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His vitality rapidly dissipated as his eyes bulged, as if he couldn’t believe he had died under the sword of this Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple.

Just as he was about to die, he saw several Eighth Order figures rushing towards the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple, each of them incredibly powerful!

The five Eighth Order Cultivators hiding in the midst of the chaos no longer had any intention of concealing themselves, all of them mobilizing their World Force to attack the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple.

No one knew when these five Eighth Order masters had entered the battlefield. Not only had the Black Ink Clan not noticed, but even the Human Race had not noticed.

It could even be said that in their original plan, there had been no opportunity for these five Eighth Order masters to appear. Their original mission had been to oversee the Great Evolution Core and provide the necessary protection for the Great Evolution Core while also preventing the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord from causing trouble for the Great Evolution Core.

However, plans could not keep up with changes. With the addition of a Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple from the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race’s upper echelons naturally had to formulate a corresponding strategy.

These five Eighth Order masters were the Human Race’s candidates to deal with the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciples.

If it was an expert like Smiles Old Ancestor, five Eighth Order Cultivators might not be enough, but this Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple was still a newly promoted Ninth Order Cultivator. With five veteran Eighth Order Cultivators working together, they were more than enough to restrain him.

The two armies were engaged in a chaotic battle, their energy rampaging and their auras chaotic. The fact that they had managed to escape from Great Evolution’s grasp without anyone noticing was quite a surprise.

In an instant, the five Eighth Order masters engaged in a fierce battle with the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple. The Eighth Order Garrison Chief who had just been locked onto by the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple’s Sword Qi couldn’t care less about his own injuries, vomiting blood as he joined the battle, using all of his cultivation to attack the enemy.

Just as the six Eighth Order Disciples joined forces to restrain the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciples, a number of hidden Eighth Order auras burst forth from the vicinity of the King City, each of them shooting towards the King City like meteors.

Everyone’s aura was like a rainbow piercing the sun, even in this chaotic battlefield.

“Bold!” The Territory Lord sitting on the King City, Che Kong, roared angrily. Seeing these Eighth Order masters rush towards him, how could he not know what the Human Race was planning?

The Human Race obviously wanted to destroy the Ink Nest to weaken the fighting strength of the Territory Lords and Royal Lord.

He had stayed behind to guard against this kind of situation.

Without needing him to give the order, the figures of the Territory Lords rose into the air and flew towards the attacking Eighth Order Human Race cultivators.

The number of Eighth Order Human Race cultivators this time was not small, at least ten.

Including the five who had previously restrained the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciples, there were a total of fifteen.

Originally, there had been twenty Eighth Order Disciples left in the Great Evolution Pass, but now fifteen had gone, leaving only five behind.

No matter what, the five of them could no longer act on their own. Once they left, if the Black Ink Clan’s masters attacked Great Evolution Pass again, just relying on the deployment on the city walls and the defensive forces inside Great Evolution Pass, they might not be able to defend themselves.

Ten Human Race Eighth Order masters had come to attack, and ten Territory Lords had come to greet them.

Although the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord also had twenty people guarding the King City, in this situation, they really didn’t dare to deploy too much manpower. Once they fell into the Human Race’s trap, the consequences would be unimaginable.

The two races’ masters clashed in the void, instantly transforming into ten different groups.

An Eighth Order Open Heaven laughed, “One is not enough, another one!”

Saying so, he actually resisted the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord’s attack and forcefully rushed towards the King City. Even though his body was violently shaken, he did not retreat.

Not only one person, but six of them were the same! The remaining four were relatively weak, so they didn’t act so carelessly and only focused on dealing with their opponents.

The Territory Lords who were fighting with them all turned pale.

Although the Territory Lords were generally weaker than Eighth Order Open Heaven masters, the gap between them wasn’t too great. In a one-on-one fight, the Human Race’s Eighth Order Open Heaven masters would have the upper hand, but it would be very difficult to kill a Territory Lord. If they weren’t careful, they would most likely be injured by the Territory Lords.

This was also the reason why, after a great battle, many of the Black Ink Clan’s lowest-ranking armies had suffered heavy casualties, but most of the Territory Lords had managed to escape unscathed.

Their strength was enough to protect themselves.

Now that these Eighth Order Human Race masters had set their sights on the Ink Nest, not only did they dare ignore their assault, they even dared to harass the other Territory Lords.

How daring.

Under such circumstances, the Territory Lords naturally wouldn’t show any mercy.

Of the six Eighth Order cultivators, one of them was unable to withstand the blow and could only turn around and fight with his opponent, giving up on the idea of restraining another Territory Lord.

The other five continued to advance towards the King City.

Seeing this, the Eighth Order Human Race’s hatred was clearly directed towards the Territory Lord’s forces. It seemed they had decided to target the Ink Nest.

Once the forces guarding this place weakened, the danger on the Ink Nest would greatly increase.

However, this situation was not up to the Territory Lords.

Seeing that the five Eighth Order Cultivators were getting closer, the five Territory Lords were all ready to attack.

Suddenly, a burst of laughter rang out, “Old Liu, you’re getting old, don’t act like us young people. Be careful of your old bones being torn apart.”

An old Eighth Order was unable to continue. He wanted to break through his opponent’s defences and launch a surprise attack on the King City. If he were to restrain another Territory Lord, he would not be able to display his full strength.

