There were no pursuers behind them, so there was no obstruction in front of them. Three elite squads led by Old Turtle quickly rushed to the front of the King City. Before the Battleship arrived, the light from the Spirit Arrays and Artifacts had already begun to flicker.

Chai Fang’s laughter resounded throughout the universe, “Die!”

In the blink of an eye, the three Battleships launched nearly a hundred attacks towards King City.

The Black Ink Clan’s King City was located on a floating continent. Previously, it had suffered the impact of the Great Evolution Pass and had been shattered into several pieces. Although it was still pieced together, it no longer had its former glory.

The attacks from the three elite squads’ Battleships were all directed towards the Ink Nest.

Each of these attacks was equivalent to the full strength of a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator. One or two of them alone might not be enough to catch the attention of the Territory Lords, but with nearly a hundred of them gathered together, they were still a threat.

With Che Kong leading the way, the six Territory Lords blocked all the attacks.

However, the attacks from the three Battleships were relentless.

There were dozens of Territory Lord-level Ink Nests and one Royal Lord-level Ink Nest. Although all of them were located in the King City, because of the massive size of the Ink Nest itself, each of them was quite a distance apart.

This caused the six Territory Lords to have a large area to defend themselves.

The three Battleships obviously knew this as well. The attacks from the Battleships weren’t directed towards a single direction, but instead were directed towards all directions, causing the Territoru Lords to rush back and forth.

After a moment of hesitation, Che Kong roared angrily, “Impudence!”

Although the six Territory Lords working together were enough to stop the attacks of the three Battleships and prevent any of them from landing in the King City, it was not a good idea to continue like this.

Especially now, they seemed to have become the puppets of the three Battleships. If the Human Race wanted them to go east, they had to go east, if they wanted them to go west, they had to go west. If they made the slightest mistake, the Ink Nest could be destroyed.

Three Human Race Battleships without even an Eighth Order, daring to act so recklessly, Che Kong's blood surged.

Staring at the three Battleships, Che Kong glared and ordered, “Kill them!”

The Territory Lords had long been filled with righteous indignation, and as soon as they heard this, three Territory Lords rushed out and charged towards the three Battleships.

On Old Turtle’s Battleship, Chai Fang shouted, “Spread out!”

Their mission was to restrain the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord as much as possible, not to fight them to the death.

On any other battlefield, three elite squads might be able to fight a Territory Lord, but in this kind of place, the Territory Lords could borrow the strength of their Ink Nest at any time, so they were probably not their opponent.

All they could do was try their best to hold on for a while longer.

As soon as Chai Fang’s voice fell, the three Battleships split up and flew off in three different directions. The three Territory Lords didn’t even bother to discuss as they each found a Battleship and chased after it. Ink Force surged as they sent out powerful Secret Arts towards the Human Race Battleship.

Only three Territory Lords remained!

Yang Kai had been paying attention to the situation in the King City, and seeing this scene, he knew it was time for him to act.

It was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to not have a Territory Lord guarding the Ink Nest, unless the Black Ink Clan was stupid, so no matter what, he had to break through the Territory Lords’ blockade and destroy the Ink Nest.

The only problem was the quantity.

He was indeed no match for the three Territory Lords, but the three elite squads might not be able to hold out for long. Once they couldn’t hold on, all their previous efforts would be for naught.

There were still five Eighth Order masters guarding Great Evolution Pass, but these five shouldn’t be mobilized.

If they could take action, they would have come out a long time ago and wouldn’t have let Old Turtle’s team take the lead.

It was difficult! But now that things had reached this point, no matter how difficult it was, he had to brace himself and hope that Xiang Shan had other plans!

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai no longer concealed his strength and swept out his Azure Dragon Spear, instantly killing more than half of the Black Ink Clan team that had been entangled with him.

However, Yang Kai didn’t care about the life and death of the remaining Black Ink Clan members. Activating his Space Principle, he arrived at the King City in a flash and landed near the three giant Territory Lord-level Ink Nests.

He didn’t go to the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest’s side, even though this was the best choice. If he could destroy the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest as soon as possible, with Smiles Old Ancestor’s strength, the Royal Lord’s life would be in danger.

However, from beginning to end, Che Kong had been guarding the area around the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest. Even if Yang Kai go there, he might not be able to succeed.

On the other hand, because there were many Territory Lord-level Ink Nests, the three Territory Lords guard had loopholes that could be exploited.

As soon as he appeared, Che Kong and the other Territory Lords were shocked. None of them had expected that there would be a Human Race cultivator so easily arriving in the King City.

Before this, none of them had noticed.

The Territory Lord closest to Yang Kai immediately rushed over and shouted, “You dare!”

What did Yang Kai not dare to do?

The enemies of the two races had a deep blood feud, and the Human Race had been preparing for this for many years, determined to accomplish this task in one fell swoop. At this time, he would not show any mercy.

The Azure Dragon Spear swept out and the World Force poured into the spear like a flood.

With a single sweep, the three Ink Nest near Yang Kai was cut in half and collapsed.

The Territory Lord who was rushing towards Yang Kai glared angrily, but before Yang Kai could send out his second spear strike, he had already sent out a palm strike.

The Ink Force condensed into a giant palm that covered the sky and earth, instantly enveloping Yang Kai.

