In an instant, Yang Kai was enlightened.

So… this was the true power of space and time.

The reason for this change was naturally related to his harvest in the No-Return Pass. On his trip to No-Return Pass, Yang Kai’s Dragon Vein had improved greatly, allowing him to grow from a Big Dragon to a 7,000 zhang Ancient Dragon.

The improvement of one’s bloodline signified an increase in one’s bloodline talent.

The Dragon Clan’s bloodline talent was the Time Principle.

Before entering the Dragon Pond, Yang Kai had refined a large number of Space Dao Marks in the Phoenix Nest and his Space Dao had also improved.

Time and Space, two Great Daos both had their own growth, so the power of space and time they produced was naturally far greater than before.

Yang Kai even had a faint feeling that if he could improve his Time Dao to the same level as his Space Dao, then the Space and Time power he could evolve would undergo a qualitative change.

He didn’t know what kind of changes would occur, but this gave him hope.

However, it was not an easy task to improve the Time Dao to the same level as the Space Dao.

He had cultivated the Space Dao for many years and was extremely talented in the Space Dao. According to his own classification, he had only reached the eighth level and had peaked.

Originally, his attainments in the Time Dao were only at the Sixth Stage, but the harvest from the Dragon Pond had allowed him to take a step forward in the Time Dao and reach the Seventh Stage where he is a tecnical champion.

In other words, his Time Dao was far inferior to his Space Dao.

If he didn’t have any special opportunities, perhaps he would need to work hard to improve his Dragon Vein in order to achieve something in the Time Dao.

All kinds of thoughts flashed across his mind.

Yang Kai didn’t have the time to think about it. Under the current circumstances, breaking into the King City and destroying Ink Nest was his main mission.

As the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel whistled through the air, in that instant, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord’s figure and thoughts seemed to slow down. By the time he could react and dodge, it was already too late.

This Black Ink Clan Territory Lord let out a wild roar as a thick Ink Force surged around his body, causing his entire body to swell up and his muscles to bulge. Instead of retreating, he charged towards the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.

The sky collapsed and the void cracked as the aura of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord suddenly weakened.

However, it didn’t disappear just like that.

Although the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was powerful, it was still far from being able to kill a Territory Lord in one blow.

Amidst the countless Void Cracks, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was enraged to the extreme, his body dripping with blood as he chased after Yang Kai.

Yang Kai, who was rushing towards King City, immediately noticed the other party’s sharp aura and the traces of Ink Force behind him, obviously preparing a powerful Secret Technique.

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate and immediately summoned a long feather that was overflowing with light. As he swung it behind him, he shouted, “Si Niang, help me!”

As the long feather shot towards the Territory Lord, it suddenly twisted and transformed into a beautiful giant bird that soared through the sky.

Huang Si Niang’s nose wrinkled in anger, gritting her teeth as she cursed, “Smelly brat!”

For many years, the Phoenix Clan had been guarding the No-Return Pass, so their days were quite boring. Although there were often Human Race elites who would pass through this mountain pass, the Phoenix Clan was an extremely arrogant race and rarely interacted with the Human Race.

On top of that, their ancestors had sworn to never leave No-Return Pass unless their race face the crisis of their extermination.

It could be said that ever since she was born, Huang Si Niang had never leave No-Return Pass. To her, this huge pass was like a cage, and she had had enough of No-Return Pass.

She also wanted to go out and take a look, she also wanted to see the brilliance of the 3000 Worlds.

When Yang Kai went to the No-Return Pass, Huang Si Niang saw an opportunity.

This human had the aura of the Dragon Clan, so Huang Si Niang didn’t mind coming into contact with him and giving him a long feather in the name of a bet.

It was one of her clones.

Her main body was restricted by the Blood Oath, so there was no way she could leave No-Return Pass, but her clone leaving was no problem.

Previously, when Yang Kai had entered the tunnel of the Space Array to search for the Great Evolution Core, Huang Si Niang had felt a strange fluctuation in space and had taken the initiative to appear. It was with her help that Yang Kai had been able to easily find the Great Evolution Core.

However, this time, even though Huang Si Niang didn’t want to come out, Yang Kai take her out.

And she was summoned in this situation.

Her main body’s strength was equivalent to the Ancient Dragon of the Dragon Clan, but this was only a clone, at most equivalent to a Big Dragon.

A Big Dragon was equivalent to a Seventh Order Human Race master, but of course, it was slightly stronger than a Seventh Order Human Race master.

Even so, she was not a match for the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord. If she were to become enemies with the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, her clone would not have a good end.

But what could she do now?

The Black Ink Clan Territory Lord rushed towards her, but when he saw a beautiful giant bird blocking his path, he was also shocked and shouted, “Phoenix Clan!”

The Dragon Clan had appeared and so had the Phoenix Clan.

Has the powerhouse from the No-Return Pass come over?

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord couldn’t help feeling somewhat panicked. The Dragon and Phoenix Clans were not to be trifled with. Many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords still remembered the bitter experience when they had sent out their troops to No-Return Pass.