In just a short time, he had been hit several times by the Territory Lord. Although there was no serious injury, if this continued, it would likely be dangerous. If something happened to him, the situation would only become worse.

The Eighth Order called Old Liu also felt that he was being a bit too overconfident, so after considering the current situation, he didn’t force the issue and instead laughed self-deprecatingly, “That’s right, old bones can’t withstand a few blows. You little brats are still the best, young and vigorous, I’ll leave you to it!”

Of all the little brats he spoke of, which one of them didn’t have a lifespan of several thousand years? It was just that he was older.

Saying so, he immediately withdrew and focused on dealing with his opponent, instantly reducing the situation.

Of the six Eighth Order masters who had invaded the King City, two of them had no choice but to withdraw, leaving only four of them left.

As for the remaining four, all of them were the cream of the crop among the Eighth Order. Even if they were being harassed by their opponents, they were still able to continuously lead the battle towards the King City.

If the Black Ink Clan ignored them, once the aftermath of their battle swept through the King City, the Ink Nest would be in deep trouble.

So no matter what, the Black Ink Clan would not sit idly by.

In the King City, near the Ink Nest, when Che Kong saw old Liu retreat, his heart relaxed slightly.

With four Eighth Order masters attacking, the Black Ink Clan’s side was still able to deal with them. After gesturing to the left and right, four Territory Lords immediately rushed out to join up with their companions to attack the Eighth Order Human Race!

The four Eighth Order masters didn’t hesitate and saw that four more Territory Lords had joined the battle. After achieving their goal, they no longer approached the King City but instead gradually retreated from their respective opponents.

In fact, in a one versus two situation, it was not up to them to decide the outcome of the battle. The Black Ink Clan Territory Lords wanted to draw the battle out of the King City so as to avoid the aftershocks affecting the Ink Nest, so the Human Race could only take advantage of the situation.

On the battlefield not far from the King City, Yang Kai was suppressing his strength and fighting a group of Black Ink Clans while observing the situation in the King City.

Ten Eighth Order masters had been dispatched to restrain fourteen Territory Lords, and although this was not satisfactory, they had barely achieved their goal.

It had to be known that these Black Ink Clan Territory Lords were all able to borrow the power of the Ink Nest. If it weren’t for the fact that they were wary of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance that the Human Race had summoned, they wouldn’t have been so weak.

With the help of the Ink Nest’s power, two against one was enough to suppress any human Eighth Order.

There were still six Territory Lords remaining, and even more of them were peak Territory Lords like Che Kong.

What's the arrangement on Xiang Xhan's side?

Now that the Human Race’s forces were running out, were they going to abandon the Great Evolution Pass and send out the remaining five?

Yang Kai was considering this matter, Che Kong was also considering this matter.

The number of Eighth Order Human Race masters, as well as the exact number of them, had long since been recorded by the Black Ink Clan.

Ninety-nine percent of the Human Race’s Eighth Order masters this time were recorded in the Black Ink Clan’s records, and only one of them was a new face. This should be the newly promoted Eighth Order Human Race master in the last two hundred years, but that Eighth Order master was currently in the battlefield and had suffered heavy injuries, so there was no need to consider him.

There were also five Eighth Order cultivators who had yet to show their faces and Che Kong turned his gazes towards the Great Evolution Pass. Seeing that the Great Evolution Pass’s defenses were still stable and the entire mountain pass was still slowly rotating, this meant that there were powerful masters inside the Great Evolution Pass controlling this massive artifact.

Were those five masters in Great Evolution Pass? Even if not all of them were present, at least three of them were there. Otherwise, the Great Evolution’s defences wouldn’t be so stable.

With this thought, Che Kong's heart settled.

Not to mention that the five Eighth Order Human Race masters might really have stayed behind to guard Great Evolution, even if they were to go all out, they still had six Territory Lords on their side. If five of them were to be divided up, he alone would be enough to protect the King City.

The Human Race had run out of tricks!

Just as he was thinking this, a commotion suddenly broke out somewhere in the chaotic battlefield, and three Battleships rushed out in a triangular formation towards the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

Behind them, a large number of Black Ink Clan cultivators were chasing after them, but the other Human Race Battleships were desperately trying to intercept them. Flames filled the sky as the two races’ soldiers fought to the death.

The three Battleships were obviously different from the other Battleships. They were larger and more powerful, and the various Spirit Arrays and Artifacts arranged on them were also stronger.

This was especially true for the Battleship in the lead, which was protected by a giant tortoise shell. When the Black Ink Clan’s large number of attacks landed on it, they caused countless sparks to fly, but they were unable to damage the Battleship in the slightest.

Three elite squads had arrived!

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. He hadn’t contacted these three squads, nor had he asked them to come to support him, but now that they had come together, it was obviously Xiang Shan’s arrangement.

If an ordinary squad were to encounter the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, they might not be a match, but with the strength of three elite squads, it was more than enough to fight a Territory Lord.

Obviously, Che Kong also knew about the Human Race’s elite team.

A few months ago, the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple seemed to have destroyed an elite team that had infiltrated the defensive line.

So, as soon as he saw these three extraordinary Battleships, Che Kong understood that the Human Race was planning to continue restraining the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord.


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