The moment the three Ink Nests collapsed, somewhere on the battlefield, the momentum of a Territory Lord who was fighting a bloody battle with an Eighth Order Human Race master suddenly plummeted. His heart pounding, he looked up towards the King City and saw his Ink Nest collapse.

This Territory Lord’s heart sank to the bottom!

With the help of the Ink Nest’s power, he was still able to fight back and forth with this human Eighth Order, neither of them able to gain the upper hand.

But now that his Ink Nest had been destroyed, his strength had returned to normal.

If it was any other time, it would have been fine, it wouldn’t have affected him too much. The key was that he was currently fighting a powerful enemy to the death, and the difference in strength in this instant would have taken his life.

This Eighth Order Human Race cultivator was also someone who had fought for a long time, so how could he miss such a good opportunity? He immediately sent out an Evil-Breaking Divine Lance towards the Territory Lord.

Pure light blossomed and the Territory Lord’s soul nearly left his body.

Fortunately, he had always been on guard against the Human Race’s artifact, so as soon as he saw it appear, he immediately retreated. Even so, the purifying light still seemed to burn his body and disperse his Ink Force.

Although the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance failed to deliver a fatal blow to the Territory Lord, it still affected his movements. The Human Race’s Eighth Order didn’t show any mercy and used his Divine Ability to wrap up the Territory Lord, causing him to bleed profusely.

On the battlefield, there were two other similar situations.

The destruction of the three Territory Lord-level Ink Nest had affected the strength of the three Territory Lords, so the Eighth Order Human Race masters who were fighting with them had seized this opportunity to suppress their opponents.

Inside the King City, Che King was still standing guard near the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, not daring to leave. Seeing Yang Kai being surrounded by another Territory Lord’s attack, he let out a sigh of relief.

The whereabouts of this Seventh Order was indeed somewhat mysterious, but it was impossible for the Human Race to rely on him to destroy the Ink Nest. With his low strength, how could he act so presumptuously in front of the Territory Lord?

Although this person was smart and did not attack the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, he was nothing more than this…

Before he could finish his thoughts, he suddenly felt a powerful aura emerge from the place where the Human Race Seventh Order disappeared, accompanied by an indescribable pressure.

The other two Territory Lords also noticed this and looked over solemnly.

The next moment, a loud Dragon Roar rang out.

In a place filled with ink color, golden light is blooming, a giant dragon head suddenly emerged from the thick ink color, its golden eyes like two small suns filled with endless majesty.

“Dragon Clan!” Che Kong cried out.

On the Ink Battlefield’s side, most of the Black Ink Clan’s war zones had never seen a Dragon Clan before, and many of the Black Ink Clan had never even heard of such a creature before. However, the Great Evolution War Zone was different. In the first few years of occupying Great Evolution Pass, the Black Ink Clan had even sent out troops to attack the No-Return Pass.

Therefore, the Black Ink Clan in the Great Evolution War Zone knew about the Dragon Clan. They had once fought with the Dragon and Phoenix Clan outside the No-Return Pass, but of course, they had suffered heavy casualties and were forced to retreat.

There weren’t many Dragon and Phoenix on the other side, but each of them was incredibly powerful, giving them a feeling that they were much more difficult to deal with than the Human Race.

In the past, when he fought against an Ancient Dragon, the latter’s Holy Spirit Force had left a deep impression on him, because it was difficult to corrode its power.

Now, this dragon head that had suddenly emerged from the ink was so huge that it was almost the same size as the Ancient Dragon he had encountered in the past.

Moreover, this pressure was not something an ordinary dragon could possess.

This was an Ancient Dragon!

In an instant, Che Kong judged the other party’s strength and shouted, “Stop him!”

The other two Territory Lords also knew that the situation wasn’t looking good. They had thought that the attacker was only a Seventh Order Human Race cultivator, but the other party had actually transformed into an Ancient Dragon.

As the Dragon Prestige spread out, the ink color faded and a massive figure appeared before the Territory Lords’ eyes.

It was a towering giant.

The two Territory Lords, one on the left and one on the right, charged towards the giant dragon.

Yang Kai threw his head back and roared, the golden dragon scales on his giant dragon body shining brilliantly. From the dragon’s mouth, a Dragon Breath shot out, blocking the two Territory Lords’ advance as he swung his dragon tail.


With his dragon body as the center, the dozen or so Ink Nests around him collapsed like straws in the wind.

But this wasn’t the end. With one of his Dragon Claws still holding onto the Azure Dragon Spear that was several thousand zhang long, he swept it again.

Even more Ink Nests were affected…

The King City was in a state of unrest, and the already broken King City was in an even worse state.

The remaining three Territory Lords were all stunned, and Che Kong didn't dare leave the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, so he could only use his Secret Technique to attack from a distance. This attack was equally powerful, causing the Dragon Body to sway and Dragon Scales to flutter as Dragon Blood splattered everywhere.

The Dragon Body was massive and looked mighty, but it also had its drawbacks.

It was not easy to avoid an enemy’s attack.

The two Territory Lords withstood the Dragon Breath and rushed towards Yang Kai’s left and right, roaring furiously as their bodies expanded, condensing their Ink Force to form a thousand zhang body. Each of them grabbed a dragon horn and used all of their strength to lift Yang Kai’s seven thousand zhang long Dragon Body and throw him far away.


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