Over a million troops and dozens of Territory Lords were easily torn apart by the Dragon and Phoenix Clans, resulting in countless casualties. In that battle, even several Territory Lords had fallen.

As such, the Territory Lords of the Great Evolution War Zone were extremely wary of the Dragon and Phoenix.

On this battlefield, it was one thing for a Dragon Clan to suddenly appear, but now even the Phoenix Clan had appeared, so he couldn’t help thinking about it.

However, he quickly realized that this Phoenix Clan’s aura wasn’t very strong, far inferior to his own.

Gritting his teeth, he raised his hand and slapped down towards Huang Si Niang.

Huang Si Niang’s phoenix eyes were cold as she spread her wings, seemingly capable of covering the sky and earth. As she flapped her wings, light and shadow swirled about, distorting the surrounding space.

Her wings trembled slightly and her body suddenly blurred. In the next moment, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord who was rushing towards him seemed to have hit an invisible wall and his body suddenly burst open with deep wounds and black blood spurting out.

The Territory Lord was shocked and quickly retreated.

In that instant just now, he had definitely suffered a close-range attack from his opponent, but he had not seen any signs of movement from the Phoenix Clan.

In other words, the other party had closed in on him in an instant and launched an attack on him before returning to her original position as if she had never moved.

That’s right, it was the innate Divine Ability of the Phoenix Clan, Space Principle!

The Black Ink Clan had fought with Dragon and Phoenix before, so they had some understanding of how difficult it was to deal with this kind of innate ability. Many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had suffered under the hands of the Phoenix Clan.

Yang Kai, who was rushing towards the King City, didn’t see this scene. If he had, he would have shouted ‘Si Niang is formidable’.

In terms of attainments in the Space Dao, he might not be inferior to Si Niang, but in terms of using the Space Dao, he was far inferior to her.

The attack just now seemed ordinary, but it was actually Si Niang’s mastery of the Space Dao, something Yang Kai did not possess.

After all, this was the Phoenix Clan’s bloodline talent, and its use of the Space Principle had long been ingrained into her soul.

Under this attack, Huang Si Niang was also slightly surprised. This clone of hers only had the strength of a Big Dragon, so it was impossible for it to be a match for the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord. However, it was a bit strange that it was able to block his attack.

After observing carefully, Si Niang finally understood what was going on.

This Territory Lord had been injured and there was a huge wound on his body. A profound Space and Time Force lingered around it, causing his strength to fall greatly.

This injury was obviously Yang Kai’s doing. The little brat still had some conscience and didn’t hand over a peak Territory Lord to her.

If that was the case, even if she wasn’t his opponent, it shouldn’t be a problem to stop him…

From the moment Yang Kai summoned Si Niang’s clone to the moment Si Niang stopped the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, it had only been a short moment.

In that instant, Yang Kai activated his Space Principle and returned to the King City!

Che Kong shot from a distance and grabbed Yang Kai.

Yang Kai chuckled before his figure flickered and disappeared, allowing Che Kong to grab empty air.

When he reappeared, he found himself standing in front of a majestic Ink Nest. He didn’t know which Territory Lord’s Ink Nest this was, but in any case, this thing could be seen everywhere on the floating continent.

The Azure Dragon Spear was drawn again, and with a sweep of Yang Kai’s spear, the violent spear light cut the Ink Nest in half.

His figure didn’t stop as he moved towards the next Ink Nest.

Seeing this, Che Kong roared, “You’re courting death!”

As he spoke, his Ink Force surged and a series of exquisite Secret Techniques flew towards Yang Kai.

Che Kong didn’t dare to go all out for fear that the aftershocks would affect the undamaged Ink Nests, but Yang Kai didn’t have any scruples as he nimbly dodged between the Ink Nests, occasionally using the Ink Nest’s cover to avoid the attacks.

After a while, he had already destroyed four or five of the Ink Nest.

One was unscrupulous while the other had scruples. In the King City, the situation became extremely dire.

There were still many remnants of the Black Ink Clan in the King City.

However, he was the only Territory Lord, and although there were many Black Ink Clans remaining, how could they possibly resist Yang Kai’s attack? Under the Azure Dragon Spear, the Black Ink Clan and Ink Nest were both destroyed.

Seeing this situation, Che Kong couldn’t help feeling angry. He could only passively defend the Territory Lord-level Ink Nests, but he couldn’t rely on the other Territory Lords. After fighting for so long, all of the Territory Lords had their own opponents and were unable to escape.

Although he could continue to oversee the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest and prevent the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest from being affected, if all the Territory Lord-level Ink Nests were destroyed, they would still lose this battle.

Without the help of the Ink Nest, it was difficult for a Territory Lord to be an Eighth Order Human Race opponent.

He was the only one who could deal with Yang Kai!

Gritting his teeth, he leapt forward and attacked Yang Kai.

Among all the Territory Lords, Che Kong's strength was ranked in the top three, and even some Eighth Order Human Race masters might not be his opponent.

Although leaving the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest at this time was somewhat risky, as long as he could quickly capture and kill this human who was causing trouble everywhere, all of the dangers would be resolved.

Whether to sit still or take the initiative to attack, Che Kong chose the latter.


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