, one of his eyes were nearly blinded by his attacks.

Yang Kai seriously suspects that this guy's Ink Nest is still there and has not been destroyed, otherwise how could such a powerful force erupt.

Even Xiang Shan is not as strong as the strength bursting out from Che Kong at this time.

After less than thirty breaths of fighting, Yang Kai knew that he was definitely not his opponent. If he hadn’t relied on the profundity of the Space and Time Principles and the strength of his Dragon Body, he would have been beaten to death by three punches and kicks.

The situation was extremely dangerous.

After all, he was not a true Dragon Clan, and his seven thousand zhang Ancient Dragon body was obtained by chance in the Dragon Pond, not by his own hard work. His control over his Ancient Dragon incarnation was somewhat lacking.

In other words, the current him was unable to display the true strength of a seven thousand zhang Ancient Dragon.

If he had cultivated to become a seven thousand zhang Ancient Dragon, even if he couldn’t defeat his current enemy, he wouldn’t be in such a sorry state.

Another punch landed on Yang Kai’s head, causing him to see stars and feel as if his skull was about to split open. Annoyed, Yang Kai shouted, “Che Kong, the Royal Lord will be destroyed, and you will be the next one to die!”

If he couldn’t defeat him, he could only threaten him, hoping that this guy would feel some fear and quickly flee.

Although letting him escape was a hidden danger, it was better than risking his life here.

However, Che Kong remained unmoved and coldly declared, “Rest assured, you will die before I do!”

He really hated Yang Kai.

Under his personal command, Yang Kai had actually destroyed so many Territory Lords’ Ink Nest in front of him and even destroyed Royal Lord's Ink Nest.

Now, he couldn’t figure out whether the other party was a Human Race or a Dragon Clan.

When he transformed into a Human Race, his cultivation was only at the Seventh Order Open Heaven, but when he transformed into a giant dragon, he had a seven thousand zhang dragon body, which was extremely strange.

Regardless of whether he was a Human Race or Dragon Clan, only by killing him could the anger in his heart subside.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to escape, but could he really escape? The other Territory Lords might have a chance to escape, but he didn’t, because he was a top Territory Lord and the Human Race wouldn’t allow him to escape.

His stubbornness made Yang Kai’s head hurt. Why did he insist on dying with him? Why bother?

From the beginning of the expedition until now, the Human Race had seen hope of victory. Perhaps after this battle, they would be able to completely suppress the Ink Battlefield and return to the 3000 Worlds.

His family and friends were all waiting for him, so Yang Kai didn’t want to die here.

Currently, Yang Kai only hated the fact that he had used up all of his Soul Shattering Spike. Otherwise, if he were to use another Soul Shattering Spike on Che Kong, even if he couldn’t kill him, his strength would drop drastically.

The other party’s Ink Nest should still be here, otherwise it wouldn’t be so powerful. Should he try to destroy it?

Yang Kai’s heart suddenly sank…

The other party’s Ink Nest was still there?

Why was the other party’s Ink Nest still here?

Logically speaking, since the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest had been destroyed by him, all of the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest should have died at the same time. After all, these Territory Lord-level Ink Nest were born from the Royal Lord's Ink Nest and couldn’t exist on their own.

But now, in the King City, there was more than one Territory Lord-level Ink Nest remaining, more than a dozen of them.

What was going on?

Numerous thoughts flashed across Yang Kai’s mind as he quickly glanced over towards the Royal Lord’s Ink Nest, faintly coming to a conclusion.

The Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, had been destroyed by him, but it shouldn’t have been completely destroyed. However, this had also affected the Royal Lord’s ability to borrow strength. The battle between Smiles Old Ancestor and the Royal Lord had clearly shown this point.

Since the Royal Lord’s Ink Nest had not been completely destroyed, it naturally wouldn’t affect the Territory Lord’s Ink Nest much.

Seemingly having seen through Yang Kai’s intentions, Che Kong attacked even more ruthlessly, not giving him any chance to approach the King City.

He couldn’t take it anymore. If this continued, he really wouldn’t be able to hold on.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked around the battlefield, observing the battles between the Eighth Order Open Heaven and the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords. Although the human race has advantage in some battlefield, if he were to lead Che Kong to them, the Human Race’s Eighth Order Open Heaven would lose all their previous efforts.

Since that was the case, there was only one place to go!

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai carried the slamming attack of Che Kong, his dragon body swaying, and fly in the direction of Great Evolution Pass while shouting, “Help!”

Five million kilometers away from the King City, Great Evolution Pass lay across the land.

As they slowly rotated, the various Spirit Arrays and Artifacts on the four walls continued to pour towards the Black Ink Clan army. After such a long battle, the various arrangements of Great Evolution Pass had killed many enemies.

When the seven thousand zhang Golden Ancient Dragon fled towards Great Evolution Pass, the soldiers of Great Evolution Pass also saw it.

Hearing Yang Kai cry for help, how could they hesitate? All of them activated their Spirit Arrays and Artifacts to attack behind Yang Kai.

In an instant, streaks of light shot through the sky.

However, Yang Kai’s figure was too large, so they were unable to hit Che Kong who hide behind him.

Obviously, Yang Kai also quickly realized this, and after half a step, he put away his dragon form and transformed into a human, drawing closer to Great Evolution Pass as he bathed in blood.

This time, Che Kong was somewhat unlucky.

Although most of the attacks hit nothing but air, Great Evolution Pass’s side had many more attacks, so there were always some he couldn’t avoid.


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