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During this time, these two Territory Lords had been caught by Yang Kai’s sharp dragon claws countless times.

However, they still didn’t dare to let go, determined to throw Yang Kai out of the King City. After all, if they were to fight with Yang Kai here, regardless of whether they won or lost, The Ink Nest would not be able to hold on much longer. If they accidentally involved the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, they would become the eternal sinners of the Black Ink Clan.

When Yang Kai was sent flying, the thousand zhang bodies condensed by the two Territory Lords’ Ink Force were torn apart and instantly shrunk by half.

However, none of them dared to retreat. They quickly condensed their Ink Force into their bodies and chased after Yang Kai.

They definitely couldn’t give this Dragon Clan any time to breathe, or else more Ink Nests would be destroyed.

In just a short period of time, nearly twenty Ink Nests had been destroyed by the Dragon Clan. This was not just the loss of twenty Territory Lord-level Ink Nests, it would directly affect the strength of the twenty Territory Lords and could possibly change the entire situation.

The two Territory Lords felt a lingering fear in their hearts as they attacked ruthlessly.

Nearby, Che Kong was still glaring at Yang Kai’s massive dragon body while maintaining a vigilant vigilance.

Did the Human Race still have a backup plan? He didn’t know, but now that even the Dragon Clan, who had never set foot in any of the war zones, had appeared to help, the Human Race might have other plans.

At this moment, Che Kong's heart rose to his throat.

Currently, he was the only Territory Lord left in the entire King City. On the other hand, the Human Race still had five Eighth Order masters who had yet to appear, so the situation could be said to be extremely dire.

The Royal Lord and the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple had obviously noticed the abnormality in the King City and were trying their best to escape from the entanglement of powerful enemies in order to return to the King City.

However, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor and several other Eighth Order Open Heaven masters had managed to tie down these two, preventing them from escaping.

After waiting for a moment, the Human Race’s Great Evolution Pass didn’t show any abnormalities, so Che Kong relaxed slightly.

From the looks of it, the five Eighth Order Human Race masters seemed to be unable to move, or else they would have long since rushed out.

On the other side, although Yang Kai had transformed into an Ancient Dragon and his strength had greatly increased, fighting two Territory Lords alone was still quite difficult.

This was especially true for these two Territory Lords who wanted to end this battle quickly. They didn’t hold back at all, madly borrowing strength from their own Ink Nest to increase their strength.

With a seven thousand zhang long Ancient Dragon Body, the strength it could display was indeed equivalent to an a veteran Eighth Order Open Heaven, but in this situation, facing two Territory Lords working together wasn’t enough.

Dragon scales flew across the air as dragon blood splashed in all directions while Yang Kai roared.

Although he looked quite miserable, the Dragon Clan’s skin and flesh were quite thick, so the stronger they were, the more so, in fact he didn't suffer too serious injuries.

As time passed, Yang Kai became anxious. If he couldn’t break through the blockade of these two Territory Lords, he wouldn’t be able to go to the King City to cause trouble. If he couldn’t destroy the Ink Nest, he wouldn’t be able to cut off the Territory Lords’ source of power. On the battlefield, it was extremely disadvantageous for the Human Race.

He had already sensed the aura of an Eighth Order Open Heaven fall…

On the battlefield, it was extremely dangerous. If even the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was injured, how could the Eighth Order Human Race cultivator remain unscathed?

There was still no movement inside the Great Evolution Pass. Just as he had expected, the remaining five Eighth Order did not show any signs of attacking. It seemed that they really had no way to leave the Great Evolution Pass.

In fact, the five Eighth Order who were guarding Great Evolution Pass were also paying attention to the situation outside. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to help, but rather that they were powerless to do so.

The Great Evolution Pass was a massive palace artifact, and it had relied on the combined strength of thirty Eighth Order Open Heaven and the Old Ancestor to arrive here.

Only with such a powerful lineup would they be able to control Great Evolution Pass and allow it to move freely.

Now that the Old Ancestor had left and most of the Eighth Order masters had left, only the last five of them were left. It could be said that they had become one with the Great Evolution Core, so unless the Old Ancestor returned to take over, they would be able to withdraw their strength and escape. If they were to act rashly, not only would their lives be in danger, but even the Great Evolution Core would have the risk of exploding. At that time, the entire Great Evolution would be reduced to ashes, and the thousands of soldiers left behind would also die.

Under such circumstances, how could the five Eighth Order masters dare act rashly?

They couldn’t interfere with anything outside.

As the battle raged on, Yang Kai put away his Azure Dragon Spear.

Although the power of the Azure Dragon Spear that was several thousand zhang long was incomparably great, with his massive dragon body holding the Azure Dragon Spear, it felt somewhat inconvenient.

It was even inferior to his own Dragon Claw.

The thousand zhang bodies of the two Territory Lords were scratched by him, shrinking from time to time, but they were always able to borrow strength from their Ink Nest to maintain their peak condition.

Yang Kai wanted to break through several times and rush towards the King City, but he was stopped by the two Territory Lords.

The situation became extremely tense.

In such a situation, Yang Kai is not without a trump card, but even if he did use it, he wasn’t certain he would be able to launch a surprise attack on the King City, so he had been hesitating whether he should use his trump card.

The three Territory Lords who had been lured away by the three elite squads also seemed to want to return to the King City at this moment. Although their strength was not bad and they could suppress the three elite squads, it was still difficult to eliminate Chai Fang and the others.

They wanted to return to help, but Chai Fang and the others weren’t willing to let them go. Originally, they had been chased by the Territory Lords, but now they had taken the initiative to provoke the three Territory Lords and obstruct their escape.

They wouldn’t be able to delay for long. If the Territory Lord insisted on leaving, there would be no suppressing force, so Chai Fang and the others would be helpless.

He couldn’t wait any longer. There was still a glimmer of hope if he were to act now, but if he were to delay any longer and allow the three Territory Lords to return, there would be even less hope.

Thinking so, Yang Kai decided to use his trump card.

But at this moment, a faint Dragon Roar suddenly came from the direction of Great Evolution Pass.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before quickly glancing over towards the Great Evolution Pass’s direction, just in time to see a streak of light shoot towards him from the distance.

Feeling the familiar aura from this stream of light, Yang Kai was overjoyed.

The Dragon Roar was not a real Dragon Roar, but a Sword Cry…

From Great Evolution Pass, a graceful figure rushed out, holding a long sword in her hand. As the sword light flashed, the countless sword lights converged into a massive Sword Dragon.

The Sword Dragon crossed several million kilometers and instantly arrived near Yang Kai.

Myriad Swords Dragon Venerable!

Feng Ying’s Divine Ability Manifestation.

When Yang Kai and Feng Ying first met, she had used this Divine Ability Manifestation, Sword Master Slaughter. This Divine Ability Manifestation condensed from Feng Ying’s thousands of years of cultivation was far more powerful than most High Rank Open Heaven Divine Ability Manifestation.

At that time, Feng Ying was only a Seventh Order.

But now, she had reached the Eighth Order!

Feng Ying came out of seclusion and successfully advanced to the Eighth Order.

Yang Kai didn’t know when she had come out of seclusion, nor did he know when she had broken through to the Eighth Order, but now was the perfect time to attack.

Back in Blue Sky Pass, Feng Ying was already famous among the Seventh Order.

In all of Blue Sky Pass, she was the closest to an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, and also the one with the highest chance of breaking through to the Eighth Order. Although there were quite a few Seventh Order cultivators in every mountain pass, how many of them could be considered the strongest below the Eighth Order?

Before Yang Kai came out, Feng Ying was the strongest person below the Eighth Order on Blue Sky Pass.

Of course, Xiang Shan was not included. He was originally an Eighth Order, but because of some accident, his grade had fallen.

The Eighth Order Garrison Chief of Blue Sky Pass had high hopes for Feng Ying, but her advancement was not that smooth.

It had been more than two hundred years since she had gone into seclusion to break through to the Eighth Order. Before the Great Evolution attacked, Yang Kai had checked on her condition, but there were no signs of her breaking through.

After more than two hundred years of bitter cultivation, the cocoon was break open and transformed into a butterfly. The Myriad Swords Dragon Venerable was like a giant dragon made of iron. The Sword Dragon that had come from far away displayed its tyrannical might and opened its mouth to swallow a Territory Lord.

Sword Qi filled the air as the Sword Dragon swayed back and forth, causing a violent battle to erupt from the Sword Dragon’s body. However, the Sword Dragon is still a Manifestation, preventing the Territory Lord from escaping.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s face lit up.

As expected of Feng Ying, she had just broken through to the Eighth Order and was already able to restrain a Territory Lord who borrow strength from the Ink Nest.

He didn’t know who would win in a one-on-one fight, but the current situation was just right for him.

Of the two Territory Lords who had been pestering him, only one was left.

Yang Kai opened his mouth and let out a dragon roar as he swiped his claw towards the Territory Lord, releasing a violent burst of energy that tore apart the thousand zhang body of the Territory Lord.

He didn’t care about the other party’s life or death, instead directly putting away his dragon body and transforming back into his human form, intending to leap over this Territory Lord and rush towards King City.

However, the Territory Lord was also quite fierce. Although he was injured, he was not seriously injured. Seeing Yang Kai’s stance, how could he not know what he was planning? With a roar, he punched towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai, who was just about to use his Space Principle to escape, suddenly felt his body tremble slightly. The space he was in was thrown into chaos by the Territory Lord’s attack and he was unable to escape.

Yang Kai flew into a rage and turned around, a Sun and a full Moon rising from his back.

The Sun and Moon shone together.

Space and Time Principle fluctuated wildly as the Sun and Moon intertwined, transforming into a spinning top-like attack that flew towards the Territory Lord.

There was an extremely profound energy fluctuation which caused the surrounding space to become chaotic.

Sun and Moon Divine Wheel!

Similar to the Golden Crow Sun Casting, the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was also a Divine Ability and Secret Technique created by Yang Kai. However, compared to the Golden Crow Sun Casting, the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel had a profound connection with the power of Time and Space, so the power it displayed was stronger and more powerful!

When he was a Sixth Order, Yang Kai had used this Secret Technique to injure a Seventh Order Open Heaven, and when he was a Seventh Order, he had also used it to fight against the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord.

This was a Divine Ability that could allow one to jump ranks to fight, and it was also a Secret Technique that could pose a threat to many masters, because the power of Time and Space produced by this Secret Technique could often cause the enemy’s judgment to be wrong.

It had been a long time since Yang Kai had used this Divine Ability.

As his strength increased, there weren’t many enemies who could force him to use his trump card again.

However, after activating the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, Yang Kai immediately discovered that it was somewhat different from the last time.

The biggest difference was that the power of this Divine Ability had become stronger, and the power of Time and Space it had evolved had also become more refined.


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